10 Best BMX Bike Brands In 2024

best bmx bike brands

BMX bikes have come a long way in the past decade. Brands are putting out all sorts of designs, making it difficult for everyone to find their perfect match without research and assistance from experts like us here at EscapeMonthly.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a new rider looking into getting started with these types of machines, we’ll help make that choice easier by showing what differentiates each bike brand so you can get exactly what’s best suited for you.

So…what makes a BMX bike good? What are the best BMX bike brands? 

We will explore these questions and more. We’ll discuss everything from how to buy a BMX bike to what you should look for when purchasing one.

What Is a BMX Bike and What Is a BMX Bike Good For?

bmx brands

BMX is a cycling sport that has been gaining popularity in recent years. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, an adrenaline-fueled offroad activity that combines different disciplines of this challenging and entertaining but dangerous discipline such as flatland riding or dirt jumping to create new challenges.

A BMX bike is a bicycle designed to do tricks, jumps, and stunts. They’re not great for road riding due to the risk of injury but can be fun at skate parks or pump tracks.

BMX bikes are also perfect for kids because they’re designed to take on all sorts of challenges. They usually come with adjustable handlebars, making them easier (and more fun!) than other types of bicycles when it comes time to perform impressive tricks or jumps in your neighborhood.

The Best BMX Bike Brands

When looking for the perfect BMX bike, there are many things to consider. The most important of these would probably include tires and handlebars as they will make a significant difference in your ability to ride comfortably or even at all!

Make sure that whatever decision is made also considers other factors such as brand reputation, price range, customer reviews, design, and materials.

1. WeThePeople


WeThePeople BMX is a German manufacturer of high-end bikes that offers innovative designs and sleek looks at competitive prices. Their bikes are excellent value for money, making WTP BMX Bikes the perfect choice if you’re looking to buy new or upgrade your old one.

If there are specific features in mind, this brand can provide them all due to its wide selection – from beginner level bikes up through pro levels with an extensive line including adults & kids’ models.

Our Favorite WeThePeople BMX Bikes:

2. Mongoose

In the world of BMX bikes, few companies have as much reputation and longevity as Mongoose. From their inception in 1974 out of California’s SoCal garage to now being synonymous with BMX racing around the globe, it is hard not to see why this brand was born what they were back then!

Their design catered for all ages will find someone who can ride no matter your skill level, whether you’re just getting started or an expert looking at new options. Best of all, their most affordable models cost less money than other competitors.

Our Favorite Mongoose BMX Bikes:

  • Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX 
  • Mongoose Legion Freestyle Kids
  • Mongoose Title Elite

3. Haro


Haro Bikes is the gold standard in freestyle BMX. Haro’s bikes are known for their top-of-the-line frame and parts and efficient components, making them a great choice among riders.

Their lightweight frames can be upgraded if needed with stronger or newer models in the future. These benefits make Haro an excellent alternative to other high-end bikes available on today’s market.

Our Favorite Haro BMX Bikes:

4. Eastern

Eastern Bikes is a company that has been in the business of making quality BMX parts since 1996. With 20 years under their belt, they can pretty much do anything related to bikes and make it good enough for you.

Our Favorite Eastern BMX Bikes:

  • Paydirt
  • Traildigger
  • Reaper

5. Diamondback

If you’re looking for a bike that can last your lifestyle, Diamondback Bicycles might be the perfect fit.

They have been around for over 40 years and were founded in 1977 by Western States Imports. The company is known to produce durable bikes with massive load capacities, high-end components like carbon fiber frames that can withstand an intense beating from negligent riders or those who don’t take care of their gear. They also enjoy good warranties on all purchases!

Our Favorite Diamondback BMX Bikes:

  • Venom AM BMX Bike
  • Youth Nitrus BMX Bike
  • Signature BMX Bike

6. Fit


Fit BMX bikes have been in production for over 20 years. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Ana, California, and they are known as one of the best brands around America with their Facebook page having more than 270k followers!

Fit also manufactures frames other than complete BMX cycles which makes them a top choice worldwide by many enthusiasts who enjoy doing tricks or racing on this type of vehicle.

Our Favorite Fit BMX Bikes:

7. Cult Crew


Cult makes stylish complete bikes, and they have one of the best reputations in BMX. For under $500, you can get a high-quality top-of-the-line BMX bike from them. Highly recommended for new riders.

Our Favorite Cult BMX Bikes:

8. Kink


Kink bikes are not just some average BMXs. They’re strong and lightweight, with beautiful designs to match! If you want a high-quality product that won’t break the bank, then look no further than Kinks’ line of products: they have everything from $200-$900 in one place at reasonable prices.

Our Favorite Kink BMX Bikes:

9. Mafiabikes

Mafia bikes have been around for less than a generation, but they’re everywhere. They’ve gained popularity because of their budget-friendly pricing, excellent performance from distributors worldwide, and, most importantly, a comprehensive customization options list.

Our Favorite Mafia BMX Bikes:

  • Kush 2
  • Red Medusa
  • Medus-Jah

10. Sunday

sunday soundwave bmx

In the mid-2000s, Sunday BMX came into existence in response to the ‘strength vs. weight debate’ in BMX. Their frames introduced features like hollow dropouts, Wave tubing, and a level of design not seen before. It is now possible for BMX riders to get a good-looking and amazingly strong Sunday BMX bike.

Our Favorite Sunday BMX Bikes:

Honorable Mention: Odyssey

Odyssey BMX is a California company specializing in only bicycle parts. They have great tires and last longer than other brands, making them worth the money when you upgrade your old bike components to Odysseys.

Our Favorite Odyssey BMX Parts:

Do you know?

BMX racing is a fast-paced and exciting sport. It was first introduced as an Olympic medal event in 2008, when Maris Strombergs of Latvia won the gold while Anne Caroline Chausson took home France’s top honors at Beijing with her white/blue/red helmet on her head after completing that historic race.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bmx brands

Why Should You Avoid Cheap BMX Bike Brands?

Cheap is a relative word, but when it comes to BMX bikes, it means “lowest price”. Unfortunately, cheap is also synonymous with “bad” in the world of BMX biking. 

Some of the problems that come from cheap BMX bikes are:

  • Low-quality materials
  • Cheaper parts
  • Poor assembly
  • Less durability
  • Weight imbalance

Low prices don’t mean a better deal when you’re buying a BMX bike. Once you’ve learned this the hard way and have had to replace your cheap BMX bike more than once, hopefully, you’ll know not to buy a cheap one again.

What Are the Best BMX Brands?

The article above covers some of the best bike brands for BMX. However, there are many more left out, so here is the complete list that we recommend:

  • WeThePeople
  • Mongoose
  • Haro
  • Eastern
  • Diamondback
  • Fit
  • Cult Crew
  • Kink
  • Odyssey
  • MafiaBikes
  • Sunday
  • Elite
  • Redline
  • Stolen
  • Schwinn
  • United

Is It Worth It to Ride BMX Bikes?

BMX Bikes are worth it if you want to do something different than the common riding bikes. BMX bikes are perfect for all types of fun rides, including performing stunts.

You can take them anywhere, and they’re easy to transport because of the lightweight frames. At half the cost of mountain biking, there isn’t any reason not to explore this new and exhilarating hobby!



As the market for BMX bikes is becoming increasingly competitive, it’s hard to know which brand you should buy from. It can be even harder if your experience with them has been limited or are new in this game of biking but need help making up your mind on what you want.

Hopefully, this article offers some insight into how experienced cyclists and potential customers alike evaluate different brands before choosing one that suits you best.

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