Staying Fit on the Go: How to Maintain Your Fitness Goals While Traveling

Maintain fitness goals traveling

It can be tough to think about traveling if you pride yourself on sticking to your fitness and exercise routines every day.

You may believe that leaving your home and gym will prevent you from working out and that you’ll backslide on your fitness journey.

Planning and researching your destination is the answer. You can find ways to continue your exercise regime, avoid injury, and feel your best.

Here are some considerations to help you enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Keeping Up Your Fitness Routine

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You don’t need to stop your fitness routine just because you’re on vacation, but you need to research before leaving.

Look up hotels in the area you’re visiting and see if they have a hotel gym you can frequent as part of your stay.

Many hotel fitness centers have treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and other essential pieces of exercise equipment you can use. If the hotel doesn’t have a gym or they do, but it’s not comprehensive enough for your needs, you could see if there’s a branch of your hometown gym that you can visit during the vacation.

You may also try a new gym as a one-time trial. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in the process.

If you’re the type who loves to run outside, you should also research the running routes in the area where you’ll be staying.

Before you leave, download a running app that tells you about trails in the area, or join a running group on social media and inquire with the locals.

If you get to your destination and you’re still unsure, you can also stop by a specialty running store in town, and they’ll have plenty of recommendations.

A great way to stay on top of your fitness wherever you may be is to challenge yourself by setting up wellness goals.

Consider these mini-missions during your trip:

  • You might challenge yourself to drink more water during the day.
  • Or challenge yourself to engage in some type of exercise, be it yoga or cardio, a few times during the day or during the week.

If you need extra inspiration, track your exercise using online apps and websites like MyFitnessPal. You could also get a Fitbit to track your fitness levels and modify your behaviors during the day.

Eat Well Along The Way

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Many people use a vacation as an excuse to let loose and eat whatever they want. While being a foodie and trying local delicacies is fun, you also need to eat responsibly.

It’s necessary to stay energized for the day and have a breakfast that includes a lot of healthy foods to provide that boost, like whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fruit.

Pre-trip planning is also a great strategy when you’re trying to eat healthily during your trip. Research restaurants you’d like to visit and see if they have any healthy options you might enjoy. Just don’t be so strict that you’re miserable.

You can stick to your health goals and try local snacks by allowing yourself one treat daily. Walk to your tourist destinations, and you’ll burn off many of those calories.

Overcoming Common Travel Struggles

Whether you want to remain dedicated to exercise or just want to stay in good shape to enjoy the trip, you need to avoid the common issues that can happen when you’re away.

One of them is jet lag, which can lead to a lack of quality sleep. You may feel slightly tired and believe that’s just a side effect of travel, but you do need to pay attention to the other physical signs that you aren’t getting enough sleep.

For instance, you may experience dry mouth or sore throat. That can be the result of sleep apnea. It causes you to stop breathing while you sleep. You may also get poor sleep because you’re clenching your jaw, which could lead to dental issues.

If you realize you’re not sleeping like you should before your trip, consult a medical professional, tell them what you’re experiencing, and follow their advice. You should also limit your caffeine intake, especially after 2 p.m., so you can drift to sleep easier.

Another common travel issue is dehydration, and it’s often due to the fact that vacation can interrupt your daily routine, so you aren’t drinking water as often as you usually do.

Ensure that you stay hydrated while traveling by taking a reusable water bottle wherever you go. Although you may enjoy an occasional drink on vacation, try to avoid drinking a lot of alcohol because it tends to increase urine production and additional fluid loss.

Staying Safe On Vacation

Finally, whether you’re exercising or just walking and enjoying the sights, you must stay safe during your vacation.

Getting hurt can impede your fitness journey. Plus, you would need to find medical care in an unfamiliar place.

The best way to stay safe and avoid travel strain is to follow your usual routine.

Stretch and warm up before starting your exercise regimen for the day. As you run, walk, and drive your car, maintain proper posture so you don’t hurt your back or neck.

Avoid pain while carrying your luggage through the airport by shipping your items ahead of time so you can get where you’re going with ease.

It’s also vital that you avoid falling ill during your trip. A cold or flu can ruin your time but can also lead to other health issues. Before your trip, get all your vaccinations and always wash your hands.

Wash or sanitize whenever you use the bathroom and before you eat, since that’s when you typically have the most contact with your face.

Don’t rush the handwashing process. Take your time and wet your hands, apply and lather the soap on the front and back of your hands and under your nails. Scrub for at least 20 seconds then rinse them well.

When you’re out and about, avoid touching your face, eyes, and nose whenever possible and bring sanitizer along the way.

Bottom Line

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Don’t let the fear of falling behind on your fitness routine prevent you from traveling or taking the trip of your dreams.

Figure out your plans ahead of time.

You’ll feel better knowing you have a plan for your health, and you’ll enjoy your trip a lot more.

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