10 Best Cast Iron Fire Pit of 2024 (For Camping, Patio & Backyard)

Cast iron fire pit

Short on time?

We recommend the CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit or Amagabeli Cast Iron Fire Bowl as the best cast iron fire pits that are durable and feature-packed.

Fire pits made of cast iron are incredible for all things fire and campfire cooking-related because they’re heavy-duty. They can withstand a beating, meaning that if you have one of these in your backyard or camping sites, it’ll last longer than any other material out there.

Cast iron also looks impressive, so it’s no surprise people love them as much around their places to cook food on.

The only downside might be the cost. For something made from such high-quality materials, expect this piece of equipment retailing at $100-$450. But some may say, “it’s worth every penny.”

So, what is the best cast iron fire pit? That’s a great question that many of us want to know, but it’s not an easy one to answer.

Cast iron fire pits come in so many shapes and sizes, with so many different features, that there really isn’t just the “one” out there for everyone.

That being said, we’ve put together this list of 10 best cast iron fire pits that are all worth considering if you’re looking for your next dream backyard accessory!

Product Comparison

Ready? Here are our top cast iron fire pits reviews:

Best Overall: CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit

CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit

10 Best Cast Iron Fire Pit of 2024 (For Camping, Patio & Backyard) 1

Do you love spending time outside in the evenings?

The CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit is a great way to spend your nights. It’s sturdy and durable, so it will last for years to come.

This fire pit has an attractive bronze basket-weave pattern that looks great on any patio or deck. It measures 29″ in diameter and 25″ high.

You can use it to keep warm on chilly nights, entertain guests, or just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

But what makes it a great deal is that this fire pit comes with everything you need to get started – including a protective cover so rain won’t damage it when not in use.

And if sparks start flying out of the bowl, there’s even a spark guard included that will prevent them from getting into the grass or leaves around your home.

We love the size for our porch, and this wood-fire pit can burn a cozy, big fire.


  • Bronze finish for a timeless look that matches any outdoor decor
  • Perfect for big or small fires
  • Can use the fire pit for roasting marshmallows and other foods
  • Quite portable at 40 lbs, so you can take it on camping trips


  • It can rust if left out in the rain without cover

Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Bowl

You know that rustic feeling, the one you get from sitting around a campfire or roasting hotdogs on Halloween. Well, this Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Bowl has all of those same feelings in an easy to assemble package!

The fire pit bowl looks like it comes straight out of the old west in terms of the handles, slanted legs, and overall style. It has gone through an oxidization treatment. This procedure gives the fire pit bowl a classic and rustic appearance.

With durable cast iron construction and handles allowing for transportation anywhere outdoorsy types like yourself go, there’s no reason why anyone should be without their very own backyard retreat complete with beautiful flames dancing across dark nights sky.

It also comes standard at a 1-year warranty against defects, so just send it back if something goes wrong.


  • Charming vintage looks
  • Cast iron is durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to move and use outside
  • 10-inch slanted legs are stable even on slightly uneven ground


  • Be prepared to be covered with fine metal dust after assembly

Amagabeli Cast Iron Fire Bowl

The Amagabeli Cast Iron Fire Pit is an excellent choice for those who want an outdoor fire without all of the hassles. It’s simple and durable, with plenty of room to cook on it.

The shallow bowl design helps distribute the warmth around your backyard or patio where it’s needed most.

Moreover, this fire pit has been coated in black rust-proof paint that protects it against any external elements, such as rain and snow.

With 28-inch through 39-inch options available, there’s one for every size patio or garden needs you may have.

The best part about this minimalistic style cast iron pit? It’s super easy to install by yourself without any help–just connect the base to the bowl, and you are ready to start a fire.


  • Heat and rust resistance is achieved through a high-temperature finish
  • Heavy duty and thick for longevity
  • A snap to assemble
  • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from


  • Packaging is flimsy


If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, but don’t want to sit around a fire pit that looks like it’s straight out of the 70s, then this is just what you need.

The Titan Great Outdoors Hemisphere Fire Pit is a modern take on an old classic. This firepit will look perfect in your backyard or patio and is designed for use with wood or charcoal. You can even cook over this thing.

You’ll never have a problem with your fires again if you’ve got this bad boy. Not only does it come with a metal grate, spark screen cover, and fireplace poker to keep things going all night long, but it also has features such as a drain hole for easier usage and maintenance.

It has all of the features of a traditional fire pit without any of the drawbacks. The Titan Great Outdoors team has refined this design to ensure that it’s durable enough for years and years of use while still looking good wherever you put it.


  • Comes with everything you need
  • An ornamental style cast iron piece with a natural patina finish
  • Wobble-free steel base
  • Re-position your fire pit around the yard with solid steel handles


  • Heavy and huge

BALI OUTDOORS Cast Iron Chiminea

This outdoor fireplace from Bali Outdoors has a unique design that stands out from the rest.

