30 Most Comfortable Heels of 2024 (All 30 Types of Heels)

most comfortable heels

You know that feeling when you’ve been on your feet all day and can barely walk?

We feel your pain. That’s why we want to help you find the best heel for long workdays. Our team of experts has compiled a list of their favorite heels that will make those hours fly by without any discomfort.

Whether it’s a dressy or casual shoe, we have found the perfect heel for every occasion. And they’re not just stylish but also comfortable! So take a look at these amazing pumps and get ready to kick off your day with ease!

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Ready? Here are our picks of the most comfortable heels:

1. Most Comfortable Block Heel: Sam Edelman Women’s Yaro Classic Dress Sandal

Sam Edelman Women’s Yaro Classic Dress Sandal

30 Most Comfortable Heels of 2024 (All 30 Types of Heels) 1

What Is a Block Heel?

A block heel on a dress shoe is the heel that has a solid, lower wedge at the back to provide stability and support. The front of the wedge can taper from narrow to wider, or be wide all the way across. It can also be an asymmetrical wedge which is generally higher off the ground than a wedged heel, designed to make more of an impact when walking.

What We Like

Sam Edelman’s Yaro Classic dress sandal is the perfect mix of chic and comfort. This 100% leather heel offers an adjustable strap to ensure a personalized fit with every wear. The synthetic sole isn’t slippery either–perfect for those quick getaways from work or your son begging you to play one more round of he-loves-him-and-me. Block heel with 4 inches heel height? No problem! These pumps will provide a comfortable walk even for non-heel wearers. Whether it’s going out or kicking back, these shoes are perfect for all occasions; but wait until you see them in person!

2. Most Comfortable Kitten Heel: Clarks Women’s Linvale Crown Pump

Clarks Women’s Linvale Crown Pump

What Is a Kitten Heel?

A kitten heel is a style of shoe that was popularized in the 1950s. The name “kitten heels” comes from the style being considered a training heel for young girls not ready to wear grown women’s high-heel stilettos. Today, the term typically refers to a dress shoe with a rounded, slender toe and a small but significant heel that is around 2 inches high or less.

What We Like

Summertime calls for a heeled sandal, but it has to be the right one. That’s why Clarks offers up this dainty yet stylish Linvale Crown Pump. The Ortholite Footbed offers unmatched cushioning that will keep your feet happy all day long. Priding on impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched comfort, this low 2.2 inches heel has a rubber outsole that prevents slipping on wet floors and provides long-lasting traction. Pair them with your favorite skirt for an ensemble that moves effortlessly from meeting to an evening event, or dress up with tailored trousers and you have yourself a daytime work outfit made in heaven.

3. Most Comfortable Pump: COLETER High Heels Party Pump

COLETER High Heels Party Pump

What Is a Pump?

Pumps have come in all shapes since they were first invented centuries ago during the 16th century; from simple closed-toe heels, which cover only half of our feet up to intricate designs on open toes like those seen on Christian Louboutin’s latest line for Louis Vuitton. There’s never been a shortage when it comes time finding new styles or reinterpreting old classics – just remember: Pumps should always be comfortable!

And these types of shoes have been known throughout history as simply “high heels”. Women love wearing pumps because they give them a tall, confident appearance and make their legs look longer. If you wear low heels like flats or ballet shoes while standing next to someone in high heels, your leg is going to be much shorter than theirs, which can lead people who see the two of you together to think that one person has more power over the other even if it’s not true at all.

What We Like

Ladies, you need these COLETER High Heels in your life. With a multicolor gradient sexy stiletto heel perfect for dressing up or down, they’re the go-to addition to any lady’s wardrobe. Whether you’re at work or outside relaxing with friends on the weekends, it’s always time to glamour up a little.

4. Most Comfortable Oxford: Odema Women’s Leather Oxford

Odema Women’s Leather Oxford

What Is an Oxford?

