The 56 Best Travel Accessories of 2024

Best Travel Accessories

Packing for a vacation can be overwhelmingly difficult at times, especially when you’re a paranoid person. At the same time, having some essential travel accessories in your bag turns out to be of utmost importance when hitting the road.

It’s like, you don’t realize what is missing until you need it.

If you are anything like us, we adore traveling but absolutely loathe packing. Our goal is to save our readers some heartache by thoughtfully listing 56 best travel accessories you can consider having when you plan a trip next time. These are grouped into different categories, so you can quickly identify the items according to your needs.

Fight Germs, Bacteria and Viruses

During traveling, it is important to carry out basic protective measures by washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer to curb the spread of deadly diseases. Wear a surgical face mask if you are sick and take Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Best Essential Travel Items

Best Travel Backpack: The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack

Staying true to its brand name, The North Face Borealis Backpack is an excellent travel backpack to have on your list. It is built to accomplish all types of explorations including hiking high up in the mountains without having to worry about its sustainability, thanks to its tough 210D Cordura® nylon ripstop.

The backpack has injection-molded shoulder straps and lumbar support for extended hours of backpacking. Storage wise, it sports a highly protective padded laptop compartment and another front compartment with multi-use pockets. It also has a mesh water bottle holder and an elastic bungee holder for external packing. All this and waterproof material make it the most durable and versatile travel backpack available.

Best Luggage Lock: Master Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock

Master Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock

Let’s face it: You hate checked baggage or carry-on luggage inspection. Everyone does. You do not know if your lock will be cut without your permission or luggage getting damaged in the process. For peace of mind, The Master Lock is a TSA accepted luggage lock that allows authorized TSA screeners to inspect the luggage without damaging the lock.

It comes with a 1/8″ diameter shackle made of vinyl-covered flexible braided steel that resists any form of abuse and is highly durable. Choose from four striking colors- red, blue, black, and silver for easy identification of the baggage and also to showcase your personality. The secure lock has a set-your-own number combination feature so that you don’t have to worry about the keys. The maker even throws in a limited lifetime warranty for every purchase, so you can rest assured that this brand provides extended support.

Best Luggage Scale: Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

Never again worry about your luggage exceeding maximum allowance with this Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale. It is small in size and convenient enough to be carried along. The scale is sensitive to measure changes as low as 0.1 lb (0.5g) and can measure up to 110 lb (50kg) of baggage weight with an overload indicator.

The rubber handle provides a formidable grip, and the digital LCD shows room temperature with zero and tare function. Conveniently, it has a built-in low power indicator when the battery is required to be changed. Besides just knowing your luggage weight, you can also easily weigh your laundry basket with the secure strap.

Best Travel Pouch: Venture 4th  Travel Neck Pouch

Venture 4th  Travel Neck Pouch

Make your check-in and transit smooth and secure with the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch. Made with high-quality RFID Blocking material, this pouch keeps unwanted and harmful digital thieves and scans at bay. It has three compartments including two zipper pockets and a transparent pocket for putting IDs and boarding passes. The pouch can securely store all your important documents, cash, and passport in a concealed manner so that you can travel worry-free.

The material is lightweight, waterproof, and very sturdy. It is most suitable for carrying with you on a cruise ship vacation or public transport. A money-back guarantee makes this a risk-free purchase.

Best Water Bottle: Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Quench your thirst timelily with this Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle. Manufactured with high-quality BPA-free silicone, this bottle is strong enough to carry water without leakage as well as comfortable enough to hold it while drinking. The most innovative feature is that it can smoothly collapse into a roll, making it easy to pack in a bag without occupying much space.

It is made from non-toxic materials, so you don’t taste or smell plastic while using it, as is the case with other bottles. Moreover, it is freezable, dishwasher safe, and can handle any drink at any temperature without breaking a sweat!

Best Umbrella: Repel Windproof Automatic Travel Umbrella

Repel Windproof Automatic Travel Umbrella

Now shield yourself from unexpected weather conditions with the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella. Its framework is made of a triple-fold chrome metal shaft and nine reinforced fiberglass ribs that do not turn inside out even during powerful gusts of wind. Just like its brand name, the umbrella has exceptional water repellency.

That is the magic property of the coated Teflon material that allows 100% waterproof cover over your head. You may wonder what is so ‘Automatic’ about the Repel umbrella? Well, the handle has an anti-slip grip and a built-in open-close switch that automatically opens/closes your umbrella. It is very compact and lightweight to be carried along, and it comes with a lifetime warranty to keep you dry, year after year.

