Best Double Sleeping Bags for Couples Reviewed in 2024

Best Double Sleeping Bags

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you will surely want to maximize your comfort when you are out there. When you hit the campsite and hiking trail as a couple, it is important to pack light and ensure survivability.

Double sleeping bags offer a lot more than you’d know, that is why we have prepared this comprehensive list of the five best double sleeping bags according to your budget along with a detailed buying guide on everything essential, the good, the bad, and everything else in between.

Best Overall: Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed

Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed

Best Double Sleeping Bags for Couples Reviewed in 2024 1

Temperature Rating: 20°F | Max Height: 6ft 6in

  • Supremely comfortable
  • Zipper-less design
  • Spacious
  • May be too big for some

If you want to spend your outdoors in luxury and money no object, then this 20-degree synthetic sleeping bag from Sierra Designs is a big player. It is rated 20 degrees, which ensures that you receive appropriate warmth and the best comfort possible whenever you hit the outdoors. It comes with a comforter flap and the rectangular shape is very spacious, plenty for the two of you.

Best Double Sleeping Bags for Couples Reviewed in 2024 2

For chilly nights, the hand pockets and the insulated arm effectively traps body heat so that you have a sound sleep. If you experience warmer nights, you can use the foot vent to let out some of the warm air. Regardless of the temperature, this double sleeping bag from Sierra Designs will make sure that you enjoy your outdoors with the most comfort.

If you are somebody who tosses and turns a lot, the zippers can be a nuisance. But with this double sleeping bag, you won’t face this issue thanks to the zipper-less design. Not just that, but the bag comes with a built-in sleeping pad sleeve, so you don’t have to worry about waking up with your sleeping bag at the other side of the tent.

Verdict: A luxurious double sleeping bag with a unique design and excellent comfort. Perfect for camping couples.

Most Comfortable: Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide

Temperature Rating: 20°F | Max Height: 6ft 6in

  • Customizable comfort level
  • Great for families
  • Integrated blankets and pillows
  • Huge size

Want maximum comfort from your two-person sleeping bag? Then you simply cannot ignore this Tru.comfort double-wide 20-degree sleeping bag from Kelty. It comes with two independent sleepers along with a removable zip off the top layer for hot and humid nights, and two-integrated blankets to customize your comfort. Thanks to the two-way zip vents, you can place your feet outside the covers without worrying about freezing your companion.

Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide Sleep

With this bag, you will have plenty of room to frolic and has a wider profile than a queen-sized bed. And with a length up to 6ft 6inches, even the tallest people can sleep in comfort. It also has enough space for kids to crash in, making it perfect for families. You don’t have to go through the trouble of bringing along extra pillows and blankets.

With the help of cloud loft insulation, you will have the most comfortable warmth imaginable. It is also very durable and will last a long time.

Verdict: It is a very comfortable, durable, and large double sleeping bag absolutely perfect for couples or families.

Best for Couples: Teton Sports Mammoth

Teton Sports Mammoth

Temperature Rating: 0°F/20°F | Max Height6ft 8in

  • Non-allergenic
  • Mammoth-sized, perfect for couples
  • Very durable
  • Too heavy for some people

This Mammoth Queen-Sized bag from TETON is true to its name. It’s the most massive bag in this list, and we are pretty sure families and couples will absolutely love it. It has a very soft lining and the zipper and draft tubes contain the warm air so that you never miss a sleep. It unzips on the bottom and each side for easy access and has an innovative fiberfill for suitable warmth.

Teton Sports Mammoth

It also comes with an excellent compression bag so you never have to roll your sleeping bag again. It’s easy to use and you just have to tighten the straps to seal it tight. Compared to queen-sized mattresses, this double sleeping bag is even wider and longer.

If you want warmer nights, you just have to fluff the sleeping bag and use the camp pad. Hang the loops for long-term storage and also to maintain maximum loft. It is also non-allergenic, so even if you have sensitive skin you can still enjoy warmer nights. The half-circle hoods with drawstrings ensure that your head is off the ground while you are sleeping.