An Oxford pump is a form of heeled dress shoe that consists of a long wingtip that has either double or single eyelets to lace up the shoe. It has a closed lacing system, and this heel was popularized by the creation of the Oxford shoe, which at one time was the most worn dress shoe in America.

What We Like

A new twist on an old favorite, the Odema Women’s Leather Oxford Pump is just what your shoe collection needs. It is a comfortable, classic shoe that goes with everything. Featuring a classy wingtip toe, 2.16″ chunky heel and cushioned insoles, it can be worn all day without feeling too stuffed inside your shoes. Odema also pays attention to those who have wide feet – they offer half sizes in addition to regular sizing so that you can find your perfect fit.

5. Most Comfortable Decorative Heel: ElegantPark Rhinestones Wedding Heel

ElegantPark Rhinestones Wedding Heel

What Is a Decorative Heel?

In the world of fashion, shoes are one of those things that often take center stage. From the bold to a more subtle style, there is something for every occasion and personality type. But sometimes it can be hard not to drool over some designs in particular, such as heels with intricate decorations on them like flowers or gems adorning their surface.

It’s no secret that designers have had great fun playing around with this footwear trend lately, but what people don’t always realize is how much work goes into designing these types of embellishments so they look just perfect when worn.

What We Like

These elegant heels are sure to bring you compliments from the start. With rhinestones sparkling all over, this is the perfect shoe for adding some charm. The peep toe and a 3-inch heel will make you feel confident and beautiful while you walk down this aisle! So many brides have had beautiful weddings in these versatile shoes; they’ll work with your wedding gown no matter what look or style it is.

6. Most Comfortable Flare Heel: Anna Kern Flare Heel

Anna Kern Flare Heel

What Is a Flare Heel?

Flare heels have been a popular style since the 1970s, and they’re still around today. These shoes are characterized by slimming at their base until gradually widening towards the bottom for optimal comfort but also an iconic look that’s perfect for any decade. This “flare” design can be seen everywhere from your dad’s old leather disco shoes to Gucci’s latest Fall collection of thigh-high boots with crisscross laces that tie up at the front.

What We Like

One must not underestimate the importance of being fashionable and well put together, which is why we love Anna Kern. Anna Kern Model 598-60 dancing shoe features a flared heel and has a soft sole with shock-absorbent cushioning for graceful gliding and turning.

Available in standard sizes 6 through 10, it is made from luxuriously lightweight suede leather and lined with moisture-absorbent leather so your feet stay dry all day. On top of that, the flexible latex midsole ensures comfortability no matter what position you are in when you wear this high heel footwear/dancing shoe.

7. Most Comfortable Ankle Strap Heel: Anne Klein Women’s Fabulist Leather Dress Pump

Anne Klein Women’s Fabulist Leather Dress Pump

What Is an Ankle Strap Heel?

An ankle strap heel is a type of heel that is secured to the wearer’s foot with straps that go around the back and/or front of the ankle. The strap can range in size from thin and elastic to thick and heavy duty. Ankle strap heels are most commonly seen on sandals, cowboy boots, or short heels.

What We Like

We all know that slippers don’t cut it in the winter, and flats are just too clunky for those days when you’re not planning on being on your feet all day. I’m talking about weekend wear, of course. Which is why Anne Klein’s Fabulist leather dress pump is ideal. All that ankle-slipping worry can be put to rest with the wide strap over a polished buckle, and your toes won’t feel anything but cozy thanks to the padded insole. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve experienced how much easier dressing becomes when considering Anne Klein’s fab footwear collection of shoes.

8. Most Comfortable Stiletto: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Swan-30 High Heel Platform

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Swan-30 High Heel Platform

What Is a Stiletto?

A stiletto is a narrow pointed shoe with a thin high heel. The name comes from the Italian word “stiletto” which means “little knife”. With their towering heights, stiletto heels are the ultimate fashion accessory. When worn with a dress or skirt that covers up to just below your knees, you can see those long legs in all of their glory. While many people have trouble walking on them because they’re so high off the ground, for some, it’s worth every struggle given how incredible these shoes make one look.

