The 10 Best Kids ATV to Buy in 2024 [Categorized]

kids atv

Do you have kids at home who are full of energy, adventurous, and love to play outside? Getting them the best four-wheeler ATVs would be super fun.

Gifting your little one with an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) will not only get them to play outdoors but also boost their confidence and make them more independent. Once they get hooked up on being adventurous, there’s no turning back!

Buying the right kids’ ATV is important as it can impact the safety of your child. Parents who are new to this gear may find it overwhelming to choose a good one.

Fortunately, from among the plenty of models available – we have put together the list of the 10 best four-wheeler ATVs for kids and youth.

Product Comparison (Top 10)


1. Best Overall: Razor Dirt Quad 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

Razor Dirt Quad 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

The 10 Best Kids ATV to Buy in 2024 [Categorized] 1

If you have kids between the age of 8 to 14 at home, buying a Razor Dirt Quad 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for them would be a great idea. This ATV features high-quality construction and adheres to the safety requirements. Due to its all-terrain tires, you don’t have to worry about your kid hitting off roads.

To conquer the rough trails, it consists of an adjustable riser handlebar and a front brush bar. Your young child can enjoy the ride without any bumps, as it consists of a coil shock suspension system. Additionally, you will find a small rear handle that allows you to take it along with you while going on trips.


  •         Light in weight.
  •         Durable construction.
  •         Various color options.
  •         Sleek and cool design.


  •         Battery charge doesn’t last long.
  •         Younger kids find it hard to operate.
  •         No options for reverse.

2. Best Dual Seater ATV: Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Dune Racer

Are you planning to get a Power Wheels Dune Racer ATV for your toddlers? This awesome quad will keep them from arguing over who will get to drive the ATV first. The quad is uniquely designed for little ones between the age range of 3 – 7 years who love to play outdoors. Due to the in-built Monster Traction drive system, your kids will be able to drive through various terrains.

With a speed between 2.5 mph – 5 mph, young children will find this quite appealing. For added safety, this vehicle comes with a power lock braking system that allows you to stop immediately – when required. The metallic sidebars ensure adequate safety and maximum support for the kids to hold on while riding.


  •         Fabulous design.
  •         It’s a Power Wheels!
  •         Sturdy construction.
  •         Ample legroom.


  •         No battery life indicator.
  •         Installation takes hours.
  •         Seatbelts are absent.

3. Best ATV For Beginners: Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride

Wondering how to get your little adventurer to tread through your backyard safely? Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride is a special quad that consists of an electric motor of 15W. It uses a 12 V standard rechargeable battery and has 2-speed modes for going in the reverse and forward directions. The ATV has a max speed of 2 mph, which would be sufficient for your young one to enjoy the ride.

You will also come across some incredible features such as LED headlights, engine sounds, and a built-in horn. With a weight capacity of 66 pounds, it sounds like a great option for kids between 3 years old to 7 years old. Due to the treaded tires, you can ride smoothly through any terrain and change directions with ease.


  •         Assembles easily.
  •         Easy to charge.
  •         Excellent features.


  •         Has lesser weight capacity.

4. Best Performance: Razor 500 Dirt Quad 36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

Razor 500 Dirt Quad 36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

If your kids love going for a thrilling ride, Razor 500 Dirt Quad 36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV offers the adrenaline rush they’re looking for. This sporty vehicle is specially designed for teens and adults who need strong gear that can go at higher speeds. It contains three 12 V standard batteries which give you a riding time that ranges between 50 to 60 minutes. With a maximum speed of 9 mph, it can cover a range of 10 miles.

The powder-coated steel frame offers damage resistance to all weather conditions and protects the young ones from injuries. This ATV sports a chain-driven 500 W engine and rubberized tires of 13 inches in height.


  •         Suitable for children between 14 years old and up.
  •         Great durability.
  •         Has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.
  •         Sturdy framework.


  •         Headlights are absent.
  •         Spindle breaks often.

5. Best Gas-Powered ATV: X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads Youth ATV Kids Quad ATVs 4 Wheeler

X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads

Are you planning to surprise your little munchkin with a four-wheeler ATV for his birthday? Getting an X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads Youth ATV Kids Quad ATV would be an excellent pick. With a powerful 110 cc engine, it showcases a fully automated transmission system. In addition to that, it’s equipped with safety features like a speed limiter, parental-controlled remote stop, and engine kill switch.