Verdict: If size is a factor for you and you are looking for a double sleeping bag for you and your family, then you can’t go wrong with this offer from TETON.

Most Lightweight: Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Temperature Rating: 32°F | Max Height6ft 5in

  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Foldable
  • Waterproof
  • May not be warm enough for some people

If you travel a lot and are looking for a lightweight sleeping bag to accompany you, then this double sleeping bag from SleepingO is a great choice. You don’t have to settle for cheap and cold sleeping bags, this product from SleepingO is not just warm but also very comfortable and affordable. This queen-sized sleeping bag comes in 87×59 so you can share the warmth and comfort amply with your companion. No need for tight and uncomfortable nights; there is enough space for two.

Do you at times prefer hitting the outdoors alone? No worries, you can simply unzip the two-person sleeping bag and both of you can enjoy the warmth in your own private spaces. The weather can be a party pooper but with this double sleeping bag, you’ve got nothing to worry about as it is waterproof. Not just that but the polyester lining is also rip-resistant!

Thanks to the high-quality cotton filling, you will be using this sleeping bag for years and years to come. With the included carry case, you can easily fold this sleeping bag and take it anywhere you go. At just 6lbs, they will certainly not bog you down. The survival temperature of this SleepingO bag is 32 degrees, so it’s perfect for 50-degree nights and up.

Verdict: If you are someone that loves traveling, then this lightweight and portable sleeping bag will be a great option.

Best Budget Pick: Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Temperature Rating: 32°F | Max Height6ft 5in

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Dual usage
  • Pillows are too small

Who says quality sleeping bags need to cost a fortune? This double sleeping bag from Ohuhu combines quality and affordability. Even if it’s 32-50f, you can still sleep in warmth and comfort with this sleeping bag. Filled with luxurious cotton, this sleeping bag from Ohuhu is also water-resistant so you can enjoy sound sleep regardless of the elements.

Ohuhu Sleeping Bag

It has enough space for you and your companion, and you can also detach it with ease via zippers to transform it into two individual sleeping bags. Whether you want to cuddle up or want your own personal space, this sleeping bag will guarantee you warm nights. It provides a convenient carry bag along with two small and soft pillows to offer your neck some support. This double sleeping bag is perfect for families with one child or a single couple.

You can easily set up your sleeping spot wherever you go, thanks to the lightweight fabric that easily sets into the carrying bag in a fuss-free roll up motion.

It’s a minimalistic, warm, comfortable, and lightweight sleeping bag that comes with a very affordable price tag without compromising on the quality.

Verdict: If you are looking for a quality double sleeping bag under a tight budget, this is a wonderful pick.

Analysis and Test Results

If you love the outdoors, sleeping bags will always be on your checklist. However, there are certain factors you must look for when you purchase them. To help you buy the most suitable sleeping bags, we test, analyze and compare the features for these 5 products.

1. Comfort

Kelty Tru Zipper Comfort


Sleeping bags come in a variety of materials. A down sleeping bag will offer you the best insulation, particularly when its goose down. They usually come in a fill rating from 500 to about 800 inches per ounce. They are very soft and gives an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. However, these bags are not compatible with humid and wet environments as down does not insulate when wet.

Synthetic sleeping bags try to combine the features of down sleeping bags with greater insulation when the bag gets wet. However, synthetic insulation does not compress as well as down, they are dryable and machine washable. If you want a bag for hiking and camping, synthetic sleeping bags are a greater option.

The TRU Comfort from Kelty registers as the most comfortable in our tests thanks to the one-of-a-kind customizable temperature feature with built-in blankets. The soft material also means you will be able to sleep undisturbed.

Temperature Rating


When it comes to sleeping bags, temperature rating may be the single most crucial factor. You must look for a sleeping bag with adequate warmth. The temperature indicated in the rating implies the lowest temperature at which you will feel the warmth. For example, if a sleeping bag indicates 30 degrees, it means you will be comfortable at weather of 30-degree F or warmer.

