Married at Leonards Cove? 4 Ways to Remember Your Wedding

Leonards Cove Wedding

Whether you’re the bride or the groom, there’s one thing you will definitely agree with. Your wedding day is probably the most important day in your life.

As such, it pays to make it feel as special as it can get, and find ways to make as many moments as possible from your big day unforgettable.

And if you’re like most people who’d prefer exchanging their vows surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty alongside miles of coastline, you can never go wrong by choosing a place like Leonards Cove for your wedding destination.

But what makes this place so fascinating for weddings, and how can you preserve the special memories if you are wedded there?

Well, there’s only one way to find out, so read on!

Where Is Leonards Cove?

First things first, Leonards Cove is a highly coveted self-catering holiday spot located in southeast Devon, England.

Sitting on an incredibly beautiful coastal village known to many as Stoke Fleming in Dartmouth, Leonards Cove overlooks Start Bay, and is renowned for offering views of the sea from a clifftop setting.

This perhaps explains why it attracts people from around the world, some of whom come here with the sole purpose of saying “I do”.

What’s Special about Getting Married at Leonards Cove?

So, “why is Leonards Cove so popular for weddings?” one would wonder.

Well, besides the majestic views of the waters and the wealth of natural beauty it provides, the picturesque facility also has a wide range of self-catering accommodation options to choose from depending on one’s budget.

For instance, you can enjoy your honeymoon from a cliff-top bungalow or a bay view bungalow if not an ocean-view lodge, a mobile home, or a pound house.

This makes it a great option for couples looking to wed in a beautiful, romantic space and even enjoy their honeymoon in a quiet getaway.

Booking event space in this picturesque holiday village is also fairly easy and can be done online.

The Leonards Cove’s Wedding Experience

perfect wedding venue

I experienced this firsthand when I attended my best friend’s wedding at Leonards Cove a few months ago.

As soon as I stepped onto the shores of Start Bay, I was immediately taken away by the grandeur of the place. Everything about it was simply stunning.

The rugged cliffs that framed the seawater and gave us an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation.

The wooden chalets lining the clifftop, providing us with a very personal and romantic experience as well as easy access to all the amenities we could ever need.

And of course, the intimate settings of Leonards Cove itself, where we were able to witness my friend’s special day in their blissful surrounds.

All in all, it was hard not to fall in love with this beautiful place.

My friend’s special day couldn’t have gone better.

The ceremony was picturesque, complete with sea breezes, birdsong and bright sunshine and held in the beautiful gardens.

Following this, we moved to the beach cottages for a hugely impressive wedding breakfast, cocktail hour, and then dancing into the night on a wooden dancefloor overlooking the shoreline.

The experience at Leonards Cove has left me inspired and filled with enthusiasm for my own future nuptials.

I can easily picture myself hosting a wedding in this incredible spot, standing with my partner during our vows at sunset, taking part in wedding photos that will last a lifetime, and having a fantastic celebration hosted here.

The possibilities of what I could add to my very own day here are endless, and I can’t help but feel drawn to it a whole lot more than anywhere else in the world.

4 Significant Ways to Make Your Leonard’s Cove Wedding Memorable

wedding photobook

Choosing a great venue is usually just part of the puzzle when planning a wedding.

And of the many things involved, the last thing you want to forget is finding ways to preserve your wedding day memories.

Whether you’re in the planning process or you hired a professional planner to do it all, here are a few great ways you can revisit those fantastic moments before or after your exchanged vows with your significant other.

1. Make a Stunning Wedding Photo Book

Nothing beats photos as far as preserving memories from a special celebration is concerned.

And as you might already know, a photo book album can help preserve pictures from your big day for generations to come.

The best part is that these days, you can design different kinds of fully customizable wedding photo books online using your laptop, PC, or phone in the comfort of your home.

And besides the lovely shots of you and your S.O, you can also choose to include photo booth pictures of the guests, friends, and family in your wedding photo book if you were one of the few lucky ones who captured all the special moments on your big day!

2. Request Notes from Your Wedding Guests

It is also a great idea to ask your guests to note down their thoughts and wishes, perhaps on cards placed strategically at the reception or their sitting designations.

You could also create a guestbook, where they can provide more details at will, including information about the experience as a whole, and how they felt about the special memories they shared at the event.

Whenever you get the chance to, going through these notes can help rekindle the sparks from the big day many years down the line.

3. Have the Wedding Vows Printed

Keep in mind that the whole point of having your vows engraved is so you can read them whenever you want, and perhaps even remind yourself constantly that you’re taken!

It’s also a great way to relive the memories of your special day, especially if you tied the knot in a serene environment like Leonards Cove.

4. Explore Your Destination A Little

If you’ll be spending your honeymoon in a place as beautiful as Leonards Cove, it might as well be a lifetime opportunity.

Take your time and go to each beautiful spot in the village, walking, biking, or just enjoying the majestic views together.

This can go a long way in keeping the memories of your special day as fresh as they can get for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

white bridal bouquet

I would highly recommend Leonards Cove for any future couples looking for that perfect wedding venue.

Not only does it boast unbeatable memories but it provides an unforgettable setting for your most special day.

So if you’re looking to make the most incredible start to your married life, look no further than Leonards Cove and create personalized photo books to preserve all the happy moments that you can look back on for years to come.

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