Top 7 Things to Know Before You Travel to Jordan

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If you’re traveling to Jordan for the first time, then you’re in for a treat!

Jordan is a country filled with wonder, great food and people that you won’t forget, which is why roughly 1.2 million overnight tourists came here in early 2023.

During your stay, you’ll be treated to historic landmarks including the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Petra as well as beautiful landscapes around almost every corner of the country.

While we’re sure you’ll have begun to do your research for your upcoming visit to Jordan, there’s so much for you to discover for yourself once you land at Queen Alia International Airport. Our travels to Jordan gave us a plethora of insight that we want to share to help any future travelers to this beautiful country arrive fully prepared for what is to come.

If you’d like to learn more before you book an epic adventure holiday to Jordan, then we’re here to help. Below you’ll find out about the country, its culture and a few other bits of handy information to bear in mind when you head to Jordan.

Jordan as a place

Camels in Jordan Petra

Jordan is a small country that sits between Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel and West Bank. It has an estimated population of around 10.3 million people and the majority of Jordanians are Muslim with some being Christian too.

The country is big on hospitality and you’ll find their people to go that extra mile to wow you during your stay, which will create memories that last a lifetime.

What’s more, history draws people from all over the globe to learn about ancient civilizations like the nomadic Nabataeans who occupied Petra 2000 years ago.

Food is also celebrated in Jordan and you’ll find yourself trying countless tasty dishes.

One food you simply can’t miss is Mansaf, which we loved to eat during our stay. This is the national dish of Jordan and consists of rice, sheep or goat meat and dried yogurt known as jameed.

What do you need to know about Jordan

1. Hospitality is part of the culture

The locals will treat you as their friend more often than not, which makes Jordan feel like a very welcoming country.

This is deeply rooted in the Jordanian people and it can be traced all the way back to Bedouin culture.

You will find many people saying ‘Ahlan wa sahlan’, which means “welcome”, so be sure to respond with thank you if you hear this phrase when you stay here.

2. It’s not always sunny

You may think that Jordan is a hot country for the entire year but that’s not actually true.

Jordan has a winter season where you’ll see cold and cloudy days with rainfall and even snow falling here at some times of the year.

The winter season takes place between December and February, so if you want a hot climate during your stay, then avoid these months.

3. Alcohol is expensive

Many people enjoy a drink or two while on holiday and that is possible in Jordan.

However, alcohol is heavily taxed, which means you’ll pay a premium for any alcoholic beverage you buy during your stay. You’ll find that alcohol can only be bought from hotels during Islamic holidays such as Ramadan because it’s seen as disrespectful to drink it in public during this celebration.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid visiting during this time, however, as Ramadan is a special time that offers a sense of community that you may not have experienced before.

4. Smoking and shisha are common here

If you are looking for something to do instead of paying for the super expensive drinks, then you can try shisha instead.

It’s called argeeleh here and you can have it in plenty of places around the country. We found that this was a big part of the culture and sitting amongst the locals enjoying it was an authentic experience that shouldn’t be missed.

If you are worried about your health when you’re around smokers, then you may find it tough at times to avoid it. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though, so don’t let it put you off visiting Jordan just for this.

5. Dress code

Jordan traditional culture flute

There are some rules when it comes to clothing in Jordan, which mainly surround the places of worship.

If you plan on visiting any of these during your stay, then men must cover their knees and shoulders and women must cover their chest, neck and hair.

Be sure to pack lightweight trousers and long-sleeved shirts to make sure your days in and around the places of worship aren’t hindered by your clothing choices.

We found that Jordanians had an exquisite sense of style during our stay with many dressing to impress throughout the day. Some restaurants have smart dress codes too, so make sure to pack your best suit or dresses for fancy meals.

6. Be wary of the water

Unlike the UK, you can’t drink tap water when visiting Jordan. Instead, you need to buy plastic bottles or bring a reusable filtration bottle.

We recommend going with the latter, however, as recycling facilities are in short supply, which has led to many of the beautiful spaces becoming overrun with littered plastic water bottles.

7. It’s hard not to fall in love with Jordan

The final thing you need to know about Jordan is that you will find it easy to fall in love with this great country. From snoozing under a canopy of stars to the mountain and lake views to the delicious food and tea drinks, there’s something for everyone here in Jordan.

We already can’t wait to go back and continue to explore everything that this country has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Amman Citadel Street Jordan

As you can see, Jordan is a country filled with wonder and has a culture that any avid traveler will want to experience.

We hope the information has made you more excited than ever to visit, so don’t hesitate and start planning your adventure here today.

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