Eco Friendly Things to Do

Top 6 Eco-Friendly Things to Do During Lockdown

It’s 2022, and we’re facing challenges we couldn’t have even dreamed of just a couple of months back. Governments all over the world are placing cities, regions, and entire countries into lockdown. Residents are being forced to remain in quarantine in order to quell the raging coronavirus. It seems that most of us might be forced to spend weeks, or even months, in our houses.

Certainly, in the digitized economy of the 21st century, many people are directed to work remotely from home. And plenty of people will be spending their time thinking about their loved ones and their own health. But still – there will be more downtime than ever before, and you won’t be able to leave your household for an extended amount of time. So, what can you do with all of that free time you’ve suddenly been handed?

Luckily, there are many activities that you can dabble in, without losing time on something meaningless. There are plenty of sustainable skills you can attain, and fulfilling activities building positive energy that you can partake in. With that in mind, we’ve got a few suggestions on eco-friendly stuff you can do during self-isolation!

Improving Your Knowledge

Are you intent on spending your lockdown hours in a productive way? Well, you can always strive to attain brand new skills and acquire more knowledge about topics that interest you. And seeing as you’re probably interested in eco-friendliness because you’re reading this; you should think about searching for sustainability courses online.

Online Courses

Learn Online Courses

These days, regardless of what the topic in question is, there’s always an online course that can give you the basics – and perhaps more. And in that regard, eco-sustainability is no different. Are you interested in sustainable economic development, fashion design, or construction? There are online courses you can take a look at. And best of all – because of the COVIC-19 pandemic, plenty of online course websites are offering their content for free! This is the perfect opportunity to learn as much as you can about anything that interests you.

For instance, if permaculture is something you’re interested in, you can find courses showing you how to practically cultivate your own vegetables, and fruit – you’ll be able to grow everything from lettuce to mushrooms in your very own yard! Plus, you can learn how to avoid letting any kind of food go to waste.


Reading Books at Home

While online classes are a great thing, digital is not the only way to go when it comes to attaining new skills and knowledge. After all, nothing beats out the good old fashioned analog book! With that in mind, a quick online search will yield extensive reading lists on climate change and environmental preservation. You’ll be able to find all the green ethics literature your heart desires!

Organizing Yourself Better

Of course, you don’t have to spend the entirety of your quarantine downtime on esoteric theories. You can also strive to lead a better life on a day-to-day basis, and one where you allow for as little waste as possible. That includes not wasting time and space, though! Considering that, you could try to organize your surroundings better.


Messy Room Decluttering

If you’re going to make your life more organized, you should start by decluttering your household. There’s nothing that makes life more chaotic than literal chaos in your home. When there’s a lot of clutter around, you can’t think clearly, and making rational plans and decisions is psychologically more difficult. That’s why you should start by tidying up your house, room by room.

In the process, you’ll be able to sort out the items that are making your life a chaotic nightmare. For instance, you’ll find a lot of unwanted and unsorted items that you, realistically speaking, don’t have a use for anymore, or you never had in the first place. Think about whether you can get rid of these in an eco-friendly way, through recycling or repurposing. Perhaps you could even set aside some stuff to donate later, and make it valuable for someone else in need?

Organize Your Wardrobe

Organizing Wardrobe

Even if you clean up and organize all of the rooms in your home, there’s still one place that’s probably woefully disorganized – your wardrobe. That’s why we recommend reading up on ways to keep your wardrobe permanently organized without much fuss or effort. This is a kind of personal sustainability that’s important for changing people’s mindsets; allowing them to start thinking about eco-friendliness and sustainability in the long run as well.

DIY Projects

DIY Things

Did you know that a lot of the stuff you use in your household on a daily basis is actually something you can make on your own – and with zero waste? We’re talking everything from soap bars to toothpaste. If you find the right guide, you can spend your self-isolation days making your home greener than ever! And this is not only great for the environment, but for your budget as well. In most cases, making things by yourself is a lot cheaper than buying them in a store. Find as many DIY recipes as you’re able to, and start being creative!

Grow Your Own Garden

Grow Own Vegetables

For people who have a backyard and don’t live in an apartment, the sky’s the limit when it comes to sustainable hobbies during the lockdown. If there’s one thing that screams sustainability and self-reliance – it’s growing your own veggies! That’s right – if you start working on your own ethically and organically grown vegetables and fruit, you’ll be able to keep yourself busy throughout the pandemic. Plus, you’ll end up being a lot healthier as well, seeing as you won’t be buying chemically-treated produce.

Heck, even if you lack the space to have all of the plants you want outside, there are still ways around that. You can reuse glass bottles and old tin cans as containers for your herbs, spices, and vegetables! Even a building is no unsurmountable hurdle if you set your mind to it; there’s always rooftop gardening and vegetable gardening as an option.


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