The 10 Best Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers in 2024

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Short on time?

We recommend the Step2 Clubhouse Climber Playset or Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide as the best playsets for toddlers that are fun and durable.

If you’re a mom of a toddler, then you know that they are constantly active and need plenty of stimulus to keep them occupied. That’s why having a backyard playset is essential ! Besides getting plenty of exercises, your kid will have a blast playing with their friends.

So, which playset is the best for your little one?

I have reviewed some of my favorites that would meet all your needs.

So whether it’s just something small or large – we’ve got everything from mini-sets with only 1 slide up to super expansive climbing, jumping, swinging, and sliding all-in-one set so everyone in the household can enjoy playing on one too (and not fight over who gets which part).

toddler outdoor playset

Ready? Check out our list of the top 10 options!

1. Best Overall

Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Step2 Clubhouse Climber

The 10 Best Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers in 2024 1

Recommended Age: 1-6 years old

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for fun new toys that will keep my kids entertained for hours on end. So when I came across the Step2 Clubhouse Climber Playset, I knew I had to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did!

This thing is amazing.

It’s easy to set up and take down, and it has so many features that both my toddler and my five-year-old love. The elevated clubhouse and lookout tower each have dual windows and their very own slides, and the fun details like the skylight and rotating steering wheel are really terrific.

There are rails at each step that ensure a safe climb, and there are several lower-level tunnels that provide fun crawling adventures and hide-and-seek games.

This playset has been a huge hit in our house, and I would highly recommend it to any parent looking for a new outdoor toy for their kids.


  • Deluxe play set with a clubhouse, lookout tower, and slides
  • Climber is well constructed to last for years
  • Easy placement is made possible by the playset's secure ground-based design
  • Both the elevated clubhouse and lookout tower have dual windows and slides


  • Takes about 3 hours of assembly time
  • Costs a lot of money

2. Best Garden Playhouse

Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

Recommended Age: 1-5 years old

The Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse is a great toy for kids who love to play pretend. My kids are always putting on little shows for us, and this playhouse has been a great addition to their repertoire.

It features an open design with a working door, mailbox, and multiple play areas, which encourages imaginative play. There is a kitchenette as well, complete with a stove, sink, and operating clicker knobs. My kids love pretending to cook up meals for us.

The workbench station is another great touch, as it allows kids to pretend to fix things around the house.

We’ve even taken this product indoors during cold weather – it’s that versatile! – and the sand and water table with fun accessories is perfect for hot summer days.

Made in the USA, this product is high quality and built to last. We’ve had ours for years, and it’s still going strong.


  • A playhouse with an open design
  • Provides plenty of areas to play
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Made from sturdy materials that will hold up in the sun and rain


  • Made from sturdy materials that will hold up in the sun and rain

3. Best Hot Wheels Playset

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On

Recommended Age: 1-8 years old

I was so excited to find the Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On for my son. He loves Hot Wheels, and I knew this would be the perfect addition to our backyard.

The coaster is made with durable materials and features 14 ft. of track. It’s easy to set up and my son has a blast riding down the track.

I love that it has safety features like recessed wells to keep the coaster car steady until he’s ready to roll.

To add authenticity, Hot Wheels decals are included. This is a tremendous outdoor playset for any racing fan. Thanks Step2!


  • Provides a unique, thrilling experience for kids
  • Safe, easy-to-use roller coaster
  • Add that extra excitement to the car ride with Hot Wheel themed stickers


  • An extra ten-foot strip of clear floor space is needed for stopping the vehicle

4. Best Game Sports Playset

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Recommended Age: 1-6 years old

As a busy mom, I’m always on the lookout for fun and safe ways for my toddler to burn off some energy. That’s why I was so excited to try out the Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide Playset.

Designed for physical play, as well as the development of gross motor skills, this activity set offers plenty of fun.

My toddler loved shooting hoops and playing soccer, and he had a blast going up and down the slide. Under the basketball hoop is clickable knobs that keep score, while the crawl space under the platform can be used as a soccer goal and crawling tunnel. It was exciting having a new spot for hide-and-seek.

I highly recommend this playset for any family with younger children. It’s sure to provide hours of fun and exercise.


