Cruise 101: Things You Should NEVER Do on a Cruise

Things not to do on a cruise

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you should know a few things before setting sail. For starters, cruises are all-inclusive vacation packages, which means you’ll have access to various activities and amenities.

However, there are also a few things that you should never do on a cruise . Here are the top things to avoid:

DON’T be late to board

cruise boarding

I’m sure you’ve seen at least one person running to the ship just as it pulled away from the dock. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s definitely not something that you want to happen to you. So, how can you avoid being that person?

For starters, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the port. Cruise ships are typically scheduled to depart at a specific time, and they generally don’t wait for stragglers. If you’re running late, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to board the ship.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the boarding process can take a while. Even if you’re at the port well in advance of the ship’s departure, you may still find yourself waiting in line to board. So, don’t wait until the last minute to get in line.

Finally, ensure that you have all your documents in order before you get in line to board. If you’re missing any required paperwork, it could hold up the entire boarding process. By taking care of these things in advance, you can avoid being the last person to board the ship.

DON’T overeat on cruise

Cruises are a great way to see the world and have a ton of fun, but one mistake many people make is eating all day long. While the food on a cruise ship is usually pretty good, eating all day can really ruin your vacation.

You’ve probably heard all the horror stories about getting sick on cruise ships. But did you know that one of the best ways to avoid getting sick is to not eat all day?

That’s right, by avoiding overeating, you can minimize your chances of getting sick. Granted, you’ll probably be hungry by the end of the day, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, not only will you end up gaining weight, but you’ll also feel sluggish and tired all the time.

Instead of grazing all day long, try to stick to three main meals. This will help you stay energized and enjoy your cruise much more.

DON’T rely on Wi-Fi

The idea of a cruise ship is romantic. You get to travel to different ports, enjoy the onboard amenities, and relax without having to worry about daily life.

However, one thing you should not expect on a cruise ship is a reliable Wi-Fi connection. While most cruises will have some form of Wi-Fi available, it is often slow and unreliable.

Additionally, the high cost of internet access on a cruise ship can be prohibitive for many passengers.

As a result, it is important to be aware that you may not be able to rely on Wi-Fi during your cruise. Instead, enjoy the opportunity to disconnect from the world and relax in the company of your fellow passengers.

DON’T discard anything overboard

It might seem tempting to throw something overboard on a cruise ship, whether it’s a piece of trash or something more personal.

However, there are good reasons to resist the urge. First of all, it’s important to remember that the ocean is not a garbage dump. Littering is harmful to wildlife and can damage delicate ecosystems.

In addition, anything thrown overboard is likely to end up back on the ship. Waves and currents can carry debris back to the vessel, where it can damage the ship’s hull or propellers or injure someone.

Finally, throwing something overboard is actually against the law. Most cruise lines have strict policies against littering, and violators can be subject to steep fines.

So next time you’re tempted to toss something overboard, think twice – it’s not worth the hassle or the environmental damage.

DON’T overpack

Cruise 101: Things You Should NEVER Do on a Cruise 1

There’s nothing worse than being on a cruise ship and realizing you’ve packed way too much. Not only is it a pain to lug around all your stuff, but it can also be really inconvenient if you’re trying to find something and your cabin is crammed full of boxes.

And if you’re planning on exploring the ports of call, you’ll want to travel light so you can move around easily.

So what should you pack?

First, consult the cruise line’s website for their luggage policies. Then, make a list of the essentials: clothes, toiletries, medications, etc. Once you’ve packed the basics, you can add in a few extras like books and snacks. But remember: less is more when it comes to cruising. Then, take a close look at the list and see if there’s anything you can live without. For example, do you really need five pairs of shoes?

Second, take advantage of the ship’s laundry service. Most cruises offer laundry service for an additional fee, so you don’t need to pack enough clothes for the entire trip.

Third, remember that you can always buy things on board if you forget something. The ship’s stores will have everything you need, so there’s no need to overpack.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid packing too much for your next cruise and enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

DON’T assume that you won’t get seasick

I get a lot of questions about how I deal with seasickness on cruises.

The answer is easy: I don’t get seasick.

In fact, I’ve never even felt the slightest bit queasy on a cruise ship. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take precautions. I always make sure to bring along a supply of Ginger Chews, just in case.

And if the weather is looking particularly rough, I’ll take a Dramamine before boarding the ship. But for the most part, I don’t think about seasickness at all. I just enjoy the ride.

But not everyone is so lucky.

I’ve seen plenty of people succumb to seasickness on cruises, and it’s not a pretty sight.

If you’re prone to motion sickness, don’t assume that you’ll be fine just because you’re on a ship.

The best way to avoid seasickness is to be prepared. Pack some medication just in case, and stay hydrated and well-rested.

And if you do start to feel nauseous, try to stay calm and focus on the horizon.

With a little preparation, you can enjoy your cruise without fear of getting seasick. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to seasickness. Trust me, you don’t want to spend your vacation confined to your cabin!

DON’T enter areas that are only accessible to crew members

Ship crew members area

It can be tempting to explore all areas of the ship when you’re on a cruise, but it’s essential to respect the crew-only areas.

These areas are off-limits for a reason – they may be dangerous or could interfere with the smooth operation of the ship.

Plus, the crew members who work in these areas are usually very busy and don’t have time to deal with passengers who are exploring where they shouldn’t be.

If you want to enjoy your cruise and stay safe, it’s best to stick to the passenger areas and leave the crew-only areas alone.

DON’T steal a deck chair

Sun beds Deck Chairs

I was on a cruise recently and saw somebody steal a sunbed. It was early in the morning, and all sunbeds on the decks were taken, so this guy just decided to take one that someone had left for a few minutes.

I was so angry. I mean, how rude is that?

If you’re on a cruise and can’t find a sunbed, just wait until one becomes available. Don’t steal someone else’s. That’s not right.

Not only will you be risking getting caught and thrown off the ship, but you’ll also be ruining your vacation.

Sunbeds are there for everyone to enjoy, so be considerate and take turns.

If you really want to guarantee yourself a sunbed, book one in advance. Many cruises offer this service, so take advantage of it and relax in the knowledge that you won’t have to fight for a spot by the pool.

DON’T forget to sign up your kids for cruise line kids’ clubs

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a cruise vacation, but don’t forget to enroll your kids in the kids’ club!

Most cruise lines offer supervised activities for children of all ages, so your kids can enjoy some time on their own while you relax and enjoy the ship.

Kids’ clubs typically offer age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, games, movies, and more. Some clubs even have pools and playgrounds.

Best of all, most kids’ clubs are free of charge! So be sure to ask about the kids’ club when planning your next cruise vacation.

DON’T forget to wash or sanitize your hands

Sanitize hands

With all the recent news about cruise ship outbreaks of illnesses, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are washing and sanitizing your hands regularly while on a cruise.

There are many people in close quarters on a cruise ship, and germs can spread quickly. The last thing you want is to come home from your vacation sick.

Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

Avoid touching your face, and don’t forget to clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.

And if you’re sick, it’s best to stay in your room and away from others.

Taking these simple precautions can help keep yourself healthy and safe while enjoying your cruise.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re the best planner in the world, something will go wrong on your cruise.

But that’s okay!

Just relax and enjoy yourself. You’ll have a great time if you don’t do any of these things.

So what are you waiting for? Book your cruise today!

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