Three of the most common categories for sleeping bags based on temperature ratings are:

  • Winter: Such bags come with a temperature rating of 10-degree F or below. These types of bags are ideal for winter. They can be too warm for summer.
  • 3-season: these types of sleeping bags carry a temperature rating of 10-degree F to about 35-degree F. They are very suitable for fall, summer, and spring.
  • Summer season: They are most suitable for use in the summer season. They carry a temperature rating of 35-degree F or above.

If you are a car camper, you probably won’t need a sleeping bag under 15 degrees F.

The Frontcountry bed from Sierra Designs is suitable for all four-season. Chilly winters or warm nights, you can easily adjust it to your convenience. Thanks to its temperature customizability, Tru Comfort from Kelty is also another great alternative.


When you purchase a sleeping bag, the bag must correlate with your height. For instance, if you are 6 feet tall, the size of your bag should also be roughly similar. However, your sleeping bag should not fit like a glove. There must be enough room for the correct fit.

Why do you need the extra room? When we lay flat to sleep, our spine decompresses and our body spears out. This makes us a few inches taller. To compensate for this, sleeping bag designers add a few inches extra for a comfortable fit.

Pick a sleeping bag with a length similar to your height for the best comfort. If you are looking for a massive sleeping bag that’s still comfortable, then the Mammoth sleeping bag from Teton should be your pick. At 94×62 inches, it is the largest sleeping bag in this list.

Couple Sleeping Bags

If you often travel with your companion or partner, there are double sleeping bags for you. They are larger than standard sleeping bags and come with extra features so that both of you can enjoy a warmer night. The larger the size, the more people it can accompany. There are even sleeping bags for families. However, remember that they can often be bulkier.

All the bags in this article are great for couples. The Mammoth sleeping bag from TETON is impressive not just for couples, but even for small families.


There are four basic shapes of sleeping bags that you can choose from, each with their own unique usability. These are two-person, mummy, semi-rectangular, and rectangular.

Two-person: These forms of sleeping bags are designed to accompany two persons simultaneously. They are an excellent choice for couples that want to share a single sleeping bag. Some single person sleeping bags in rectangular shape with zipper compatibility can be zippered together to transform it into a two-person sleeping bag.

Mummy: These types of bags are popular with the backpacking group. They can also be suitable for car campers that love backpacking every now and then. Not only are they excellent in heating efficiency but they are also small and lightweight. Additionally, their hip widths and narrow shoulder make them restrictive.

Semi-rectangular: These forms of sleeping bags are excellent for those who enjoy occasional backpacking trips. They are also called barrel shape, and thanks to their tapered design, they are portable and lightweight. You will love them for their heating efficiency and extra space.

Rectangular: If you are looking for camping sleeping bags, most of them are rectangular. This shape offers the best comfort and space. However, a major limitation is that it is not so effective in heating or warmth.

2. Portability


Storage Compression Bags Compared

Some people, particularly those who are always on the move, prefer sleeping bags that are easy to carry around. There are sleeping bags specifically designed for portability and they often come with their carry case and are very easy to store. They are also often foldable and are not so large in size.

In our test for portability, the two-person sleeping bag from SleepingO completely aced it. At just 6lbs, we had absolutely no trouble carrying it. Not just that, you can even fold it to an impressive 15×12. They are designed specifically keeping in mind the portability and lightweight aspect.

If you want a more affordable option, the double sleeping bag from Ohuhu is also a great pick for this criteria.

Sleeping Bag Construction

Sierra Designs Cushion

Another major factor you have to look out for is the construction of the sleeping bag. A significant area is how the insulation is held together between the inner and outer shell lining.

Layered: The off-set quilt or layered sleeping bags feature two layers of insulation and are very common in synthetic sleeping bags. The outer shell of the bag is stitched to one, whereas the inner is stitched to another. This makes the sleeping bag heavier but prevents cold air from getting through the stitches.

Shingles: The shingles construction also utilizes individual pieces. Each piece contains an inner lining, insulation, and outer shell which are stitched together. Every single piece is then stitched together.

Sewn-through: The liner and shell of the sleeping bag are stitched together and the insulation in between is similar to a quilt. It makes the sleeping bag lightweight, but the stitched areas may allow cold air.

