10 Best Luggage Tags for Travelers: Stop Your Suitcase from Getting Lost!

best luggage tags

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare: you’re at the baggage claim, and your suitcase is nowhere to be found. It could be anywhere in the airport – or worse, on a different plane altogether!

But don’t worry, with one of these best luggage tags made for travelers secured to the luggage, it would eventually return to you.

Best of all? These tags are stylish, durable, and come in a variety of colors to suit any taste. You can also now easily identify your bag amidst the sea of boring black suitcases meandering around an endless baggage carousel.

Product Comparison (Top 10)

Ready? Here are our picks of the best luggage tags:

1. Best Overall Luggage Tag

Cowdiy Colorful Patterns Leather Luggage Tag with Full Back Privacy Flap

Cowdiy Colorful Patterns Leather Luggage Tag

10 Best Luggage Tags for Travelers: Stop Your Suitcase from Getting Lost! 1

Cowdiy is a stylish design luggage tag. It can be used with various luggage sizes, such as handbags, backpacks, suitcases, etc. The stainless steel ring on the top can keep your suitcase and label securely closed. You can add your name, address, and phone number on the back of the paper to make it easier for you to find your bag in case it gets lost or misplaced at the airport baggage claim area or anywhere else.

Easy to attach and remove without any tools required. Made of high-quality PU leather for extra durability. Of course, if you are buying this tag, you must be attracted to the over 20 colorful designs from Rainbow Tie Dye, Beautiful Scenery, to Cute Alpaca!

2. Best Designer Luggage Tag

Prada Banana Printed Saffiano Leather Name Tag with Iconic Prada Motif

Prada Banana Printed

The iconic Prada design is now available in a luxurious and practical leather luggage tag. With this name tag, you can be the talk of your group with its yellow-black banana print that shines like gold at the baggage carousel!

This personalized statement piece comes complete with an authenticity card from Italy- where it’s made – ensuring quality construction as all materials used meet the highest standards. Because it is packaged in a Prada box, it makes a great gift too.

3. Best Smart Luggage Tag

Dynotag Sentry Web Enabled Smart Luggage ID Tag

Dynotag Sentry Web

If you want peace of mind, then buy this Dynotag Sentry Web Enabled Smart Luggage Tag. It protects against identity theft. You will feel safe with it because it sets up easily and protects your gear with a lifetime warranty.

You don’t even need to download an app; just go to their website using any web browser on PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet to setup and track it. Dynotags are tough and need no batteries or electronics. They work anywhere with an internet connection.

When someone scans the unique QR code, it informs you where and when it was scanned, making this smart luggage tag a must-have travel accessory to recover lost items.

4. Best Leather Luggage Tag

Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Case Tags

Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Case Tags

With more than 20 colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect tag for any bag. These luggage tags from Travelambo will transform your carry-on or checked luggage into something unique and eye-catching.

Easily attach this polyurethane leather eco-friendly tag to your suitcase using the soft but durable leather strap. This travel tag is perfect for those who want to keep their personal details safe.

Not only does it come with a discreet privacy flap, but it comes with an impressively strong stainless steel buckle for when you need extra security and peace of mind knowing it won’t come off without some effort.

Besides looking classy, buying a leather luggage tag means that it won’t scratch your luggage’s outer hard plastic shell.

5. Best Silicone Luggage Tag

Untethered Silicone Luggage Tag Set with Partial Privacy Cover

Untethered Silicone Luggage Tag Set

A great way to spot your luggage at the baggage claim is through the use of a bright green luggage tag. The unique-looking Untethered Silicone Luggage Tag provides a partial privacy cover, ensuring that your personal information is kept private from prying eyes.

Since this luggage tag is entirely made of silicone, it won’t damage your bags. Silicone is an excellent material for applications that need to withstand high temperatures or low ones. It can be trusted because it has good mechanical properties, like being flexible and low compression, making it durable and long-lasting.

Not only that, the reinforced stainless steel grommet ensures that the wire loops will not break easily. Take advantage of the four tags that come in this convenient pack for your carry-on, suitcase, backpack, and handbag. They’re also perfect for traveling with kids or for families.

6. Best Metal Luggage Tag

Talontag Stainless Steel Luggage Tag Set

Talontag Stainless Steel Luggage Tag Set

There is no substitute for a luggage tag made of stainless steel, and the Talonport Privacy Stainless Steel Luggage Tag certainly lives up to expectations. Its robust construction surpasses tags made from plastic, leather, or silicone, while its sleek and stylish red stripe design is a clear and distinct way to identify your bag when it hits the baggage carousel.

