10 Best Foosball Tables of 2024

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We are convinced that foosball is a boredom killer in any space, be it a sports bar, man cave, gaming room, office, or home. And most definitely, since you’re here, you may agree on that too.

Soccer table is a widely played entertainment game as well as a professional indoor game known for its intensity. Dating back to 1921, foosball was developed by a British man named Harold Searles Thornton. Today, it has become a mainstream entertainment activity in many US households and workplaces alike.

Many soccer fans have thought about owning a foosball table at least once, if not bought it already. Today, there are far too many manufacturers in the market that design and manufacture contrasting qualities of table footballs. With so many options, there are strong chances of being misled.

Our goal is to make the process of choosing the right foosball table an easy task for you through this article. The buying guide we present to you will give you a crisp idea on which foosball table will fit your exact needs.

Product Comparison (Top 10)

Here is our pick of the TOP foosball tables:

1. Best Overall Foosball Table: KICK Legend 55″ in Foosball Table

KICK Legend 55 in Foosball Table

10 Best Foosball Tables of 2024 1

A solid option while buying foosball tables would surely have to include KICK’s 55 inches range of tables. The KICK Legend 55″ is a pioneer in this range and comes in two other variants – black and grey. The original variant is a wood and stainless-steel combination which steals the most attention. Calling it one of their masterpiece productions, KICK features a distinct leg design on the Legend 55″ making its leveler immovable even during aggressive plays.

Measuring 143lbs on the weighing scale, this foosball gaming set is ideal for home and office folks. It has eight durable rods made of steel and chrome along with 8 ABS easy-grip handles. Setting the player’s competitive tone at peak with two types of men, the gaming set consists of 13 blue and red uniformed men. Similarly, there are 13 blue and red counterbalanced men for excellent dribbling.

With a playing field dimension of 47″ L X 28″ W, Legend 55″ foosball table offers a comfortable space for both teams. It is perhaps the most stylish body of all foosball table bodies with its premium bearings and classic dark brown woody façade.

Throw in the lifetime warranty, and you have the best foosball table for years to come.

2. Best User-Friendly Foosball Table: Rally and Roar Cortland 56″ Foosball Table 

Rally and Roar is a well-known American brand for indoor and outdoor games equipment. What added to the brand’s popularity is its Cortland 56″ foosball table, a superior quality product. With an oak wood laminated base and an espresso-finish look, this one creates a sturdy and classic impression. Making a perfect fit for homes, the Rally and Roar foosball table only weigh 74lbs with easy to assemble features.

What makes this foosball table ergonomic is the chrome-plated steel rods with a wooden grip. However, the most prominent detail of this set is the leg levelers. Rally and Roar has built the table legs with oversized levelers to cater to the roughest crowd. Not forgetting the rubber protectors at the bottom, which keep the body from scratches, wear and tear. With all of these player-friendly features, the brand promises a mishap-free experience even on the most intense game nights.

Apart from the table itself and the steel rods, the game set comes with two balls with a soccer design and another two with a softer surface. The table surface has elevated playfield edges to keep the ball moving and stop it from getting stuck in a spot.

3. Best Advance Player Foosball Table: Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado’s foosball tables are largely associated with foosball tournaments, with the T3000 model being no exception. Taking the professional game of foosball forward, the T3000 foosball table provides serious players a good run for their skills. With eight sides in total, this foosball table enables its players to maintain steady ball control and apply quick moves as they aim for the goal.

The heavy-duty bars and handles on this set make it apt for commercial and competitive plays. Additionally, the brand has designed a patented style for its foosball men with a sharp foot for smooth kick and pass. The rods are made with exceptional quality steel and plated with thick heated chrome. Besides, to prove itself as an arcade-friendly unit, the table features a scorekeeper and a coin deposit section.

With a bulky body weighing 355lbs, you may need more than two hands to move this foosball table to your favorite spot. Nonetheless, there’s not much for setting up since the rods, handles, and men come assembled. The package comes with a rule book, three well noticeable balls, a wrench to remove bearings, a pin punch, and a bottle of silicone.