Specially designed for young adventurers between the age of 7 to 15, it displays an adult ATV look, which makes it even more appealing. With a weight capacity of 200 lbs, the sturdy tires can ride through most terrain conditions.


  •         Well built.
  •         Easy to install.
  •         Electric start.
  •         Available in multiple colors.


  •         Wheels are slightly narrow.
  •         No instruction manual.

6. Best Luxury Over $1000: TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels

In search of a four-wheeler ATV that can handle different types of terrain.  The TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels by TaoTao is an eye-catchy, all-terrain vehicle. This travel-friendly vehicle displays a hydraulic disc brake and has a seat height of 29 inches.

The safety aspects consist of a shut-off plug that comes with a wire clipped to your kid’s clothing. In case of any emergency or if your young rider happens to fall, it will shut the motor off immediately. The other attractive feature being the parental controlled remote shut off that enables you to switch off the engine, even when your child is running it.


  •         Fully Automatic.
  •         Huge rugged tires.
  •         Incredible ground clearance.
  •         Apt for kids up to a height of 5.5 ft.


  •         The battery takes hours to charge.
  •         Very noisy while running.

7. Best Youth ATV With Big Wheels:  X-PRO 125cc ATV

X-PRO 125cc ATV

Do you have an enthusiastic child who envisions oneself riding at top speed with monster-size wheels? X-PRO 125cc ATV comes with big 19″/18″ tires and rides at a top speed of 22 m/h. Due to the bold design, it’s a popular option among little boys who aspire to ride like adults. This automated quad has an electric start and comes with a 125-cc motor.

The strong LED headlights enable you to ride easily, even during low lighting conditions or at night. If your kid wants to stop immediately, they can use the high-rise brakes that come with brake lights. Also, in case of any emergency, the parent-controlled remote stop has a coverage of up to 200 m.


  •         Incredible design.
  •         Easy to assemble and maintain.
  •         Gigantic size wheels.
  •         Suitable for children above 10 years.


  •         Not apt for small kids.
  •         Wheels get worn out easily.

8. Best Design: ICEbear 110cc ATV Four Wheelers Fully Automatic Gas

ICEbear 110cc ATV Four Wheelers Fully Automatic Gas

Hunting for a stylish ATV model that will get your kid outdoors and enter into the world of motorsports? Selecting an ICEbear 110cc ATV Four Wheelers Fully Automatic Gas would be the right choice. This tough-looking four-wheeler uses a 110 cc fully automatic motor with a four-stroke engine that enables you to run on most rough terrains. Its 6-inch-thick tires offer a good grip as you zoom through different terrains.

This model will not disappoint you when it comes to performance, as it runs at a maximum speed of 28 mph. With a max weight capacity of 130 lbs, it’s suitable for experienced young drivers above seven years.


  •         Assembling is not difficult.
  •         Excellent for starters.
  •         Well built.
  •         Comfortable to operate.


  •         Not suitable for heavy kids.
  •         Needs slight adjustment.

9. Best Durable ATV: Motor HQ 125cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers

Motor HQ 125cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers

Motor HQ’s 125cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers is a fantastic choice for kids due to its friendly user interface. Along with a standard battery of 12 V, it has a single-cylinder engine type with four strokes. The engine and the 7” tires make this vehicle sturdy enough to zoom through various terrains. To attain maximum horsepower, the engine can be air-cooled and enables you to run at a max speed of 34 mph.

The brake system uses a disc at the rear end and drums at the front. Due to the maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds, it’s suitable for kids above 10 years. The manufacturer also provides free tool kits for assembling, liftgate services, and a warranty for the parts.


  •         Easy Installation.
  •         Weighs 350 lbs.
  •         Firm springs.
  •         Comfortable and smooth ride.


  •         Not suitable for kids below 3 years.
  •         Front brakes are not easy to pull.

10. Best Budget-Friendly ATV: Power Wheels Racing ATV

Power Wheels Racing ATV

Are you on the hunt for a modern, sleek-looking four-wheeler ATV but also an affordable one? Power Wheels Racing ATV is the perfect choice for you. Due to the power lock brakes and high-speed lockout system, you can relax as your child zooms through any terrain. Young drivers find this vehicle exciting as it offers a maximum forward speed of 6 mph and a reverse speed of 3 mph even over rough terrains. It also features three-speed variations that you can control with the help of buttons.