What We Like

Walk and travel in these high-quality stilettos made especially for ladies like you! With a heel of five inches and platform of one and a quarter inches, these are shoes that will give you some major height. Your walking experience is guaranteed to be comfortable with the padded faux leather insoles that allow for customized comfort. The thermoplastic rubber outsole is great for any environment, but it can also handle surfaces such as carpeting or concrete without problem. Keep on your toes no matter where life leads you – with style!

9. Most Comfortable Mary Jane Pump: AOSPHIRAYLIAN Gothic Lolita Mary Janes Shoe

AOSPHIRAYLIAN Gothic Lolita Mary Janes Shoe

What Is a Mary Jane Pump?

A Mary Jane pump is a specific type of short heel that has a strap over the top of the foot. It is usually used in conjunction with school uniforms and pinafore dresses. The ankle strap and buckle design make it easier to pull them off and put them back on.

What We Like

Casual but with a touch of dark elegance – these pumps will be the perfect complement to your uniform dress or favorite lolita outfit. They’re also useful for those cosplayers out there who can’t get enough dressing up. The anti-slip rubber soles make them great for slippery shoe events like conventions and photography so you’ll never have to worry if they’ll hold up when you need them. Plus, these are just cute as anything with that ankle strap and bow detailing.

10. Most Comfortable Thick Cuban Heel: SODA Malia Lace Up Ankle Booties

SODA Malia Lace Up Ankle Booties

What Is a Thick Cuban Heel?

The Cuban heel originated with men’s dress shoes but has been taken and adapted by the women’s fashion industry. Thick Cuban heel is typically medium to tall in height with a bold appearance that tapers from top to bottom. The purpose of this design is to provide more stability and support for your foot when walking.

What We Like

Add some flair to your wardrobe with these soft tan or black lace-up ankle booties.  These boots are ideal for this upcoming season! The round toe, 4-inch heel, and full lace-up design provide a sleek yet flexible structure so you can wear your new shoes all day long! With the addition of the smooth side zipper, getting in and out of these boots won’t slow down your daily routine. Slip on a barely there top with dark wash jeans while you’re out running errands or bring on the tights and leggings when its cold outside.

11. Most Comfortable Wedge Heel: Clarks Women’s Mallory Berry Wedge Pump

Clarks Women’s Mallory Berry Wedge Pump

What Is a Wedge Heel?

Wedges heels are typically worn as an alternative to high-heeled shoes, for example by women who wish to add some height but do not want the extra strain on their foot and calves that would be caused by wearing a regular high heel.

What We Like

The Clarks Mallory Berry Wedge Pump features a balance between luxury and comfort. Glamorous enough for work, but built with OrthoLite footbed to relieve all-day stress on your feet. Modern, durable materials combined with good heel height make these wedges perfect for everyday wear, so you can take them from desk to dinner without missing a step.

12. Most Comfortable Wedge Sandal: Skechers Women’s Beverlee High Tea Wedge Sandal

Skechers Women’s Beverlee High Tea Wedge Sandal

What Is a Wedge Sandal?

Wedge sandals are shoes that have a large wedge, usually made of leather or rubber, wrapped around the heel and sole. Wedge sandals are commonly worn during the summer months due to their increased height and tendency to be made from materials that provide good ventilation.

What We Like

When it’s time to update your wardrobe and slide into something new, slip your feet in these stylish Skechers wedge sandals. These beauties are perfect for any occasion: lunch out with bae, a day at the office or hosting a BBQ party. The elegant linen makes you look and feel stunning while the cushioned footbed lets your feet breathe as you stroll about. You’ll be able to wear them with just about anything thanks to their neutral colors and easygoing design.

13. Most Comfortable Strappy Sandal: Blue by Betsey Johnson Sb-Mel Heeled Sandal

Blue by Betsey Johnson Sb-Mel Heeled Sandal

What Is a Strappy Sandal?