4. Best Low-Budget Foosball Table: Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Foosball Table

True to its arcade-proper features, Best Choice Products presents a woody foosball table at an amazingly low price. What makes it a great home or arcade-based gaming set is its size, 48 inches, and the whole classic aesthetic. Contrary to its lightweight 52lbs weight, the foosball is quite sturdy to its pride. It can no doubt compete with its competitors in terms of functionality and stability.

The gaming set has plastic molded into uniformed football players standing upright in chrome-finished steel rods. With leveled edges on these figurines, there is no question of losing balance or control while players head for a goal. The stainless steel rods with comfortable handles provide a much professional control as the ball slides on its smooth green surface. Best Choice Products takes a step beyond what is essentially needed in a foosball table and installed two cup holders for the player’s occasional sip breaks. It is also a great gaming unit for adults and children alike due to its waist-high build.

Although not the heaviest foosball table in the market, the assembling process may require two people’s assembling skills. Made of excellent quality fiberboard, this one is easily the crowd’s favorite.

5. Best Weatherproof Foosball Table: Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

The next on our list is the Garlando G-500 Foosball Table giving neck-to-neck competition to other top-tier foosball tables. From the table’s design to its weatherproof features, the brand has done full justice to ensure its maximum utility. When it comes to the build material, the cabinet is made with multi-layered marine plywood and painted in a plastic laminate for a rust-resistance surface. The playing field’s surface swiftly glides the balls from one end to another, giving a full-satisfied gaming experience.

The brand offers other variants of the same model in a black, blue, and white combination of colors, attractive and suitable for any home decor. Although bearing a minimalistic exterior, the players and field have vibrant colors to make the table look aesthetic.

Garlando G-500 is on the bulky side weighing 175lbs standing about 56 inches from the ground. Because it is a heavy-duty set, you may need some help while moving the table from an indoor space to an outdoor and vice versa. Nevertheless, a little effort does no harm, especially when you’re about to have an exciting game of foosball.

6. Best Kids Foosball table: KICK Splendor 55″ Foosball Table

The KICK Splendor is a simple yet eye-catching gaming set, suitable mostly for kids who inspire to become a pro player someday. With a reddish-brown wooden frame, this foosball table is minimalistic from all angles. Its chrome-plated rods subtly add modernness to the traditional design. Eight of these long-lasting rods in sleek stainless steel come assembled with the tabletop.

Splendor’s squared legs, steel-made levelers, and crossbars hold up the body well, standing strong amidst intense plays. An added feature that will definitely impress the kids and adults alike is the Uniformed Men Set and Counter Balanced Men Set in blue and red colors to make the game look more vibrant.

Inspired by the official gaming experience, the company has engineered a ball return compartment on each side. Its structure sets it apart from the rest, making it an incredible choice for kids to play the ever-stimulating indoor game. A big plus point of this gaming set is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. But that’s not all. The company also provides a free rod lubricant on the purchase of this foosball table. We can’t say what else makes this unit a must-have if not for all of these perks.

7. Best Family Foosball Table: Barrington Richmond Set Foosball Table

Available in multiple styles, Barrington focuses on furnishing the best quality and design of foosball tables. It’s hard to remember the last time when a brand manufactured a near-perfect gaming set in terms of design. Perhaps Barrington’s Richmond Set foosball table can hold itself up as an example. The particular set we’re in love with comes in a very elegant style with thick black legs and a dark brown frame.

Richmond’s construction is proof of solid craftsmanship with its vintage elements, such as the robot-style player flippers and scoring peg. For smooth rotation, the rods have been built in superior steel, and for maintaining the perfect balance, oversized levelers have been attached to them. Not to mention, the levelers are adjustable, so you can fine-tune it based on whether children or adults are playing.

The heavy-duty gaming unit has a laminated top with aprons and a sleek surface for an unstoppable game. The hard-built body reinforces an impression that the Richmond foosball table would last for years on end. What’s more, it is a piece of classic recreational gaming set that can most appropriately settle in a family environment.

8. Best Beginner’s Foosball Table: Hathaway Playoff 4′ Foosball Table

Hathaway needs no introduction when it comes to its product quality. Similarly, when it comes to Playoff 4′, we vouch for the supreme standards and functionality. Made especially for beginners and kids, this foosball table is worth the hype. Engineered in fine quality wood and steel, this table will last you for as long as you can imagine, the manufacturers claim.

