Best Bathroom Fans with Bluetooth Speaker 2024: budget to premium

bathroom speaker fan

Short on time?

Our pick for the best bathroom speaker fan is the Delta BreezSignature Series or the Broan-NuTone SPK80L if you are on a budget.

The bathroom is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s also an area of your house that can quickly become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and mold spores if it’s not properly ventilated. Bathrooms are cramped spaces with high humidity levels, which can be tough to keep fresh without the right ventilation system.

Bathroom fans have been around since 1946, but they’ve undergone some major upgrades in recent years as technology has improved! Bathrooms now come equipped with Bluetooth speakers, so you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite tunes while getting ready or taking care of business.

We know how important having good background music is when performing these everyday tasks, which is why we researched the top 7 best bathroom fans that you should install now.

Product Comparison

Ready? Here are our top bathroom speaker fans reviews:

Best Overall

Delta BreezSignature Series

Delta BreezSignature Series

Best Bathroom Fans with Bluetooth Speaker 2024: budget to premium 1

You deserve to be pampered in the shower, and this Delta BreezSignature VFB25ADBT bathroom fan with 2-watt Bluetooth stereo speakers will make you feel like royalty.

This energy-efficient device quietly ventilates your space while also playing music for an immersive experience that is perfect any time of day or night during a shower.

With an airflow capacity of 110 cubic feet per minute, BreezSignature vent is perfect for large bathrooms. Its brushless DC motor is designed to operate for 70 thousand hours of use without losing power or efficiency. This is a testament to durability.

Best of all, the exhaust fan design ensures a quiet operation at 1.0 sone, so you hear your music instead of the fan!

Here’s a tip: One way to solve the problem of having an annoying sound when your bath fan turns on is by wiring the Bluetooth and fan separately. This will ensure that you don’t have any startup noise and enjoy having all features work perfectly even if one stops working.

What We Like

  • Ideal for large bathroom exhaust needs
  • Enjoy wireless, CD-like sound without the hassle of a wire
  • Very low 1.0 sone noise level
  • Quieter and longer-lasting than traditional motors
  • Energy efficiency saves money in the long run
  • IPX4 water resistance rating, so your speaker can endure minor water splashes
  • Beautiful grille goes with any decor

Best for Large Bathroom

Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic

Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic

The Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Speaker is a sleek and modern bathroom accessory that makes getting ready for work or school fun.

If you’re not aware, a home with a huge bathroom needs at least 100 CFM of airflow capacity, so this fan with powerful operation and 110 CFM of airflow provide enough ventilation for bathrooms up to 105 sq. ft. This unit will have you feeling as if all those pesky smells were gone before they even had the chance.

Moreover, the milky white polymeric grille is not only stylish but also helps to conceal the ceiling’s imperfections. So you can enjoy an unbroken continuity of design from floor to ceiling.

When you turn on this exhaust fan, it starts playing music through a powerful Sensonic speaker system that’s built into its design. The Bluetooth-enabled device can be paired up to two devices at once, so your morning routine never has to come down without the beat ever again – just open your favorite music app like Spotify or Apple Music and tap on a playlist, because these speakers will play anything requested by their owner.

What We Like

  • Made by Broan, the top brand of residential ventilation products in America
  • The fan is 110cfm, good for extracting excess moisture from a vast bathroom, and it's quiet
  • Audiophile-grade sound experience
  • Easy installation and replacement process
  • Safe to use
  • Great warranty options

Best for Small Bathroom

Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bath Fan

Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bath Fan


A small bathroom requires 50 CFM airflow to avoid stagnant air and unpleasant odors. At 70 CFM fan speed, this unit is great for smaller bathrooms and is compact enough to fit into most standard ceilings without any modifications.

The concealed built-in speakers deliver high-quality audio and automatically connect via Bluetooth when your device is within range of the speaker of 30 feet.

And the Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bath Fan comes with mounting hardware, thus allowing you to easily install this product onto your existing bathroom fan or ductwork system, even if you don’t have previous experience.

It’s also moisture resistant which means no more worrying about it getting wet. With its sleek design and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel materials, the Bluetooth speaker, fan, led light all-in-one will provide you with entertainment for a long time.

What We Like

  • Ventilates well for small-sized bathrooms
  • Fantastic sound quality for a bathroom
  • The lights are fantastic, and it's very bright
  • Functions at a low level of noise
  • Fits in most bathrooms with plenty of space to spare
  • Solid construction

Best with Light

Home Netwerks Decorative White Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Home Netwerks Decorative White Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This bathroom fan is the best with light because it doesn’t use bulbs, saving you money.