Best Beach Blanket: ScorchedEarth Pocket Beach Blanket

ScorchedEarth Pocket Beach Blanket

The ScorchedEarth Pocket Beach Blanket is the true definition of what you might not realize you are missing until you need it. It’s a must-have for any kind of outdoor activities– beaches, camping, hiking, picnics, tanning, open parties, and more. It is pocket-sized when packed in a pouch, yet it can be stretched out to 60” x 55” in dimension when fully unfolded, which perfectly accommodates up to 4 people.

It comes with rust-proof anchors on the corners that can be secure in the ground to stabilize it in windy conditions. The mini sand pockets prevent the blanket from turning upside down at the beach. The polyester material is waterproof and puncture-resistant, thus making it the best beach blanket to have.

Best Laundry Bag: Gogooda Mesh Laundry Bags

Gogooda Mesh Laundry Bags

Increase the lifespan of your delicate clothes with this Gogooda 7pcs Mesh Laundry Bags set. These laundry bags come in seven distinguishable sizes and shapes so that you can carry along the ones you need. The strong polypropylene nylon mesh prevents clothing from tearing, tangling, and releasing colors into each other.

The zippers come with an auto-lock so they don’t open up while still in the washer. These bags are a perfect choice for washing lingerie, baby clothes, compression socks, and sweaters while on a trip.

Best Travel Mug: Contigo Travel Mug

Contigo Travel Mug

Contigo Travel Mug is the tumbler you need to keep your drink temperature-proof for hours. It is made of THERMALOCK vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps your beverage hot for 5 hours and cold for 12 hours. It has a tight lid that uses AUTOSEAL technology which makes it spill-proof. No more coffee stain on your shirt. To start drinking, just push the button and then take a sip. The lid is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Pick your preferred color and capacity from 16 oz to 24 oz.

Best Personal Water Filter: Lifestraw

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw is a fantastic choice for adventure seekers to bring along to consume safe drinking water anywhere. What makes it unique is it contains a hollow fiber membrane technology that uses a filter pore of just 0.2 microns that filters 99.9999% disease-causing microbes and other substances and microplastics that cause contamination. It can be used to filter up to 4000 liters of water from any source.

For the skeptical, rest assured they have passed the rigorous testing protocols set by the US EPA, NSF, ASTM. This personal water filter weighs only 2 oz, making it ideal for travel and adventures like hiking, camping, and extreme survival.

Best Raincoat: Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket

Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket

Do not let the rain come your way with the Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket. It is made of 100% water-resistant nylon material that keeps you dry. Weighing at just 0.48 pounds, it doesn’t burden you as you wear it. It also has reflective logos and branding to increase visibility in the dark. The funnel hood and elastic cuffs keep water from seeping inside. It can be packed compactly into its back pocket, making it easy to carry at different places.

Best Hiking Backpack: AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack

Basics Hiking Backpack

The ultimate travel accessory for backpackers, AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack is the one you need for a great backpacking experience. Made in very durable polyester material, this backpack has an internal frame that doesn’t lose shape and ensures a comfortable fit. It has a main compartment and multiple storage pockets along with a sleeping bag compartment to pack in all your necessities.

The outer coating is water-repellant and it also has a water-resistant rainfly for heavy downpours. The shoulder straps are heavily padded, and the straps are adjustable too. It comes in 3 sizes- 50L, 60L, 70L and in 2 different colors. Pair it with the portable sleeping bag by Winner Outfitters and ‘Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad’ for a great night’s sleep while camping.

Best Space Saver Bags: Samsonite Compression Packing Bags

Samsonite Compression Packing Bags

One bag travel fanatics rejoice! Now gain extra space in your bag with Samsonite Compression Packing Bags. Available in a pack of 12, these bags can maximize storage space up to 80% without requiring a vacuum or pump. The plastic used is 70 microns in thickness and is durable.

The bags are air-tight and water-tight, hence preventing any odor, dust, moisture, or insects from affecting your clothes. Using these space saver bags dramatically helps in keeping your bag well-organized and orderly.