Box baffle: It uses vertical baffles to attach the inner lining and outer shell via s series of chambers. This effectively prevents the insulation from shifting.

Additionally, the material used for the inner lining and outer shell is also an important consideration. For outer shells, Polyester and Ripstop nylon are the most typical materials used whereas for inner linings, nylon taffeta and polyester are the most common materials. They offer a lot of comforts and are also breathable.

The couple sleeping bag from Sierra Designs is made with high-quality 60D polyester taffeta and 50D ripstop polyester. It is truly impressive and scores near perfect in all areas.

Sleeping Bag Weight

Weight is not a huge factor for camping as you usually don’t need to drag it over for miles. You will most probably just throw it at the back of your car.

With that said, a lightweight sleeping bag still carries some benefits. A big advantage is that you’ll be able to use it for backpacking if you go for a lightweight bag.

As an in-between, it is recommended that you go for a semi-rectangular shaped sleeping bag. They don’t restrict you as much as a mummy bag and at the same time is much lighter than rectangular bags.

You need to strike the right balance between roominess and weight. It comes down to which factor is important for you in sleeping bags.

If you want a lightweight bag, the double sleeping bag from SleepingO registers as the most lightweight at just 6lbs.

Ease of Storage

You have to ensure that the sleeping bags are also easy to store. If the bag is too large, storage may be an issue and they may take up too much space. Numerous double sleeping bags are foldable which makes them very portable and easy to store. You might want to give them a look if you want ease of storage. Some come with compression sacks which make it easier to carry and store as well.

In our tests, double sleeping bags from Ohuhu and SleepingO aced the ease of storage category. Thanks to their compression bag and foldable features respectively, these two bags are super easy to store.

3. Durability

Sierra Designs 35 Sleep Rei


When you hit the outdoors, you have no idea what the weather would be like, especially if you go hiking. Make sure your sleeping bag is made with waterproof and breathable materials as well. In the absence of waterproof materials, your sleeping bag won’t last as long.

All the listed double sleeping bags are waterproof. Even in heavy rain, all aced in preventing water from seeping in.

Rip Resistant

When you take your sleeping bag outdoors, it’s going to take some beating. So make sure that it is tear and rip-resistant so that it does not easily break down and you’ll be able to use it for a long time. Remember that not all sleeping bags are rip-resistant. Read the product description carefully and ensure that your unit is rip-resistant as well. Under normal usage, we have not encountered any damage to the outer and interior of the material in any of the products.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Your duo sleeping bag is going to be full of nasty sweat and unwanted stuff from the outdoors so it’s essential that you clean it properly. Some sleeping bags are easy to clean and you just have to wipe them and some are machine washable as well. However, not all sleeping bags are machine washable or easy to clean. If you want an easy to clean sleeping bag, look at the product description and choose one that specifically states that it is machine washable or easy to clean.

4. Additional Features

There are other elements that you can look for when purchasing a sleeping bag:

Ohuhu Pillows

Pillow pocket: With built-in pillows, you do not need to bring separate pillows when you are outdoors. All you have to do is stuff some of your leftover clothes inside your unit’s pillow pocket to create a makeshift pillow. The Sleepingo and Ohuhu come with two free pillows. However, for pure comfort we still recommend you to bring your own fluffy regular-sized pillow for better sleep.

Sleeping pad sleeve: Some sleeping bags don’t come with underside insulation. Instead, you can slip in an insulated sleeping pad through the bottom sleeve. This prevents you from rolling off your sleeping pad while you sleep.

Stash pocket: These pockets are useful for storing essentials like your Smartphone, wallet, watch etc close by.

Hood: If you are planning on hitting the outdoors in cold weather, you should go for a sleeping bag with a hood. You’ll lose a lot of heat from your head.

Dual Usage: You can zip together certain sleeping bags to transform it into a two-person bag. This can be useful if you plan on going outdoors with a companion or partner. If you desire this, look for a sleeping bag that comes with zipper compatibility. Both the Sleepingo and Ohuhu has the ability to become two individual sleeping bags.