The Chiminea Pit is actually an open-air fire pit, with a sturdy base off the ground, so you get plenty of space at the bottom and around its edges for storing logs or using as needed when having firesite parties in your backyard!

Cast iron is only found in the top part. The mesh and bottom tray are steel.

The side mesh allows you to watch as flames dance inside while maintaining airflow throughout. It also includes an ashtray that collects ash and makes cleaning after each fire a breeze.


  • Perfect for firewood and artificial firelogs
  • Unique shape sends smoke up and away from your eyes
  • In addition to providing air to the fire, mesh sides protect against sparks
  • There's a bottom shelf to keep extra wood
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Low-quality screws make assembly difficult

Amagabeli Outdoor Wood Burning Cast Iron Firepit

Amagabeli Outdoor Wood Burning Cast Iron Firepit is a stylish and elegant fire pit that will add warmth and charm to your outdoor living space.

This amazing fire pit features an aged bronze finish design, large capacity, lightweight, and portability. It’s easy to assemble with few tools needed.

Amagabeli fire pit has a heat-resistant coating for extra safety. It also has an attractive, sturdy base for added stability. You can use it on any flat surface, including grass, deck, or patio.

You may also use this to barbecue food if you add a grate to the top of the pit.


  • Decorative and practical
  • Very lightweight, so you can move it anywhere
  • A heat-resistant bronze finish is pre-applied
  • Includes a poker for easy addition and moving of wood and charcoal


  • Does not come with a spark screen or waterproof cover

Hampton Bay Del Oro Cast Iron Fire Pit

The stylish and sturdy fire pit is plenty deep enough to hold a decent amount of wood for your patio’s fires.

It sits up high off the ground – preventing any potential damage underneath from happening because heat will be dissipated quickly.

You’ll find that this product includes all necessary parts such as legs which take under ten minutes at most assemble times. Just attach them together first, then sit back enjoy how magnificent looking these pits truly are.


  • An antique look to match vintage decor
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Inexpensive


  • Legs can be wobbly

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl

A cast iron fire pit cauldron? That’s right, my friend!

This giant black bowl will bring warmth to any backyard. It’s as minimalistic and simplistic of an outdoor space that it can get without sacrificing function or design.

In other words, this oversized pot is perfect for entertaining guests during cold winter nights by having a whole night-long bonfire under the stars with plenty of food on hand (and beers too).


  • Solid and thick walls
  • Maintains fires well for an extended period of time
  • Secure and stable base
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • High price tag

Easoger Cast Iron Outdoor Portable Fire Pit

A cast iron fire pit that can withstand the hottest of flames? Check!

One that you can bring on your outdoor camping trips? Check!

And not just any firepit, but one with an extra-large cooking surface for all your grilling needs. Whether you’re searing steaks or roasting vegetables, it has 11 ventilation slots, so every inch is utilized when it comes time to burn through those logs and ashes in only 5 -10 minutes flat.

The 22″ diameter and 5.2″ depth of this fire pit make it the ideal place to enjoy some late-night conversation or cook up an entire family dinner.

If you’re in the market for a portable, durable, high-quality cooking fire pit that comes at an affordable price, this is definitely your best bet.


  • Cost-effective
  • Includes a BBQ grill, spark screen, and long fire poker
  • Sturdy legs
  • Non-toxic rust proof paint


  • Not big enough for a large group

Sunnydaze Retro Fire Pit Bowl Pot

We get that it’s Sunnydaze again. Well, that is because they are one of the leaders when it comes to making exceptional and high-quality fire pits.

The beautiful raised fire pit, with decorative cuts and a wonderful addition to any patio, is shown here.

One of the best things about this fire pit is that it has three sturdy legs and is made in cast iron that has been painted to withstand high temperatures, strong winds, and physical impact for long-term durability.

Sunnydaze Retro Fire Pit Bowl Pot is so easy to use, you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors. All it takes are some skewers and snacks for a delicious evening by the flames!


  • Elevated legs for stability and prevent damage to the ground surface
  • Decorative cutouts are nice to see the flame dancing
  • Comes with a spark guard
  • High wood-burning performance


  • Difficult to assemble, recommended opting for "Expert Assembly"

Best Fire Pit Covers

Best Fire Pit Mats

Cast Iron Pros and Cons


  • More durable than most other materials
  • Able to withstand very harsh weather like strong winds
  • Many designs to choose from
  • Heats up quickly
  • Grill can be placed on top of the fire pit for cooking
  • Fire is warmer because it retains heat longer
  • Has some kind of rust-resistance


  • Heavier than other materials
  • Takes at least two people to move it safely
  • Exposure to moisture and rain too often can cause rust and discoloration
  • Due to its metal composition, it can remain hot to touch for a long time even after burning stop
  • Pricey compared to other fire pit materials

Cast Iron vs. Steel

Cast Iron



Cast iron is an alloy of iron

Steel is also an alloy of iron


More durable

Less durable


Heat quicker

Get hot less quick

Heat Retention

Better than Steel

Retains less heat than iron


Heavier than steel

Lighter than cast iron


Ages better / More styles

Ages worse / Limited styles

How to Choose Best Cast Iron Fire Pit

steel fire pit


Make sure you choose the right size for your backyard. There is a wide range of fire pits, commonly available from 16″ to 40″.

