Touring the Lux Jewellery District of Birmingham, England

Touring Lux Jewellery District of Birmingham

Birmingham is Britain’s second city, with a vast and diverse population that gives it a vibrancy and cultural significance that cement its place on the global stage.

Within the city center, you’ll find the Jewellery Quarter, which as the name suggests is home to a combination of high-end gemstone outlets, as well as luxury retail boutiques, chic bars, cutting-edge eateries and much more besides.

Join us as we cover a few of the most appealing elements of this district, and we’ll help you plan your trip!

The Allure of Birmingham’s Jewellery District: Why You Should Visit

Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

Birmingham has a long history and reputation for being the most luxurious destination in England when it comes to jewelry. So if you’ve already had your fill of all that London has to offer, hop on a train or hit the motorway and you’ll be dazzled by what this Midlands paradise has to offer.

Most importantly, visiting this area gives an insight into how beautiful jewelry craftsmanship can truly be, while also offering opportunities to shop until you drop. Even if you’re traveling on a budget, a spot of window shopping is worth the journey.

With almost half of all the UK’s precious pieces being produced in this region, there’s even a museum dedicated to the long and illustrious history of the trade in Birmingham. The fact that it’s currently closed excluding pre-booked events means you might need to plan well in advance to see this particular attraction, but it will be worth it.

Must-Sees and Hidden Gems in Birmingham’s Jewellery District

When visiting this area of the city, some must-see spots include iconic names such as Goldsmiths, Ericoz, La Mons Jewellery and Diamond Heaven.

There’s also the world-famous Hockley Mint where visitors can witness ancient craftsmanship techniques in action or buy exclusive pieces from their shop front window display.

No matter what type of treasure you seek, there are many must-see locations within this vibrant district that cater to every budget and taste level imaginable. And of course if you’re inspired by what you see but you don’t want to buy fine jewelry there and then, visiting a site like after you return will let you scratch that itch.

Where to Stay for an Unforgettable Experience Touring the Area

No tour of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter should be rushed, so rather than just paying a flying visit, it’s worth booking an overnight stay so you can soak up more of what the city brings to the table.

For those looking for lodging options nearby, there are several excellent hotels in close proximity, ranging from the old-school luxury of The Grand Hotel, the modern reliability of the Hyatt Regency, the no-compromises affordability of Hotel Indigo, and the foodie-friendly stylings of Hotel du Vin.

Not only do these provide great comfort and convenience but many offer spectacular views of Birmingham’s skyline, whether from the rooms themselves or from bars and restaurants set high above the bustling streets below.

What Else to do in Birmingham

You’d be foolish to overlook all of the other attractions in Birmingham, so after you’ve checked out the Jewellery Quarter, it’s worth adding a few other stops to your itinerary.

For example, the majesty of the Bull Ring, with all of its outlets and amenities, is a joy if you’ve not had your fill of retail therapy.

This is also a city known for its exquisite food scene, so dining at one of its top Indian restaurants in the evening will be wise.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry store

Whether you’ve got expensive tastes, or you just want to get a glimpse of how the other half live, Birmingham’s jewel-drenched district is one way to do it, and it’s a trip you won’t regret!

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