The brand has also tried to instill a real gaming feel for players by painting graphics of a football stadium on the surface of the playfield. Excited fans and realistic players in bright colors depict a lively and dramatic scene on the surface of the table.

The handles have been made with a focus on easy and stable rotation, while the integrated levelers add more stability to the body, ensuring a fair and balanced play. The brand includes two high-quality balls in the set that mimics the look of a soccer ball. Its ABS molded players sport grooved flippers for absolute control. Last but not least, a feature that will keep your scoring accurate is the analog/abacus style scorekeeper.

9. Best Small Space-friendly Foosball Table: Giantex 48″ Foosball Table

With a slim and compact body, Giantex has done a clean job at designing its 48 inches foosball table. For all those who struggle with space and storage conveniences, this foosball table is the holy grail. However, don’t let the size lower your expectations from this sturdy boy because it can well-adapt to its intense players as well. With 22 men on the field, two balls, and scorers on both sides, the Giantex foosball table keeps you hooked to the game.

What makes this foosball table to our list is its fine built quality. It is made of thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which protects the frame from cracks. Similarly, the alloy steel leg with four adjustable levelers of 1.5 inches each ensures scratch resistance to the floor. Plus, the smooth surface of the playing field ensures a faster game with effortless dribbles and passing. Finally, the rod bars have non-slip handles for your strong grip when the game gets fierce.

Weighing just about 26lbs, Giantex’s foosball table is a no-hassle gaming unit when it comes to assembling. Set it up at your home, office, or at a party using the detailed setup manual.

10. Best Arcade Foosball Table: ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

Arguably a true representation of the company, the ESPN arcade foosball table has a one-of-a-kind design. The sporty and professional appearance of this foosball table makes it a deal-breaker gaming set. In addition, the attractive black, grey, and red colors blended together give a push to the table’s sharp features. Made of high-quality materials like PVC, wood, and metal, this one is a beast of a product.

Aiming to create a challenging gaming experience, the brand puts up weighted men for easy rotation and to defend their position. For precision and strong grip, the rods have been attached to octagonal handles. Moreover, soccer balls losing motion while playing is no more a concern on this table because of its ramped playfield.

An excellent feature for support, the legs of the table have oversized levelers for extra stability and a flat surface. Plus, keeping a score of your match is easily done with the traditional score counter beads. Durability is perhaps this foosball table’s most impressive feature, including the entire look, of course.

Foosball Table Buying Guide and FAQs

professional fooseball table

Indoor games like foosball always kick-start a fun night during house parties or office get-togethers. Rotating the rods to dribble and pass, keeping a sharp focus on the ball while standing against a challenging opponent to finally see the ball shoot into the goalie, is a thrilling experience.

Whether you’re an expert contesting for a tournament or an amateur playing for the first time, a fine quality foosball table is mandatory. There is no better satisfaction than deriving pleasure from a fair game, which is why picking the right table soccer is a good call.

To make sure you’re ticking all the checkboxes, consider the following areas that make up for a perfect foosball table for you!

Foosball Table Types

Foosball tables have existed long enough to have a set of varieties. It is good to know and understand the different kinds available.

Two main types are freestanding foosball table and tabletop. A freestanding foosball table is the regular one with legs and can occupy an unspecified space depending on its size. If you’re someone willing to give up some space for a gaming table in your living area, a freestanding foosball table is a viable option for you.

On the contrary, tabletops don’t require a large space for use. They are usually smaller than the regular foosball tables and come without the legs, but they offer similar enjoyment.

Foosball tables also vary in terms of the number of players it allows for playing. The most common are the two players’ foosball tables. Again, these are perfect for young players who have no experience. The next type is the four players foosball table with two players on each side. Four players table is also considered a perfect soccer table for adults. For the group players, and eight handles foosball table could be the right choice.

Setting Area

foosball tables

An important question you need to ask yourself before buying a foosball table is – why are you buying it, and where do you plan to place it?

While it is obvious that most people buy foosball tables for self-recreational purposes, some people don’t play the game but get it anyway as a showpiece. You could also be getting it for your children or just to add another interesting gaming tool to elevate your gaming room area. Regardless, there are different tables to fulfill different needs. Children-friendly foosball tables are common in the market for you to easily pick them. Most adult foosball tables are kids friendly too.