Best Clothesline: HAWATOUR Portable Travel Clothesline

HAWATOUR Portable Travel Clothesline

The HAWATOUR Portable Travel Clothesline has earned the reputation of being the best clothesline for drying clothes on a camping trip. Made in a lightweight yet strong material, you can move it outside or indoor effortlessly. It has 12 clothespins that can firmly hold wet clothing.

The black stoppers between each clothespin prevent it from sliding towards the center, hence the clothes remain separate for effective and fast drying. It weighs just 7 ounces, and the elastic string can be stretched for up to 10 feet.

Best Travel Hangers: Trubetter Folding Hangers

Trubetter Folding Hangers

The Trubetter Folding Hangers is a smart choice for anyone who wants to go on an extended vacation. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, these hangers are absolutely lightweight and sturdy enough to hold clothes. The non-slip design prevents clothes from falling or drooping when hung for a long time.

Available in a pack of 10, these hangers are foldable so that they can be packed in a bag without it occupying much space. The innovative and practical design means you can unfold half of it for hanging baby clothes and fully unfold it for hanging adult clothes.

Best Headphone Splitter: AmazonBasics 5-way Multi Headphone Splitter

5-way Multi Headphone Splitter

Enjoy your music with friends without sharing your headphones with this AmazonBasics 5-way Multi Headphone Splitter. The headphone splitter can be plugged into a 3.5 mm AUX port on any device like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc., and it splits the cable line into five similar 3.5 mm ports that can act as the female component for up to five headphones. It is made of ABS plastic that is durable. It can also be used to mix songs from different devices, making it the perfect choice for travel.

Best Travel Adapter: NEWVANGA International Universal Travel Adapter

NEWVANGA International Universal Travel Adapter

The NEWVANGA International Universal Travel Adapter is a no-frills universal power adapter to use for any device while traveling. It accepts sockets from more than 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs.

It has a maximum power rating of 6A, suitable for AC input of 100V-240V. It comes with a built-in fuse that protects your device when the current exceeds 6.3A. All purchases come with two years limited warranty for the product.

Best Shoe Bag: YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

These YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags will keep your shoes separated from your clothes as you pack your bag the next time. Manufactured using the highest quality nylon material, these shoe bags are 100% waterproof and dustproof that will keep them well protected and clean.

You can use it to carry your shoes while packing, during beach visits, or even for your daily visit to the gym. The zippers are extra durable and long-lasting. It comes in a pack of 2, 4, or 10 bags, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty for the product.

Best Garment Bag: WallyBags Garment Bag

WallyBags Garment Bag

Attend those board meetings in style with the WallyBags Garment Bag. Your suits and gowns will stay crease-free and sharp in this easy-to-carry garment bag. It is made with a weather-proof and water-resistant polyester material that is lightweight and foldable so that you can even pack it in your luggage.

The handle can easily be used to attach it to your trolley bag or tie it to your cabin luggage. It can handle up to six garments with hangers that can be locked so that the garments won’t fall to the bottom of the bag.

Best Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays with its 100% UV coating. From the best brand in the world, these sunglasses are high on style as well as very handy to carry while traveling.

There is a case, a cleaning cloth, and a Ray-Ban warranty card inside the package. The nylon frames are durable and can be folded easily so that they can be harmlessly packed inside a bag even if you don’t have the case. Multiple frame designs and lens colors make the purchase a no-brainer for all men and women.

Best Wet Wipes: Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes

You know the struggle is real with all the dust and sweat you accumulate on your body when touring in a humid country. Founded by backpackers, Surviveware biodegradable wet wipes are the only solution to a traveler’s hygiene requirements.

Unlike other wet napkins, these wipes are hypoallergenic, scent-free, and alcohol-free. Its pH-balanced formula, along with Vitamin E and Aloe keeps your skin moisturized and nourished for a long time. These wipes are for multi-use, be it for a casual traveler or an intense backpacker on a hike. The best part- it can be used on any skin type without any irritation.

Best Travel Slippers- Sunshine Code Memory Foam Slippers

Sunshine Code Memory Foam Slippers

Cheap hotels don’t usually provide any slippers. And the ones that are given for free are paper-thin and fragile. Make your travel comfortable with Sunshine Code’s memory foam slippers. It is made of ultra-soft cotton that feels great on your feet as you wear them. The slippers are lightweight enough to be carried for multiple uses- travel, hotel room, home, etc.

The outer sole is made of anti-slip rubber and is durable enough to be worn in all seasons. These slippers are washable and are available in many different colors and sizes for both men and women.