  • Fun, sports-themed design
  • Provides physical activity and gross motor skill development
  • Built-in basketball hoop, perfect for slam dunks and 3-point shots
  • Stairs, crawl through space, and slides are sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end
  • Needs only a small footprint


  • Plastic material can be stronger

5. Best Slide and Swing Playset

Explorer Slide and Swing Set with Music


Recommended Age: 1-10 years old

The Explorer Slide and Swing Set was a big hit with my kids! They loved the three different functions – the slide, the swing, and the basketball hoop.

I was happy to see that it was made of durable and non-toxic HDPE material, so I knew it was safe for my kids to use.

The slide was smooth and didn’t have any sharp edges, which was great for my toddlers’ tender skin. With the climbing ladder, my children were able to challenge themselves safely and easily. The best part was that it was easy to assemble – I had it up in no time.

The turquoise color was also very pleasing to the eye. We’ve been using it both indoors and outdoors and we’ve been delighted with it.


  • Bright and colorful design
  • Huge variety of play options
  • Non-toxic plastic material
  • Sturdy construction, safe for use on hardwood floors


  • Instructions can be more specific

6. Best Grill Parties Playset

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Recommended Age: 1-8 years old

I was looking for an outdoor playhouse for my kids that would provide some shade, and I came across the Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse. I was immediately impressed with the semi-open design of this playhouse.

It has a pavilion-style roof that provides plenty of shade and it also has a built-in grill and sink. I love that it comes with accessories like water scoops and a double-sided shovel.

My kids have really enjoyed playing in this playhouse, and I appreciate that it includes a sand and water play area. It has undoubtedly been a great addition to our backyard.


  • Perfect for family backyard gatherings
  • Learn social and interactive play
  • Includes kitchen and sand & water play area
  • Can be quickly drained and cleaned


  • Installation is quite complex due to the many screws involved

7. Best Pirates Playset

ECR4Kids Buccaneer Pirate Play Boat

ECR4Kids Buccaneer Pirate Play Boat

Recommended Age: 1-6 years old

My little one loves pirates, so when I saw this ECR4Kids Buccaneer Pirate Play Boat Playset, I knew we had to have it. It’s not always easy to find good-quality toys that are also affordable, but this pirate play boat is both.

There is plenty of room for several children to play together on the deck, at the helm and in the cabin. It’s brightly colored and perfect for imaginative and active group play.

You’ll also find details such as a pirate flag, parrot, and anchor so your child can remain entertained for hours. Safety wise, every edge is rounded and smooth, thus preventing severe accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, it’s Greenguard Gold Certified, so you know it meets the highest standards in environmental quality.


  • Fun pirate ship with great attention to detail
  • Bright and cheerful colors
  • Quality build can withstand harsh weather outdoor
  • Perfect size for smaller yards


  • Perfect size for smaller yards

8. Best Jungle Gym Playground

Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet

Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet

Recommended Age: 1-3 years old

The first thing I noticed about the Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet was how easy it was to assemble. The interlocking plastic tubes and connectors fit together quickly and securely, and the whole process only took a few minutes.

I was also impressed by the quality of the construction. The plastic is sturdy and well-made, and the slide is super safe.

My son loves playing in the ball pit, and I love knowing that he’s safe while having fun.

The set also includes a toss target and 50 colorful balls, which have been a huge hit with my son and his friends.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet. It’s well-made, easy to assemble, and most importantly, my son loves it!


  • Ideal for indoors with a low ceiling
  • Bright, colorful balls that are safe for children
  • Durable and sturdy construction for years of fun
  • Toddlers will have a blast taking part in all the activities included in this play set


  • Need to purchase more balls to fill up the ball pit

9. Best Trampoline Playset

Langxun 4-in-1 Rectangle Trampoline

Langxun 4-in-1 Rectangle Trampoline

Recommended Age: 1-8 years old

The Langxun 4-in-1 Rectangle Trampoline is an excellent product for active kids. My son loves it because it’s not just a trampoline but also includes a slide, swing, and climbing steps.

I was worried about the trampoline tipping over, but it’s built with a heavy-duty steel frame and base to prevent that. Also of outstanding quality are the padding and stitching of the jump mat.