Strap sandals are sandals with a strap that rests between or over the toes. The strap typically goes across the toes, but it can go from side to side across the tops of the feet as well. Straps are commonly made from a variety of materials such as leather, suede, hemp, and cloth.

What We Like

Betsey Johnson has done it again. With her Sb-Mel heeled open-toe sandal, she blends comfort and glamor for a delightful shoe. It’s the perfect style for day or night in any season and with either casual or dress clothes. The embellished toe strap adds just enough dazzle to make these shoes so fashionable they will be your new favorite go-to accessory.

14. Most Comfortable Round-Toe Pump: Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Pump

Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Pump

What Is a Round-Toe Pump?

Round-toe pumps are feminine and polished but they can also give the look of an elegant, more mature woman due to the rounded front. They are typically made of leather and have a low heel height, making them comfortable to wear for any occasion. They are constantly in style as they seem to never go out of fashion.

What We Like

Walking in these pumps by Naturalizer feels like a vacation for your feet. They are designed with extra-wide widths and the “N5 Contour” cushioning system that will leave you feeling relaxed all day long. The shoe has a rounded toe design and a slightly raised platform, which is perfect because it can go seamlessly from jeans to skirts without drawing too much attention or breaking up an outfit’s flow.

15. Most Comfortable Bridal Heel: ERIJUNOR Ivory Bridal Pump

ERIJUNOR Ivory Bridal Pump

What Is a Bridal Heel?

Bridal heels are shoes with a high heel and can be worn during the wedding to ensure that the bride walks slowly down the aisle. This provides the illusion of longer, slimmer legs to change the proportions of the leg. The heel also makes the wearer feel taller and more confident, improving their posture.

What We Like

Weddings are always so busy, and it’s easy to end up running around like crazy all day without taking care of ourselves. Why not reward yourself with these elegant ivory pumps perfect for any bride or bridesmaid? These heels have an 3-inch heel and a latex sole that will keep your feet going strong through the whole wedding – plus they’ll be able to be worn again, too. Additionally, the lace appliques give them a fancy touch. Don’t let other people take care of you – take time for yourself; the greatest gift is self-care!

16. Most Comfortable Spool Heel: TinaCus Patent Spool Heel

TinaCus Patent Spool Heel

What Is a Spool Heel?

As it is commonly known, the spool heel has a long and rich history dating back to the Baroque and Rococo periods in Europe. John Fluevog first created the hourglass or spool of a thread design. This elegant shape symbolizes femininity while adding height that only accentuates women with gracious curves like those of our beloved queen.

What We Like

If you are looking for a high heel that combines both classic and stylish elements, the TinaCus Patent Spool Heel is for you. The pointed toe has a youthful elegance with enough sophistication to work as an office shoe. It also features a buckle design that adds more modern touch for the high-end look you’re going after at an affordable price. The spool heel is comfortable, and the TPR sole provides slip resistance while providing kinetic energy return making your step more energetic! You’ll never want to stop walking in these strappy stunners.

17. Most Comfortable French Heel: Bella Hanna Short French Heel

Bella Hanna Short French Heel

What Is a French Heel?

These heels are known by a variety of monikers, including Louis Heels and Pompador Heels. These shoes have the same shape as spool-style pumps; however they can be curvy and much shorter in length.

What We Like

Take a walk on the wild side with the new Bella Hanna Short French Heel. The striking short heel and faux leather design will add kisses of spice to any outfit you choose. This sling-back style shoe features a wide width, as well as an easy slip-on fit and buckle for security. It’s the perfect finish that balances out your ensemble in true fashionista glamour.

With this combination of faux leather, chunky heels, and chic rhinestone band detail decorating the front of your shoe, breaking up all those boring clothes is now vintage cool. So get ready to strut your stuff and add some sexy sparkle to whatever outfit you wear with these artistic shoes by Bella Hanna.

18. Most Comfortable Cut Out Heel: J. Adams Perch Cutout Bootie

J. Adams Perch Cutout Bootie

What Is a Cut Out Heel?

