Where to Go in the Middle East Based on Your Preferences

Where to Go in the Middle East

The Middle East is one of the most beautiful and inviting regions in the world, and it’s one of those places that can suit lots of different tourists, regardless of their age, background, and preferences.

From amazing landscapes to beautiful cultural wonders, this area is going to give you a unique chance to experience something new and undiscovered, which is something I experienced myself a few years ago.

Whether you’re into markets that are full of people or private museums that will give you peace of mind, the Middle East is just waiting for you, so make sure you check it out yourself as well!

Embracing Tranquil Landscapes

If you’re looking for something else and if you don’t want to spend your time in the Middle East going from one historical site to the next, you can still have an amazing time and do something good for yourself.

This region can offer you tons of serene, peaceful, and quiet moments that will help you relax and recuperate, especially if you’re used to spending your time in a hectic and loud environment.

For instance, I decided to explore the dunes of Wadi Rum in Jordan and spend some time in the open. This helped me get in touch with nature and I started to think about all my problems using only my own inner strength and the power of the land around me.

The same goes for other parts of the Middle East, including the coastline of Oman with all those beautiful and secluded beaches, and the valleys of Lebanon that will amaze you with their greenery and serenity.

Keep in mind that these places are always more enjoyable if you have someone you love by your side, just like I did, so look for travel companions if you want to make the most of your time in the Middle East.

Unveiling Ancient Wonders

Great Pyramid Of Giza Day

Probably the most wonderful thing about the Middle East is the fact that there are so many historical sites there, and even though I’ve never been a huge fan of history, I loved seeing all of them in person!

The pyramids all around Egypt, together with the Great Sphinx of Giza, just blew my mind – these things aren’t just big and impressive, but they’re also monumental when it comes to the history of our civilization because this is where our scientific and artistic development came from.

And when you add sites like the city of Petra in Jordan, the remnants of Persepolis in Iran, and other wonders you can’t see anywhere else in the world, it’s easy to understand why the Middle East is so appealing to all those tourists who are into history.

Even if you’re like me and not that interested in this aspect of traveling, you’ll fall in love with this area and feel like you want to explore it even more.

Arts and Culture

As I’ve already mentioned, speaking about the Middle East means speaking about the artistic cradle of the world, and that’s why arts and culture are so important in this region today.

That’s what I felt from the moment I reached my destination, and it’s safe to say that all tourists are going to love exploring artistic and cultural spots all around this area.

For instance, if you’re a fan of movies, you can check out the Doha Film Festival in Qatar and check out the latest releases from all over the world, and if you prefer art, you need to to Beirut and visit as many art galleries as you can – and there are tons to choose from!

What I did was a bit more extravagant, as I decided to go to AlUla in Saudi Arabia and enjoy available exhibitions surrounded by the open space and the appealing desert landscape that helped me feel the artistic potential of this place.

This is a one-of-a-kind museum that can show you all the beauties of the Middle East and accentuate its position in the history of our civilization, which is something all fans of history and culture are going to like.

A Gastronomic Expedition

There are lots of TV shows that center around the Middle East and its amazing cuisine, and there’s a good reason for that – the spices, herbs, combinations, and tastes here are different from anything else you’ll be able to find in the world.

During my time here, I wanted to try as many different dishes as possible, and that’s why I decided to visit different places, from street food vendors to high-class restaurants.

If you love exploring new tastes and combinations, you need to go to Persia and Turkey because these are the places where different travelers used to gather centuries ago and trade spices.

Because of that, these areas combine food from across the globe and give it a local twist, which means that the food you’ll eat here will probably be better than anything you’ve ever had before in your life.

Exploring Dynamic Cities

For all those people who believe that the Middle East is just a huge desert with nothing substantial about it, going to this region is going to show them just how wrong they are.

I knew that this place was full of dynamic and exciting cities that were just as big and developed as the cities in the West, so I was ready to meet places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but I was still surprised when I witnessed cities like Marrakech and Tel Aviv!

The number of people you can see there is enormous, and it’s like everyone’s going in a different direction. Thousands of people there are acting like bees, and everyone is buzzing here and there, but this is organized chaos where you’ll start feeling at home in no time at all.

These cities are perfect for people who like the urban environment and who want to see something new and different, so make sure you put these on your bucket list as well.

Some of the other places you need to see in the Middle East include Istanbul, Iran, and Jerusalem which are perfect destinations for travelers who are hoping to connect to ancient wisdom and religion, as well as the Red Sea and the Hajar Mountains in the United Arab Emirates that will give all those adventurous travelers a great time.

Still, wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll surely get back home feeling the same way I did after my time in the Middle East – wanting to go back as soon as possible!

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