Why Is Everyone Moving to Tampa? Top 10 Surprising Reasons

Moving to Tampa

Tampa is one of the most populated areas in Florida, and the population numbers are on the rise. So, why is this? Is Tampa really such a great city, or is there something more to this irresistible attraction?

Here are a few reasons why more people are expected to move to Tampa in the near future and why you should consider this as well.

1. The Job Market

City of tampa Florida

One of the main reasons behind the Tampa population’s steady increase during the last few years is the arrival of several Fortune 1,000 companies, such as TECO Energy and Publix Super Markets.

By opening local stores and offices, these big companies created great opportunities for young professionals looking for reliable jobs. Of course, the scenery and overall feel of a Florida city didn’t hurt either.

2. Easy to Get Around

Tampa is one of the most walkable cities in the US due to its reliable public transportation system and Bayshore Boulevard, which is the world’s longest continuous sidewalk.

Plus, if you want to travel throughout the state or the country, you have access to Amtrak trains.

3. The Weather is Nice

tampa bay

If you don’t like the cold, then Tampa is one of the best locations you could consider for putting down roots.

The climate is specific to humid subtropical areas and fosters lush vegetation such as coconut trees and palms. The winters are dry, but it doesn’t get too cold, so you can continue doing your favorite outdoor activities.

4. Great for Physical Activity

Tampa is one of the most active cities in the country due to an abundance of sports facilities, jogging trails, gyms, and fitness clubs. Plus, you can practice a variety of water sports, such as kayaking and canoeing.

But if you do, don’t be surprised if you’ll see an alligator or two lazing around in the sun.

Of course, the warm weather is a perfect motivator for staying active outdoors, but people here love sports.

5. Lots of Options for Fun

Unless you are extremely picky when it comes to fun, it can be quite difficult to get bored in Tampa.

That’s because there are lots of amusement parks, adventure areas, aquariums, and other incredible opportunities to enjoy over the weekend or a free afternoon.

Plus, you can have fun by yourself if your friends or loved ones are busy and can’t accompany you. Also, the city has several festivals and events that attract tourists from all over the US.

In short, there’s no shortage of fun things to do!

6. Low Taxes

You would think that a place as dreamy as this comes at a high cost of living, but surprisingly, Tampa is a great location for apartment renters and people on an average income.

First, in Florida, there’s no state income tax or estate tax, and the combined tax rate for Tampa is 8.5%.

So, you can actually get a good apartment in a dreamy location without having to sell a kidney to pay the rent. Plus, there are other factors, such as economic stability and a well-developed real estate market, that attract people like crazy.

If you want to know more, make sure to read PrimeStreet’s ultimate guide on moving to Tampa.

7. The Perfect Sunbathing Experience

Tampa beach United States

If you’re in Florida, you can’t forget about the amazing beaches that await locals and tourists alike. Plus, due to the great weather, almost any day of the year can be a beach day!

Tampa is home to some of the most popular beaches in the state (such as Davis Island Beach), so whenever you feel like having a bit of fun in a non-formal setting, you can head towards the ocean.

And when you get tired of dancing and talking, you can simply admire the astonishing views.

8. Culture & Nightlife

Besides the outdoor activities and parties on the beach, Tampa has a plethora of venues and theaters where art is welcome.

You can enjoy a play at two of the most famous theaters in the area (Gorilla Theatre and Tampa Theatre) or visit one of the many museums for science, art, or history (among others).

In terms of nightlife, there are various Tampa neighborhoods that come alive during the night. Try visiting Channelside and Ybor City and experience what Tampa nightlife looks like!

9. Good Food

The Tampa dining scene is defined by a melting pot of cuisines dominated by Latin dishes and spices.

Here, you can try authentic Cuban, Spanish, or Italian cuisine anytime you want, but you’ll also find French and Asian restaurants.

10. Access to Education

Leaving aside the multitude of options for superior education, Tampa’s public schools are some of the best in the state.

Plus, the private education sector is just as well-developed, so parents have plenty of choices when deciding on their offspring’s future path.

In Summary

Tampa City Skyline

Tampa is a great place for young professionals, families, and students who enjoy physical activity, spending time outdoors, and warm weather.

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