Airline Carry-on Luggage Size Guide

Airline Carry On Luggage Size Restrictions

Finally, things are easing off after the pandemic. The restrictions on travel, domestic or international, dampened our dreams of travel last year. But now, everything is improving with the introduction of the vaccine. People are looking forward to a holiday soon.

Are you keen to pack your bags and go off on the long-awaited trip?

It is always smart to be prepared and be aware of the rules the airline companies set. Rules vary depending on the airlines you choose and your destination. It also depends on the size of the aircraft that you will be traveling in.

The domestic and international airlines have their own set of rules about the luggage allowance. But some of these are similar, and we will tell you about these first. Read on to know about how much stuff you can carry with you. The rules for check-in baggage are different.

However, here are some guidelines for carry-on luggage. We can make things easy for you by bringing all the information that you will need regarding luggage to avoid last-minute charges and repacking at the airport. You will be ready when the travel window opens for you.

Carry-on Luggage: Allowed Dimensions 

The first aspect is the size of the carry-on luggage. Every passenger can carry a carry-on bag along with them. The bag should ideally be smaller than 22” x 9” x 15”. Though some airlines insist on bags that are smaller than 21” x 8” x 14”. If you travel often using different airlines, then it is best to stick to the 21” size of the bag.

This rule applies to both domestic and international airlines. It will also help you to carry your bag around easily without the help of a trolley. It will also fit into the luggage compartment, overhead bins, and even below the seat in front of you. Remember, the bin lid should close properly even after all the bags have been put in, and that is why the airlines insist on these dimensions.

If the bag does not fit in the allotted space, you may have to keep it with the check-in baggage. This way, you will be forced to pay extra for the excess weight as it is bound to exceed the permissible limit.

The Weight Limit Is Important  

There are no weight restrictions in some domestic airlines like Delta, Southwest, etc. Most of the time, the airlines and their staff are lenient enough to allow passengers to carry a little extra weight or a small heavy bag, as long as it fits in the overhead storage bin. However, small airline companies and smaller aircraft may be strict about it, as their loading capacity is less, and each cabin bag adds weight to their payload.

What Can You Take Along? 

The contents of the carry-on baggage are also significant and are allowed according to rules. Most airlines follow the same protocols when it comes to the contents of the bag. The following items are prohibited from being carried in the carry-on baggage. You can keep these things in the check-in baggage instead.

  1. Lithium batteries
  2. Flammable articles
  3. Pointed and sharp objects, like knives and scissors
  4. Containers with liquids, creams or oils, or even liquid soaps larger than 3.4 ounces.
  5. Firearms

Ensure that you follow this list and check again at the time of printing your boarding pass for any newly added items to the prohibited list. You would not want to throw away any item or get rid of the same at the airport at the last minute.

What size is carry-on luggage

You Can Take A Personal Item Along with The Baggage 

Most airlines allow a personal item along with the cabin baggage, such as a laptop bag. Women are allowed to carry a small handbag apart from their laptop bags. These are not included in the baggage allowance, weight-wise nor dimension-wise.

But it has to be smaller than the carry-on luggage. You cannot have a huge bag, bigger than the cabin bag, as your personal item. But wedding gowns, suits, musical instruments, strollers, walking sticks, and such personal items can be brought along separately and will be allowed on board.

Points to Check Before Buying A Carry-on Bag 

You can choose from a wide variety of bags available in the market. You do not have to buy an expensive bag if you do not travel often. You can buy a soft bag if it suits your needs as it will be lighter and will fit in the overhead compartment easily. But a hard suitcase will be safer if you carry it more often and have fragile items. Choose two-wheel or four-wheel luggage depending on your physical ability to push the bag around. Ultimately, you will have to choose one which you can put up in the top cabin.

US Domestic Airlines And International Airlines Size Restriction

US Domestic Airlines Carry On Size Restriction

There are some more interesting aspects that you should know before buying a heavy carry-on bag.

  1. Some budget airlines may allow a carry-on bag only against payment.
  2. Due to the prevailing situation of Covid-19, you will find many restrictions regarding items that can be carried in the cabin.
  3. The premium passengers or frequent fliers may be allowed more baggage allowance.
  4. There are medicines and medical equipment that you may need permission to carry with you.
  5. For sports equipment and special devices like mobility scooters and others, you may need special permission.

Carry-on luggage is an excellent option for flyers who want to access some personal items during the journey. There may be a delay in getting your check-in baggage from the luggage belts at the exit, but cabin bags are always with you. You can carry valuable items and documents in it to keep them safe. But ensure to visit the official website of the chosen airline to see if rules have changed before checking in. This will save you from any embarrassment at the airport, and you can avoid paying extra fees for excess baggage.

Bon Voyage!

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