10 Best Indoor Stair Lights of 2024

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Short on time?

We recommend the Ring Smart Lighting Steplight or Mr. Beams Battery-Operated Motion-Sensing LED Stair Light as the best indoor stair lights with a reliable motion sensor that are cost-effective.

You may have seen these lights in the mall or other stores.

Indoor stair lights are great for safety, but they can also be used to create an elegant atmosphere.

There are many different types of indoor stair lights that you can find on the market, but not all are created equal. Some use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, while others use LED bulbs which produce more heat-efficient light in your home without generating any unnecessary waste!

The best part? Our selection has handpicked battery-operated and hard-wired models with motion sensors so when darkness falls, they turn off automatically, saving energy.

So, read on to learn more about indoor stair lights and how they could improve your home decor.

Product Comparison

Ready? Here are our top indoor stair lighting reviews:

Best Overall

Ring Smart Lighting Steplight

Ring Smart Lighting Steplight

10 Best Indoor Stair Lights of 2024 1

Do you want to make your home safer?

Ring Smart Lighting Steplight is a battery-powered step light that shines 35 Lumens of bright light. Its motion sensor detects movement and turns on the light automatically, so you never have to fumble for a light switch again.

Plus, it installs in minutes with a wire-free design, making it beautiful and easy to install. You can even use existing screws or nails from your old fixture. This means no more messy wires all over the place – just mount and go! With its sleek design and simple installation process, this product will help keep your home safe without disrupting any pre-existing decorating plans.

The battery life on the device is impressive too. It will last for one year before the battery needs to be replaced.

And since this product is wireless, nothing stops you from putting lights wherever they are needed most – whether on stairs, deck or front porch. No matter where you need extra lighting, Ring Smart Lighting Steplight has got you covered.

Note: Ring offers a wide variety of products designed to make your home more secure and comfortable. The Ring Smart Lighting Starter Kit or Bridge is required for linking multiple devices together, like step lights, alarms, doorbells, security cameras- anything you can think of! Control them through an app on your phone too, so every aspect can be customized just the way you want it.


  • Have a little extra light when you need it
  • Create the perfect lighting for any occasion
  • Quick and easy wire-free installation
  • Many smart features


  • You need to buy another device (Ring Bridge) to work properly 

Best Budget

MAZ-TEK Plug in Motion Sensor Dimmable Night Light

MAZ-TEK Plug in Motion Sensor Dimmable Night Light

You don’t want to turn on the lights every time you walk out of your room, but it’s dark and scary.

We know that walking into a dark room can be daunting, especially when carrying something heavy or having small children. You need an easy way to see what’s around you without turning on the lights and waking up everyone else in the house. 

The MAZ-TEK Plug In Motion Sensor Dimmable Night Light is great for stairs, bedrooms, kitchens, garages, and more. It has three brightness levels (high/medium/low) and three lighting modes (constant/auto/motion detection). No wiring is required; simply plug this compact night light into any standard outlet.

The maximum power consumption is 0.5 W, which makes it more than energy efficient. When it comes to durability, you can expect the four LED light bulbs inside to last for 5 years.

This motion sensor nightlight turns itself off after 30 seconds of no movement within 12 feet range of its infrared sensors with a 120-degree detection angle from the top-down viewpoint. When turned on again, it will remember previous settings, so it is totally hands-free.

If you’re in the market for new step lights but want to stay within your budget, this product is perfect. With its affordable price tag and many features that are included with it already, you won’t find anything better in terms of value.


  • Very cheap for a 2-pack
  • Multiple light modes
  • Very energy efficient
  • Small and versatile


  • Can only install in place with a power outlet

Best Lighting Kit

KOMIGAN Intelligent Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting Kit

KOMIGAN Intelligent Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting Kit

Do you want stripes of light for every step?

The KOMIGAN Intelligent Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting Kit provides an easy and quick way to illuminate your stairs.

In the box, there are 16 LED strips, a motion sensor, a control system, and a power supply included.

The lights activate when someone approaches the staircase and turn off again after a set duration if no one is present. You can also adjust the lighting speed by increasing or decreasing the number of steps on which you want them to light up for a gorgeous cascading effect.

Warm white LED Light of 3000K provides comfortable lighting for any home environment.

Overall, this is the ultimate stair lighting kit that transforms your staircase into a work of art and will impress everyone who sees them lit up.

Here’s how to install:

First, the power source is hooked up with an extension cord wire so it can be connected to your home’s electrical system. Next, you’ll want to install either metal clips or 3M double-sided adhesive tapes for each light bar, depending on what type of installation work best suits you. Pretty straightforward installation process but it does take a while to set everything up.


