How To Travel On A Budget In 2024

How To Travel On A Budget In 2024 1

There’s no reason travel has to break the bank. While many package holidays and other vacation options are eye-wateringly expensive, if you’re smart and you approach the task with the right frame of mind, you can save a lot of money on your travel budget.

Cutting down on expenses and being savvy with your spending are just two of the ways in which you can make sure your travel costs are lowered. If you’re smart, you can even make payday loans work as a payment method for your trip!

Here’s how to travel on a budget .

Travel during off-peak times

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The simplest way to save money on your travel expenses is to make sure you’re traveling during off-peak times.

When tourists congregate in certain areas, their prices are sure to rise, and the same can be said for airlines and other transportation methods.

As such, try to travel whenever the traffic is lowest.

For example, if you’re going to a country in Europe, try to travel in September or October; this is often a bad time for families, so it could be a great opportunity for you to take advantage of lower demand and get a lower price on your air ticket or tourist destination.

Bring your own food

Self-catering holidays tend to be cheaper on the whole. This is because you’re not paying a premium for food that’s been prepared for you; instead, you’re able to bring and prepare your own meals.

Try to aim for self-catering holidays for this reason. You can then make decisions about what food you’re going to need.

You can also see this as a good opportunity for learning more about the art of cooking; preparing your own meals is also a great way to stay healthy and keep your nutrition up. The only downside to a self-catered holiday is the increased effort required to prepare food!

Go off the beaten track

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One of the best ways to keep your travel costs down is to go to places that tourists don’t usually visit. That doesn’t necessarily mean countries, although it certainly can. Instead, think about places within those countries that aren’t obvious tourist traps.

If you’re visiting London, for example, you might want to go to an underrated restaurant or a site of natural beauty rather than visiting obvious places like Hyde Park.

It definitely pays to do your research before you decide where to go, so that you can eliminate more popular places and thus keep your costs down.

Take walks instead of going to tourist destinations

Rather than paying to visit an expensive tourist destination, why not simply take a walk in the place you’ve chosen to visit?

Exploring a new city can be exciting in and of itself; you can often get a better feel for the character of a place if you just pound the streets. You never know, you might even discover your new favorite restaurant or haunt while you’re walking.

If you feel confident enough with the language (and you spot people who look friendly), this could also be a good opportunity to talk with the locals and learn more about your destination!

Work while you’re there

You’ll need to be careful when pursuing this option because there are usually various rules involved with working while you’re abroad.

You may need a visa or some other official document to prove you are allowed to work. However, if you’ve got all the relevant documentation, you may want to consider picking up a temporary job while you’re traveling. This can be a great extra source of income, an opportunity to meet new people, and – depending on the job, of course – a good way to explore as well.

Be open to new experiences, and you just might find something unforgettable!

Don’t buy souvenirs

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Many shops know they can make money from tourists who want to buy souvenirs, so if you want to save a little cash, try not to buy too many gifts for the folks back home.

Instead of souvenirs, consider taking photos to show to people, or even better, creating something for them with your own hands. You’d be amazed at how much more people appreciate something that’s been handmade, and it can cost you a fraction of the price of a souvenir as well.

Before you head into a souvenir shop, ask yourself if you could make something more heartfelt that carries the same kind of emotional significance.

Create an itinerary

Even if you do decide you want to travel to all the tourist hotspots and buy souvenirs, it pays to have a travel itinerary. This way, you know exactly how long you’ll be spending in each location and when you need to move on.

You can combine your itinerary with a budget, too. By creating a comprehensive budget, you’ll know how much you’re spending, and you won’t be tempted to go over.

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If you’re traveling with someone else, ask them if they wouldn’t mind overseeing the trip and making sure you stay on budget. It’ll ensure everyone has a better time!

Fly in midweek

This tip is surprisingly simple, but it’ll help you cut back on costs nonetheless.

If you fly in midweek, you’ll save on air travel costs because most people tend to fly around the weekend. Pick Tuesday or Wednesday as your flight day rather than Friday or Saturday (or even Thursday). This will ensure that you’re able to get a flight and that it won’t cost the earth.

It’s also a good idea to stay in the lowest class of flight available; it won’t be particularly comfortable, but it shouldn’t be a bad experience, and you’ll save a lot of money that way.

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