Top 7 Must Visit Pubs in the UK

Top 7 Must Visit Pubs in the UK 1

Everyone heading to the UK for the holidays are already prepared to have a good time! And when the day gets long, the sun is hot, and you need a break from exploring, all that is left is to head to the best bars around.

However, you might get turned around with so many of them in so many cities. So, check out our list of the top 7 must-visit pubs in the UK !

The Copper Dog, Scotland

Pubs in the UK

A place for a fun and merry night! The Copper Dog in Scotland is described as a very friendly pub. They serve fantastic food and delicious drinks and invite you to chat with the locals!

Showing off the best of what the country produces, the Copper Dog is a must-visit for your holiday. Try out the whiskey and the beer, learn more about your surroundings from local Scottish and enjoy the lovely surroundings of the place.

We suggest choosing Scotland trains for easy navigation and a quick journey to/from the bar.

The King’s Arm, England

Barroom in the UK

An award-winning and so famous! That is how you can describe the King’s Arm in Manchester, England. Seemingly a usual pub that can be used as a workplace by day, the bar is actually way more than that.

Aside from fresh beer on tap, a wide choice of beverages and food, and good, quality music, the inn is also equipped with a special place for standups, theater, and live musicians.

If you spend enough time there, you will see all kinds of groups of people. We are talking knitting groups, gamblers, anarchist groups, and nerd clubs!

Also, remember that the train from Manchester to London is very frequent if you suddenly need a night ride back to the capital city.

O’Connor’s Bar, Ireland

Irish pub beer

A very traditional Irish bar, O’Connor’s is impressive in its authentic old-school design, the best Irish beer, and whiskey, and it is even media-famous!

For example, the bar was the set of the Galway Girl video clip by Ed Sheeran. It was always a popular bar, but since then, people have come in non-stop.

Also, O’Connor’s respects the canon rules of a traditional Irish bar. That means there are no TVs here, no food served, and it opens only in the evenings.

The Royal Oak, England

England beer

A wonderful inn blending 18th-century architecture and modern design, the Royal Oak in Wiltshire is a perfect place to spend a quiet evening in and try out the best natural flavors.

While the staff is young and energetic, the place has a very rusty vibe, with old-school music, a vinyl collection on the walls, and traditional food.

What is very exciting, the Royal Oak is an ideal place for friend groups, loners, couples, and even families.

The Sheep Heid Inn, Scotland

Traditional snack of fish and chips

Dating back all the way to 1360, the Sheep Heid Inn is the oldest pub in Scotland! It got its name from the continuous slaughters in the city in medieval times. Do not worry, though; nowadays, there are no slaughters in Edinburgh’s streets!

Instead, the Sheep Heid Inn welcomes you with cozy corners, charming music, friendly staff, and open fires when it is chilly.

As old and traditional as it is, the pub also provides a menu of more intricate Scottish cuisine, including random snacks and seafood. Though, if you want traditional meals, they have them too.

The Brazen Head, Ireland

Guinness Beer Ireland

The pub in Merchant’s Quay, Dublin, the Brazen Head, was initially built as a coaching inn in 1754. However, according to local words, the inn was an alehouse already back in 1198, making it one of the oldest pubs in Ireland.

Unfortunately, there is no real evidence to support these claims. But let’s trust the Irish, shall we?

Whichever the case, the Brazen Head is worth visiting for both its historical value and broad menu.

The Temple Bar, Ireland

The Temple Bar Ireland

One of the most popular pubs in Ireland, the Temple Bar is never vacant. Actually, the way people are constantly swarming in and around the pub is quite energizing and tells you a lot about its quality.

It offers Ireland’s most extensive collection of over 450 kinds of different rare whiskeys. Can you imagine?

The locals say that there is an intended glass for everyone, meaning you will definitely find your drink at the Temple Bar. And if not, keep on trying – they have plenty of choices.

Final Thoughts

Settle in for a night out – these are some of the best pubs in all of the UK, so you must visit as much as you can.

Whether it is for food, drinks, or the riveting history of the bar, we guarantee it will be worth it. Best of time to you, and enjoy the flavors!

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