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10 Must-Have Pet Travel Accessories (2024)

Globetrotting pet accessories you can never go wrong with!

Are you one of those people who love to go on a trip with your pets? Would you love to deck the fur buddies up with trendy and yet utilizable accessories?

Then this is the place for you! We understand that traveling with your pet can be a challenging task, and we are here to ensure that your journey remains a pleasant one despite all the obstacles that lie ahead on the road.

Here are ten of the handiest accessories that will make you a four-legged expert on the go! 

1. Best LED Dog Collar

dog travel accessories

The Illumiseen LED Dog Collar can potentially be your doggo’s lifesaver. It ensures that your pup is visible to vehicles from miles ahead. Available in six bright colors, this fully adjustable LED collar is both comfortable and user-friendly. We recommend this collar for outdoor events or camping trips where your little furry friend will be easy to recognize. Using this collar will ensure that your dog is safe and visible no matter where you go.

Suitable for: Both large and small cats and dogs. 

2. Best Anxiety Jacket

pet travel accessory

The Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket has been helping millions of doggies across the globe. It has an eighty percent success rate and happens to be well recommended by vets around the world. We highly recommend this jacket, especially if you happen to have an anxious pet. We understand that traveling with your pet can come with challenging events like thunder, fireworks, sudden vet visits, and separation anxiety, and so on. This jacket applies just the right amount of pressure that ensures that your pup remains happy and healthy during these events.

Suitable for: Large and small dogs.

3. Best Travel Leash 

pet travel gear

The KLCW Marvelous Dog Travel Leash comes with one of the softest handles that let you enjoy your usual walks with your pet without causing harsh marks on your hands. The reflective leash ensures that you and your dog are visible while taking an evening walk, thus reducing any accidental risks caused by passing vehicles. The leash is highly adjustable and available in a variety of colors to choose from.

Suitable for: Dogs weighing in between 18 to 120 lbs. 

4. Best Pet Dog Umbrella

dog travel products

The Pet Life Four Protection Umbrella features a reflective lining all across the border to ensure visibility on the road. You can attach it easily to any leash and harness comfortably without trying hard. This means that if you suddenly encounter rain on the street, you can quickly attach this umbrella to your dog’s harness to ensure that they don’t get wet. This umbrella is also easily foldable and collapses in an instant, thus making it one of the handiest travel accessories that you should consider.

Suitable for: Medium-sized dogs and small dogs. 

5. Best Outdoor Pet Tent

dog travel items

The Alcott Pup Tent is super light and easy to carry. If you happen to have a trailblazing pup that loves to accompany you on camping trips to the hills, then you should consider having this pet accessory. It has a waterproof base and features five mesh windows to ensure that your pup does not feel suffocated at any given time. The package comes with a travel bag and four ground stakes and weighs around one and a half pounds only!

Suitable for: All dogs and cats. 

 6. Best Portable Dog Water Bottle

Dog Travel Bottle

The PETKIT Portable Dog Water Bottle comes with a leak-proof dispenser attached to a drinking bowl. It has a strong filtration that absorbs any impurities that might be present in the water. If you are an avid traveler, this portable water bottle will help you to ensure that your little furry friend remains hydrated at any given point in time. It is incredibly lightweight and safe and can carry up to 400 ml of fresh and healthy water.

Suitable for: All pets.

7.  Best GPS Tracker

pet travel accesories

The Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker lets you track your dog anywhere. You can get live updates about your dog’s location and even track their location history. It also gives you instant notifications the moment your pet leaves the designated area. Traveling is all fun and game until you lose sight of your pet. Hence, we recommend you carry this GPS tracker at all times to ensure that your pet is safe.

Suitable for: All dogs and cats. 

8. Best Absorbent Carrier Pads

Travel Carrier

The Kluein Carrier Pads are super absorbent pet training carrier pads that let you and your little buddy travel in peace. It has various uses and can be utilized by trainers, shelters, pet owners, and groomers at large. It lets you potty train your furry friend, especially when you are traveling. It can be washed easily and can be used more than a hundred times, making it one of the smartest choices for carrier pads.

Suitable for: Small dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits. 

9. Best Bubble Backpack

dog travel accessories bag

The Bundle Pet Carrier Backpack lets your pet enjoy a crystal clear view of their immediate surroundings while you travel. The transparent window lets your pet stay far from getting anxious while the expandable tent gives them enough space to play and rest. Besides, this bubble backpack allows you to stay close to your pet while on the go and comes with nine holes to ensure that your pet stays well-ventilated.

Suitable for: Small dogs and cats. 

10. Best First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

The AKC Pet First Aid Kit happens to be the perfect first aid kit for pet emergencies. Traveling with your pet comes with unwanted and unforeseen circumstances for which you should be prepared at all times. Carrying a first aid kit allows you to stay ready for pet emergencies at any given point in time. This first aid kit also comes with a separate room for personalization. The heavy-duty zipper case of this first kit aid is sturdy and durable and apt for luggage bags. Now you can travel in peace as you can be prepared for tick removals and sudden insect bites and be there to comfort your little buddy.

Suitable for: All pets.

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