  • All-in-one lighting kit
  • Pretty lighting effects
  • Motion detection is precise
  • Set up once and forget; no need to worry about replacing battery


  • Installation can take hours

Best Stick-on

AMIR Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light

AMIR Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light

Small children, adults, and pets risk falling down the stairs at night. The AMIR Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light is a perfect solution to prevent these accidents.

It is very difficult for parents to keep their kids away from danger during the nighttime when they are asleep. This motion sensor light will be very handy.

Simply stick it on your stairway or halls that lead to bedrooms, bathrooms, or basements where there’s no outlet nearby and it will turn on automatically whenever someone approaches the area. This screwless design makes it easy to take apart and assemble without damaging the walls.

It offers eye protection without the glare while protecting from dazzling effects like those found on many other lights with high Kelvin ratings (4000K+).

For peace of mind, the exterior is made of lightweight and durable ABS+PC, which will last you a long time.


  • Tiny, low profile
  • Advanced motion sensor with PIR infrared tech
  • Soft warm light, no glare
  • Long battery life


  • Consume 3 AAA batteries at one go

Best Decorative

AUSLEUCH Decorative Lamp

AUSLEUCH Decorative Lamp

One way to light a textured staircase is with an element of decorative diffused or scattered light that creates drama and highlights the texture. AUSLEUCH Decorative Lamp adds this by providing just enough illumination for your path up these stairs without flooding everything in shadows.

You can easily install these lights in a matter of minutes as they don’t need an installation box. They’re great for switch boxes or cavity sockets that are 68mm wide, and they connect directly to 110V power with an included light source activated by mains voltage from 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz.

Moreover, it is hard to imagine a more beautiful and durable material than aluminum. The frosted acrylic gives it just enough bling without being too showy while also protecting the COB LED arrays inside.


  • Charming and enchanting
  • Recessed lamp
  • Energy saving
  • Inexpensive


  • Need some technical skill

Best with Dimmer

LEONLITE Dimmable LED Step Light

LEONLITE Dimmable LED Step Light

This indoor staircase light in oil-rubbed bronze is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style to your home. It can be used as an accent or primary source, depending on how much you want it!

The dimmable features allow for changing brightness levels at any time without sacrificing energy efficiency so that there’s always something compelling about this fixture, no matter what mood strikes us throughout those cold winter nights when we need our sleep the most.

Take note that these lights have ETL certification which means they have not only passed stringent safety standards but also built tough enough to last for 30,000 hours.

The new LED stair lights from LEONLITE are easy to install and come with all installation accessories, including a power cord. They also work in conjunction with a standard junction box that can be easily used for your old fixtures without any additional construction needed.


  • Smooth dimming feature
  • Certified for safety
  • Aluminum shell is corrosion resistant
  • Work at -4℉ to 104℉
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • 5 years warranty


  • More costly than some similar step lights

Best Outdoor Step Lights

Aootek Solar Lights

Aootek Solar Lights

If you’re looking for an awesome way to brighten up your porch or step riser, consider installing solar step lights. These nifty little gadgets can help make even the most mundane task like walking on stairs more enjoyable.

Aootek is one of our favorite brands because they provide durable outdoor lighting products that are powered by solar energy.

The Aootek Solar Lights is an excellent choice for many homeowners. The lights have three different modes you can use: a security light mode, a permanent on all night mode, and an intelligent brightness control mode.

Another great feature is the solar panel that the light uses. It is an energy-saving panel with 1.2W of power and has been laminated with PET, providing up to 20.5% conversion rate. 

The motion detector for the night light is very sensitive and can detect people up to 26 feet away with a 120 angle of coverage. 

It also comes equipped with high-efficient LED lights that emit a wide-angle illumination, which improves lighting efficiency compared with older security lights models.

The light is also waterproof and has a heatproof design. This means that the outer parts of it can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, or even harsh sunlight.


  • Powered by built-in solar panel
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Motion sensor is sensitive
  • Weatherproof


  • Function over aesthetics

Best Smart LED Bulb

Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb

Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb

This is a product that is part of the Ring family, as mentioned above.

Likewise, the Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb is a great option for techy smartphone users. This bulb replaces the old conventional light bulbs to shine 800 lumens in any pathway, room, or covered outdoor fixture with 60 watts of brightness.

The Ring Bridge included in the Starter Kit connects your smart bulb to your other devices in order to get notifications when somebody comes home, turn lights on remotely, customize settings, and connect to compatible Ring devices.

The smart features are enabled through the free Ring app that can be downloaded on iOS or Android. With just one screw-in, this device becomes completely automated. Henceforth, this product works seamlessly with the Amazon Echo smart speakers to turn lights off at your voice command.