Length: Generally, adult sleeping bags come in extended or regular sizes. However, if you are a tall individual or shorter than the average, look for a compatibly sized sleeping bag.

Warranty: This can also be a significant factor while looking for a sleeping bag. A warranty ensures that the manufacturer will repair or even replace your sleeping bag should anything go wrong with it. Many manufacturers provide a one-year warranty while some even offer 3 years to lifetime warranties. Luckily, all the reviewed double sleeping bags have a limited lifetime warranty so you can have peace of mind when shopping for one.

Overall Performance Score

A sleeping bag is something you should not compromise on. If you love hiking, camping, or just being in the wilderness, you have to invest in a good sleeping bag. Particularly if you like hitting the wilderness with a companion, make sure that your double sleeping bag has everything you need to survive outside.

Double Sleeping bags come with numerous features and we’re pretty sure you can find one that is specifically tailored towards your needs. All the sleeping bags mentioned here are of top quality and you’ll surely not regret your investment. You can refer to the detailed buying guide when you go looking for your next sleeping guide. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect one.

How To Choose The Best Double Sleeping Bag + FAQ

Double Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

What are the Different Types of Double Sleeping Bags?

Double sleeping bags can be split into categories as per their shape, season rating, and insulation material or fillings.

1. Shape-wise: Most bags have a square design due to the low operational cost and ease of manufacturing. This shape is ideal for camping in areas having moderate temperatures and for those who need ample space inside.

Then, there are mummy bags that are known for their thermal efficiency and spacious room inside for the restless sleepers. The same features are also found in rectangular bags that are relatively more comfortable.

They are ideal for camping in a reasonably warm climate. There are also semi-rectangular bags, which are popular among couples. They are bulkier and more substantial than other types but offer more comfort as well as room inside.

2. Season rating-wise: The season rating of a double sleeping bag indicates for which season the bag is actually made. Some are good only for summer, while others are ideal for two, three, or all four seasons.

Summer sleeping bags provide comfortable sleep at 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more and are light, compact, and easy to store. Three-season bags are for those who need decent a well-balanced and flexible construction for ensuring comfort and dependability in any climate along with waterproofness.

However, if you are a winter traveler, winter bags are ideal for you, which are highly insulated for protection below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Both three-season and winter bags come with cinch-able hoods, zipper tubes, and draft collars.

3. Insulation-wise: Double sleeping bags are also classified as per the type of insulation material or filling they contain.

These fillings are similar to those found in winter jackets and backpacking pillows, which are down and synthetic materials. Down is a natural insulator obtained from the geese’s feathers and is known for its superior heating ability as well as durability.

Nevertheless, it is costly and loses its insulating ability upon getting damp. On the other hand, a synthetic filling is more cost-efficient and insulate even in rains but more quantity of it is needed to give the warmth of down.

In other words, sleeping bags filled with this material are thicker and heavier. Polyester wins here for mid-range sleeping bags, as it is more compressible than other materials and dries quickly when it gets wet.

Which Factors Should be Considered for Buying the Best Double Sleeping Bag?

2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Apart from the aforementioned type, you should focus on the following factors as well:

1. Weight: Consider it if you will be carrying it to distant spots. Choose a light one if you are going to hike. On the contrary, if you are camping, the weight will hardly matter to you. The light ones are easy to carry. Some of them are easily compressible to a small size to be more portable.

2. Width: This is what going to separate one double sleeping bag from the other. After all, not all sleeping bags are of the same size and that not all will fit you. If you are going to share a double sleeping bag with more than two people, checking the width shall let you know whether all three of you will fit comfortably inside or not. At the same time, you can also make out whether the bag will fit inside the tent or not.