Best Messenger Bag: Travelon Anti-theft Classic Messenger Bag

Travelon Anti-theft Classic Messenger Bag

Travelon specializes in bags that safeguard your personal belongings from pickpockets and bag snatchers. This messenger bag has many anti-theft features. First, the locking straps can be used to lock the bag with stationary objects to prevent theft.

All the compartments are lined by stainless steel mesh that protects from slash-n-grab thieves. It can holds items like Kindle, phones, books, and more. The messenger bag also has RFID blocking slots for cards and passports, taking identity theft seriously. Select from many designs and colors to suit your fashion taste.

Best Compression Socks: Wanderlust Travel Compression Socks

Wanderlust Travel Compression Socks

Doctors recommend these premium Wanderlust branded travel compression socks to eliminate problems caused to feet due to long walking, sitting, and standing. The gradual compression formula is effective in compressing feet up to calves.

Its seamless design, soft foot padding, and comfortable material significantly stimulate blood flow and circulation, prevent swelling and injuries, eliminate pain, and provide long-lasting comfort for travels longer than 6 hours. The cotton blend material provides excellent breathability at the same time. The testing result data show that it is also suitable for athletes recovering from injuries.

Best Travel Bike Helmet: Foldable Bike Helmet by Park & Diamond

Best Travel Bike Helmet Park & Diamond

When style and safety meet, you get the new Park & Diamond Foldable Bike Helmet. Traditional bike helmets have always been bulky and dull. Park & Diamond designed it to look and feel like a baseball cap but with a reinforced frame and material underneath. It has passed cycling helmet safety standards from the U.S. CPSC and EU EN-1078.

Bikers who love to cycle on vacation can finally pack a helmet in their luggage and enjoy cycling without getting weird stares in public.

Best Laptop Backpack: Harber London Slim Laptop Backpack

This slim laptop backpack from Harber London has no bulky padding, which helps it to keep a slimmer profile.

That said, there are still some great features that we really like! It’s water-resistant with weather-proof zippers for all your gadgets on the go. The front pocket is perfect for chargers and miscellaneous items, and the detachable magnetic system key holder is perfect if you’re looking to be hands-free.

There are also lots of interior pockets fitted just right inside! You can fit an iPad Pro 12.9″ with a keyboard attached or smaller tablets, so nothing goes missing when you head out for work or play while keeping everything organized in one place thanks to its custom made aviation-grade aluminum buckles.

Made with full-grain cowhide leather from an expert craftsman in Spain, you can be sure of the bag’s durability and never have to worry about losing anything again.

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Best Travel Gadgets

Best Travel Door Alarm: Lewis N Clark Travel Door Alarm

Lewis N Clark Travel Door Alarm

Travel door alarm is the most underrated and most forgotten gadget that most people don’t put in their essential accessories list. The Lewis N Clark’s Portable Door Alarm has thin blades that clips between the door and doorframe. It alerts you with a blaring alarm when it is forced open from the outside. It is so loud that it will wake you up from the deepest slumber.

Most budget hotels don’t have heavy-duty door locks so this is an added protection. The built-in flashlight also helps in seeing in the dark during an emergency. You might think this non-eye-catching device is unnecessary, but as the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Best Action Camera: GoPro HERO 11 BLACK


A must-have for content creators, the GoPro HERO11 Black can capture the most stunning best-in-class video with a mere click, thanks to its upgraded HDR 27MP sensor. It is rugged and waterproof up to 33 ft for use in any weather conditions and extreme sports. It can record 5.3K super-resolution videos with gimbal-like stabilization dubbed ‘HyperSmooth 5.0’.

The all-new voice control feature lets you do hands-free photo taking and video recording when it recognizes your voice commands. Other specifications include GPS, Live Streaming, 8X Slo-mo, and many other innovative features. Don’t forget to also download the GoPro app for footage editing on the go. Now you can ditch your heavy DSLR camera.

Best Mobile Hotspot: GlocalMe G4 Pro Portable WiFi Hotspot

GlocalMe G4 Pro Portable WiFi Hotspot

This WiFi hotspot is made specifically for those who need fast 4G LTE internet access while traveling to the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. It is so small to fit inside the pocket yet capable of providing download speeds up to 150 Mbps on 4G and 43.2 Mbps on 3G.

It can be used to create a secure Hotspot for family or friends wherever you want. The Glocalme App for iOS and Android allows you to manage hotspot contracts and usage details. Impressively, it has enough juice to last up to 15 hours on a single full charge.