It’s good to know that the Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb is a cost-efficient and energy-saving bulb that lasts 25,000 hours with an estimated yearly energy cost of $1.00 (based on three hours per day).


  • Gives the traditional type of light bulb smart convenient features
  • Very bright
  • Long life span
  • Works hand in hand with other Ring Smart Lights


  • Not cheap for a light bulb

Best Motion Detection Stair Light

Mr. Beams Battery-Operated Motion-Sensing LED Stair Light

Mr. Beams Battery-Operated Motion-Sensing LED Stair Light

If you want to light up your indoor stairs with bright, energy-efficient LED bulbs while getting a long-lasting battery that lasts for months or even years on end, then look no further than this stairway lamp.

The Mr. Beams Battery-Operated Indoor Motion-Sensing LED Stair Light is a battery-operated wireless motion sensor LED path, step, or stair lights. An auto-off function shuts the lights off after 20 or 60 seconds to save battery life.

This LED light may be used for about 5,000 activations on a pair of batteries. This wireless light also covers more than 120 Square feet per fixture and is most suitable for hallways, stairways, steps, bathrooms, etc.

Motion detection works up to 12 feet, while the LED emits bright white light of 35 lumens that is both powerful and easy on your eyes, with the ability to be used in any weather condition.

In addition, it has a GlowMode feature that allows the light to stay on at a low light level without motion, which makes it easy for people who are moving around in their home late at night or early in the morning when they don’t want to turn on the lights.

With an installation time of fewer than five minutes, this is great for people without electrician skills and tools. It requires no wiring, so it will be easy to install in most homes.


  • Very reliable detection of motion and proximity
  • Long battery life
  • Wide light coverage
  • Most suitable for indoor


  • Not very weather resistant as claimed

Best LED Light Strip

KOLANDY Motion Activated LED Light Strip

KOLANDY Motion Activated LED Light Strip

Are you looking for a new light strip to be installed under stair handrails?

KOLANDY Motion Activated LED Light Strip is the perfect choice. It’s battery-operated, so no need to worry about finding an outlet or running wires through your home. Plus, it’s rechargeable via USB and has a built-in 1100mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 2 weeks with just one full charge.

Besides railings, you can use these motion-activated stairs lights in many places such as cabinets, closets, pantries, and more.

The installation is simple and easy – just peel off the back of the adhesive tape on each end of the light strip and stick them onto any surface you want.

It comes with two sensor modes:

  • During Day Mode, the lights are on for as long as they are triggered by motion.
  • When in Night Mode, the lights will only turn on when motion is detected in the dark.

These wireless stairs lights will be sure to help you see better at night without having to turn on all your overhead lights. All things considered, it is perfect for those who are looking for something different than traditional hardwired lighting options but still want something reliable that works well every time they need it most.


  • Best type for under railing
  • Multiple color temperatures to choose from
  • No wires
  • Battery is rechargeable, no need to stock up packs of battery
  • Good value for money


  • The adhesion tape does not adhere well to the back of the light strip

What to Look for in a Stair Lighting for Indoor:

Light Colors

Color temperature

Choosing the color temperature is not as easy a task for some people. There are usually two types of light offered: warm and cool, with each having varying effects depending on your needs or preferences.

You know when it’s really dark, and you have a lit nightlight in the room with just enough light to see by? That warm glow can be really comforting. If this sounds like your experience, then we recommend choosing something on the warmer side as they give off less glare than their cool counterparts do at nighttime.

Light Modes

For homeowners who want to save money on their electricity bills, they must purchase lights with built-in motion sensors. These types of bulbs only turn on when someone walks near them and will go back into standby mode once someone is out of range or farther away than 5 feet away from where you are standing in front of the light.

If you want to create the mood of your choice and feel like there’s always something happening in a room, or if an efficient motion sensor is most important for safety reasons (like on stairs), then look out for three different types of lights.

1. Permanent On

The simplest and most affordable product you can find. As the name suggests, it will be lit up when switched on manually or by remote control with a dimming feature set to your desired brightness level.

2. Smart Motion Sensing

These are designed to detect human movement in a 10-foot radius with a 120° detecting angle, and they light up when motion is detected in the dark and shut off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

3. Smart Brightness Control

This function turns on for the entire night and brightens when it senses movement.


A water-resistant, IP65 rated and heatproof security light for indoor and outdoor use is a great investment.

This ensures that the lights will withstand any weather conditions and can be placed in areas such as pathways, steps, patios, or gardens where it might otherwise get wet from raindrops falling on its surface while also providing protection against corrosion.


With this guide, you will find that it’s crucial for any good indoor stair lighting product to have the capability of lasting long.

