Which Women’s Shoes Are Currently Trendy

Trendy Womens Shoes

Most women’s morning routines comprise questioning whether their bags match their coats and why some clothes are suddenly ill-fitting. While these worries contribute significantly to the final selection for the day, we tend to forget the most important character in this show, the shoes.

Whether heading to work, club, or trolling the St John villa rentals on your vacation, grabbing stylish footwear that matches your outfit is necessary to elevate your look. The right shoes for your outfit will also add a unique touch depending on the occasion and season, which is why you should get them right with the trends.

Read on to understand women’s shoes that are currently trendy .

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Platform Heels

If you love taking your feet to new heights, you can try some platform heels. These heels are more comfortable than stilettos, thanks to the block sole, making them a good option. Their recent dominance in runways gives us the go-ahead to rock them again for a trendy look.

Pairing platform heels is easy with bold or printed mini and midi dresses. You can add a colorful clutch to complete the look. If you love to make a statement, you can pair your platform heels with an oversized shirt, a pair of jeans, and chunky accessories.


Loafers feature flexibility and comfort. Whether you are in the office or relaxing in St John villa rentals, the right loafer color will match your outfit.

For the summer season, you can lean into a lightweight woven style. Pair your loafers with your woven bag for the season for an extra put-together look. Consider a square toe loafer with tailored trousers if you want a sharper look.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Pointed toes shoes are coming in as trendy for the summer seasons. Designers took advantage of the party season to glam up footwear by introducing the perfect pointed-toe shoes. These shoes are available in heels and flats, giving 80s and 90s nostalgia.


Depending on your preference, you can rock the following types of sandals to be trendy:

Gladiator Sandals

While they have never gone out of style, gladiator sandals are making a huge comeback with their style suitable for the summer season. The 2022 gladiator sandal trend comprises a multi-strap with all kinds of iterations, from knee-high versions to ankle strap designs.

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals are ideal while on the go. Depending on your occasion, you can pick slide sandals with florals, ruching, or chunky hardware.

Fisherman Sandal

A fisherman’s sandal is useful during the cold and warm seasons. In the colder seasons, consider wearing one with a heel, while a low sandal will be your go-to during the summer. Apart from their extremely comfortable makeup, you need not worry about fresh pedicure as your legs can breathe with these on.


Among the women’s trendy boots in 2022 include:

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots, especially the black and white versions, offer a comfortable way to explore your western fantasy. You can pick an ankle-length to one that goes to your sheen, depending on your preference. By themselves, these shoes make a statement, and a simple outfit such as denim will complete your look.

Combat Boots

A pair of combat boots makes a statement that you mean business. Whether in the army or walking in the streets, these stylish shoes will match any outfit. You can pair your combat boots with jeans and a coat or do a feminine mix with a sundress to unleash a 90s look.

Straight Leg Boots

Straight leg boots substitute uncomfortable tight footwear. These boots will look great with flowing dresses and are a great way to keep warm during winter. Depending on your personality, you can select a simple to wild and funky patterned pair.

If you are ready to show some skin, you can rock your straight-leg boots with a short and long jacket.

Kitten Heels Booties

Kitten heels booties have been a trendy shoe in recent decades, and getting them in a popping color depending on the season will make a statement. These shoes will look excellent with a midi skirt, pair of jeans, and a trench coat.

Kitten heels booties allow a woman to be more adventurous in their outfit combination hence an essential addition to your wardrobe.


Mules have become a trend in the past seasons, and most women have a pair or more in their wardrobes. Defined by a simple strap and mid to low heel, mules this year feature an additional spark of playful patterns from floral to animal prints.

Given their minimal lace, you can slip on your mules as you move in and out of a room. To spice up your appearance, consider mom jeans and a simple tee shirt.


If you are a sporty cheek, you can take your fashion to a new level by rocking your sneakers in style. The chunky white sneakers feature comfort and trend, hence ideal for leisure and luxury wear. You can rock these shoes with sweatpants, a long skirt or jeans.

Wrap Up

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There are several trendy shoes and what you wear depends on your comfort and activities. If you are strolling or attending a wedding at St John Villa Rentals, most of the above selections will work depending on the season, as the terrain is suitable for all footwear.

As a woman, style should be a priority, and whether office or leisure, your choice should embrace this if you want to make a statement and turn heads.

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