Tips for Planning a Trip in 2024

How to plan a trip

Planning a trip can be a stressful and time-consuming process if you don’t stay organized and efficient.

With the travel regulations and laws related to Covid-19 variants, many people feel that it’s simply easier to stay at home rather than worry about the testing requirements, personal safety measures, and border restrictions associated with going somewhere new.

Travel insurance, refundable bookings, and a file organizing app for your documents and itinerary make travel as straightforward as possible, so you’ll finally get the vacation time you deserve.  

Stay in the Country or Travel Abroad?

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Planning a trip always begins with selecting the perfect destination.

Right now, due to the shifting nature of travel regulations associated with going abroad, it’s significantly easier to travel within the country than it is to go overseas. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from going where you want to go!

Amazing destinations like Mexico, Canada, and Iceland are open to American travelers as of December 2021.

If you are planning to stay in the country, you can still visit places as far-flung as Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam.   

Check Country-Specific Regulations and Travel Advisories

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Once you’ve made a decision about where you’re going, you’ll need to check in with the travel restrictions relative to the country or state. In addition, you’ll want to check U.S. advisories on plane travel. Because the country is currently in a state of emergency, you may want to limit travel times as much as possible.

To protect your health and the health of those around you, minimize public transportation usage, avoid flying with a layover, and of course, always wear a mask. 

Researching the restrictions for your destination is an essential part of travel these days, but it can be challenging to fight the right resources to get a straight answer on whether you can or can’t travel.

Depending on the health emergency level at the destination, you may need to get a test beforehand. In more restrictive locations, you may need to quarantine for several days, in addition to testing. For most travelers, this eliminates the majority of vacation time and essentially closes the border. 

For a select few countries, such as New Zealand and Australia, entry to the country is restricted entirely to anyone who isn’t a citizen.

For the most up-to-date information, check out Sherpa and Icelandair’s guide to travel restrictions. This interactive map is updated regularly so you can check back in as you get closer to flying. For American citizens or anyone thinking of traveling to America, the country’s state department also offers a number of useful travel resources.

Remember, travel restrictions are currently changing at a rapid pace, so it’s a good idea to check these sites with regularity.    

Plan Your Itinerary Online

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To organize your travel plans, you’ll need an in-depth itinerary that includes all of your booking details and dates. The itinerary is essentially an outline of where you’re going and what you want to do at each of those locations.

In short, it’s a master document for organizing your trip.

While the traditional itinerary is a document that you’d give to someone to explain where you’re going, its modern form is more for personal use. 

Planning your itinerary online makes it easier to access this document from anywhere, on any device. You’ll also be able to add links to relevant websites and online resources, in addition to adding photos of essential documents, like your plane tickets and booking receipts. 

Make Refundable Bookings

Unfortunately, planning travel around low-cost plane tickets can quickly lead to a rebooking nightmare. While it might seem like the cheapest option is the way to go, you’ll actually minimize the risks of losing your money by purchasing refundable tickets and accommodations.  

The basic economy or other lowest price ticket that airlines offer usually includes rebooking rather than an outright refund, which makes them incredibly risky.

With the low volume of travelers right now, many airlines are losing a considerable amount of money, putting them at risk for bankruptcy. Tickets that include the potential for a full refund, rather than rebooking, are essential for keeping your trip flexible in case anything goes wrong. 

Consider Travel Insurance

Travel insurance helps to protect your trip from outright cancellation, airline bankruptcy, and other problematic booking situations you might run into as a result of the pandemic. Given how volatile the travel industry is right now, it’s a good option for most vacationers seeking to leave the country. 

Before purchasing any travel insurance, read the terms and conditions of the policy closely- not every situation is covered by every policy.

If you test positive with Covid while you’re outside the United States and need to stay in the country you’re visiting for a few extra days, you’ll rarely receive compensation. You don’t need to purchase this insurance directly from the airline or hotel; instead, you can easily pick a policy from a third-party organization

Use an Organization App

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A file organization app can keep your itinerary, essential travel documents, and photos secure and easily accessible on the go. You can download and store all the information related to your flight and accommodation bookings, in addition to the details relating to all the sites you want to see at your final destination.  

Review Travel Documentation Requirements

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To comply with the entry restrictions at your destination, you’ll likely need significantly more documentation than an ID or passport. In many cases, you’ll need to request a travel visa from the country you’re visiting beforehand, or at the least, register the dates and purpose of your visit online. You’ll also need to carry your vaccination card on your person at all times. 


Ready to travel? Don’t let fear or stress get in the way of booking the vacation you deserve. Assemble your itinerary with the assistance of an organizational app, book refundable tickets, and check health and safety restrictions to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on your plans.  

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