A bigger fire pit means more people can gather around and provide a larger capacity of burning woods, keeping you warmer during the winter.

The downsides are that it is very heavy and that these fires take up to much space in your garden or patio, so it may be best if left as a permanent fixture.

The smaller the fire pit, the more portable it is. Portable fires are also ideal for camping because you can move your campsite around on a whim.


A fire pit is a great way to add some flair and function at the same time.

Some styles include just an iron bowl, while others have cool cutouts or mesh designs that let you see orange flames dancing in their depths. There are even custom-built pits for those who want their own unique design.


Most fire pits are affordable, with the exception of those that cost more than $500. Some have a price range from $50-$200, and some can be upwards or downwards depending on the material used for construction.

But if you want something safe to use in your backyard, patio, or garden, then it’s best to research which brand would work well before spending any money upfront.

We recommend buying yourself a one-time investment product where durability matters most, like cast-iron ones, because they will last much longer than cheaper options.


The stability of a fire pit is critical to keep in mind. If you have uneven ground, then the risk for topple becomes high and poses some danger too. Fortunately, a cast iron fire pit is naturally quite dense and heavy, so it can take light bumps without toppling.

Under the fire pit bowl, cast-iron fire pits usually have three to four legs. In some cases, fire pits do not have legs, instead relying on a base.

In terms of aesthetics, we prefer a base, but choose legs if you place sturdiness at a higher priority.

Don’t forget to consider the elevation of your fire pit. Fire pits are most stable if their base and legs are at ground level or slightly elevated, so that way there’s no chance for them toppling over during use.

Legs should also extend outwards about 6 inches past each edge. Otherwise, stability could suffer due to wide spacing between support points of feet/legs.


Some products already include a spark screen, waterproof cover, and fireplace poker to make buyers more convenient.

Cast Iron Fire Pit FAQs

fire pit bowl

Is Cast Iron Best for Fire Pit?

Cast iron is one of the most durable materials that can withstand years of exposure to heat, with the potential for rust protection.

Cast iron fires up quickly, providing more warmth from their fire pit grill than other materials would provide due simply because it retains its own warm temperature longer before losing all significant amounts.

You may want to use cast iron with an outdoor fire pit grill, so your food cooks on the open flame.

It’s also easy enough on your wallet. Cast iron fire pits are affordable and come in different sizes and many design styles, so you’re sure to find one perfect for any outdoor space.

Does Cast Iron Rust?

Cast iron is tough and a great cooking material, but even well-seasoned fire pits can rust if they’re left in water or soaked. But they can still be fixed, even if there are many bright orange rust spots.

Is Rust on Cast Iron Dangerous?

No, the presence of a small amount of rust on cookware is not harmful. In fact, even rust in drinking water does not pose a threat to health.

However, rust can affect how your fire pit looks, so you might want to remove it.

How Do You Keep a Cast Iron Fire Pit From Rusting?

If you have a cast iron bowl not under a shelter, it’s essential to cover and protect it from the elements. A UV or waterproof cover will ensure that your backyard fire pit is safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Any exposed metal in the fire pit should be coated lightly in food oil if it will not be used for an extended time or if it will be placed in an area with high humidity.

Alternatively, it can be painted with high-temperature paint to avoid rusting.

Before each use, check your fire pit for early signs of corrosion and fix them.

Which Fire Pits Give off the Most Heat?

The most heat comes from the densest woods like hickory and oak.

These types of wood can produce fires much larger than gas and electric stoves, so they make for excellent fire pits when you want to maximize that cozy feeling on a cold day.

Are Cast Iron Fire Pits Easy to Clean?

A cast iron fire pit doesn’t need much maintenance, and the process of pouring out its ashes after a fire can be done with minimal work.

You’ll want to give your cast iron fire pit a good scrubbing with vinegar and abrasive scrubbing pads every once in a while. Not only will it keep them looking like new, but if you’re using one of these nifty little tools often enough, then there’s no need for soap or detergents.

That’s A Wrap!

heavy duty fire pit

Cast iron fire pits are a great choice for any outdoor space. They come in many shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your needs.

You can use them year-round or just during camping when you’re cooking out on the grill. There’s no wrong time to have a cast iron fire pit at home – they’re perfect for all seasons.

Have you decided which one is right for you?

If not, we recommend the CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit as it has a unique design and is very well made. The Amagabeli Cast Iron Fire Bowl is remarkable for its versatility and ease of use, and the Easoger Cast Iron Fire Pit is the best choice if you’re on a budget.

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