It has an LED light that produces bright and even illumination perfect for any room in your home! The color temperature of this product ranges between 3800K – 4200 K giving off 600 Lumens per square meter, making sure everything looks its absolute best whether they’re focusing on personal hygiene or getting ready before going out clubbing all night long.

This Home Netwerks Bath Fan & Speaker In One comes equipped with not only one but two more useful features:

Firstly, there’s our trusty old friend, a surprisingly good-sounding Bluetooth speaker that allows users to stream music or podcast from their smartphone/tablet device.

Then, we have the exhaust fan function, of course. It has a modest airflow of 80 CFM. This means it is suitable for spaces up to 80 square feet in size. The fan is very quiet, and it never distorts the music, even during dynamic sections.

What We Like

  • Bright light that is perfect for a standard-sized bathroom
  • Stream audio into the bathroom with ease
  • No need to worry about recharging Bluetooth speakers because it is integrated right into the vent fan
  • Quiet and strong fan
  • Affordable Price Point

Best Budget

Broan-NuTone SPK80L

Broan-NuTone SPK80L

This Broan-NuTone SPK80L bath fan is a great choice for those on a budget. Coming in at under $100, it’s perfect if you don’t want to spend too much but still have an efficient way of providing ventilation while playing music in your bathroom. It has a dimension of 8.25″ x 8″ x 5.75″ and weighs about 8 pounds.

Using wireless stereo technology to emit quality sound, it’s also made with alloy metal and finished off nicely by being equipped for corrosion resistance so rust won’t set in. This low-profile white ceiling mountable style means no hassle when mounting onto ceilings or walls, making installation easy peasy.

When connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit, this fan may be used over a bathtub or shower to provide more direct ventilation. This bath fan is ideal for anybody who loves to sing in the shower because it operates relatively quietly at 2.5 sones and keeps background noise minimal.

Adding a built-in fan, speaker, and LED light makes this an excellent value.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive
  • Adds light, sound, and air
  • Air volume at 80 cubic feet per minute
  • Bluetooth speaker with quality audio clarity
  • Permanently lubricated motors that don't require maintenance for years
  • Effortless both in operation and maintenance
  • Quiet operation at 2.5 Sones gives you peace of mind

Best Energy Efficient

Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT

Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT

You want quiet bathroom exhaust fans that are energy-efficient and don’t require any special wiring, right?

Delta BreezIntegrity is an innovative combination of a top-notch Bluetooth speaker and powerful bathroom exhaust fan in one unit that works with any standard wall switch. You don’t need any special remote control – just turn on the power for either the speaker or the fan, or both at once.

The fan is 6 pounds, has a 70 CFM airflow rate, and works at 1.5 sones. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music while you shower and its 3W speaker delivers crisp sound quality with minimal distortion at all volume levels.

Its sleek design blends seamlessly into most bathrooms, and it comes backed by a three years warranty from Delta Group – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, energy-efficient products for over 50 years.

And this is why we gave Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT the most energy-efficient award in its class: The Energy Star qualified air bathroom fan works efficiently, and with a power consumption rate of 8.4 Watts and efficiency rating of 10.6 CFM/Watt, this fixture will save you money on your electricity bill!

What We Like

  • Saves on electricity costs by being Energy Star rated
  • Stream your favorite tunes wirelessly
  • Easy installation with only two wall switches, so it is perfect for renters or students who live in an apartment
  • Amplifies sound without any interference from the fan
  • Rest easy with quality, performance, and reliability

Best Design

Homewerks Worldwide 7130-03-BT Bathroom Fan

Homewerks Worldwide 7130-03-BT Bathroom Fan

Many exhaust fans are loud and ugly. You can now have a beautiful, quiet exhaust fan that also wirelessly plays music from your phone or tablet.

Here’s how it works. The Homewerks Worldwide 7130-03-BT Bathroom Fan connects to your devices via Bluetooth so you can stream music directly and listen to playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. In addition to streaming music, this bathroom fan offers exceptional performance by eliminating moisture and humidity in the bathroom.

With its 90 CFM rating, this Homewerk’s bath fan with Bluetooth enabled speaker ensures comfort in your home by quietly managing spaces up to 90 square feet.

You want to relax in a cozy bath and enjoy the steam, but before you do that, let’s talk about how easy to set up this exhaust fan. It features an elegant design with no cut edges so that installation can be done quickly on your own.

This is the only bath exhaust fan you will ever need!