Best Power Bank: Bonai 30000mAh Portable Charger

Bonai 30000mAh Portable Charger

Are you craving infinite power like the mighty Thanos from Marvel Universe?

Well, you can have it too, sort of. The Bonai Portable Charger has a monstrous 30000mAh high capacity power made to last for several days or even weeks to provide extra battery juice for all your electronic devices. Power Banks are an absolute necessity when traveling. It has four USB 5V / 5.6A ports and two lighting ports that can simultaneously charge all your devices at the same time.

The hardware is made up of a sturdy alloy that is fire resistant. The high-density Li-Polymer battery performs amazingly even after hundreds of charge cycles. With its built-in LED flashlight, this brilliant little device can help you see what’s wrong even if it’s dark or nighttime.

The intelligent circuitry of this device is designed to protect against overcharging, short-circuiting, and voltage instabilities. It also has the capability to withstand electromagnetic damage during storms!

If you want a smaller, less capacity external power bank, then the Anker PowerCore 10000 is a crowd-favorite among frequent travelers.

Best Book Reader: KINDLE By Amazon

Books make long travel enjoyable, but carrying a lot of books is inconvenient at the same time. With the Kindle by Amazon, you can store thousands of digital books in this E-reader without any hassle.

Unlike other tablets, this device has a 6-inch glare-free high contrast 300 PPI display that does not emit blue light which is harmful to the eyes. The battery can last for weeks, making it ideal for travel. You can choose books from an extensive collection of best sellers on Amazon’s Kindle website. This latest generation E-book reader now has a built-in front light and also supports audiobooks through Audible so that you can listen to your favorite book hands-free.

Get the Kindle Oasis for a bigger 7”, 300 PPI display and waterproofing with adjustable warm light.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker: OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker by Cambridge Soundworks

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker by Cambridge Soundworks is the latest wireless portable speaker that delivers high-quality sound on the go. Powered by two precision neodymium drivers, the speaker promises crystal clear sounds even at the highest volumes.

It is ultra-lightweight, water-resistant (IPX5 certified), and rugged for using it anywhere. Its triangular design makes the base stable and easy to carry. The 2200mAh battery delivers up to 12 hours of playtime. For serious listening, go for the JBL Flip 4, which sounds louder and fuller and has better bass.

Best Wireless Headphone DAC: FiiO BTR5 Bluetooth Receiver

Whether you like it or not, the 3.5mm headphone jack is not making a comeback to future phones. The guys at FiiO have been pumping out value-oriented audio products and cool devices for years, and the new FiiO BTR5 solves the problem of not having the earphone input.

Equipped with the latest Qualcomm CR8675 Bluetooth chip, powerful ES9218P*2 DAC, and all kinds of Bluetooth codecs (AptX/aptXHD/aptXLL/LDAC/LHDC/AAC), this is the best alternative to the in-built earphone jack. To use it, simply establish a Bluetooth connection with your phone and plug in your earphone to the device’s audio jack. That’s it!

Bluetooth audio may be frowned upon but make sure you give this a listen before bashing it. We guarantee you will be surprised by how close the audio quality is to the wired connection.

With its beautiful screen and dual outputs at 3.5mm and 4.4mm, the new BTR7 Portable DAC is even more powerful than its predecessor. Perfect for all flagship IEMs.

Audiophiles who want to power up their high-impedance headphones should go for the EarStudio ES100 MK2 24-bit Bluetooth portable DAC with a 2.5mm balanced jack providing two times more voltage. What’s more, the mobile app for the ES100 MK2 has one of the sleekest designs and is packed full of useful features like EQ, a loudness calculator, and the ability to change audio codecs with a few taps.

Best USB Solar Charger: Riapow Solar Charger

Praise the sun! This wireless and USB solar charger collects the power of the Sun and is capable of converting 20% solar power into usable energy. With a battery capacity of 26800mAh, it has enough juice to fast charge your devices multiple times. It is weatherproof, lightweight, and portable so that you can carry it almost anywhere you go. Best used for camping and all outdoor adventures.

Best Emergency Light: GearLight High Powered LED Flashlight

GearLight High Powered LED Flashlight

Find your way in the darkness with GearLight’s high-powered LED flashlight. You may think your phone’s LED flashlight is enough, but it is not.