A cut-out heel is a high heel with a cut-out on the top. The cut-out design exposes the heel which may be covered by a detailed trim in fabrics like leather, suede, or velvet. This style of shoe is typically worn on special occasions or as part of an outfit for work.

What We Like

Adams never disappoints with their chic Perch booties. The perforated design adds breathability while still maintaining their chic rustic beauty and natural look. The 3.5-inch heel on these pumps is the perfect height to wear for a long day of walking and running around town. A padded interior makes your feet feel so comfortable no matter what the weather is out there for you, while an integrated zipper at the back heel speeds up changing time in no time. J. Adams delivers comfort all over that you need – meet your new favorite go-to, even if it’s just right for quick errands or weekday wear.

19. Most Comfortable Thigh High Heeled Boots: Shoe’N Tale Women Over The Knee Boots

Shoe’N Tale Women Over The Knee Boots

What Is a Thigh High Heeled Boots?

Thigh-high heeled boots are boots that go up over the knee, with a heel at least four inches high. These boots are usually worn with very tight-fitting jeans to show them off and highlight the wearer’s long legs. The style has traditionally been most popular for women during the winter.

What We Like

For when you want to look sexy and tall while dancing the night away in these elegant pretty over the knee heeled boots with just enough edge! Pair them with tight jeans or a miniskirt for a show-stopping effect. They’re also elastic and will keep your legs feeling fresh all day long, right up until midnight! These beautiful women’s over-the-knee boots are your perfect girl power accessory if there ever was one.

20. Most Comfortable Lace-Up Heel: Allegra K Women’s Lace Up Stiletto

Allegra K Women’s Lace Up Stiletto

What Is a Lace-Up Heel?

They tightly wrap around your feet, ankles and calves in order to create a secure fit look. Lace-up heels can be paired with ripped jeans and a simple top for an elegant yet casual look.

What We Like

When you’re looking to turn heads, lace up heels are a must. With so many different ways they can wrap around your leg or ankle, these bad boys will have people’s hearts racing with excitement! The open toe design gives them a classic elegance while still keeping you cool and comfortable. These sexy heels are perfect for both a day at work and evening drinks, so you can leave your cocktail dress slip-on sneakers behind. Practicality is key!

21. Most Comfortable Ballroom Dance Shoe: TTdancewear Rhinestone Performance Shoe

TTdancewear Rhinestone Performance Shoe

What Is a Ballroom Dance Shoe?

Ballroom dance shoes are the footwear you need to let your inner dancer shine. They’re strappy, provide support for all of those tricky steps we love so much while also giving a little bit of lift with their height.

What We Like

Sparkle your way to the next Latin dance with these flirty rhinestone-studded shoes. Inspired by glamorous women who go all out, this gorgeous sparkler is the perfect footwear for any lady’s ballroom event. The comfortable 2.5-inch nude heel lets you strut your stuff while looking beautiful adorned in sultry rhinestone and glittery accents that will make it look like you’re gliding over air rather than just stuck on the ground.

22. Most Comfortable Heeled Boot: Kenneth Cole New York Women’s Justin Boots

Kenneth Cole New York Women’s Justin Boots

What Is a Heeled Boot?

Heeled boots are often high but can also be low in height. It is usually made of leather or heavy fabric with a narrow, stiletto-like shaft. The shoe has a heel that is usually two to four inches.

What We Like

Kenneth Cole New York Women’s Justin Boots– the perfect combination of femininity and function. The sleek, polished leather brings a luxurious edge to daytime wearability in this sophisticated take on the knee-high boot. The hidden elastics make them so high-heeled boots are less challenging to wear, and the 4″ block heel increases stability for nighttime glamour. Your new go-to: every day, everywhere!

23. Most Comfortable Mules: Steve Madden Women’s Heeled Mule

Steve Madden Women’s Heeled Mule

What Is a Mule?