What We Like

  • Modern yet simple style
  • Quietly (1.5 sones) eliminates moisture in bathrooms up to 90 square feet
  • Comes with quick connect wire connectors for plug and play wiring system
  • UL certified, and HVI listed for safety
  • Able to connect to an Alexa and play music through it
  • Great sound quality
  • Moisture resistance to ensure long-lasting durabilty

What to Look for in a Bathroom Fan With a Bluetooth Speaker:

bath fan with bluetooth speaker


When you buy a bathroom fan replacement, the last thing on your mind is speakers that can match your home theater system’s audio quality. You want something cheap and simple so that installing it will be as easy for yourself or whoever else has to put this in their house.

exhaust fan with bluetooth speaker

Well, from experience, there’s more than one type of speaker out there – some are louder, some deliver better vocals, while others can be warmer and bassier.

For example, Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic is the most balanced sounding and offers the highest sound quality from our list.


Airflow capacity measures how much air the fan can move in cubic feet per minute (CFM). For every square foot of bathroom space, you should have at least one CFM of airflow. The size of your bathroom determines the air flow required.

Standard small bathrooms require 50-60 CFM, medium-sized ones need 70-90 CFM, while large bathrooms should have more than 100 CFM for comfort and hygiene.


The Sone rating system is a way to measure the sound level of your bathroom ceiling fan when it’s in use.

Sound of whisper = 28 dBA = <1.5 Sones

A lower sone rating means that you’ll have less white noise output from this bathroom appliance, which can be ideal if you’re looking for some peace and quiet while getting ready.


The EnergyStar label is your best friend when it comes to buying an appliance.

These EnergyStar certified products were tested as being at least 50% more efficient than comparable products of the same type.

The motor might be a game-changer too; some offer brushless motors that work with little power consumption in mind.


bathroom light with bluetooth speaker

Why Use a Bath Fan With Bluetooth Speaker?

If you’re designing your house, you should consider adding a bath fan with a Bluetooth speaker for the following reasons:


Have you ever had a shower and noticed that the water left behind felt like it was crawling on your skin?

It’s because of moisture. Mold and mildew can grow in this type of environment, which could lead to long-term health issues such as asthma! It also aids in the removal of water vapor that has built up on mirrors, windows, and walls.

And that is the most crucial reason why we need bathroom fans to ventilate clean air in our bathrooms properly.

bluetooth bathroom fan

Listening to Music

The only thing better than taking a hot shower is listening to your favorite music or audiobooks while you do it.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, then be sure to grab one of these products. They work by wirelessly connecting with an iPhone (or any other mobile device), and Bluetooth enabled. You can now use Siri to playback what you want to hear without pressing any buttons.


Why not have a fan that does more than just move air?

If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade to your bathroom, look no further. Some of these all-in-one appliances offer everything from Bluetooth speakers and LED lighting options so you can relax in style.

With this simple change of scenery, we guarantee it’ll be hard not to fall asleep right away after a nice bubble bath.

How Do I Install a Bathroom Fan With Bluetooth Speakers?

bathroom fan with bluetooth speaker

The installation process is quite simple for a bath fan.

Tools Required:

  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual
  • Soft cloth
  • Brush
  • Vacuum Cleaner

1) Remove your old fan grille and housing.

2) Clean up the area with cloth, brush, and vacuum attachment.

3) Install new ventilation fan housing.

4) Hook up the wires for your new fan.

5) Install new grille with LED light.

6) Test to see everything is working fine. If you encounter any problem, you can call customer service.

For a more detailed, visual installation guide of bath fans, click here

What Is the Best Way to Maintain Your Bluetooth Speaker Fan in the Bathroom?

Ever notice how your bathroom exhaust fan always seems to be making a bit of noise?

The exhaust fan in a bathroom can be one of the dirtiest spaces. It’s essential to give it extra care and maintenance, as they might accumulate more grime from everyday use than other appliances such as humidifiers or central air conditioners for example.

We will show you how easy cleaning your home ventilation system is with just some simple techniques that anyone could do themselves.

Tools Required:

  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Soft cloth
  • Brush
  • Vacuum Cleaner

1) The first thing you should do before cleaning your bath fan is turn off the bathroom area’s circuit breaker. This will keep any potential sparks from flying and limit exposure for yourself, as well.

2) Step on the ladder and grasp the cover of the bathroom exhaust fan with both hands, then pull it off carefully.

3) Using a soft cloth, clean the dust and grime from the fan cover. Then set the cover aside to dry.

4) To clean the fan blades, twist the motor and blade assembly to release them. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down. Now attach a flexible hose to your vacuum cleaner to suck out the trapped dust in inaccessible areas such as behind the fan.

5) Clean the brackets that hold the exhaust fan together using a soft brush.

6) Finally, assemble everything back securely and test if all functions are still working well.

How Often Should I Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

A very noisy bathroom exhaust fan is often a sign that it’s time to replace the unit.

Suppose you also notice condensation on your mirrors or windows. In that case, this could be another indication of trouble with ventilation in rooms, and you should call customer support for repair service or upgrade to a new model.

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