This powerful and versatile flashlight features a 12 times brighter LED bulb that is efficient to work in any darkness. It has a high-grade solid aluminum construction that is weatherproof, shockproof, and water-resistant. Other features like SOS, zooming, and multiple sizes of the lumen are a nice inclusion. It also has a tactical tail switch for single-hand use in any situation.

Best Travel Accessories for Men

Best Shaver: Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver

Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver

The Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver has been specially made for any man who is often traveling. It uses a floating single-blade system positioned at a unique angle to match facial contours and gives a close shave consistently. The wet/dry feature lets you wash the shaver to clean it or use it with lather foam for a nice and clean shave even in the shower. The battery life is equally impressive; just 2 AA batteries allow you to shave every day for more than 60 days!

Storage-wise, it comes with a soft travel pouch. Being lightweight, it is slim enough to slip inside your backpack when hitting the road.

Best Grooming Kit: Toiletry Bag For Men By Emissary

Toiletry Bag For Men By Emissary

Staying well-groomed on long business tours is an absolute necessity for men. This stylish toiletry bag for men by Emissary is the answer to all those grooming needs. Made from tough canvas and PU leather bottom, this bag can comfortably accommodate all the tools and toiletry required for grooming.

It is 100% waterproof and sturdy enough to be carried for long tours without losing its shape. The zipper compartments are made of high-quality YKK zip, and the main compartment has little pockets to keep everything organized. After all, it comes with a money-back guarantee. It is nicely packed in a classy-looking gift box, thus making it a great gift too.

Best Deodorant for Men: Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Dove Men Plus Care Deodorant Stick

Dove is consistently voted as one of the best cosmetic brands in the industry. This is why you can trust Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick as an essential travel accessory to have in your bag for men.

It is enriched with an improved formula that keeps your skin protected and moisturized. The fresh scent is believed to keep your skin odor and sweat-free for up to 48 hours. You can use it every time after a bath as it is dermatologically tested, so it does not harm your skin.

As a stick form moisturizer, it is much better to use than any of those alcohol propellants containing spray tins. Since the deodorant stick is a consumable product, we highly recommend you to use the “Subscribe now” checkout at Amazon for delivery every three months.

Best Versatile Travel Backpack: Peak Design’s The Travel Line Backpack

Peak Design The Travel Line Backpack

Peak Design is having tremendous success on Kickstarter showcasing their new Travel Line Backpacks. We bet you have never seen such a versatile, classy, and durable backpack ever.

What makes it so attractive is the inclusion of multitudes of compartments, pockets, magnetic catches, weatherproof zippers, and tons of customizability. You can just get the backpack itself or entire series of add-ons like a duffle pack, shoe/tech/wash pouches, and packing cubes to store gadgets like cameras, lenses, toiletries, power chargers, and even jeans.

Best Travel Jacket: SCOTTeVEST Windbreaker Jacket

SCOTTeVEST Windbreaker Jacket

The most versatile travel jacket is here: loaded with 19 pockets and many more features and partitions, the Windbreaker Jacket from SCOTTeVEST is the best fashionable travel jacket to have on your accessory list. The zippered pockets are made from water-resistant polyester material. They can hold almost anything- be it a passport, tablet, mobile phone, wallet, documents, camera, pens, and the list goes on. This jacket can practically be worn anywhere in any season due to its removable hood and sleeve.

Best Travel Accessories for Women

Best Portable Steamer: Steamfast Mini Steam Iron

Our readers always ask us how to keep clothes from wrinkling in the luggage. You can bring low-maintenance clothing items for a start, or upon arriving at your destination, iron your clothes in ten minutes with the Steamfast Travel Iron.

Weighing at less than 1 pound, it is a palm-sized compact steam iron that is very portable to carry along for your travel. It provides 30% more steam flow as compared to other steamers. The benefit of dual voltage functionality is that it is usable anywhere in the world. The travel steam iron has an anti-slip handle and non-stick soleplate for safe use. Steamfast also offers a money-back guarantee and helpful customer service to the buyers.

Best Dry Shampoo: Dry Shampoo By Batiste

Dry Shampoo By Batiste

If your hair often turns greasy and damaged while on the move, then this dry shampoo is the thing for you. Its starch-based formulation requires no water while using it. With the help of the special ingredients, the shampoo removes excess oil and dirt from your hair, leaving them supple and bouncy.