3. Outer Shell Material: This determines the durability and quality of your double sleeping bag. While there are many options available, the better ones are made using stronger and more resistant materials that keep you warm, are easy to clean and are more breathable. Thus, the best outer materials must be durable, strong, and even waterproofed for the best outcomes. Here, you have the following options:

  • Nylon, as the strongest and abrasion-resistant option that becomes resistant to wind and water when tightly woven
  • Polyester, as a lighter option known for its natural wicking ability and water resistance power
  • Ripstop, as a set of lightweight fibers woven into materials to keep ripping and tearing at bay
  • DWR, as a coating to render water resistance

4. Temperature Rating: This is as important as season rating. A basic expectation from any sleeping bag is to retain warmth during the night. Keeping this in mind, sleeping bags have distinct temperature ratings in degrees. This is either as a series or limit of temperatures.

For example, if the temperature rating is specified as a limit of -5°C, it means that the bag will keep you warm until the -5°C temperature outside. The season and temperature ratings go hand in hand. The better the rating of temperature, the more will be the number of seasons for which the double sleeping bag will be useful.

Nevertheless, both these ratings depend on other factors such as the shell material, insulation material, and the lining. For selecting the best temperature rating, you need to consider your partner, year and season of use, ground pad type in use, and sleeping in tent or out.

For a three-season backpacker, a temperature rating of 30 degrees is fine, although a 20-degree one is likely to be better in colder conditions.

5. Waterproof Rating: This is essential to look out if you will be using in areas where it rains frequently.

6. Shell Finish: This should be of high quality and repellent to water. It should also be resistance to ripping. For this, non-rip nylon or polyester is ideal.

Which Sleeping Pads Should I Choose with a Double Sleeping Bag?

This one is somewhat tricky to answer while selecting a double sleeping bag such that it maximizes comfort. The reason is that the majority of sleeping pads are designed for a single user. Pairing it is likely to make it less comfortable.

Thus, it is wise to have a double air mattress. Although rare, these pads are easily available online. They are made such that they do not glide apart during the night.

Is it Possible to Zip Sleeping Bags?

No! Not all bags allow zipping together. Yes, there are some models that you can use for one person or two people by joining the sides.

The best sleeping bags seriously have no zippers, as they were not meant to fulfill this need. However, do get this feature if versatility is your top priority to split the gear bulk along with the people’s weight equally.

How to Clean a Double Sleeping Bag?

Check out and follow the manufacturer’s manual. Obviously, cleaning this bigger bag than a single sleeping bag by hand is challenging.

In most cases, it is totally fine to wash a double sleeping bag in a top- or front-load washing machine in which there is no central spiral pillar. Still, cleaning a machine washable bag is not as simple as putting it inside the machine.

Of the two, when it comes to maximum comfort level, you will prefer washing in a big front-loading machine. It is highly recommended using a gentle cycle with cold water and dry it by hanging it. Do go for an additional rinse and spin to drain off all water.

A few models will have some distinct care instructions. Thus, if specific information is not present on the bag, it is wise looking on the official website of the maker.

In case the insulation forms clusters after washing, consider putting the bag in the dryer without heat and some tennis balls for some minutes. However, this is not meant for delicate insulation, such as down. In that case, manipulating by hand to restore insulation can be given a try.

What if I Still Feel Cold in my Double Sleeping Bag Despite its Good Ratings?

You can still try to keep yourself warmer when inside. The key to staying warm is heating the surrounding air inside the bag. This is where the double sleeping bags have the edge over other types of sleeping bags.

This is because the combined body heat of you and others inside will be more than enough to keep you all warm inside. This is apart from the ability of the sleeping bag itself to keep you warm.

If you still do not get enough warmth, consider doing some warm-up exercises to warm your body before going in the sleeping bag. Some jogs as well as push-ups are likely to be enough.

You may also consider positioning a pad on the surface of the bag on which you sleep. This pad plays the role of a barricade against the cold ground.

How Long can a Double Sleeping Bag Last?

Sleeping Bag Camping

This question has no universally applicable or a straightforward answer, as it is a subjective matter. The exact answer depends on how nicely you use it, how well you maintain it, and how good is the quality of the sleeping bag.

As a rule of thumb, the normal synthetic sleeping bags perform well for around 4-5 years, provided you are using it weekly. After these many years, the sleeping bag will start to show some loss in its power of warming. On the other hand, down sleeping bags last for more years. However, you still need to do regular maintenance.

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