Best Snorkeling Gear for Professionals: US Divers Lux Platinum Review

Best Snorkeling Gear for Professionals: US Divers Lux Platinum Review 1
US Divers Lux Platinum Mask
US Divers
What is It?
Snorkel gear set which includes mask, snorkel, fins and gear bag

The number of professional snorkelers is on the rise. Statistics say there are more than 300 thousand snorkelers who are the most active and spend the most money on snorkeling equipment in the US.

That means that the snorkeling gear manufacturers are really fighting for every avid consumer on the market by trying to offer the best equipment possible. That’s why we needed quite some time to decide which one to present here.

The US Diver Lux Platinum gives out a professional vibe just by the look at its design and the materials that it was built from. From its panoramic lenses to a dry top snorkel, we couldn’t but stay in awe when we put it on.

We put this set through various tests and conditions, and in the end, every piece remained in its original state. Now we finally understand why many snorkelers favor this gear.

Aside from high-quality mask, snorkel, and fins, this set includes a functional gear bag that will help to drain your equipment. Every aspect of this set is carefully thought out and serves a particular purpose, as we shall see now.

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US Divers Snorkel Set Analysis & Test Results

The mask, snorkel, and fins in this set are simply made to work together and to complement each other. Together, they make a powerful snorkeling trio that has already become an inevitable gear choice for most of our friends. Let’s look closer at every aspect of this set.


US Divers Lux Fins

The fins in US Divers Lux incorporate a dual-blade design. It’s so carefully thought out that it actually saved a lot of our energy and minimized the required amount of effort when paddling.

What’s more, these fins have vent-like protrusions which we also found very important. Why? Well, the amount of water that goes through them is just about perfect. It literally felt like somehow we gained a super-human speed. Wearing these was incredibly empowering and relieving experience.

The foot pocket is soft enough to provide comfort during prolonged use. You won’t experience any pain or other unpleasantries. It also fits perfectly on any foot.

Since we’re already talking about the sizes, you shouldn’t worry about that at all if you decide to go with the US Divers Lux fins. They feature a dual composite heel strap that can be adjusted accordingly. They are designed to fit a range of feet sizes. If you have large feet, you can comfortably let them sit beyond foot pocket without any discomfort. Also, if your feet are small. you can secure them in such a way to avoid reaching the end of the foot pocket.

All in all, these fins were really comfortable to wear and helped us stay longer in water.


US Divers Lux Platinum Mask

We found the mask included in this set to be a real masterpiece. It will fit most faces and will sit tightly around almost any head. Hypoallergenic face skirt felt very soothing while we wore it. It is also channeled. The design actually helped to move bubbles away from our viewing area.

The nose area offered us quite an effortless purging and equalization. It was really comfortable, even to those who have somewhat larger noses.

The heart of the system are definitely the four lenses. The viewing area is separated into four parts — two frontal and two on the sides for peripheral vision. They gave us an extraordinary panoramic view and one of the clearest peripheral visions that we’ve had a chance to experience so far.

The glass is tempered, and it withstood a heavy punishment without breaking. The sheer quality of the material simply amazed us.


US Divers Lux Platinum Snorkel

One of the parts of this set that we value the most is, of course, the snorkel itself. Aside from the fact that it really looks futuristic and high tech, we can actually say that it almost offers a sort of high-tech performance. Why?

The dry top technology is simply amazing with these. It is fully submersible, and it managed to keep the water out of the breathing tube both when we were above and below the surface. A friend of ours is really passionate about quick dives, and those who are in the know are aware that such dives tend to be splashy. They present the highest risks of water entering the tube. However, he really put this snorkel out on a test, and the dry top endured everything. There was literally not a single drop of water in the tube when we later checked.

The mouthpiece is ergonomic and made out of quality silicone. Therefore, we literally felt no jaw fatigue after seriously prolonged use. It is definitely one of the most comfortable mouthpieces that we’ve tried out. It includes a one-way purge valve. We found it to be really helpful when it comes to getting rid of excess water. We were able to do it in no time. The mouthpiece also has a built-in whistle.

Since we usually record our snorkeling excursions, we were really happy to see that this snorkel has a built-in mount that is compatible with GoPro. It made things much easier for us.

Gear Bag

US Divers Lux Storage Gear Bag

These amazing components require a suitable bag to pack them and carry them. We got one along with this set. Even the bag is carefully thought out — it actually features mesh panels that help drainage and increase ventilation. Thus our equipment was completely dry in no time.

Pros and Cons


  • An outstanding mask that offers a panoramic view
  • Dry top snorkel that literally stops all water from entering the breathing tube
  • Amazing fin design that saved our energy and gave us more speed


  • The price may be somewhat higher when compared to similar products

Final Thoughts

US Divers Lux is an outstanding snorkeling set that offers a professional experience. Above all, every aspect of it literally works for your benefit. Even though the price may be higher, if you are really an avid snorkeler like we are, you will find that investing in a gear set like this one will be extremely rewarding.

Best Snorkeling Gear for Professionals: US Divers Lux Platinum Review 2
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