10 Best Big Man Recliners 2024 – For Big & Tall People

Big Man Recliners

There is no greater pleasure than slumping into the warmth of a large and cozy recliner after a hectic workday. With their soft paddings, plush upholstery, and huge spacious seats, recliners can dust away even the heaviest stress in a matter of hours.

But sinking into your favorite recliner only to find odd proportions of your arms and legs jutting out at awkward angles can be annoying. Unfortunately, big and tall men are all too familiar with these inconveniences.

We are here, though, with some great news for large men. Recliner makers have realized these peculiar problems of big men and come up with oversized recliner models to help them.

If you are one of those guys who find themselves towering above most people, then this collection of 10 Best Big Man Recliners will provide you with some fantastic buying options.

Product Comparison (Top 10)

Here is our pick of the TOP recliner chairs for big and heavy men:

1. Best Overall Recliner: Lane Home Furnishings Comfort Kings Recliner

Lane Home Furnishings Comfort Kings Recliner

10 Best Big Man Recliners 2024 – For Big & Tall People 1

The Lane Home Furnishings ComfortKing Recliner is our pick for the best Overall Recliner for Big Men. This luxurious oversized chair meets the bill in all features and functions.

It can support up to 500 lbs with its 7-gauge steel-crafted heavy-duty frame. It extends to almost the length of a king-sized mattress bed at full stretch.

It features a powerful lifting technology which makes it perfect for those big people who have difficulty getting up from the recliner. In addition, it comes in with the patented Easy Glide Mechanism, which enables this chair to move into positions noiselessly.

We can confidently declare that the 4501 model recliner brings you the best seating comfort with soft foam cushioning and easy pocket coil seating.

2. Best Home-Theatre Recliner: Seatcraft Pantheon – Big & Tall – Home Theatre

Seatcraft Pantheon

For those tall and sturdy men who like to watch Netflix while enjoying the comfort of reclining, the Seatcraft Pantheon – Big and Tall is a perfect choice.

The sturdy reinforced wooden frame of this chair can support up to 400 lbs. In addition, It features taller backrests, larger seating areas, and broader armrests than standard-sized chairs to fully meet the needs of the Big and the Tall.

While you are watching a movie, there are storage spaces carved into the armrests to hold cups. These are fitted with cool azure lights to help you locate your cups if you are watching in the dark.

The base also features gentle ambient lights for big and tall people to make their way around without tripping over. You can even have a light snack on its swivel tray while watching movies.

3. Best Budget-Recliner with Power Lift: Ashely Yandel Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

Ashely Yandel Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

If you want to buy a robust dual-motor powered large-size recliner without breaking the bank, the Yandel Series Upholstered Power Lift Recliner is a suitable choice.

You can gently ease your back and/or lift your legs with a single button press owing to its powerful dual-motor mechanism. The recliner slowly moves into these positions in a jerk-free motion.

This large-sized recliner can easily accommodate big men with its metal-reinforced seat and sturdy frame.

This chair also scores high on the aesthetics quotient. It is covered in smooth brown poly-fiber upholstery that looks and feels strikingly similar to genuine leather.

It is reasonably priced to let you enjoy many great features within a budget.

4. Best Spacious-Recliner: Signature Design by Ashley – Coombs Contemporary Wide Seat Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley

The Signature Design by Ashley- Coombs Contemporary Wide Seat Recliner comes in an extra-wide design that provides ample space for big men to not only sink into but also move around comfortably once they are seated. This is one epic-sized recliner measuring 50″ in width and 40″ in depth to provide oodles of cuddling space.

It has a solid corner-backed frame and a metal reinforced seat that makes it a very durable recliner. It can withstand heavy weights easily without any risks of fracturing.

With soft tones of charcoal polyester upholstery, this chair gives out a warm and cozy vibe. Its soft padding and deep channel tufting make it the perfect lounge couch.

5. Best Classy-Recliner: Lane Home Furnishings 4218P-19 Badlands Power Rocker Recliner

Lane Home Furnishings 4218P

The Lane Home Furnishings Badlands Power Rocker Recliner is our pick for those users who like to have their recliner-couches a class apart. This elegant chair lets you choose from 9 different colors and is covered in fine-grained rich-textured embossed polyester upholstery that gives it a classy natural leather look. The fabric is incredibly soft to touch and takes your reclining delights to new heights.

Also, the Badlands Power Rocker Recliner is a zero-gravity recliner. This means it is ergonomically designed and brings in a host of health benefits for its users. It has multiple extra-padded supports for the neck, back and legs that provide next-level comfort levels to drive out any accumulated stress.