When you’re in a rush, nothing is better than slipping on your favorite pair of mules. They are the perfect shoe for those quick trips to grab coffee or run errands because they take less time and effort to get into them. Unlike slippers and flip flops, these come in more design options to match your outfits better.

What We Like

No shoe closet is complete without a mule. These are Steve Madden’s version of the mule, and they’re perfect for lounging around or adding some height. Made from 100% genuine leather with a comfortable thermoplastic rubber sole and conveniently slip-on style, these are your new go-to shoes! Guaranteed no blisters and bruises. Wear them tired out on vacation or use them as an easy accessory to take you to happy hour.

24. Most Comfortable Peep Toe Heel: Badgley Mischka Women’s Kiara Platform Pump

Badgley Mischka Women’s Kiara Platform Pump

What Is a Peep Toe Heel?

A peep-toe heel is a shoe with a front section that consists of an opening that lays across the toes. With a peephole opening, it is a perfect excuse to show off your shiny toenail polish colors.

What We Like

The beautiful glitz and style of the Badgley Mischka Women’s Kiara Platform Pump is perfect for any formal event. The heel counter, made of dazzling sparkle rhinestones, shines like a star while the peep-toe makes this pump feel sexy with an ultra feminine touch. With these shoes your outfit will be fantastic— go ahead put on your best jewelry and nails ready to ring in the nightlife. These heels are sure to have everyone making their way over to you at the party: let yourself shine in silver sequins that never say quit.

25. Most Comfortable Sling Back Heel: NINE WEST Women’s Wnholly Pump

NINE WEST Women’s Wnholly Pump

What Is a Sling Back Heel?

Slingback heel is a shoe style that has thin straps around the heel to secure your foot. They are the shoe of choice for confident women who want to elongate their legs and give off a feeling of timeless elegance.

Slingbacks have never been more popular when they were reintroduced as basics for women’s footwear during 2011 Spring Fashion Week; however, their origins date back much earlier than this: In 1955, Marilyn Monroe wore white sling-backed pumps while filming “The Seven Year Itch”. With its long history dating back from then until now, there is no doubt that slingbacks have always made fashionistas feel extra fashionable!

What We Like

The NINE WEST Women’s Wnholly Pump is as glamorous as it gets because of the sleek silhouette engineered with a slender 3. 27″ heel that will make you seem to be forever floating along like Alice in Wonderland. The strap on this elegant shoe slings back from your toes, and the single-sole pump has all the dimensions for comfort, with some aspects like toe cleavage stretching slightly to accommodate different sizes. It comes in black, white and medium natural colors.

26. Most Comfortable Cork High Heel: Cape Robbin Melrose Transparent Stiletto Heel

Cape Robbin Melrose Transparent Stiletto Heel

What Is a Cork High Heel?

These heels have parts made from cork, and they’re perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice their comfort. They can vary in height or style, but the cushioned step will make sure you’ll never have sore feet.

What We Like

Naughty or nice, Cape Robbin is always a knock out! The transparent yet fierce Melrose Stiletto Heel features a 4.5-inch slim heel designed with versatility in mind. Whether it be a formal meeting or afternoon brunch doesn’t matter because these heels will work for you! These timeless shoes pair well with any look from dress, t-shirt to jeans and define personal style in the most unique way possible. Plus, they have cork soles for that extra warmth and cushioning.

27. Most Comfortable Cinderella Heel: WETKISS Clear High Heel

WETKISS Clear High Heel

What Is a Cinderella Heel?

The Cinderella heel is a shoe that elongates the leg and has been seen in many Hollywood films when the actress wants to put on a form-fitting dress. These shoes are usually made of either glittery fabric or transparent material like PVC.

What We Like

Adorn your feet with these lovely Cinderella high-heel sandals. The transparent PVC upper is decorated with rhinestones, and the sole material is rubber; they’re super soft, comfortable, and fit well to your feet. Not only will they make you taller than usual but also enhance the curves of your legs and look hip without breaking a sweat over it!

28. Most Comfortable Platform Heel: Yolkomo Women’s Platform Heel

Yolkomo Women’s Platform Heel

What Is a Platform Heel?