It’s great that toddlers and older kids can use it, and I feel confident that my son is safe when he’s playing on it.

For the most part, we’re pleased with this Trampoline from Langxun and would recommend it to other families with active kids.


  • It is a trampoline, swing, and slide all-in-one playground
  • It is a trampoline, swing, and slide all-in-one playground
  • Made of high quality UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, it is durable and safe
  • Allows you to use the trampoline both indoors and outdoors


  • For a small trampoline, it took more than 3 hours to set up

10. Best Sand and Water Play Table

Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand & Water Kids Outdoor Play Table

Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand & Water Kids Outdoor Play Table

Recommended Age: 1-6 years old

The Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand & Water Table is another fine addition to my backyard. My kids love playing with it, and I love that it keeps them amused for hours on end.

The table is dual-sided so they can play with sand or water, and it has a nautical theme which is perfect for summer. It comes with a 9-piece accessory set and an umbrella, which is great for protecting little ones from the sun. The table can hold up to 40 pounds of sand, so we can fill it up once and not have to worry about topping it up all the time.

It’s easy to assemble and looks pretty sturdy, so I’m confident it will last us a long time.

I am so happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who has a child who loves to play in the sand and water.


  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Durable and perfect for a backyard party
  • Keeps kids entertained for hours on end with dual sided water and sandbox
  • Comes with an umbrella so you can use it when it gets too hot out
  • Easy to clean, and comes with a drain plug on both sides


  • Some parts are flimsy

Bonus: Best Toddler Indoor Playset

Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse

Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse

Recommended Age: 6 months-3 years old

The Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse is a great way to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day.

Through a variety of activities, sounds, and games, this multifunctional indoor play center stimulates your child’s curiosity and imagination. My toddler loves pressing the colored buttons to create different tones, and he loves playing peek-a-boo with me through the window shutters.

The best part is that I can feel confident that he’s safe and secure inside the playhouse while I get some much-needed uninterrupted time to get things done around the house.

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to keep your toddler entertained, the Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse is a great buy.

Benefits of Outdoor Play Sets for Children Ages 1 and Up

Outdoor play set for children ages 1 and up

As a parent, it is natural to want your child to have all the best experiences in life. From learning to read and write to making new friends, there are so many things that you want your child to enjoy.

One way to help them explore their world and develop crucial skills is by investing in an outdoor playset.

Playsets provide a safe and stimulating environment for toddlers to play in.

They can explore their physical boundaries by climbing and sliding, while also developing their imaginative side as they pretend to be pirates or princesses.

In addition, playsets offer an opportunity for social interaction, as toddlers learn to share and take turns.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that outdoor playsets are such a popular choice for parents with young children.

Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers

When you have toddlers, it can be tough to find ways to keep them entertained while also getting some fresh air. That’s where outdoor playsets come in. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing outdoor playsets for toddlers:

First, consider the size of the playset. You want something that’s big enough for your toddler to explore, but not so big that it takes up your entire backyard.

Second, think about the features you want. Do you want a swingset? A slide? A climbing wall? Make a list of must-haves before you start shopping.

Third, consider the material. Wooden playsets are often more expensive, but they’re also more durable. Plastic playsets are more affordable, but they may not last as long.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in safety. Look for playsets with rounded edges and soft surfaces beneath any slides or swings. And make sure there’s plenty of room for supervision; you don’t want your toddler out of your sight while he’s playing.

With these things in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor playset for your toddler. And he’ or she is sure to have hours of fun in the sun.

Safety Guidelines for Babies and Toddlers on the Playground

It’s important to keep safety in mind when taking your baby or toddler to the playground. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Babies and toddlers should only play on structures designed for their age group, as they can be injured on equipment that’s too big or tall.
  • Always stay close to your child and offer a steadying hand when needed. Don’t let them out of your sight, even for a moment.
  • Teach your child not to push or shove other kids while they’re playing.
  • Help them learn how to use the equipment safely. For example, show them how to go down the slide feet first. When on a swing, ensure that your toddler sits bottom down, rather than dangling on the tummy, kneeling, or standing up.
  • Inspect the playground before letting your child play on it. Ensure there are no sharp edges or loose screws that could injure them.
  • Be prepared to intervene if they start to climb too high or play too rough.
  • Make sure the playground is well-maintained and regularly clean.
  • Have fun! Playing with your child is a great way to bond and create lasting memories.

