The Best Tree Swings of 2024, According to Moms

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Childhood memories are hard to erase and to make them even more unforgettable, parents try to include more fun and exciting elements into their child’s life.

One such fun element is a tree swing.

Hanging a comfortable and quality tree swing in your backyard is a way to divert their attention from the technology.

The very purpose of hanging or installing the tree swing in your backyard is to allow your children to spend quality time with family.

The more it seems fun to play on a swing, it is even more challenging to find the best one for your child.

We have picked the best tree swings for backyard fun based on their features, comfort, safety, durability, and customer reviews to help you out.

Top 10 Tree Swing Update

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
PACEARTH 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing
Best Multi-Person:
Trekassy 700lb Giant 60″ Platform Tree Swing
Best Budget:
Best For Infants:
Little Tikes Snug’n Secure Grow With Me Swing
Best Standing Tree Swing:
Swurfer – Original Stand-Up Surfing Swing
Best Waterproof Swing:
Costzon 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set
Best Rope Swing:
Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing
Best In Useability:
Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing
Best For All Weather:
Royal Oak Giant 40″ Flying Saucer Tree Swing
Best Durability:
Blue Island Tree Swing

1. Best Overall: PACEARTH 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing

The Best Tree Swings of 2024, According to Moms 1

Are you worried about whether your child is safe or not on a tree swing?

Don’t, as PACEARTH Saucer Tree Swing features superior quality strength due to its UV resistance and heavy-duty 900D fabric. The American Society for Testing and Materials has certified PACEARTH tree swing as safe for children’s use.

Considering the safety, the tree swing is not made up of a single twisted rope but multiple stranded ropes that can hold a 660-pound weight capacity. The seat support uses coupling links and galvanized steel frame that connects with the four hanging ropes.

You can easily hand the swing seat on a sturdy two trees branch or A-pillar. Thus, it can easily accommodate itself in large and small backyards.

It measures 40 inches which offers plenty of room for kids to sit and play on the tree swing.


  • UV resistant
  • Handle 660 LB capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Safety for children


  • Installation instructions are not easy to understand

2. Best For Multi-Person: Trekassy 700lb Giant 60″ Platform Tree Swing

What can be the best birthday gift for your kids than an excellent tree outdoor swing?

The Trekassy 700 lb Giant Platform Swing can accommodate five kids and two adults safely. Besides, the swing’s maximum weight capacity is about 700 pounds.

For better grip and protection, the tree swing comes with foam handles along with thick yet comfortable padding. Furthermore, the outdoor swing boasts reinforced sat stitching which improves durability.

You can safely attach the stainless steel carabiners and five-foot tree straps to any tree branch. And you don’t have to worry about the installation tools as the package comes with all the hardware. Thus, you will save money on the accessories.

What’s more? The ropes are adjustable to 70 inches maximum length. Also, the long mounting straps can easily mount on any ten diameter branch.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can fit five children
  • Available at a reasonable rate


  • May require an extra strap to secure on the tree

3. Best Budget: PACEARTH Swing Seat

Designed for residential purposes, you can hang the PACEARTH Swing seat on a tree branch or a beam. Thus, it makes a great swing for both adults and children. If you want to bring fun to your family at an affordable price, this is the best option you can have.

With other tree swings, you need to buy separate hanging straps. However, you will get two extra swing hanging straps for excellent performance with this tree swing. The zinc-plated chains of the outdoor swing are covered with thermoplastic to protect against rusting and corrosion.

The seat of the swing is made from EVA plastic, and it has thickened swing seat board that does not deform. Furthermore, the seat is crack, chemical, and corrosion-resistant. You will feel safe while sitting on the swing.

The U-shaped, 26-inch seat is comfortable enough to accommodate large adults and small kids. Its 5.5-inch width and a single point connection to one end of the seat provide free backward-forward tilt motion to the swing.


  • Comes with anti-rust properties
  • Chain and swing seat has passed ASTM standard and pull test
  • Comes with a locking buckle for safety


  • Somewhat difficult to assemble

4. Best For Infants: Little Tikes Snug’n Secure Grow With Me Swing

Don’t your baby need a swing? Of course, they do. However, babies grow relatively fast, and so you need a baby swing that grows with them. And what’s the best option than Little Tikes Snug’n Secure Grow With Me Swing.

Parents love these new tree swings for their babies because of their safety and durability. Featuring a sturdy T-bar that can safely hold your baby while he/she is swinging. The best part of the toddler swing is the T-bar can rotate easily to put your baby on the seat and then lock it back.

The toddler swing comes with shoulder straps as part of its safety features. Your baby will remain safe if they are wearing a shoulder strap.

Also, the shoulder straps are adjustable, which you can adjust as per your baby’s size.

The perfect size of the swing makes it usable as an indoor swing.

The swing seat is made of molded plastic which is fade-resistant. It would still look like a brand new swing even after years of use. Further, the safety straps are made from nylon offers exceptional strength and durability.


  • Comfortable for babies
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Highly safe swing for little ones


  • Can be too spacious for young babies

5. Best Standing Tree Swing: Swurfer – Original Stand-Up Surfing Swing

The best tree swings are those on which both child and adult can swing away and have fun. The Swurfer Surfing Swing is one of the best tree swings that your kids can stand on and surf the air.