With a weight capacity of 65 lbs, it allows young riders to sit comfortably and enjoy an incredible adventure. You will also find a 12 V battery system that keeps the quad running for hours after each charge, along with incredible graphics and realistic quad styling.


  •         Easy to install.
  •         Has parental controls.
  •         Comfortable seats


  •         Rear-axle is quite long.
  •         Handlebar breaks easily.

Best Kids ATV Buying Guide

In this modern era, kids tend to spend more time with smart gadgets, and it’s quite impossible to get them to play outdoors. By getting them a four-Wheeler dirt bike, they will be more enthusiastic about playing outside. Or, if you happen to have an adult ATV at home, your toddler – especially boys would show a keen interest to start early.

Different brands have a wide range of kids’ ATVs, and you may find it hard to choose the right one. Go through our buying guide to understand the various aspects you need to keep in mind before making the final decision.

What Is A Four-Wheeler ATV?

kids 4 wheeler

ATVs are motor-operated quads that enable kids to drive off roads through tough terrains. These All-Terrain Vehicles have become popular toys among kids recently. As it comes with handbrakes, driver’s seats, low-pressure tires, and motorbike engines, your kids will be able to zoom through tougher and even wet terrains easily.

Most of them offer a good speed of up to 30 mph, which encourages competitive kids to go on adventures. As these sporty vehicles have all the necessary safety features in place, it allows your kids to step into the next level when it comes to outdoor excitement.

Though you do not require any driver’s license to ride these quads, it’s advisable to check with your state’s laws and regulations to stay safe.

How To Choose The Perfect Four Wheeler ATV For Your Young Rider?

Choosing the best ATV for your children can be a daunting task. Here are some of the aspects you need to consider while purchasing the four-wheeler for your kids.

·         Your Kid’s Age Range:

This is an important aspect to consider while purchasing a kid’s ATV. Mostly, kid’s ATV models are available at a specific age range. As these vehicles are quite huge, getting the wrong size can be quite unsafe for your little one. So, while searching for an ATV for your children, make sure that they are age-appropriate and support your kid’s weight and height limit to enjoy the ride.

·         Type of ATV:

Kids’ four-wheeler ATVs are mainly of two types. These include:

Electric ATVsElectric ATVs or electric cars are best suited for smaller novice kids who have just ventured into the world of motorsports. They are usually light in weight and contain a standard rechargeable battery that allows you to ride for 50 to 60 minutes after each recharge. With a maximum speed of 8 to 10 mph, they are quite easy to maintain for young adventurers.

Gas-Powered ATVsAs for the gas ATVs, they do not have a specific time limit and are available at various speeds. Here, you need sufficient fuel to run the usual 50cc gas motor. This is more suitable for experienced young riders as they get to increase the speed over time. With little or no suspension, these vehicles are light in weight and come with a safety stop switch – that allows parents to make emergency stops in case of any accidental mishaps.

·         Parental Controls:

Most kid’s four-wheeler ATVs have remote-controlled parental controls in place. With these controls’ help, parents can either switch off the engine or alter the speed limit. To ensure maximum safety for your young children, certain models have a safety string attached to your child’s clothing. In case your child rolls over or falls, the cord gets pulled and automatically switches the engine off. While choosing the best ATV for your kids, you need to keep in mind the amount of control you want to enjoy a safe driving experience.

·         Safety Features:

To ensure maximum safety, kid’s ATVs come with numerous essential safety features. Certain models have speed adjustment limits that control how fast your young one can zoom through the backyard. You also need to opt for age-appropriate ATVs that come with pedals and handlebars – to make sure that they stay inside, even while riding on rocky surfaces.

Also, opt for ones that have safety seatbelts and padded seating for added comfort. The next aspect you need to look into is LED headlights that are long-lasting and offer great visibility, even at night.

Protecting Your Four-Wheeler ATV From The Elements

As a four-wheeler ATV owner, you should also consider investing in a good quality 4 wheeler cover, especially if you plan on storing it outside.

You might be tempted to just use a plastic tarp, but it’s better for the vehicle if you select a more breathable cloth created expressly for ATV protection. This will prevent moisture from accumulating beneath the surface, which could lead to corrosion or mildew.

