Best Snorkeling Gear for The Youngest: Seavenger Junior

Seavenger Junior Snorkeling Set Review
Seavener Junior Snorkeling Set Product
What is It?
Snorkel gear set which includes mask, snorkel, fins and gear bag

When it comes to kids and snorkeling, we usually worry about their safety. Snorkeling, as we know, poses certain dangers that we want to avoid. We do so by buying good snorkeling gear for our youngest. There are many options out there on the market, but aside from the safety factor we always want to make sure that the kids feel comfortable while wearing it.

Gear that has rough edges can injure the kids and have many painful side effects after prolonged use. So, even though our kids may like a certain set more than the other, we should make sure that every piece fits perfectly and that it won’t cause unpleasantries in the future.

That’s why we let our kids test the Seavenger Junior for us, and they were thrilled. Seavenger made this set for extended use, and as with their other products, we can expecting this one to last. We were able to tell that as soon as we laid our hands on the materials.

Seavenger Junior was definitely a good choice that made both us and our kids happy.

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Seavenger Junior Snorkel Set Analysis & Test Results

The Seavenger Junior set contains standard snorkeling components. We got a mask, a pair of fins and a snorkel with it. It also features a nice looking gear bag that always comes in handy on trips. Now, let’s talk about all those features in more detail and see why are they so special.


Seavener Junior Snorkeling Fins

The fins may look too small at first glance. However, they are open-heeled and our kids were able to easily adjust the straps by themselves in order for the fins to fit. They usually have problems with fins as they tend to fall off their feet during intense paddling. But, as far as we know, they didn’t experience those type of problems with these.

Even though the fin blades are shorter than usual, they are also quite agile. They really move well in water.  The kids also mentioned that they didn’t have a problem using them for bodyboarding, considering their size. The vents gave a lot of extra power and speed and were thus saving their energy.

Our kids usually have problems with the comfiness of the fins. They have soft skin that is prone to injuries. That’s why we are very careful when buying them new equipment. Once they try it on for the first time, we usually let them feel even the smallest discomfort. If there is one, we just persuade them to try another set.

With Seavenger Junior, they literally felt nothing from the start, and it remained so even during long snorkeling excursions. There were no cuts, scratches or marks, and no pain at all. The only thing they talked about is how these fins felt comfortable and light.


Seavener Junior Snorkeling Mask

Our kids really loved the mask, and so did we. The superhero-like design is simply amazing and really provides for a good face cover. The single lens offers a really broad field of view. Even we can confirm that, since we also tried it on.

The glass is tempered and it won’t shutter. We put one model to the stress-test in order to see how it will behave. It survived a lot of punishment. That is very important for us since kids tend to fall sometimes or hit something and we wanted to make sure that the glass will stay in one piece. As far as we saw, it will.

One important feature that adds to the overall comfiness of the mask is the strap buckle. It’s swiveling. Basically, our kids were able to set it up according to their preferences. They were able to easily position it high, low and in the middle.

To sum it all up, the mask offered a clear vision. Our kids were thrilled by its design and loved its comfiness.


Seavener Junior Snorkeling Dry Snorkel Piece

The snorkel in Seavenger Junior features a dry top which is very important especially if the kids are just starting out. Basically, it will block all of the splashing water during sudden movements. Also, once the whole snorkel is submerged, an inner float valve seals the breathing tube.

The kids loved playing with the one-way purge valve. We could literally see them trying to accumulate as much water as possible and then getting it all out with one exhale. It was a competition of sorts for them. We also noticed that they removed the snorkel from the mouth less frequently while in water, so we guess that is due to the flexibility of mouthpiece.

This snorkel also features a quick release button, which comes in handy when kids want to take it off suddenly or to slide it up or down.

Gear Bag

Seavener Junior Snorkeling Mesh Gear Bag

As with many other snorkeling sets, this one also includes a gear bag. It includes meshes for draining and faster drying of the equipment. It lacks any zippers or other more complicated ways of closing it.

The kids loved it simply because they were able to close it with the drawstring. We were happy to see how easily they put the bags on their shoulders and went on to run around. It was like they’ve used them for years.

Pros and Cons

We found multiple pros of this set, however, there are some disadvantages that we noticed once we got it. Even though they aren’t serious, they should be mentioned.


  • Fins fit perfectly for many feet sizes.
  • The mask offers a wide and crystal-clear view.
  • The snorkel is dry top and successfully prevents all water from entering the tube.


  • The gear bag doesn’t contain additional storage compartments.

Final Thoughts

Seavener Junior Snorkeling Set

Both we and our kids are quite satisfied with what Seavenger Junior has to offer. First and foremost, other sets that our kids tried couldn’t match the amount of comfort involved with this one. Secondly, the price is also quite acceptable for the things that you will get.

Finally, safety is really important when we buy equipment for our kids. At the end of the day, that was the main reason why we decided to go with the Seavenger Junior and not some other options.

Seavenger Junior Snorkeling Set Review
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