Where you intend to place your foosball table is another aspect to consider. Even if you don’t have a dedicated gaming room to store the table, any other spot in the house would work fine. If you have an office, it only makes sense to place the table there for your work breaks and to cool off with a mind-blowing game with your colleagues.

Size and Dimensions

Often the size of a foosball table is responsible for game satisfaction. Manufacturers customize foosball tables to cater to customers looking for small-sized tabletops while sometimes compromising on its core features. But the positive part of this is that you still get to play the game.

A full-sized foosball table is usually 54-56 inches long, 29-30 inches wide, and 34-36 inches tall if it’s not compromising the playfield dimensions. These are perfect fits for arcades and in-house gaming rooms. Unless you are an expert, take note of the sizes and dimensions of the space you’re ready to render and the size of the table before you make a purchase.

Skill Level

Foosball game requires a considerable amount of skill to play it in its extensive form. If you’re just a beginner exploring the game for the very first time, investing in a less-feature and lower quality tabletop should be on your mind. Unless you’re very passionate about the game already, don’t go for expensive high-grade tables that may not fit your amateur skills.

For foosball enthusiasts and advanced players with polished soccer skills, getting competitive table soccer is never going to be a bad decision. In fact, the multiple features will add to your skills, helping you win challenging games.

Structure and Parts


Which materials have been used to build the foosball table directly affects its quality and functionality. Most brands who have been in the game for a long time know how to construct their unit with laudable craftsmanship.

A foosball table generally consists of the cabinet, the rods with safety handles, table legs, levelers, and of course, the molded players on the rods. Since the cabinet is the main body of the table, materials used for building it should be of high quality. Most brands prefer using engineered wood or medium-density fiberboard of 1.5 inches thickness. Since wood can be expensive, some brands use steel or any other metal or thinner fiberboards, which honestly may not last long.

Most manufacturers ensure foosball table rods are made of stainless steel and plated in chrome for a rust-free surface. If the ones you’re looking to buy have ergonomic handles, that’s good news, too, since they ensure smooth play without losing grip. These days advanced players prefer telescopic rods because they don’t protrude from the other end when you push it while playing.

While some foosball tables have a single goalie system, some have three goalies. One goalie on each end of the opposing team is much more challenging than the triple goalie ends. That’s one of the reasons why experts choose a single goalie system. For beginners, practicing on a three-goalie table is a better choice.

Let’s not forget the most important part of the foosball table – the miniature players. These molded players are designed in different styles, but all of them have the same function – controlling, passing, and shooting the ball. The shape of the feet is an important feature to consider. It needs to be tapered down to an edgy bottom since flat feet cannot accurately control the ball. Consider looking for such foosball men while purchasing your first-ever foosball table.


cool foosball table

The look and design of any gaming table is an essential thing to check out first before purchasing it. After all, you would want to admire its design after investing your hard-earned money in it. Some buyers casually get a foosball table as a showpiece, and if you’re one such buyer, the aesthetics is surely your area of scrutiny.

Foosball tables come in so many varied designs to suit every type of taste. The most common ones are the wooden base with steel accents, painted players, and green playfield surface. Apart from these, if you’re looking for more vibrant options, those are available too. If you’re getting a foosball table for your office, you may prefer a sleek design with a laminated surface. But if you want to get it for a gaming room, you may want one with graphics all around to boost the player’s enthusiasm and give them an almost real-life experience.

If the design doesn’t make you excited to play the game, the foosball table has not done justice to your taste. However, the choice of aesthetics will always differ from person to person, as they say to each their own.


Although price should not be the main point of concern, some foosball tables can get too pricey for one’s budget. During such a situation, weighing out the features and the warranty comes in handy. From what we’ve noticed, most beginner’s foosball tables range from $50 to $300. Whereas for intermediate-level players, tables may be priced up to $1000. The most expensive tables used mostly for tournament purposes can cost anywhere between $1500 and $2000.

If shelling out isn’t your main concern, always go for a branded gaming table that has been in the market for a long time. They may be slightly on the expensive side but will offer the best experience you can ask for.