The classic fragrance leaves hair fresh, full of volume and texture, and provides a long-lasting shine to it. It comes in a 6.73 oz bottle- just a few quick sprays, style your hair, and you’re ready to go.

Best Jewellery Organizer: Ellis James Designs Travel Jewellery Organizer

Ellis James Designs Travel Jewellery Organizer

On the outside, the Ellis James Travel Organizer looks luxurious. Featuring two zipper pockets, a large main compartment, necklace straps, ring, bracelet, watch strap, and an earring roll conveniently store and organize all your jewelry and prevent it from getting tangled together. It has a quilted design that looks elegant. This is the perfect budget gift for her or your own valuables.

Best Scarf: Travel Scarf By WAYPOINT GOODS


This travel scarf makes every sense when it comes to fashion and convenience at the same time. Also known as the Infinity scarf, it is perfect to be used as a shawl or even a blanket to keep you warm. Featuring a non flimsy fabric that feels great against the skin, this scarf is a great travel companion on long-distance flights or during the winter months.

It contains a concealed zipper pocket that can be used to securely store your passport, keys, boarding pass, cards, and even some cash. This is one of the best Christmas or Mother’s Day gifts available.

Best Lingerie Pouch: Freegrace Travel Organizer Underwear Bag

Freegrace Travel Organizer Underwear Bag

Made especially for frequent female travelers, the Freegrace Travel Lingerie Pouch is the best way to pack your lingerie when on the go. This pouch neatly organizes your undergarments as per your requirements so that you don’t have to waste your time finding them from that messy trolley bag.

Due to being lightweight, waterproof, and robust nylon material, it helps to prevent your bras from being blemished, and it can even be folded when not in use. It can hold up to three bras and four panties simultaneously or be used to store makeup items, cosmetics, socks, and toiletries.

Best Laundry Detergent Sheets: LG Fresh Fiji Power Sheet

LG Fresh Fiji Power Sheet

The laundry detergent sheets by LG (Yes, the same LG electronics company) are the best detergent sheets to use during the inconvenience of carrying liquid detergent for laundry when on vacation. Available in a pack of 30, a single sheet from this pack can be used to wash a load of about 18 pieces of clothes.

It is lightweight and very convenient to carry along. It contains detergent, fabric softener, and dye fixer that are eco-friendly and harmless to clothes, making them fresh and shiny after every wash. This is hands-down the most cost-effective way to take care of laundry during a trip.

Best Mini Hair Dryer: Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

The Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer is a lifesaver for ladies who travel often. Getting long wet hair to dry naturally can take hours! Due to its compact size and foldable design, this hairdryer is easy to pack without taking up a lot of space in your luggage.

It weighs just 1 lb; hence your arms don’t get tired when holding the dryer up high for some time. It has two heat settings and two speed settings suitable for all types of hair. The dual voltage function allows it to be used in different countries. Plus, the noise level is quite tolerable.

Best Travel Mini Container for Cosmetics: Oursunshine Travel Bottles

Oursunshine Travel Bottles

Feel at home anywhere you go with these mini travel containers. Available in a pack of 6, these bottles come in three sizes (2 each)- 3 fl oz (89ml), 2 fl oz (60ml), and 0.3 fl oz (10g). They can be taken along anywhere and can safely get through the security check at airports.

Made of BPA-free food grade silicone material, the bottles are proven to be leak and spill-proof. The best feature is its squeezability for forcing out the last drop. Refilling is easy with the wide-mouth design.

Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Headphones

QuietComfort 45 Wireless Headphones

There’s no doubt about the sound quality and customer support when it comes to Bose. Its noise-canceling headphone comes with a three-level noise-canceling dual-microphone system that literally cuts away any audio distraction outside. The headphones are Alexa-enabled, which enhances the hands-free experience and virtual assistance.

The battery lasts up to 24 hours of wireless playback- perfect for a long flight. Its effortless Bluetooth pairing and range of 30 ft. give added convenience.

In comparison, the new Sony WH1000XM5 has a slight edge in sound quality, especially in the high-frequency region and deeper bass impact, but lacks the Bose’s superior comfort and call quality.

You might want to listen to a high-resolution music streaming service if you have these headphones.

Qobuz is the perfect solution for audiophiles and music lovers who want to experience their music in the best possible quality. With over 80 million tracks available in Hi-Res or CD quality, Qobuz has something for everyone. Plus, their exclusive content and hand-picked playlists make it easy to find new music to love. Try Qobuz today for free and see what you’ve been missing!

