The Best Europe Itinerary That You Can Do in 7 Days

Europe Itinerary

A week might seem like a standard time for only one holiday destination on your Eurotrip, but we urge you to think bigger! You can see so much more in seven days; you just need to know what to do.

That is why it is best to have a carefully planned itinerary! Check out our example of one – the best Europe itinerary you can do in just a week !

Day 1: London, England

london tower bridge

Start your journey on the northwest coast of continental Europe!

If you prepare your travels in a way that will allow you to arrive in London early, you will have a full day to see the most popular and exciting tourist attractions! Do not forget to visit the Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, and all the other classics!

Days 2, 3: Paris, France

paris eiffel tower view

Save time and hop on a train from London to Paris. It will not take long, and you will have more of the day to enjoy the brilliance of France.

Indeed, try to visit the monumental sites in Paris, but do not forget to spend some time just soaking up the beauty of small streets and narrow alleys and the romance that oozes in the city. While short, these couple of days might just be your best France trip yet.

Day 4: Brussels, Belgium

brussels city street

After another train trip, you will find yourself in the splendid Brussels. Spend the day occupied by world-class museums, art galleries, and some other lovely sites for entertainment.

Packed with grand establishments of cultural importance, the capital city of Belgium is sophisticated and aesthetic, even though it is not as crowded with tourists as, let’s say, Paris. Do not forget to try their cuisine – especially the sweets!

Day 5: Budapest, Hungary

budapest szechenyi chain bridge

Famous for beautiful architecture and fascinating history, Budapest should definitely be the next one you explore.

While there are many places to visit, such as the Buda Castle, The Parliament of Hungary and, of course, the shore of Danube, we suggest you give yourself some time to just walk around. Especially in the evening, just before retiring. The whole city seems to be on fire, night lights glistening in the dark, and people still active in the streets.

If you happen to chat with some locals, pay compliments to the city – they are friendly people and appreciate it very much.

Day 6: Prague, Czech Republic

prague bridge

After taking the quick Budapest to Prague train, you are now in the gem of Central Europe – the Czech Republic. Prague city is charming, while a bit dim. However, its rustiness gives the city’s aesthetic an edge and makes the surroundings look more intriguing.

Among some lovely places you should see are Old Town Square, Prague Castle and, of course, the famous Charles Bridge. So chain your love lock to the bridge that promises eternal happiness, take a picture of sunset, or simply walk across.

Either way, the time you here spend will be stress-free and the perfect finish line of your trip! 

Day 7: Vienna, Austria

vienna street


Let’s finish off strong!

As your final destination, the time you spend in Vienna will have to be even lovelier than in the past week. That is why we suggest not wasting your time.

Instead, after exploring the sophisticated yet colorful streets and squares, tall and meaningful monuments, and buildings, you should celebrate your successful Eurotrip by purchasing tickets to the Vienna State Opera House and seeing a show. You might think that you can see an opera anywhere, and you are right, but nothing tops the magnificence of the Vienna Opera House. It is, in a word, mind-blowing!


Even if you do not follow this itinerary step by step, at least we hope to have pushed you in the right direction to make your own! Just carefully plan everything out, do not forget transport and accommodations, and you should be all set. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times – Europe awaits!
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