This means that it should be manufactured in rigid plastics or aluminum construction materials along with LED bulbs rated at 30 000 hours minimum that are energy efficient.

For battery-powered ones, look for batteries that are replaceable so they can be changed out whenever needed. For peace of mind, it should also come with a warranty of 1-5 years, depending on which type is purchased. 


indoor stair lights

In general, there are two types of mounting.

1. Simple Mounting

The adhesive on these lights makes them easy to install. You can stick it onto a cabinet or even the wall, and you won’t have any screws needed to damage the walls because of how easily removable they are without having an extra toolbox full of things!

2. Drill Mounting:

Mounting lights with screws is more complicated, and tools like screwdrivers or drills are required. The good thing about this type of mounting, however, is that unlike stick-on fixtures which can shift around easily when in use by accidentally bumping into things, these lights will keep themselves secure due to being fastened securely using screws rather than glue, so there’s no risk for them falling off at any time.

Power Source

There are three types of stair lights that you can choose from.

The first type operates on its own power supply, but it needs to be hard-wired before using them, which requires installation time and patience. Some may prefer this as it can be very bright, and there is minimal maintenance after the initial setup.

On the other hand, battery-operated ones require more maintenance as the battery in them will run out eventually too, so it might not last as long at night when your family needs some extra light for emergencies.

Some stair lights, especially outdoor kind, have solar panels on the surface to charge during the daytime so that they can light up at night.

FAQ for Stair Lights

motion lights for stairs


Should You Put Lights on Stairs?

Interior staircases can be dark and dreary, especially when the only light source is from an overhead chandelier.

A staircase should have lighting that can help to guide the way while also providing safety. It’s important not only for aesthetics, but it will prevent users from coming into contact with hazardous objects such as edges or railings when they’re in dark areas where there isn’t any natural light streaming down from above them.

What Kind of Light Do You Use for Stairs?

indoor step lights

Staircases can be a difficult challenge to illuminate. However, with the right lighting strategies, you will never have an issue again. Here are 8 of them.

  • Step Lights
  • Linear Step Lights
  • Treadlights
  • Illuminated Handrails
  • Backlighting
  • Up-Down Lights
  • Illuminated Newels
  • Hidden Lights

How Do You Illuminate an Indoor Staircase?

There are several options for stair lighting.

The most popular option for stair lighting is installing it on the wall next to stairs or integrating them into each step so that they can be seen in all parts when coming down from above-ground level. A light that is integrated into the steps will go well with a minimalist interior.

Alternatively, you can light the staircase from below. This is a diffused, subtle light that only illuminates a small section of the stairs and is visible only in certain parts of the staircase. It is a perfect combination of cool lighting and dark colors that create the right atmosphere for any scene.

Does Each Step Need a Light?

There is no need to install lights on every step. However, you should spread them evenly to prevent creating dark spots when lit. You want to make sure that the entire staircase is illuminated evenly.

Nevertheless, it’s fine to put a light on each step if it’s for aesthetic reasons and you think it’ll make things look better.

How Do You Install Stair Lights?

How High Should Stair Lights Be?

Typical incandescent louvered stair luminaires are mounted six to twelve inches high, depending on their wattage. You can also easily figure it out by checking with the manual or just common sense.

How Many Stair Tread Lights Do You Need?

Ideally, the lights should illuminate the whole staircase. One light every three steps seems like a good rule of thumb, as that tends to provide uniform illumination, but this varies depending on factors such as brightness and other variables in play with lighting design.

Is There a Difference Between Step Lights and Stair Lights?

The term “step” and the word ‘stair’ are often used interchangeably.

For example, when we refer to stairs in our homes or buildings, they both mean essentially what you’d expect: A series of steps that give human feet support for ascending or descending up towards their desired location.

However, there’s an exception: Some people call outdoor light fixtures with this function “step lights’. And indoor ones will be called just ‘stairs lighting.’

That’s A Wrap!

stair lights

While there may be several reasons why you want indoor stair lights installed in your house, including safety concerns about children or pets playing near stairs at night without adequate illumination, it’s also important to remember that aesthetically pleasing designs will make any space look more appealing as well.

They are the perfect solution for those who need to have some security while still enjoying their home’s décor or saving money on electricity bills by not leaving all of those bright ceiling lightbulbs burning night long.

So, it’s time to get the Ring Smart Lighting Steplight for your stairs, as it is our favorite from the list. This light is chosen because it is the smartest and provides a safe passage up and down, as well as enhances your home’s aesthetics with its sleek design. You won’t have any regrets!

And if you’re looking for more or want to learn about other smart lighting solutions, feel free to reach out–we love chatting about how we can help make homes safer and smarter.

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