Unlike any wooden swing, this tree swing has a curved maple board to provide stability, motion, and power. The swing board is finished, sanded, and shaped for excellent quality.

If you are searching for an active, playful activity, the Swurfer helps enhance the core body strength and arm muscles.

The swing set is excellent for relaxing or exercising. Its adjustable handles can work with different heights of children or adults. Moreover, the standing swing offers high-strength mildew and UV-resistant rope and can easily handle 200 pounds of weight.

The swing set comes with two 30-foot mildew and UV-resistant rope along with two wooden handles for easy installation. Swurfer also includes concise and clear instructions to install the swing.

For extreme performance, 30 feet height is suggested as the higher the swing is hanged, the more maneuverability is provided.


  • Best for outdoor fun
  • UV and mildew resistant rope
  • Surfboard design


  • Not recommended for young kids

6. Best Waterproof Tree Swing: Costzon 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set

For outdoor play, your children need swings that are ultra-safe, secure, and, more importantly, able to endure the rain.

Costzon 40 inch Saucer swing is waterproof and offers ultra safety with its heavy-duty constructions. The frame boasts robust 600D oxford fabric and sturdy steel material to improve overall comfort.

In contrast to most outdoor swings, Costzon is easy to install and effortless to assemble. You can single-handedly install the swing outdoor on any tree within two-three minutes.

With a rope length of 63 inches, you can easily adjust the height range between 40 inch-63 inch.

This is one of the few tree swings you can use for various purposes such as playing, sleeping, reading, and sleeping. It offers so much fun to the kids and the whole family.


  • Made of durable PP cloth and 600D oxford fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Offers multiple functions to have fun for kids


  • Color might fade away after some time

7. Best Rope Swing: Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

If you want to bring everyone outdoors to play and have fun, then consider purchasing the best tree swings. The tree swings are designed for outdoor fun where the whole family can enjoy and exercise together without even realizing it.

The Flying Squirrel Rope Swing comes with a universal and versatile design that you can easily install within few minutes. You can hang it in your playground, on the jungle gym, or your treehouse.

Made with high-quality material, the kids can enjoy long hours of play and fun in the backyard. Moreover, the swing can hold about 200 pounds of weight capacity. It is ideally designed for girls and boys above three years of age.

The large and sturdy platform seat can easily accommodate more than one child. It also makes a good choice for teenagers as well as adults.

Made of a heavy-duty steel frame, the rope swing comes with foam padding for comfort and safety.


  • Can be handed on to jungle gym, treehouse, or in your playground
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Contain parts that may loosen or wear out

8. Best in Usability: Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

Being a parent, it sometimes becomes hard to get your child out for a fun activity. All the movies, mobile, and computer games have left no time for kids to swing outdoor. However, you can provide them with the best time by buying the best swing set.

The fully assembled Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing is made for instant outdoor fun. It encourages kids to have free time away from gadgets. The 40 diameter swing set is large enough to fit two adults and up to four children weighing 600 pounds.

In terms of safety features, the Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing is equipped with hanging ropes and a durable frame.

The comfortable seat ensures long-lasting fun. Moreover, the swing set also makes an excellent and relaxed place for adults to sit and read in silence.

The swing comes with thick and durable ropes, which is made to be long-lasting under harsh weather conditions for many seasons. Moreover, the spider web design doesn’t allow the wind to catch the swing, which prevents the breaking of tree branches.


  • Easy to Install
  • Extra durable thick rope
  • Backed with one year of replacement warranty


  • Rope length can be uneven

9. Best For All Weather: Royal Oak Giant 40″ Flying Saucer Tree Swing

What’s better than to see your kids enjoy the best time of their life swinging on the tree swings.

And when you have such a giant 40-inch saucer tree swing from Royal Oak, your children are never getting out of it.

Built with sturdy 900D oxford fabric, it offers an incredible strength frame that goes along the whole string, handling over 700 pounds of weight. The sturdy material and design of the swing will not snag or even puncture on pressure.

The best part of this backyard swing set is covered with an industry-leading protective coating, making it weather resistant. Now, your kids can enjoy swinging outdoor throughout the year. Further, it comes with rope, hanger clips, and removable flats to set up the tree swing without any issue.

There are multiple colors and designs to choose from. Plus, the building material is undoubtedly durable and long-lasting. It would not quickly wear out in different weather conditions.


  • Weather-resistant tree swing
  • Can accommodate multiple kids at a time
  • Easy to assemble instructions


  • Rope can be relatively short

10. Best Durability: Blue Island Tree Swing

Swinging on tree swings in your backyard is fun when there is ample space for children and their friends to play. The Blue Island’s 40-inch diameter size is large enough to accommodate many children at once.

In terms of durability, this tree swing is made with a 600D oxford fabric cover, strong and adjustable straps, and a sturdy steel frame.

Moreover, with simple and easy to assemble instructions, you can easily set the swing in your backyard or on a tree branch.

