5 of the Best Places to Visit Near New York if You Love Craft Beer

Best Places for Craft Beer NYC

If you love craft beer, the art of brewing beer, and want to find a place where people love beer as much as you do, then you need to hit New York. New York has a massive history with beer and with the art of brewing beer, and there are plenty of wonderful drinks that you can only get in New York.

But both the city and the state of New York are massive places for you to visit, and even if you limit your locations towards craft brewing and beer tasting, there are still too many places to reasonably hit in a single trip.

So we’ve got this article to help you find the best of the best in terms of places where you can indulge in your love of craft beer.

Not just by drinking all the craft beer you can get your hands on, but by also learning about why craft beer is so important to the history, culture, and people of New York. So here’s what you need to know about where to go in New York for beer.

Tips for Brewing Your Own Beers

brewing craft beers

But before we get started on traveling in New York, chances are the trip is going to get you to want to brew your own beer. If you haven’t already started already that is!

Brewing beer, whether you are doing it for yourself or for commercial use, doesn’t need to be that hard. There are countless do-it-yourself brewmasters that brew each and every day, and the best tip we can give is to research.

Nearly every single question you could have has been encountered, asked, and answered by someone else. So look things up, and when you find some good tips for brewing SMaSH beers, don’t be afraid to follow them.

The Best Places For Craft Beer In New York

The High Voltage Creek Bar

5 of the Best Places to Visit Near New York if You Love Craft Beer 1
Image credit: The High Voltage Creek Bar

Whenever you think about drinking craft beer, you might think about drinking in a bar or in a brewery… but this place sends you to a wonderland and an environment where you can truly consume beer in peace.

A wooden post with a sign that says ‘bar’ will take you down a dirt path covered in trees and flowers, and eventually you will find yourself at a creek bar as well as an actual creek.

I went with some friends and we spent the night drinking our favorite beers at Sandburg Creek under the lights and accompanied by the sounds and smells of nature.

There’s great food, wonderful beers, and of course, an amazing atmosphere that makes sure that you never forget the events of the day or night. I sure didn’t!

Butterbeer Bar

5 of the Best Places to Visit Near New York if You Love Craft Beer 3
Image Credit: Butterbeer Bar

Alright, I’m also one of those people who just adore the magical world of Harry Potter and a frothing glass of beer, so I knew I needed to go to the Flatiron District.

Well, to be fair, this ‘beer’ isn’t alcoholic and is in fact a soft drink that contains a butterscotch flavoring. But it is too cool not to mention, especially if you’ve dreamed of becoming a wizard yourself! Call it an honorable mention.

The Beer And Wine Train

5 of the Best Places to Visit Near New York if You Love Craft Beer 5
Image Credit: Adirondackrr

You might not be able to drink and drive, or drink on an airplane, but hey, this train allows you to drink and move at the same time.

This 2.5 hour train ride from Utica’s Union Station to Remsen Station will introduce you to some local beers and wines as well as a special drink with some serious history behind it.

The Utica Club is a wonderful beer that was the first drink sold in New York in 1933, on the night prohibition ended. It is well worth a taste, and you should also take the time to listen to its history as well.

The train ride is a wonderful experience; you can even take a wine or beer glass home with you at the end! I’ve still got mine in my cabinet!

Heritage Hill Brewhouse

5 of the Best Places to Visit Near New York if You Love Craft Beer 7
Image Credit: Heritage Hill Brewhouse

There are lots of places to consume beer in New York, but Heritage Hill is one of the most unique because the brewhouse is smack dab in the middle of an active livestock and crop farm.

So you will be able to see the city in the distance, but you will be right in the middle of the farmland. When I went, I found it interesting that I was sitting right next to where most of the ingredients for my beer were grown, along with plenty of free roaming animals.

You can spend an entire day at the farm, just exploring the land, sampling the wide variety of foods and drinks at the brewhouse, and even listening to all the live music they have performing.

The Barber and Brew

5 of the Best Places to Visit Near New York if You Love Craft Beer 9
Image Credit: barberandbrewny

For most people, they tend to get their haircuts at the beginning of their trip before they actually travel.

However, you might want to wait to get a haircut until after you land in New York, because The Barber and Brew will give you a haircut, shave, and a drink! You can get your styled hairdo in the front, before heading to the back of the shop and finding a bar and lounge area.

You can then sample several drinks, small meals, and snacks while waiting for someone else to finish their haircut or while waiting for your hair to dry and set. If you’ve ever thought getting a haircut was boring, then you haven’t been to The Barber and Brew.

Keep Coming Back!

new york tall buildings

These places we’ve listed here aren’t the only places you can go to find craft beer in New York.

There are lots of places that show off the love all of New York has for the art of beer tasting, the art of beer making, and the way beer is served and enjoyed.

So don’t be concerned about trying to see it all in one trip, because you won’t be able to.

Instead, you will need to come back and explore different sides of New York, which will make every trip a new adventure!

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