Vacation Tips: How To Paddle Board Like A Pro

How To Paddle Board Like A Pro

Water sports aren’t for everyone. Although the thrill of wakeboarding or water skiing cannot be beaten, many enjoy the simple comforts of sitting on the beach and watching the action taking place rather than actively being involved themselves.

But what if we told you not every watersport has to be adrenaline-inducing?

One of the most popular water hobbies is paddleboarding, which involves standing up on a board and simply traversing the waves at your own pace.

That being said, it’s not as easy as it seems.

There is a definite knack to paddle-boarding which you need to get the hang of if you want to be staying more or less dry.

With this in mind, here’s a little guide to follow if you want to paddle board like a pro :

Choose The Right Place And Paddleboard

First off, this isn’t a case of picking up a surfboard and a stray oar.

There are specific paddle boards that you will need to get your hands on if you want the proper experience, and finding these will depend on where exactly you are.

Vacations in Costa Rica, for instance, are renowned for water sports activities, with companies like being the best for providing the equipment and expertise that you need.

The lakes and coastlines themselves make for perfect conditions. Make sure you get the location – and consequently the equipment – right.

How To Stand Up On Your Paddleboard

Once you have done this, it’s time to get up to speed by working out how to actually stand on your paddleboard.

Firstly, you need to find a spot that has calm and flat water. Place your board on the water, get into a kneeling position and then take a few strokes on each side.

Once you are moving, stand up one foot at a time, your feet placed shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing towards the nose of the board. Keep your knees slightly bent and keep your weight centered over the board.

How To Grip The Paddle

In terms of the paddle, make sure that you are gripping the top with one hand – your left hand if you are paddling from the right, and vice versa.

With your other hand, hold the paddle around waist height – or at least shoulder width apart to ensure you have power in your stroke.

How To Use Your Paddle

Make sure that, when you are using your paddle, the blade is bent away from your body. This will allow you to get good speed and optimal tracking.

Your paddle should also be perpendicular to the board and not at an angle.

Make sure you cover the entire blade in the water and take a long, intense stroke – using all of the power in your back muscles or upper arms.

Catch Your Bearings

paddleboarding group

Balance is another issue that you will have to conquer.

Make sure to try out balancing exercises so you know exactly how good your coordination is and that you’re ready for the water.

When you’re on the board itself, make sure that your toes are always pointing towards the front and your feet are spread shoulder-width apart.

In other words, do not form a surfing stance, as this will make it harder to gain speed and even harder to remain dry!

Lastly, remember to use a board leash so that – if you do fall off – you won’t be separated from the board itself.

After all, the company you have rented from will likely want their paddleboard back by the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

Standup Paddleboarding Ocean

Paddleboarding, a thrilling water sport, is a universal activity that people of all ages and abilities can relish.

Equipped with the proper gear, finesse, and attitude, one can effortlessly transform into a pro.

So, why not incorporate paddleboarding into your vacation plans?

Don’t forget to share your unforgettable escapades with us as well.

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