Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly in 2024?

is spirit airlines safe

If you have clicked on this topic, that means you are in a dilemma as many other people.

The dilemma of whether such a low-cost carrier can provide optimum safety or not.

The recent trend of the idea is that price and safety are correlated. Not false though, yet not true always.

Instead of believing in memes, jokes, and trolls, it is time you do some serious research on whether Spirit Airline is suitable for flight or not.

How Do You Judge an Airline?

spirit airlines safety record

The answer is by looking at records.

Statistics and records have much to reveal about Spirit Airlines, and the fundamental of which is that: They are safe to fly just like any other airline.

Simply because this particular airline charges less does not imply that they compromise with passenger safety.

  • Sprit Airline has a legit FAA certification, and hence it is pretty clear that it must have passed safety standards.
  • Records of Spirit Airlines indicate that since their first flight in 1992, they have faced zero crashes. This is probably the most important factor and can assure the customers to a large extent.
  • You must know that US Airlines, in general, record negligible to nil crash records as reported by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
  • Statistics show that Spirit flights arrive on-time more often than some other major airlines.
  • The fleet of Spirit Airlines holds a good record for being safe. In general, there are four fleet variants in Spirit Airlines. They are namely: Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321-200. Out of these, A319 and A320 are the best in terms of passenger safety. Not that the others are poor, but the two have a transparent record.
  • Updated technology and the use of the latest machinery and technology for all their flights is one of the crucial characteristics of Airbus. This makes the Spirit Airlines flight much more reliable not only in terms of service but also for the safety of passengers. Regular upgrades of the fleet parts are credible to make the airlines safe to fly.

They Use Modern Fleets

Here are few exclusive characteristics of the Spirit Airlines Fleet:

  • Spirit Airlines no longer uses the MacDonnell Douglas DC or MD variety.
  • The new aircraft that Spirit uses are all of the Airbus series.
  • Airbus series is one of the best aircraft bodies in the world and features the technologically advanced narrow streamlined body type.
  • Spirit Airlines keep on upgrading their aircraft bodies, and you would not find any old body aircraft being used at Spirit.

Needless to re-emphasize that all these indicate Spirit takes utmost care of passenger safety and ensures it rigorously through the best technology.

They Passed FAA Certification

Spirit Airlines is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and hence can be considered safe.

Yes, there is also multiple news that FAA has fined it numerous times due to various maintenance issues and improperly bumped passengers.

However, Spirit has hardly recorded a fatal or significant accident in the past two decades of operation.

It is also true that Spirit Airlines has faced multiple allegations for the maintenance issues like improper display and conveyance of safety information to passengers. Other than this, there have not been any life-threatening issues for Spirit flights.

How Is Spirit Airlines Offering Travel So Cheap?

One question that must have hit your mind a hundred times by now is that, how can cheap and safe go parallelly?

While other airlines are selling their tickets at such high prices, how can Spirit Airlines offer such cheap services that ensure passenger safety? So, here are some major reasons why Spirit Airlines can keep its flight fare low instead.

The answer is High Ancillary Revenues.

They primarily operate single-type fleets. These fleets are easy to maintain and involve low maintenance costs.

Many services like free drinks and food are not available on Spirit Airlines. This lowers the ticket cost. The airline instead believes in offering fully functional transportation services at bare minimum charges that can be affordable for all.

The base ticket price of Spirit Airline is minimum.

However, all the other services are chargeable. Everything is additionally charged, from the onboard sale of food and drinks to the money charged for checked bags, which keeps the profit or revenue turnover of Spirit Airlines almost the same as other lines. However, they keep their base fare minimum.

Some people may have complained about their bad experiences.

The main reason why so many people are dissatisfied with Spirit flight is basically because of these extra charges on services and not compromise safety. Statistics, history, and proofs are very much in favor of the Airlines. However, the unavailability of free food, drinks, in-flight entertainment, cramped legroom, and charging basic services like large carry-on bags and luggage checks is what makes the customers mad at them.

Spirit Airlines Bad Reputations

Spirit Airlines Good Reputations

So…Is Spirit Airlines Good?

Is Spirit Airlines safe to fly?

Many have also complained that the flight was uncomfortable during turbulence, but that is a vague allegation and must not be used as a parameter to judge overall passenger safety.

The truth is, turbulence on aircraft due to bad weather is not a fault of the airline or the pilot. Instead, it is a very common phenomenon that any plane can run into.

You can find a good amount of Spirit Airlines’ safety records. The punctuality of the airlines is commendable. Statistics also reveal that there is hardly any luggage loss or commutation problems when flying through Spirit Airlines.

Are Flights With Spirit Airlines Safe During the COVID-19 Period?

Yes, it is. According to Spirit Airlines, the combination of routine cleaning, face-mask requirements, and advanced air filtration system make flying safer than other regular activities.

Final Verdict


Flying on Spirit Airlines is as safe as it can be, just like flying on any other airline.

The one issue with Spirit aircraft is the lack of enough space between the seats that may cause some inconvenience for long sitting hours.

However, when it comes to Spirit Airlines’ safety or timekeeping, flying Spirit performs better than most other Airlines.

Also, the latest technology and best Airbus used at Spirit makes customer journey better.

All you have to ensure before flying with Spirit is that, read all the terms and clauses.

As mentioned earlier, they charge extra for almost every single service they provide other than the commutation. So, it is better to check out the terms to not get surprised at any random cost.

You should fly Spirit Airlines if…

  • The amenities are not necessary: If your trip is short and when traveling light is key, flying Spirit Airlines is the way to go.
  • You’re an independent traveler and can take care of yourself: This is your time to shine, and I’m not just referring to the sun. You should be able to take charge of every aspect, from booking flights on the Spirit Airlines website online or printing out boarding passes at home with ease. The fine print on these tickets may also have more secrets than usual. If you’ve never traveled before, consider one of these legacy carriers: Delta, American, United Airlines, etc.
  • Short-term comfort takes a back seat to budget: Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that can get you from point A to B for less money. Obviously, with flights at such low prices, the safety and comfort of Spirit’s flights are frequently questioned. The next time your budget is feeling tight, don’t forget about Spirit. If you’re enthusiastic about saving money and sacrificing immediate comfort for a longer-term advantage of having more cash in your pocket, Spirit is the airline to fly.
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