The swing does not just feature effectiveness but also comfort. Your kids can easily hang their legs over the edge without any discomfort. Thus, it makes this swing outdoor set the best in terms of safety and fun for the children and the family.

Interestingly, the tree swing set includes a hanging kit that enables you to use it in any pre-existing hanging frame and treehouse. Also, the swing is structured to be lightweight, making it even more fun for kids to enjoy.


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Comes with colorful design patterns


  • Does not include spring links

Best Tree Swings For Backyard Fun – Buying Guide

tree swings

The tree swings for the backyard should be safe and secure so that kids and adults can have unlimited fun. So, it would be best if you looked out for some essential factors before buying the right swing for your kids.


It is vital that you carefully look for the proper swing size. You need to consider the safety factor such that the swings can ideally hold maximum weight and offer ample surface area of the seat.

Traditional wooden plank swings are designed to swing a single child at one time. It typically holds up to 250 pounds. Some large disc swings come with sturdy fabric, and heavy-duty frames can hold about 700 pounds. Other oversized swings offer 750 pounds of weight capacity.


In the past times, tree swings were made of old tires and sawed wood plank.

Now, the invention of new techniques has made the tree swings more innovative and safe for everyone who loves swinging. Keeping the tire swing at bay, you can now choose from multi-person, stand-up, saucer, and rope swings.

Stand-up and rope swing offers an exciting swing while multi-person or traditional swings are made to enjoy a relaxed time.

For babies, bucket-swing is the safest option. Before buying, make sure to select the one that ensures your kid’s safety and fun all along.


The tree swings for the backyard should be made of comfortable and durable materials.

Most platform and disc style swings use heavy-duty oxford and tubular steel frames. Besides, EVA plastic is another popular and durable material ideally used in toddler swings.

A polyester rope is suitable as it does not stretch and has more strength to hold the elements.

Always check whether the chain is durable enough to handle sufficient weight. Some chains that come with PVC coating are desirable as they have enough strength to protect kids from falling and injury.

Rope Length

The rope should be long enough to be tied between two trees and comes down under the swing seat for another knot. To calculate the rope length, multiply the branch’s height by two and then add 12 feet.

The chain need not be longer than rope as it is tied from top to bottom, so you don’t have to add additional 12 feet.

Most of the time, the chain or rope is already included in the package when you buy from a store or online. So, make sure that you calculate the length of the string to check if you need more rope or not.

Branch Height

The outdoor tree swings arc is affected by the branch height. It is responsible for the backward and forward movement of the swing while taking care of the safety.

The ideal height of the branch should be 10-15 feet. If the branch height is below 10 feet, there will not be sufficient arc swings leading to short backward and forward swings.

Alternatively, more than 15 feet branch height can result in dangerous accidents. It will increase the pace and distance of the backward and forward swing arc.

Also, the higher branches should be inspected regularly to check safety before mounting on the tree swing.

Safety Features

Tree Swings, when not safely installed, can result in broken bones or sprained fingers. It is important to have adult supervision along with some inbuilt safety features.

First, one should check the strength of the branch. The tree branch should be strong enough to handle the weight and devoid of exposed roots or branches to avoid hazards. Next, make sure that the ground is covered with grass so that kids will land softly.

The swings should come with upper body support to hold the kid properly. The swing for babies is best, which comes with harness support for the torso and shoulders.

An additional safety feature to take note of is a coated chain or rope to prevent pinched fingers.

Ease of Installation

Most tree swings are not that difficult to install. They come with straightforward methods of installation. If you encounter any difficulty, you can refer to the instruction manual of the swing set.

It is always suggested to read the instructions to know step-by-step how to install the swing.

Plus, you can take someone’s help to secure the knots so that they won’t become loose once your kids began to play.


The tree swing is generally made with oxford fabric, durable nylon, or polyester material. They last for a long time and handle extreme weather conditions.

Look for the tree swing, which is weather-resistant before buying, so you don’t always have to take down the swing when the weather changes. If the swing is not waterproof or weather-resistant, the water will ultimately reduce its life span.

Frequently Asked Questions

saucer swing

Do Tree Swings Hurt Trees?

Yes, any tree can be damaged by a rope and a branch with nothing between them. Whenever friction is created by the rubbing of the rope and the branch, there can be scratches on the bark, leaving the tree vulnerable to disease or pests.

There are a few ways to avoid damage to the tree branches:

  • Insert the rope into a suitable size rubber tube at the contact area to prevent wear down by friction.
  • Drill eye bolts into the branches and hang the ropes. Bear in mind this method does cause damage to the tree, but since fully grown trees can heal wounds themself, this solution isn’t entirely unprecedented.
  • Hang the rope over a beam instead of a tree.

Is It Safe to Hang a Swing From a Tree?

To safely hang an outdoor swing on the tree, try to hang it close to the trunk so that it won’t crash with the tree. Keep the distance of the swing from the truck to about five feet for safe swinging.

What Should Be the Ideal Height of a Tree Swing From the Ground?

The ideal height of the outdoor tree swing would be 16-24 inches off the ground when not in use. As soon as someone sits on the swing, the branch will come down. At that time, the ideal should be 10 inches from the ground.

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