Additionally, a black leather and metal loop is included, giving you options to match your bag style. Don’t hesitate. The Talonport Stainless Steel Luggage Tag is no doubt a long-lasting option that will withstand any adventure.

7. Best Clearly Visible Luggage Tag

Shackle Initial Luggage Tag with Full Privacy Cover

Shackle Initial Luggage Tag

The Shacke Initial Luggage Tag is the perfect way to keep your bags organized and easy to spot. With an intimidating large initial on it, this tag will ensure that all eyes are drawn inwards while scrolling through the baggage claim at any busy international terminal where lost luggage can happen!

Its metal woven straps and thick rubber-made tag can withstand all sorts of baggage handling processes with ease, never needing replacement or repair due to snagging on anything in your suitcase. Get it in Orange/White or Black/Red options.

8. Best Luggage Tag for Cat Lover

Kate Spade New York Silicone Black Cat Luggage Tag

Kate Spade New York Silicone Black Cat

The Kate Spade New York luxury black cat luggage tag is made of a black silicone material and has the shape of a cat. The tag includes protective plastic to show identification information on one side of the paper insert. There is also a strap for securing the luggage tag that will keep it attached to your bag.

Whether you carry a suitcase, a backpack, or a purse, you can attach the tag easily. You will receive a lot of compliments when you have this adorable Kate Spade luggage tag. The only concern is that someone might snag it off your bag out of sheer cuteness!

9. Best Luggage Tag for Kids

American Tourister Disney Luggage Tag

American Tourister Disney Luggage Tag

The American Tourister Luggage ID Tags are an outstanding product with a quality set of features. The cute tags are rubber molded and have a classic Disney character on all of them, making them suitable for both kids and adults! You can choose from designs like Cheshire Cat, Cinderella Slipper, Mickie and Minnie Mouse, and more.

There is also an insert behind the tags that will hold an ID card to write your contact information. The tags work well on any size luggage strap to make sure that they are secure while traveling. At only 1 pound, this is extremely lightweight and weigh less than many similar products on the market.

10. Best Cruise Luggage Tag

Highwind Cruise Luggage Tag Holder for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise

Highwind Cruise Luggage Tag

Do you know what’s flimsy? Paper tags for your luggage when you go on a cruise. They fall apart easily and won’t last long when they are in contact with water or rubbing against other bags, so if you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan, you need Highwind Luggage Tag Holders.

Highwind tag holders are made for the Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise. Extra-strong stainless steel braids are used, which prevent tags from detaching. To use, simply print out your etags from your cruise line confirmation email, slip them into the protectors, zip up the top, then tie them to your bag with the included metal ties. They are now protected against rain and falling out of the bags.

These are sold in packs of four or eight, which is a great value. It does not matter if you are traveling to the Bahamas or Rome. Never lose your cruise luggage tags again!

Honorable Mention

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Primary made to track the location of a vehicle, the LanAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is also excellent to track the movement of your luggage. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker keeps you up-to-date on the location and activity of your belongings with real-time monitoring.

This device offers customizable settings for alerts, including proximity notifications as well as text or email updates about its movements straight from your computer. Bear in mind that while no additional accessories are required since it comes with a SIM card, there is a monthly fee involved. Cellular data is transmitted to ping the tracker every 3 minutes through 4G and satellite technology.

This product is a must for travelers who have had experience losing their luggage. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your bags will be found instantly is priceless, especially when you’re in an airport and surrounded by anxious crowds!

Honorable Mention 2

DELUXY Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags and Passport Holder Set

Why not give the bride and groom something that will actually be used? This is an unusual yet practical gift for newlyweds. With DELUXY Mr. and Mrs. Travel Luggage Tags, you can quickly secure your tags to your luggage using a sturdy buckle. The super cute tags are made from premium crosshatch cruelty-free vegan leather and come with passport holders and a pen in a matching design.

How to Choose a Good Luggage Tag

leather luggage tags

1. Types of Luggage Tags


These traditional luggage tags are the most common style. They usually have a card insert to write your contact information and come with either straps or loops for attaching it onto bag handles or zippers.

In addition, they also come with an exterior covering if you don’t want people seeing what’s written on them when passing through airport security checkpoints. These tags are made from silicone, leather, metal, or plastics, etc.


Today, a single web-enabled luggage tag can link to your bag through an app on either mobile or desktop. This makes it easy for you to track the location of all of its contents when they are away from you, thanks to some clever features including QR codes that will provide crucial information like contact info should someone find them, and enable instant notifications if anything happens with any item inside.

Smart luggage tags are usually made in metal for extra durability. Another smart option is the GPS tracker. It is a small device that can track your luggage in real-time to know if it has gone missing. This type of tracking does not provide contact information but instead lets you know where precisely the bag went off-track.