Platform shoes are shoes that have a heel with a platform in front. The platform reduces the height perception of the heel and makes it easier to walk on. They are beneficial for people who have low arches and can’t walk in high heels, making it possible for them to wear heels while still being able to move around normally.

What We Like

Man oh man – these platform heels are so sexy! They give ladies a significant boost in height (6″ heel, 1.75″ platform) and make their legs look longer, which is something most people totally dig. There are padded cushions for the ball of your foot to be kept really comfortable when you’re walking around all day, too. The outside of these stilettos is made with some sort of slick material that’s super shiny and beautiful any time it catches the light.

29. Most Comfortable Ankle Booties: IDIFU CLARA-Z Ankle Booties

IDIFU CLARA-Z Ankle Booties

What Is an Ankle Boot?

As the name implies, ankle boots are for the ankle and usually at least part of the lower leg. Ankle boots are typically made entirely of leather or suede but can also be made of new synthetic materials. It is important to note that an ankle boot does not cover the whole leg like a knee-length boot does.

They were originally designed as an alternative to regular shoes in wet weather or during chills or other cold weather, with added protection from mud or dirt on roads. Today, they are primarily considered a fashion item worn with skirts and dress slacks, but some women still wear them for practical purposes.

What We Like

IDIFU CLARA-Z Ankle Booties are a perfect addition to any winter shoe collection! Style with everything from denim skirts to your favorite pair of jeans. These faux leather ankle booties are durable and easy to wear! Not only do they keep your feet warm in the frosty weather, but the sturdy heel gives these babies just enough height so you can strut around town guilt-free without having to worry about slipping or breaking an ankle. Best of all, slip them on easily with a side zipper closure and enjoy walking down 10th avenue at lunchtime knowing you’re still looking sharp.

30. Most Comfortable Espadrille Wedge Heel: TOMS Women’s Classic Espadrille Wedge Sandal

TOMS Women’s Classic Espadrille Wedge Sandal

What Is an Espadrille Wedge Heel?

Espadrille heels have been around for centuries and were originally worn by Spanish peasants. They can be made with either canvas or cotton fabric and a flexible sole of woven esparto rope, which is why they’re perfect to wear during the summertime.

What We Like

If you want a casual, feminine style without compromising elegance and class, the TOMS Women’s Classic Espadrille Wedge Sandal is for you. With a 3 ½” height heel wedge and peep-toe opening, this sandal will show off your pretty pedicure. An original design with canvas sock liner for comfort, these wedges make every day an opportunity to elevate your look. Easy on for even the most active of ladies- who need both ways of dressing in style as well as function for their lifestyle.

How to Buy Comfortable Heels

comfortable heels for women

1. Heel Height

  • Low Heel (Less than 1.5″)

This low height is suitable for an entire workday, shopping, vacation, or when you need to stand for long hours. Keep the wearing duration to 4 hours max, then take some micro-breaks to release the tension. Slip them on again after your legs and hip areas are relaxed.

  • Medium Heel (Less than 3″)

At a medium height, these heels are suitable for weddings, exhibition shows, dinner dates, or when you just want to increase your overall height a bit. Keep the wearing duration to under 3 hours.

  • High Heel (More than 3.5″)

High heels height can vary from 3.5″ to 8″. These can give you a big boost in your height and makes your legs slim and long. Only wear this for fashion statement during a special occasion. Ideally, you should only wear these for a few minutes at a single time and change to a flat walking shoe when moving from one place to another. Definitely not for first-timers.

2. Heel Types

The cute shoes in your closet are as varied and diverse as they come.

The block heel is a classic but often overlooked shoe staple that will never go out of style.

There are Cuban heels for when you need to show off just enough skin without compromising on formality.

The comma high heel was made famous by Audrey Hepburn herself! If it works for her, then why not give this sleek design an old school twist?

There is Flare heel like the ones in Dior’s “New Look” collection for 1947-1948 that quickly became popular on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean at that time.

