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Scuba Diving Resorts Outside the US

There are many Scuba diving resorts outside the US that you can visit. These resorts combine top-notch luxury and great diving spots to offer you a memorable experience.


1. Qamea Resort Fiji

Here you will find a resort that caters to a maximum of 34 people in 17 luxurious traditionally built Fiji huts. You can expect great scenery from the sandy beaches and the mountains. Underwater cameras are available when diving to see the soft coral and many species of fish.

2. Misool resort Indonesia

You will find this resort on a remote island a long way away from the nearest port. You can choose to stay at the luxurious water cottages or the beach lodgings. You will also see lots of sea life since the resort is located in the “Coral Triangle”.

3. Kia Ora Rangiroa

Here you will find 60 luxurious villas and bungalows lined up on the beach. You can also visit Le Sauvage a private Island offered by the resort that houses 10. You can also expect world class diving and fun times with the dolphins at Kia Ora Rangiora.

4. Jade Mountains St. Lucia

Here you find a resort that literally “blends” into the surroundings. You will have a great view and a private pool straight from your room. Corals, octopus, and turtles are just a few things you will see when you go diving in St.Lucia.

5. Lizard Island Australia

Here you will find 40 luxurious suites offering every luxury imaginable. The suites overlook the great white beach and the blue water that will provide you with a spectacular view. Hang out with potato Cod when you go diving.

6. Mnemba Island (Tanzania)

You will have to travel to Zanzibar islands to access this result. You will find 10 traditionally built but luxurious bandanas that house 20 people. Here you will see the rare green turtle, whales, and dolphins. The resort also gives you an opportunity to go on safari.

7. Landaa Giravaru (Indonesia)

Here you will have the choice of 103 villas built on the beach with beautiful Maldivian design. You will enjoy the resort’s many luxuries including private pools and massive sundecks. When diving you can expect to mingle with the sharks and other fish.

8. Crusoe Lodge (Chile)

You will have to travel about 250 miles from the Chilean coast, by both aircraft and boat, to access this remote but luxurious resort. You will find enjoy meals from a 5-star restaurant at a resort that houses 30 people. Diving requires that you wear a full body suit since the water is very cold. Enjoy diving at a spot where a World War 2 German warship was downed.

Try Snorkeling off Great Barrier Reef for Your Next Adventure Vacation

Always wanted to go snorkeling but never knew where to go? It can be hard to choose. The world is filled with so many beautiful locations to go snorkeling in. However, one location that will pop up in just about every conversation you ever have about snorkeling is the GBR. This is for good reasons and is worth your consideration.

Why the GBR?

The GBR is the biggest coral reef system on earth. It is made up of close to 3,000 individual systems. Near the top of Australia, this natural wonder, which is visible from space, is not only the biggest coral reef system but may be the leader in beauty.

In terms of sight-seeing, the GBR is, or at least was in the past, an incredible sight to witness while snorkeling. Over twenty kinds of whales, dolphins, and turtles have been seen in the GBR, as well as a large number of dugongs and over one thousand species of fish.

Furthermore, up to four hundred coral species inhabit the GBR, as well as hundreds of ascidians and bryozoans, small moss animals.  These beautiful, natural features are why the GBR is a popular scuba diving destination frequented by both advanced and beginning snorkelers.  Have a look at what you can see.

How to Do it

The Great Barrier Reef is easily accessible from parts of Cairns and Queensland. The marine tourism industry organizes many day trips out to the area. Any city along the fringes of the top of Australia should have some sort of daily boat trip to get you out there and under the water safely.

Depending on which company you sign up with, you may be taken on guided tours or given snorkeling instruction. Most of the time, all you need is the ability to swim and decent physical health.

Some companies also offer to take you to islands where you may walk into the water rather than jump from a boat. This, along with strategically placed buoys, gives you the options of turning back if you feel it necessary.

Given the natural beauty found even in the shallowest of places, it is easy to snorkel the GBR no matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced diver.

The GBR is, sadly, dying. Many species are becoming endangered, and the coral system is withering due to overfishing and climate change. Choosing to go snorkeling with a company registered and trusted by the marine tourism industry will actually put money towards saving the reef. By planning an adventure vacation in the GBR you will not only be seeing beauty, but you will be helping to save it.

Indulge Yourself in a Beach Vacation

Beach vacations are the most sought after vacations and the ones that most people like to indulge themselves in, this happens for many reasons, the sun, the waves and overall laidback feeling of the beaches make them a great vacation spot but also because you can indulge in many activities while visiting the beach or places that usually have as the main focus the beach. They can also be great places to have some me time without any worries and the attractions in the background are just extra perks you can enjoy by yourself while you indulge in your travel.

1. Spas

One of the attractions that shine the most on a beach vacation is the opportunity to enjoy a great spay service while you are trying to relax. Nothing beats a message that it’s going to make all the tension and pressure on your muscles to go away so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation with the most laidback attitude.

2. Local Staying

Nothing like staying in a bungalow or some close by place to really indulge yourself in the beach and the scenery it has to offer. There’s something special about being able to hear the waves and smell the serenity of the beach while you are lying down in your bed that makes the experience much more special and enjoyable.

3. Natural nightlife

The beach it’s always full of life but when the night arrives you will have a great time in the beach bars and parties that are definitely, the best way to finish off a long day playing by the beach. Unlike the day where things are more active, the night parties have a more chill and calm tone to it because it’s the end of the day and everyone just wants to enjoy good drinks and music before calling it a day.

4. Scuba diving

Another highlight of a beach vacation and probably the most exciting is having the opportunity to go scuba diving at the sea, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss if you are traveling to the beach. Not every day you will get to see and explore the sea life in such a personal way which makes scuba diving one of the top priorities and activities to schedule when planning a beach vacation. It will make for an unforgettable experience that will make the difference in your vacations.