A personalized luggage tag is a great way to make your trip easier and more exciting. You can use any initials, last name, or words that you want on the tag, so it’s guaranteed no one else will have the same one as yours.

Online marketplaces like ETSY.com offer customized engraved lettering and text colors. Custom tags may be more pricey due to being made with premium quality leather that’s handcrafted just for you.

Kids Luggage Tags

If you are buying luggage tags for your kids, make sure to choose child-friendly ones as they are likely to be plastic and have no sharp edges that could cut a child’s hand. And these tags typically feature adorable cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, or Pokemon.

baggage claim

2. Easy to Spot

Will your luggage be lost among the others? The answer to this question is essential, especially if you want it back. Tags should be visible enough for people in airport terminals or on-the-go travelers so that they can easily find their items when searching through a pile of bags at baggage claim.

For example, brightly colored tags like neon green are easier to distinguish from other pieces than ones without any markings at all. Oversized tags are also another great way to be able to spot from afar.

3. Durability

It matters not whether you adhere a “delicate” sticker to your suitcase or not. Baggage agents may not be gentle when transporting pieces of luggage around as they need to meet a strict schedule. With so much abuse that luggage takes on its way from point A (check-in) to B (collection), we recommend a luggage tag that can hold up to the wear and tear.

Luggage tags are often made of durable materials such as stainless steel, leather, or rubber, which can withstand conditions like humidity and temperature. Leather is a popular choice due to its sophisticated look, but it will break down more quickly in hot, humid weather.

When choosing between these main types of materials, there are also more specific details like whether durability matters most versus waterproofing abilities under different weather conditions such as rainstorms.

4. Security

There’s no point in having a luggage tag if it doesn’t secure well onto your luggage. Therefore, pay attention to the way the tag attaches to your bag, as well as the material used for the attachment. To make the luggage tag cords stay in place securely, you’ll need to know how they attach. The attachment method for luggage tags can vary from brand to brand, so ensure you understand that before buying yours.

FAQs About Luggage Tags

luggage tag

Where Is the Best Place to Put Your Luggage Tag?

The best place to attach luggage tags is usually on zippers. If you put them anywhere else, like handles or straps of your bag, they will always be in the way when carrying it and make things difficult for yourself.

Should You Put Luggage Tag on Carry On?

It is a good idea to attach luggage tags to both carry-on and checked suitcases. This way, if any bag goes missing or gets lost in transit, you’ll know what baggage belongs with which flight so that it can be fast-tracked back home without too much hassle.

What to Put on a Luggage Tag?

  • When you buy a new non-digital luggage tag for your bag, don’t just write in the name of who it belongs to. Make sure you include your email address and phone number so you may be reached quickly if anything happens. Also, add flight details to the luggage tag that will be attached to carry-on luggage. Most importantly, all information should be written in a way that is easy to read and understand.
  • Lately, more and more people are choosing to use digital luggage tags instead of the traditional paper ones as they can be tracked securely with their smartphone’s app. Airports can also scan your information on these pieces, so you know exactly where they are in security when needed.
  • Tags on children’s luggage should have their parents’ names, travel route information, emergency contact numbers so they can be reunited in events of separation.

What Not to Put on a Luggage Tag?

  • You should avoid having your home address displayed on the outside of luggage to reduce the likelihood of a house burglary while you are away. Rather than listing your personal home address, you can put your work address in.
  • It’s important to stay anonymous while traveling, so avoid luggage tags with anything that could identify your nationality. This includes flags on them or any other symbols whose meaning may be known by others in the area you are visiting.
  • For children’s luggage tags, do not write your child’s name on them as a security precaution.

Do Luggage Tags Work?

The history of the luggage tag is as old and interesting as time itself. They were first used to prove you paid for your ticket before boarding a train.

Nowadays, luggage tags continue to be an important part of travel. They allow airlines to track luggage, preventing suitcases from getting lost or stolen in flight and increasing passenger safety by ensuring their belongings won’t end up missing when arriving at their destination.

Modern luggage tags have been revolutionized by the use of new technology. With GPS tracking, Bluetooth, and mobile app capabilities, travelers will never be without their belongings again.

Can You Have a Metal Luggage Tag?

Since luggage locks and fasteners are metal, metal luggage tags are not an issue either. They are typically more durable than plastics or leather ones which could break or tear more easily.

Are Luggage Tags Worth It?

Luggage tags are a must-have for all your baggage while traveling!

They provide peace of mind and help avoid potential hassles with lost luggage, especially if you’re flying or using any other mode of transportation where other people will handle it. You can find a luggage tag for under $10, so it’s a cheap investment to ensure that your bags will always be identifiable.

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