It comes with the Comfort King capability to support even up to 500 lbs in weight. Its Easy Glide Mechanism enables noiseless reclining and lifting. This chair is the perfect combination of style and function.

6. Best Rocker-Recliner: Flash Furniture Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner

For those big men who want to enjoy reclining pleasure and go to sleep at the same time with the lullabies of rhythmic rocking motion, the Flash Furniture Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner is a perfect choice.

This Rocker-Recliner can rock to and fro in a nice tempo while you recline fully stretched over its 145° retractable backrest to give double the comfort to your big stressed-out body and mind.

This large-sized chair can withstand up to 300 lbs to make it perfect for big men.

It is heavily padded with ultra-soft pillows on the head, neck and back regions to provide greater relief. In addition, the insides are packed with heavy-density foam, which makes the recliner soft and durable.

This chair comes in with a 1-year comprehensive warranty guarantee. So you can go ahead and buy it with confidence.

7. Best Manual-Recliner: Ludden Contemporary Rocker Recliner

Ludden Contemporary Rocker Recliner

Ashley Furniture makes the best manual rocker-recliner for big men. Ludden Contemporary Rocker Recliner is an oversized recliner with a sturdy frame and strong corner joints. This is a manual recliner with an easy single-touch manual control for reclining and raising this chair.

Its arms are padded with pillow-tops, and the cushions are filled with low melt fiber for providing oodles of comfort.

Its plush upholstery gives it ample brownie points in the elegance and aesthetic departments. This can be the perfect seat for enjoying peaceful dreams during your mid-day siestas!

8. Best Massage Recliner: RELAXONCHAIR [ION-3D] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair


The Relaxonchair (ION-3D) Full Body Zero Gravity is perfect for people looking to get human-like massages, heat treatment, and multiple health benefits from their recliners. This huge massaging chair can support big and tall men of up to 320 lbs in weight and 6’5″ in height.

It has an advanced smart-scanning six roller massage system to provide soothing massages to your body with five highly effective techniques. These techniques include Shiatsu, rolling, tapping, kneading, and the combination of the last two techniques.

It also provides gentle heat therapy for sore backs. You can also enjoy air massages with its 38 airbags and three intensity level controls for every part of your body.

9. Best Lifting-Recliner: Furgle Large Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner Chair

Furgle Large Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner Chair

The Furgle Large Power Lift Chair comes with a TUV-certified powerful silent lifting motor that easily helps big people get out of their recliners. Its linear actuator comes with a promise of superior performance and a longer lifespan.

This chair comes with a convenient lifting remote. The lifting mechanism is fully customizable to stop/start at any position as per the needs of the sizable occupant.

Additionally, this chair also comes with rich massage functionality, which can also be controlled with the remote provided.

If you need support larger than 300lbs, then definitely look into the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Lift Chair, which supports up to 500lbs.

10. Best WallSaver-Recliner: Lane Home Furnishings Parks Tiger Eye Wallsaver

Lane Home Furnishings Parks Tiger Eye Wallsaver

This large-sized heavy-duty recliner from Lane Home Furnishings can be pushed into position within inches of your wall, helping you make precious space gains in your small living room. It can support large framed men of up to 500 lbs. Its radius cut armrests and padded chaise configurations make it the perfect oversized comfort recliner that can fit into small spaces.

It has added-on strong bolts over its arms and is crafted with high-quality 7-gauge steel that makes it extremely strong and durable.

Coming in with the Lane Home guarantee of quality, you can buy this chair with relatively greater confidence and peace of mind.

Big Men Recliner Buying Guide

Rocker Recliner

If you plan to buy a large-sized recliner for big men, these pointers will help you make a good buying decision.

1.   Dimensions

A recliner is, first and foremost, supposed to provide you with ample comfort. And for big men, this is especially important as they may have struggled with some issues of small spaces throughout the day.

Make sure the recliner is big enough for your frame. Also, check out the weight rating on the specification sheet to ensure that it can support your weight.

It is not only important to ensure that the recliner is wide enough for you, you should also see if the recliner will provide you with enough room to turn and twist once you are seated in it. This is crucial if you intend to spend long hours in your recliner.

Also, make sure the backrest is high enough to support the entire length of your back. You should also check the floor-to-seat height to ensure that your whole back and neck can fit into the recliner.

