10 Best Festive Hotels in the U.S for a Unique Christmas Experience

best christmas hotels

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and celebrations. And when it comes to celebrating the season, nothing can compare to staying in one of these 10 festive hotels !

With over-the-top decor and holiday experiences that will make you feel like you’ve stepped right into Christmas Town, each hotel offers something different for every member of your family.

From meeting Santa Clause in his actual house to watching ice skaters perform on an outdoor rink while sitting at a cozy fireside lounge with cocoa in hand, there is no shortage of festive fun to be had this year.

The Roosevelt New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Roosevelt New Orleans is a luxury hotel with a long history. The object started accepting guests in 1893. There are 504 rooms of different sizes. 

These might be appropriate for individuals, couples, and families, depending on the number of beds. The Roosevelt New Orleans is a popular location during Christmas and New Year. The charming decoration, unique interior, and engaging events attract the attention of many guests.  

The Resort at Paws Up, Greenough, Montana

The Resort at Paws Up offers attractive Christmas packages for their guests. The accommodation in stylish rooms, all daily meals, nonalcoholic drinks, beer, different sorts of wine, Christmas tree, and Santa visit are part of the offer. Kids always enjoy such ceremonies, but there is even a lot more to do and explore in this national park. 

Disney World Wilderness Lodge, Orlando, Florida

Disney World Wilderness Lodge is a hotel with exceptional interior and fascinating Christmas decorations. All would probably enjoy spending this holiday at that location, and it is indeed a remarkable opportunity. 

The hotel is great for families with kids. But others can have an amazing time there too. The decorations, Christmas trees, and music are unique and special, so the hotel provides an unforgettable holiday experience. 

The Langham, Chicago, Illinois

The Langham offers great Christmas packages, and these certainly attract the attention of many. Luxury guest rooms, two cocktails, one appetizer, and a $100 breakfast credit for a private kitchen are all part of the offer. 

However, the list does not end there, and you can experience even more. The Langham can organize unforgettable holidays for their guests, and no one should miss such an opportunity. 

Viceroy Snowmass, Snowmass Village, Colorado

Viceroy Snowmass is an excellent hotel surrounded by wonderful snowy nature. The site is big and elegant so that it can provide a lot. The rooms are modern with comfortable and elegant furniture. 

This hotel also owns a ski resort near the object, and you can perform ski sports during your stay. There is also a top-notch restaurant where you can eat various types of high-quality meals. Guests have a chance to select a custom Christmas package suitable to their personal needs. 

Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Riverside, California

Mission Inn Hotel is definitely a great place to spend your time during Christmas. Holiday lights and decorations are both unique and special. 

There are many pieces of such equipment installed all over the hotel, and the sight is breathtaking. Guests are free to come alone or with romantic partners and families. The elegant and luxurious environment is comfortable for all. 

The hotel’s restaurant makes premium food, and guests can drink high-quality wines. Customer services are perfect and available all the time. 

The Edgewater, Madison, Wisconsin

The Edgewater is one more luxury hotel that offers special packages to its guests. They have a chance to stay in elegant and gorgeous rooms, use high-quality spa features, and eat top-notch meals. 

A regular Christmas package includes accommodation for a single night, two breakfasts, decorations in your guest room, and a Christmas tree.

Since the restaurant is open during late evening hours, guests can get other meals there too. They will have to pay for this service additionally, but the experience is definitely worth the money. 

Gaylord Hotel Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee

Gaylord Hotel Opryland organizes unforgettable holiday events. Guests can enjoy performing various activities because this resort offers so much more than some other hotels. 

Gingerbread Decorative Corner is an ideal location for kids. That group of guests can create interesting cookies and even complete homes there. 

The process is quite a simple one. It is just necessary to select an appropriate design option and follow the steps. Parents can get involved in this activity too, and it will be even more interesting that way. 

Kids also like ice tubing, ice skating, and taking photos with Santa. That’s all possible at Gaylord Hotel Opryland, which is still a little part of the Christmas offer. 

Carriage Rides, Parade of Trees, SoundWaves Water Experience, and Kid’s Train Ride are also great activities available for Christmas. And the list does not end there. 

Gaylord Hotel Opryland, therefore, offers a huge package, and guests have a chance to do so many things. It is indeed a remarkable opportunity no one should miss. 

Barnsley Resort, Adairsville, Georgia

Barnsley Resort transforms its objects, gardens, and whole village by adding bright holiday lights and incredible decorations. It happens every Christmas, and it significantly changes the look of the resort. 

The lights and decorations add to the magic of the holiday, and guests typically have a great time in such an environment. Sant is also present at the location during the entire Christmas. Guests can, therefore, take interesting photos for family albums. 

Prices are also pretty low, compared to some other hotels. It is indeed an advantage for many potential guests, and they can reduce the Christmas budget but still have a great holiday. 

The Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

The Drake is a historic hotel placed in a great location in the city of Chicago. The object is 100 years old, and there have been 100 different Christmas celebrations. 

Guests usually enjoy exploring different holiday activities at this place. A Christmas tree, decorations, and lights are all appropriate to this special occasion. They look dazzling at night and add to the holiday spirit of the moment. 

Many famous and important individuals have visited this hotel during its history. Some of them might be present during Christmas there. 


It’s almost time to deck the halls and decorate your home for Christmas.

But if you’re looking for a unique experience this holiday season, then these ten festive hotels should be on your list! From lavish decorations to delicious dining options, each of these hotels offers an unforgettable Christmas experience.

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