Is It Safe For Your Kid To Drive An ATV?

Are you worried that ATVs are quite extreme for your child? Worry no more! Due to technological advancement, kid’s four-wheeler ATVs have become safer and affordable these days. Also, it comes with all the necessary safety features that are essential to have endless fun safely.

Some parents are concerned if a gas four-Wheeler ATV is safe for kids. To be honest, ATVs are safe as long as your little riders follow all the necessary safety guidelines. In addition to that, you need to make sure to purchase age-appropriate gear for your young drivers. Also, make sure that their driving skills and weight limit capacity match with the sleek-looking ATV you’re getting them.

What Are The Driving Rules You Need To Follow While Riding A Kid’s ATV?

Irrespective of your child being an experienced driver, it’s advisable to stay around your little one every time they ride an ATV. With parental supervision, you’ll be able to guide them and correct them in case of any mistakes.

Here are some driving rules that will help keep your young one safe as they take over the rough terrains.

·         Wear a helmet and other safety gears always: 

Wearing protective gear is a must while driving any vehicle. Sometimes, small kids may find it boring or feel too hot to wear them while on the ride. However, riding without protective headgear may result in fatal head injuries in case of an accidental fall.

Helmet wearing can lower the risk of a serious head injury by up to 88%! It is better to be cautious than regret later! To make things interesting, teach them the importance of wearing a helmet in a fun way – by getting them gears with their favorite cartoon character and favorite color.

·         Avoid using the busy and main roads:

Even though a kid’s four-wheeler ATV is suitable for most terrains, they are not meant for paved roads. It is not safe for kids to drive these vehicles through a busy road, as it may cause accidents and fatal injuries. The wide tire treads in ATVs are uniquely designed to grip onto rocky and uneven surfaces easily. When it comes to flat paved public roads, the tires won’t find a good grip, and you may tend to lose control and skid easily. Hence, instruct your little ones to stay off the roads by all means.

·         Avoid entering private property:

It can be disrespectful if your children trespass no entry signs and enter into the private property of your neighbors. Normally, people do not like young children running on their property and creating a mess. Moreover, the area may not be safe for exploring and going on adventures. Advice your young riders on the boundary of land they’re allowed to ride on and the serious consequences they will have to face if they break the rules.

·         Avoid overloading of passengers:

This may seem to be quite tempting, especially if you have 3 to 4 kids fighting to go on a ride at the same time. However, most four-wheeler ATVs are for single passengers only. You may also come across certain models that have a dual seating capacity as well.

To ensure your young ones’ safety, these ATVs have a specific height and weight capacity you need to pay attention to. Overloading the vehicle may result in rolling over or flipping the quad when you take a sharp U-turn or reverse at high-speed. This will result in fatal injuries for all the passengers involved.

·         Follow the safety instructions:

It is very important to obey all the rules, even if it might be irritating or puts a hold on your kid’s excitement. The rules are in place to ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun at the same time. While riding the ATV, make sure to have the seatbelts locked and avoid driving recklessly or showing off extreme stunts.

If your kid happens to drive at night or in low lighting areas, use flags or reflectors as indicators to stay safe. Also, make sure that the younger kids ride only under controlled speed limits.

Even though your kid wishes to show off in front of their friends – make sure to give safety more importance!

How To Teach A Child To Ride A Quad Bike (4 Wheeler)

Teaching a child to ride an ATV can create lifelong memories, but it requires patience and responsibility on the parent’s part.

Start with a kid-sized four-wheeler that has training wheels and speed limiters—safety first! Make sure your little rider is geared up in a helmet, goggles, gloves and boots every time.

Pick a flat, open space with no obstacles to learn on. Show them the basics like working the throttle, brakes and steering. Let them putter around slowly to get a feel for it. Give clear but encouraging instructions and show them proper riding form.

Gradually pick up speed as they gain confidence. Take regular breaks to avoid fatigue.

The goal is to develop their balance, coordination, and judgment. Make lessons fun but emphasize respect for the machine.

With your guidance and plenty of practice, they’ll be tearing up the trails in no time! But always supervise and reinforce safe operation.

Learning this skill responsibly means they’ll enjoy a lifetime of ATV adventures.

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