15 Best Travel Subscription Boxes To Fuel Your Wanderlust

Best Travel Subscription Boxes

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The thrill of receiving a surprise box on a monthly or quarterly basis makes subscription boxes such a convenient gift for anyone, and being able to choose from a variety of options makes it more personal and worthwhile.

Travel-themed subscription boxes magically allow anyone to be transported to some incredible destinations every month. There are services that provide self-care boxes, meal deliveries, discount coupons, and even free access to various privileges.

Choosing a subscription box for a regular person is easy if you know their likes and needs but it gets a bit tricky for someone who travels often. If you are looking for some of the best subscription boxes for a traveler, here are our top picks.

1. The Wordy Traveler

The Wordy Traveler Box Subscription

For the wanderlust and the bibliophile, The Wordy Traveler provides three handpicked books, premium organic tea from around the world along with a framed printed art that reflects the theme of the region you receive.

Special surprises that inspire the traveler and the reader are also slipped into every box throughout the year to keep the mysteries of the box exciting.

The best part of this box is it allows you to give back to help women and girls all over the world to access education.

Price: $49.99-$109.99/quarter


2. Kizuna Box

Kizuna Box Japan Snacks

The Kizuna Box from Japan is one of the most authentic boxes that give you an opportunity to experiment and taste a bit of Japanese traditions. These boxes have seasonal festival themes with three different boxes that are sure to impress an adventurer.

You will find something useful and heartwarming from either the Lifestyle box with 6 to 8 household and lifestyle items, the Snack box with 17-20 food items and surprise lifestyle items, or the Health box with 10-15 healthy sweets, snacks, and health tips.

Price: $ 29.99/month


3. Vacation Crate

Vacation Crate Gift Box

Want to keep yourself pampered on vacation or just feel the holiday vibe at home? The Vacation crate is perfect for both.

This box comes with destination-themed items from different beautiful vacation sites around the world. With over 10 items per box that vary from food, drinks, and art pieces to bath/body products and artisan goods from selected destinations, you can have a glimpse of a new place every month!

You can also add personalized notes! The accessories are all handmade from cooperatives around the world, and the products are cruelty-free and full-sized.

Price: $38.00/month


4. Jetsetter Chic

Jetsetter Chic Subscription Box for Travelers

The Jet Setter Chic is an essential box created by a flight attendant especially for the frequent flying women all around the world. With careful considerations to be comfortable, pampered and stylish while jetting from one destination to another, the Jetsetter Chic comes with a variety of self-care products.

The box is packed with TSA-compliant skin and health care products to last for 30 days, chic necessities such as jet lag refresh spray, body lotion, facial masks, lip balm, probiotics, and many more items that will keep you fresh and healthy wherever you travel.

The package can be shipped worldwide from the US on a monthly basis. A premium version is also available on a quarterly deal.

Price: $38.75/month


5. Explore Local Box

Explore Local Travel Subscription Boxes

This box is truly for the traveler who likes to get close and personal with the locals.

Featuring locally made products from different parts of the US, it allows you to explore a new city every month! The box will include locally grown and produced food, drinks, spices, art, and accessories unique to the place.

This goodie box is unpredictable but surely comforting and by getting this box, you will also be directly supporting local businesses around the US.

Price: $39.00 /month


6. Finders Seekers Mysteries

Finders Seekers Mystery Box

This is recommended for the family or group of friends who like to travel and go on adventures together. The curious package with a set of games and fun activities challenges you to explore various places by solving puzzles and deciphering codes.

Each game is customized according to different cities and cultures and is exclusively for the subscribed groups. The theme changes every month and it is recommended to challenge ages 10 and above.

They ship only within the US and Canada on the 23rd of each month but you can also add customized and printed notes to the package.

Price: $20.00/month


7. Exploration Crate

Exploration Crate Box

This is for travelers who like to munch on delicious snacks wherever they go.

The box includes various sweet and savory treats from across the globe. Highly customizable with the option of choosing your taste bud preferences and box size according to your budget, this crate is a gift for all.

The snacks are classified according to different countries so you can take your taste buds on a new adventure every month!

Price: starts at $13/month


8. Spice Madam

Spice Madam Box

This is for the traveler who likes to dine and explore the different aromas of foreign food. The Spice Madam box contains 10 to 15 items from a different country for each month.

They are packed with spices, recipes, seeds, culinary mixes, and dried herbs along with music playlist and a surprise item from a featured country.

The vegetarian-friendly crate of goodies is sure to impress the adventurous cooks and the foodies. Most importantly, 5% of the proceeds go to charities that support children from all over the world.

Price: $18.33/month


9. The Original Box by Cairn

Cairn Original Box

For daring adventurers who like to hike and camp or explore the outdoors, the Cairn outdoor box is perfect to keep them motivated and inspired.

Each package will include three to six essential outdoor items and basic but indigenous tools that would make outdoor adventures more fun and convenient. The box contains trail snacks, navigation tools, camping/hiking gear, skin and health care, and other accessories for touch conditions, etc.

Price: $28 to $30 /month


10. Priority Pass

Priority Pass Monthly App

This is for the traveler who likes the fast life with access to exclusivity while flying to various destinations. Each subscription will allow the holder access to exclusive lounges at an affordable cost in more than 1,300 airports and 500 cities around the globe.

Now you can feel like home while waiting for your flight and also guide you through terminals, in-airport transport, hotel, and parking facilities. With this in your hand, you can enjoy free snacks, cocktails, Wi-Fi, and even take a friend along with a discounted price!

Price: $99 to $429/year


11. Try the World

Try The World Subscription Box

This is perfect for anyone who likes to take in as much from the destination as possible.

The Countries Box contains various items from featured parts of the world every month. It may include drinks, snacks, spices, tea, and souvenirs from different destinations. It is a gift that allows you to deliver the world to your doorstep instead of stepping out from your current location!

Price: $39/month


12. TopMunch

TopMunch Food Box

This box here is sure to lift the spirits of all food-loving travelers. And aside from being a mere box, the full-sized and exotic snacks here offer you a far better cultural feel.

TopMunch contains information about local history and language and lets you tune into local music. Each month, they single out goodies from different countries each month, and over the course of a month, it offers you 5 to 7 treats.

The standard version goes at $32/month, whether you buy the month-to-month or 3-month package at once.

Price: $32/month


13. Fit Snack

Fit Snack Healthy Box

Trying to stay healthy while enjoying the bliss of a new place? This box of healthy snacks and goodies is perfect for the health-conscious traveler as well as a gift to yourself!

The package includes healthy snacks for the road or a busy lifestyle. You can experiment with different snacks from brands all over the world and stay in shape. With workout plans, healthy recipes, and music playlists, this monthly subscription will keep you motivated and healthy wherever you are.

Price: $20-24/month


14. GlobeIn Artisan Box

GlobeIn Artisan Box

For those who enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of different cultures, traditions, and art forms, the GlobeIn Artisan Box is a gift to treasure.

Not only do they send out the gifts in boxes designed specifically in the featured destination, but they also pack it with a mixture of food, drinks, snack, and goodies unique to the artisan from that country! You no longer have to travel somewhere to get yourself a souvenir or a taste of their local products at your home!

Price: $33 – 38 /month


15. Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Heat Hot Sauce Club

If you want to spice up your life by traveling to new destinations, you can literally do it with this subscription within the comfort of your home!

The Heat Hot Sauce Shop features different sauces created by local artisans and professionals from different eateries and festivals all over the United States and pick the top three sauces for the month! Members can choose different hot levels and have them delivered anywhere in the world on a monthly or quarterly basis!

Price: 13.99 /month


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