French heeled shoe with an elongated back was very fashionable during the 1870 – 1880s era when it first appeared but currently only used as evening wear shoes because they don’t look good in day light due to all those sharp edges poking you (ouch!)

There are also the Kitten heels: small heightening stiletto type most commonly seen being worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Selena Gomez, who has been spotted wearing them over and over again.

3. Comfort, Material & Cushioning

So, what makes a comfort heel? The most important features found in a comfortable heel are a foam insole that reduces foot pressure, cushioned leather upper, and a shock-absorbing outsole.

Some brands like Naturalizer have the patented N5 Contour technology for extra cushioning support. If you bought a heel based on looks alone, you could still add a little more comfort to your feet by investing in memory foam inserts. A quick fix that can make all the difference!

Comfortable Heels Frequently Asked Questions

comfortable heels

What Is the Most Comfortable Women’s Heel?

The list above shows the most comfortable heels for every single type of heel that you can find. For example, if you are looking for a chunky and blocky heel, the Sam Edelman Women’s Yaro Classic Dress Sandal gets our thumbs up. All you need is to pick the right size according to the manufacturer’s shoe size guide, and you should be all set!

What Is the Most Comfortable Heel for Wide Feet?

The most comfortable heels for wide feet are ones with a heel that doesn’t go higher than 3 inches and a top of the foot strap to keep your heel from slipping out. You’ll often find that most heels with a higher 4″, 5″ and even 6″ heel height will rub your foot uncomfortably, especially if you have wide feet. This is also the reason why we recommend wedge shoes – as they offer lots of cushioning to your feet but don’t make them look big at all.

How Do You Walk in Heels for the First Time?

  • Choose a low or mid-heel height (2-3 inches) for your first pair. Heights over 3 inches can be very difficult when you’re just starting out.
  • Wear your new heels around the house first to get used to how they feel and break them in. Walk on carpet or rugs first before trying harder surfaces.
  • Take small steps and walk slowly at first. Don’t stride too widely or quickly, as this can throw off your balance. Take your time finding your stride.
  • Keep your weight centered over the heels. Don’t lean forward or walk too heavily on the balls of your feet.
  • Engage your core and keep your back straight. Good posture is key to balancing on heels.
  • If wobbling, take wider stances and bend knees slightly when standing. Have a wall or table nearby to hold when you lose balance.
  • Consider using heel caps or cushions to make walking more comfortable while you get used to the height.
  • Wear heels in short increments, like around the house for an hour, before building up wear time. Don’t try to wear them all day right away.
  • Have backup flats with you in case heels become too uncomfortable. Don’t push it too far on day 1!
  • Keep practicing regularly to build up ankle and foot strength. The more you wear heels, the easier it will become.

How Do You Wear Heels Without Hurting Your Feet?

If you want to wear high heels without pain, it’s best to follow these guidelines:

1. Get a professional stretching or massaging of the feet and lower leg muscles before wearing high heels for the first time. This will help prevent injury.

2. Wear a heel pad or ball of clay in your shoe to take pressure off your toes by moving it up to the ball of your foot. You can also try inserting a heel wedge in the back of your shoe to shorten the stride and reduce bouncing.

3. Practice walking in them at a very slow pace so you get used to how they feel and so they don’t hurt. If they still hurt at all, replace them with low-heeled shoes or perhaps some flats that are good for long wear.

4. Be careful about how high a heel you buy. Try to keep it below 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) because there is a much higher risk of injury, pain, and discomfort above that height.

5. This may sound obvious but just wear your heels less often. No matter how comfortable these are to you, you still need to give your feet some micro-breaks throughout the day to relax the muscles in your feet, ankles and calves.

6. In order to enjoy wearing new high-heels without pain, there’s something important to know – they require breaking in before one can be fully comforted by them! The leathers need time for stretching out around your foot until all those blisters disappear and you’re able to walk comfortably while still looking chic at work meetings or on dates with romantic partners.

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