Top Destinations in Vietnam

Top destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is an idyllic combination of natural wonders and cultural diversity. The fantastic landscapes range from jagged peaks to winding mountain passes.

Also, you can see paddy fields with lots of green shades. Vietnam also offers a multicultural population with over 50 ethnic groups. The rich heritage will make you want to stay forever.

Outdoor lovers can head to the countryside to visit several national parks, where you can enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking. Don’t miss the impressive Halong Bay with its karst seascape. Keep checking the top destinations every traveler should know about in Vietnam .

Halong Bay

Halong Bay Vietnam Kayaking

Halong Bay represents one of the most spectacular karst seascapes, where you can take the best pictures in Vietnam. Check the limestone islands along the Gulf of Tonkin, where the jagged pinnacles will take your breath away.

Most visitors prefer to take a boat tour or ride a kayak to enjoy the views. It’s a cruising territory.

You should also consider spending at least a night in Halong Bay. It’s worth the time to explore every inch of this magical place.

Explore the endless caves, including the Hang Sung Sot, where you have three mammoth caverns, and the Hang Dao Go, with stalagmites and stalactites.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Visiting Vietnam means you can’t miss Ho Chi Minh City, the commercial hub. Most streets are filled with motorbikes and cars.

Also, you can enjoy restaurants and cafés with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the city, shopping is a top priority.

Visit Dong Khoi, a small and navigable central district, where you can see the most relevant sights.

Go to the HCMC Museum, where the artifacts show the city’s history. Explore the grand Notre Dame Cathedral from the 19th century. Head to the old district of Dao Karo, where you can see buildings from the French colonial era. Don’t miss the Jade Emperor Pagoda with many Buddhist and Taoist inscriptions.

Finally, visit the History Museum displaying relics from various archaeological sites, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, and the Reunification Palace.


Hue Vietnam Tomb

Hue is a historic town in Vietnam packed with relics from the Nguyen emperors, who ruled the country in the 19th century. Located on the banks of the Perfume River, the Imperial Enclosure’s walls extend 2.5 kilometers.

Explore the grounds, where you can find the beautiful Ngo Mon Gate, the Thai Hoa Palace with an incredible interior, the Dien Tho Residence, and the Halls of Mandarins with majestic ceiling murals.

You can find other historical sites on the outskirts of the Imperial Enclosure. We recommend a day cruise to see royal tombs and pagodas, like the Tomb of Tu Doc and the Thien Mu Pagoda.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong nha Cave Vietnam

If you’re into caving, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is the ideal place on your itinerary. The dramatic karst mountain formation combines huge caverns with stalactite and stalagmite displays.

Visit Paradise Cave, extending 31 kilometers down the ground. Explore the wet cave or Tu Lan Cave, which includes a swimming spot through the cave-system river.

Another exciting excursion is Phong Nha Caves, which you can only access by boat.

My Son

My Son Temples

My Son is a Cham-era temple city dating back to the 4th century. It’s surrounded by mountains covered in forest. The Hindu religious site was used until the 10th century but was finally abandoned in the 13th century.

Check out the 20 temple structures built with brick and sandstone blocks. It shows influences from India and Malaysia. Don’t miss the museum on site with plenty of details about the Cham.

Vietnam eVisa

Before heading to Vietnam and visiting all these incredible places, you must confirm the travel documents you need for your trip. In this case, you must apply for a Vietnam eVisa. This mandatory electronic visa is available for tourism purposes.

With iVisa, you can streamline the digital process. Complete the online form with your details and the information in your passport.

After that, the platform will process your details, and you only need to wait for the electronic visa. Display it to immigration authorities and have a smooth entry into Vietnam.

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