When it comes to foosball brands, there are too many to count. Most of these brands come from different countries and are known for their supreme quality in their home countries. Brands like KICK, Atomic Game Tables, Berner Billiards, Shelti, Tornado, Garlando, Hathaway, and Rally and Roar are pioneers of foosball table production.

Tornado has been manufacturing tournament-style foosball tables for over four decades while KICK engineers some of the widest range and collection of foosball tables in America. Created by a veteran of this game, KICK’s primary focus is to offer superb quality foosball tables without pinching a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

best foosball table

We’ve most definitely covered everything you need to know from the above set of information. However, there’s always more room for doubts and questions, which is why we bring to you the following set of FAQs in case you have any more doubts about foosball table purchasing.

  1. Why Is It Called Foosball?

It’s amazing how history can go off the rails. It was originally called “fussball” in German, but when it first came to America from Germany, they misheard “fussball” as “foosball” And so now we call this game by its new name–the Foos-Balls!

  1. How to Choose the Best Foosball Table?

The plain answer to this question is – LOOK FOR FEATURES. Does it have a strong build, non-corrosive rods, and ergonomic handles? If yes, go ahead. Is it too small, poorly built, and defies the standard size? Probably look for better options.

  1. How Large or Heavy Can Foosball Tables Be?

You have to note that foosball tables can be hulks of gaming machinery. They may not be too tall but can be long enough to cover a large size room. You need to also consider the space that the protruding rods are going to take up. All of these combined, you may need at least a 7/8 ft spare area to play comfortably.

Most freestanding tables are too heavy to be carried around because of their weight. Foosball tables can weigh anywhere between 50lbs to 400lbs. A standard-size foosball table easily weighs about 225lbs or more.

  1. Is Maintenance Required for Foosball Tables?

The good news for you is foosball table does not require serious maintenance. Except for lubricating the rods for smooth rotation and play, there isn’t much you can do about it.

Of course, it is still essential to clean your table regularly by wiping the table with a clean, dry cloth. But you should also keep in mind that drinks can make it hard for the tabletop to stay pristine. For this reason, many tables come equipped with coasters on their corners; however even these will not help if a drink spills off of them and onto the surface because they are too small. It’s best just to have players be mindful when setting down food and drinks so as not create any unsightly messes!

If you’ve placed your table outdoors, make sure to cover it when you’re not playing to avoid discoloration and degradation of quality. You may also want to dust occasionally. Do timely check on the players for any broken edges or damage for a smooth gaming experience.

  1. What Is the Warranty on Foosball Tables?

Typically, most brands provide a warranty ranging from 180 days to 1 year. However, some brands like KICK offers a lifetime warranty and replacement. Contact the seller or customer services in case warranty information is missing on e-commerce websites.

  1. Where Can I Buy a Foosball Table?

You can buy a foosball table at any nearby sports and gaming equipment store. But the most convenient way to do it is by checking them out online on an e-commerce site or from the brand’s website and placing an order. The companies will deliver the unassembled table right to your doorstep. The other perk of buying foosball table online is that you can read other customer’s review and decide based on what popular feedbacks say.

  1. What Are Counterbalanced Foosball Men?

Foosball players/men come in two types – counterbalanced and non-counterbalanced. What it basically means is that those players who have equal weight distribution on both their head and feet are called counterbalanced or weighted men. Using such men gives a better advantage at controlling and striking the ball.

  1. Is It Legal to Spin Wildly in Foosball?

Foosball is a game of skill and strategy. It takes finesse and precision to maneuver the ball around your opponent’s defenses with just one flick, so when you spin more than 360 degrees instead, it throws everything off balance–even for seasoned players. Spinning isn’t only cheating; the rule prohibits spinning because they want their sport fair-play!

  1. Do Own Goal Count in Foosball?

If you accidentally hit the ball into your own goal in foosball, it counts as a point for the other team. However, if another team scores with that same shot by lifting or jarring one of their players off the table so they can get to yours faster – don’t worry! That doesn’t count.

  1. Is It Smart to Buy a Used Foosball Table?

If you aren’t on a budget, it is best to buy a brand-new table than an old and used table. Any gaming unit wears out a little after every use, the parts become rough, and the experience of a new product is never the same as an old one. You never know how old the unit is, and the worst part is there is no warranty.

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