By following these safety guidelines, you can help ensure that your child has a fun and safe time at the playground.

Best Backyard Playsets FAQs

What are some of the ways that playsets help children develop?

When it comes to finding activities for kids, parents often feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they want their kids to be active and engaged, but on the other hand, they don’t want them to be exposed to too much screen time.

One solution that more and more parents are turning to is indoor playgrounds. These play spaces provide a perfect balance of physical activity and fun, and they can help support a child’s development in a number of ways.

For starters, indoor playgrounds help children to develop gross motor skills as they run, jump, and climb. They also promote cognitive development by giving kids the opportunity to explore their environment and experiment with new things. And finally, playsets can also help children socialize and interact with other kids their age.

So if you’re looking for an activity that will keep your child happy and healthy, an indoor or outdoor playground is a great option.

Which is better, plastic or wood playset?

Two of the most popular materials used for playsets are plastic and wood. So, which is the better choice? Both plastic and wood have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Most playsets for toddlers are made with plastic because it is lightweight, soft, safe, and easy to clean.

Toddlers are constantly exploring and touching everything around them, which can often lead to accidents. Plastic is much softer than wood or metal, so if a toddler falls on it, they are less likely to get hurt. In addition, plastic is very easy to keep clean since it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Some parents even put their toddlers’ playsets parts in the dishwasher!

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that plastic is the material of choice for most playsets designed for toddlers.

Can you put a playset on the grass?

You can put a playset on the grass, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, the playset will be more likely to move if it’s not on a firm surface. You’ll also need to take extra care to anchor it so that it doesn’t tip over. And finally, you’ll want to make sure that the grass underneath the playset is regularly trimmed so that it doesn’t get too long and start to cover up the base of the playset.

Likewise, consider placing a mat under the swings and other areas where children are likely to spend extended periods of time.

By taking these simple steps, you can enjoy your playset without damaging your lawn. Just be prepared to do a bit extra work to keep it safe and secure.

How long do playsets for toddlers last?

When my son was 12 months old, we bought him a small play set in our backyard. It had a slide, a few steps, and a little platform with a railing. He loved it and spent hours every day climbing up and sliding down. I wasn’t sure how long it would last, but I figured we would get a few years out of it at least.

Now, four years later, he’s still playing on it every day. It’s been through some tough weather – including a storm – and it’s starting to show its age, but it’s still standing strong.

So if you’re wondering how long playsets for toddlers last, the answer is: as long as you want them to! Just kidding – but seriously, they can last quite a while if you take care of them.

Is it cheaper to build your own playset?

If you’re considering building your own playset, there are a few things you’ll need to take into account.

The cost of the materials is one factor, of course, but you’ll also need to factor in the cost of your time. Building a playset can be a fun weekend project, but it’s also important to remember that it’s a big investment of time and effort. In addition, you’ll need to have some basic carpentry skills to build a safe and structurally sound playset.

With all of that being said, there are definite advantages to building your own playset. First of all, you’ll be able to customize it to your own specifications. And secondly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself!

Of course, there are a few drawbacks as well. The most obvious one is that it will take longer to build than simply buying a ready-made playset. And secondly, if you make any mistakes during the construction process, it could potentially void any warranties on the materials.

So, when it comes down to it, whether or not it’s cheaper to build your own playset depends on a number of factors. But if you’re up for the challenge and have the time and skills to do it, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just be sure to do your research before you get started.

That’s a wrap!

playgrounds for 1 year olds

When it comes to backyard playsets, there are many options on the market. However, not all of them are suitable for toddlers.

As a mom, I only want the best for my child. That’s why I’ve carefully curated this list of the best outdoor playsets for toddlers.

These sets are made from high-quality materials and feature age-appropriate activities that will help your child develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally. The most important feature of an outdoor playset is that it should enhance a child’s life in substantial ways, all while being fun!

So if you’re in the market for a new kid’s outdoor playset, be sure to check out these options. Your child will love spending time on them.

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