2.   Upholstery

Again, with recliners, comfort is the primary criterion. You should always make sure the upholstery is comfortable and pleasing to the touch. It should be easy on the skin and not cause unnecessary irritation or excessive sweating on prolonged seating.

You should also ensure that the upholstery is soft as that will ease your pressure points. The recliner should help you relieve your tiredness. Plush and luxurious coverings on your recliner can help you do precisely that.

If you want to add a dash of classy style to your recliner, then a natural leather covering will be perfect for you. With its natural tones, leather can also add a refreshing element of organic touch to your interiors.

Leather can, though, be pretty expensive. Hence, you can go for fabric-based upholstery, which comes in a variety of styles and textures. For example, you can choose soft velvety fabric to give a cozy and warm experience. On the other extreme, you can have a faux leather fabric wrapping that looks and feels strikingly similar to natural leather without the accompanying high cost.

Make sure that your upholstery fabric is easy to clean and maintain. Also, try to go for heat-absorbent material that can keep you cool and comfortable if you sit in your recliner for long hours.

3.   Model Design and Type

Recliner Chair Spring Coil

You can choose from a range of different design styles that recliners come in. Each of the different types brings in a unique functionality to suit your particular needs.

Rocking Recliners:

These recliners can help you enjoy the to-and-fro rocking motion and reclining comfort, both at the same time. If you have trouble falling asleep, these types of models can be particularly beneficial. Their slow rhythmic rocking movement can cool down the mind and help you sleep better.

Regular Push-Back Recliners:

If you are looking for recliners that provide all-around comfort, ample spaces, and sturdy frames to support big men, then push-back oversized models can be good for you.

These will get the job done without any additional attractive l features or trimmings to go along.

You can choose a manual recliner if you are not too keen on advanced technology. These are easy to move into position with a single-touch lever mechanism and are quite affordable.

If you are looking for extra comfort with modern technology, then an electrically powered recliner will be best. These come in dual-motor versions, which help you automatically move both the back and the footrest.

You can also find fancy massaging and lighting functionality in some high-end models if you want a premium experience.

Lift Recliners:

If you face difficulties getting out of the recliner seat, then a lift recliner should be your choice. These are helpful, especially for big men, as they provide a forward thrust to help them get up with ease and less effort.

4.   Colors and Aesthetics

A beautiful and stylish recliner can help you build the perfect mood with your interiors. Recliners are oversized items that will be a conspicuous part of your interior décor. It would be best if you chose them in colors and styles that blend in with your design aesthetic.

Fabrics generally come in warm, soft tones that can give out an easy and friendly vibe. The leather-covered models are primarily available in dark bold shades to reflect style and class.

5.   Reclining Angle

Make sure the recliner goes back by a large angle to help you enjoy maximum comfort. If you intend to lie in fully prostrate positions and take naps, then you should make sure that your recliner goes back all the way and completely flattens out.

6.   Testing and Warranty

Large-sized recliners for big men can get quite expensive. You should prefer models that have been rigorously tested and certified. Always look for models that are industry-compliant. If the recliner comes in with a warranty, buy that model if it meets your other criteria reasonably well.

7.   Assembly and Documentation

Some recliners need to be assembled by you. If that is the case, ensure that the manufacturer provides adequate instructions and video tutorials to help you.

Big Man Recliners Frequently Asked Questions

Big Man Recliner

1.    Do I need to buy a Zero Gravity Recliner?

Zero-Gravity Recliners are ergonomically designed recliners that bring you a host of medical benefits.

These recliners distribute your load evenly that helps you ease the tension on your pressure points. These can relieve acute pains and stresses. Also, they are beneficial for your long-term health.

Zero-gravity recliners are designed in such a way that allows them to hold your body in its natural contours which in turn can help prevent injuries and wear-and-tear.

These recliners can help reduce swellings and also improve blood circulation.

Doctors recommend Zero-gravity recliners. If you are a big and tall man and have some health issues, you should buy one of these recliners to maintain good postures and well-being.

2.    Can large recliners support men taller than 6’?

Yes, they can. Manufacturers have come up with these large oversized recliners specifically to let big and tall men enjoy the comforts of reclining without any crashes or space crunches.

These big man recliners can support men up to even 6’5” in height and 500 lbs in weight.

3.    How far from the wall do I need to place my recliner?

You need to leave enough room between your wall and recliner to allow the recliner to stretch fully. At a minimum, you should leave at least a 1 ft gap between your recliner and the nearest back wall.

If you are really short on space, you should buy one of the wall-saving recliner models as they can fit in relatively smaller spaces.

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