Best Airplane Footrest: Basic Concepts Airplane Footrest

Basic Concepts Airplane Footrest

If you think that most economy-class airplane seats are too cramped, you have to try this airplane footrest. The thick memory foam is soft and contours around your feet as they rest on it. It provides ultimate support to your feet and lower back as well and prevents soreness and swelling.

Do bring the footrest hammock during long transatlantic flights, as it easily packs in your luggage without occupying much space. The straps can also be easily hung on the arms of the tray table and can be adjusted according to your comfort. You can store it in the included compact drawstring bag. Gift this to your frequent flying friends, and they will appreciate how such a little piece of fabric makes a whole lot of difference during long flights.

Best Lumbar Pillow: Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow

Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow

Long journeys are stressful for those people with back problems. This ergonomic lumbar cushion is specially designed to relieve back pain and stiffness while sitting in a car or plane for long hours or traveling by any other means.

Its Hyperfoam material quickly adjusts to your spine alignment and even corrects your posture while providing support at the same time. It comes with a long adjustable strap to fit on any size of chair or seat. The cushion comes in a small bag so that you can carry it anywhere you like.

Best Neck Pillow: BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Those long-duration flight journeys won’t bother you with discomfort again with this neck pillow. Its revolutionary and patent design provides adjustable support to the chin, preventing extreme movement of your neck. The soft cushions on the side are large enough to keep the head position stable while you sleep comfortably.

The flat back prevents your head from being pushed forward and helps relax the neck muscles as you use it while traveling. It also has a button strap that easily attaches to your backpack. There are 9 different colors available, so finding one that suits your style shouldn’t be an issue.

Best Travel Blanket: Travel Blanket Set by PAVILIA

Travel Blanket Set by PAVILIA

Never again feel too cold in an airplane cabin when you use this travel blanket. Founded by avid travelers, PAVILIA’s ultra-soft blanket can be used as a blanket, a pillow, lumbar support, and neck support. It is very lightweight, warm, and smooth as you feel it. It is 60” by 43” in dimension but can be packed into a small zipper pouch for easy packing.

Made of extra warm plush coral fleece, the blanket is designed in a poncho style that sits on your shoulders and does not slip as you sleep cozily on planes or trains.

Best Travel Accessories for Happy Snappers

Best Phone Camera Lens: Xenvo Camera Lens Kit

Xenvo Camera Lens Kit

The Xenvo Camera Lens Kit is the perfect choice for professional quality smartphone photography when on the move. Smartphone’s photo-taking ability has come a long way, and the iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and Google Pixels provide photo quality that rivals dedicated ones.

This kit comes with a Truview 0.45x wide-angle lens capable of capturing beautiful photos, no matter what the subject is- scenery, portraits, architecture, sunsets, landscape, or even selfies. It also comes with a Clarus 15x macro lens that takes detailed close-up photos of small subjects like petal patterns and insects.

The lens is made up of airplane-grade coated glass that eliminates artifacts and vignetting resulting in phenomenal HD photos. For long-distance shots, the AiKEGlobal telephoto lens provides 20X zoom power which is mandatory for bird watching, golf, and concerts. If you happen to own an iPhone or the Pixel phone and want the absolute best regarding image quality, then take a look at the Moment’s case and lens combo.

Best Tripod for Smartphone: UBeesize Tripod S

UBeesize Tripod S

Use your smartphone camera to maximum potential with the UBeesize Tripod S. This premium tripod’s innovative design and flexibility allow users to bend the octopus-style legs and wrap them over an uneven surface or object. The joint is made of a high-grade metal ball and screw that safely mounts your iPhones and all smartphones. The tripod is light in weight and easy to set up. It also comes with a wrist strap and a wireless remote control that can be used from a range of 30 feet.

Best Phone Case: JOTO Universal Waterproof Cellphone Case

Protect your precious smartphone with this universal waterproof smartphone pouch. This highly innovative and durable cell phone case is IPX8 Certified waterproof (up to 100 ft.), snowproof, and dirtproof at the same time.

It has a simple snap-lock that provides 100% protection to your smartphone or cash or anything else that you keep inside. The large transparent windows on both sides make it ideal for capturing photos and videos. The included neck strap can keep your hand free as you enjoy your vacation without worrying about dropping your phone (Read our full review here).

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