Practical Gifts for the Travel-Loving Mom (From Subscription Boxes to Vacay Packages)

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Are you feeling the Mother’s Day vibe in the air or is it just some of the readers here? Well, that could be the case but if gifting the travel-loving mom in your life crossed your mind, your thoughts and needs are not misplaced.

From time to time, moms love to get away from all the chaos intertwined with the big roles they play in our lives as they blow off some steam and relieve stress.

And as anyone would guess, traveling is one of the ways they achieve this, perhaps alongside shopping, and taking on adventurous activities.

With this in mind, here are some suggestions you may find helpful when planning to get a practical gift for a travel-loving mom – gifts she might actually love.

1. A Gorgeous Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Mom

When it comes to gifting, you can hardly go wrong with flowers. This is especially if it’s a mom who happens to love traveling. A beautiful, carefully chosen bouquet of flowers will always make her feel happy and appreciated even when she’s far away from you.

Whether it’s an occasion or a celebration such as Mother’s Day, all you need is to order the bouquet online from a reputable florist who will send the blooms pronto.

You can order a few days in advance or go for next-day flower delivery depending on when you want her to receive your surprise. Some services also offer same-day delivery as an option.

2. A Travel-Centered Monthly Subscription Box

Whether they travel for fun, work, or business, gifting an Itinerant mom doesn’t have to be a complex task. If you want to give her the gift of simplicity when it comes to seeing the world and exploring new places, one of the best things you can consider is a monthly travel-themed subscription box.

It could be a subscription to something she loves, such as snacks, chocolates, biscuits, and other treats themed around a specific travel destination or activity she can relate to.

It could even be something inedible like an art journal or a monthly travel magazine. For inspiration, you can search the web for ideas on some of the best travel-themed subscriptions.

3. A Spa Day to Pamper Herself Before or After Her Trip

spa relaxation face massage

If your mom tends to experience travel exhaustion and stress, a relaxing spa day can be a great gift for her. It can help her to relax and energize before the trip. When taken in between the trip, it can help take her mind off everything and relax her for the remainder of her excursion.

Gifting mom with a pampering spa day one after her travel can come in handy in relieving stress as well as fatigue.

4. A Vacation Package to a Surprise Trip

mom baby outdoor

Perhaps it’s been a while since your intended gift recipient packed her bags and embarked on a trip. Maybe she’s been traveling quite a bit lately, but only for work purposes.

In either case, a surprise vacation trip could melt her heart away, especially if the package allows them to bring one or several family members.

There are so many family-friendly vacations you can send them on, without necessarily blowing your budget too much on the package. Nonetheless, you might want to check in with her when choosing a destination, if at all you must make a pick when getting the package.

5. An Unexpected Staycation for Some Time Together

As much as traveling can be exciting, being always on the move can sometimes be quite taxing, more so if you’re a mom. Some people find it exceedingly nerve-wracking, especially if it’s part of the job. This is why a surprise staycation with the mom in your life can make a great gift.

Whether it’s your own mom, a close friend, a relative, or someone else who matters to you, it could also be a valid option in your list of Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Moreover, a well-planned staycation can guarantee the recipient a good dose of rest and new fun new experiences, minus the costs and fatigue involved in traveling.


mother and daughter happy

And there you have it.

These great and affordable gift ideas for the itinerant mom are sure to leave her saying “Wow!” Coincidentally, all of them can make a great gift for her on Mother’s Day.

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