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10 Best Youth ATV Helmets 2024: Kids ATV Helmets Buying Guide

ATVs are rising in popularity in recent years, and now more children are joining the fun. So you need to get appropriate protective gear to go with these vehicles. ATV helmets for kids primarily protect them from impact and pain in case of accidents. But, that is not all they do.

The right ATV helmet protects the wearer from wind disturbance, dust, debris and can allow them to showcase their style. This article takes you through the process of buying the perfect ATV helmet for kids , as well as some great choices for your youths.

You will also learn how to properly size a helmet to avoid getting a ‘helmet hot spot,’ which happens when your helmet presses on pain points on your head and causes discomfort.

Ten Best Kids/Youth ATV Helmets Comparison

1. Best Overall Youth ATV Helmet: O’Neal 0200-463 2SRS Youth Helmet Villian

O’Neal 0200-463 2SRS Youth Helmet Villian

10 Best Youth ATV Helmets 2024: Kids ATV Helmets Buying Guide 1

O’Neal specializes in durable cycling gear that offers comfort and protection. Their youth Villian series has a striking design with polycarbonate and ABS shell and a removable and washable soft padded interior. The shell is aerodynamic and it minimizes wind disturbance and interference.

It has a great ventilation system with several air vents to keep the wearer cool during use and for wicking away sweat. O’Neal Youth series kids helmets are AS/NZS, ECE 22-0, and DOT certified, and they come with a rubber roost nose guard.

There’s also a double-D release chin strap that keeps the helmet from falling. You can adjust the sun visor for maximum sun protection, and its full-face design ensures that the wearer is well-protected in the event of a crash. This product comes in a range of designs with cool graphics all covered with a clear coat of protective paint.

2. Best luxury: Fox Racing Prix Youth V1

Fox Racing Prix Youth V1

The new Fox Racing V1 is a full-face helmet with a hard, lightweight ABS and injection-molded polycarbonate outer shell and plush EPS interior padding for comfort. It has a  patented MVRS visor system that manages rotational forces for better sun protection and visibility. The magnetic visor release system (MVRS) releases in a crash, which can minimize injury.

Furthermore, it has an efficient airflow system with 9 inflow vents and 4 exhaust vents that prevent sweating. The Fox Racing helmet comes in at a higher price than many other helmets, but you get value for your money. It is durable, comfortable to wear, and DOT-certified.

The shell is designed to minimize injury and shock. Its cheek pads and interior lining are removable and washable. This quality helmet for kids has four shell sizes as well as padding sizes, so you can get a perfect fit.

3. Best Design: ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet

ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet

For lovers of full-face helmets, the ILM Youth Motocross Series is the perfect fit. It has a sleek, all-black design with a unique shape. The ATV helmet is DOT-approved, making it an effective protective gear for a wide range of riders. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear due to its construction with ABS and soft padding.

Apart from its stylish design and good quality, you will love it for its aerodynamic properties that block out noise and wind interference. It has an efficient air vent system that releases heat and sweat while riding, keeping the wearer as comfortable as possible.

The ILM Youth motocross helmet also has a removable liner so you can clean it more effectively. Its quick-release buckle and detachable sun shield are made for the convenience and comfort of the rider. The quick-release buckle lets it come off easily, and you can adjust the sun visor depending on the sun’s direction.

4. Best Value: Hard Head ATV Helmets – SmartDealsNow DOT Kids helmet

The SmartDealsNow youth helmet is a unisex ATV helmet, and as the name suggests, it is affordable and solid With its interior padding, it is a comfortable fit for your child while providing sufficient protection from any impact.

Its smart design provides a wide eye port to promote visibility, as well as an adjustable visor. Apart from being DOT approved, it also has a varied size selection to find the perfect fit and size up when you want to change it.

It comes with removable interior padding that makes cleaning a breeze and a lightweight exterior. The helmet comes with a bright and colorful design, which is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face while increasing your child’s visibility. The helmet comes with a helmet bag for easy storage and transportation.

5. Best for Glasses Wearers: Motocross Youth Kids Helmet YEMA YM – 211 Off-Road Four Wheeler BMX Helmet

The Yema brand has a reputation for producing good quality products, and their Motocross helmet for kids is one of their popular models. It is a full-face helmet with a unique and stylish look. You can get it in different colors, all of them bright and attractive to young kids.

The Yema helmet for kids meets several safety standards, including the important DOT safety certification. Although it is a full-face helmet, it makes space for safety goggles that protect the wearer from dust and debris.

In this helmet, the airflow system is efficient, keeping out most of the humidity and protecting the rider from sweat. The human helmet has laser-cut foam that protects the rider. Furthermore, it is also removable and washable.

It has a reinforced chin strap and a quick-release buckle for an easier fit and easy removal. The ATV helmet is unisex, making it appropriate for youth of all ages.

6. Most Versatile Youth ATV Helmet: ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle Off-Road Helmet

One of the most versatile helmets for kids, the ILM youth ATV helmets can work for scooters, UTV, street bikes, snowmobiles, etc. It has a sturdy ABS shell and EPS interior lining, which makes it highly durable without losing out on comfort.

This off-road helmet meets all the DOT safety standards and the FMVSS 218, so you can be sure that your child is safe while driving. These helmets for kids have a wide field of vision and peripheral vision, which allows your child to see clearly while driving.

ILM ATV helmets for kids are known for their great ventilation system due to their multiple air vents and removable cheeks padding for sweat absorption. Like its quick-release buckle strap and adjustable sun visor, the other components of this helmet make it more convenient. Furthermore, it comes with a pair of UV-resistant goggles and a pair of gloves.

7. Most Durable Youth ATV Helmet: WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

The WOW Youth ATV helmet is a unisex helmet that appeals to anyone who wants to be the center of attention. The lightweight shell of these kids’ ATV helmets comes with a glossy UV-protected coat that attracts the eye while protecting the amazing paint job. This ATV helmet is durable and aerodynamic thanks to its hard ABS shell and sculpted design.

Apart from looking attractive, it is also safe with DOT certification. You can take out the interior padding for washing and the cheek pads, which are so soft your child will enjoy wearing the helmet, even when doing stunts on a BMX bike.

It has air vents located all around the helmets that help with the quick dispersal of sweat and keep your child cool during use. Although it is a full-face helmet for kids, the WOW dirt bike helmets have space for safety goggles to give your child extra protection.

8. Most Comfortable Youth ATV Helmet: Typhoon Youth Dirt Bike Off-road ATV helmet

Typhoon helmets are popular among adult motocross drivers for their quality and good construction. Many other brands that produce adult helmets produce the same size for youth and add extra padding to fit a child’s head. But Typhoon youth ATV helmets are made to fit a child’s head, and it does so comfortably.

These kid helmets are unisex and come in four different sizes, meaning you can find a perfect fit for your child. It has a soft and plush interior cushion that makes it perfect for younger children getting used to ATV helmets for the first time.

Its outer shell is sculpted and designed to keep in place while riding and using safety goggles. This ATV helmet has an adjustable chain strap and a D-ring that keeps the helmets snug on the rider’s head even when doing rough stones.

9. Most Safety Certifications: Raider GX3 Unisex-Child MX Off-Road Helmet

The Raider off-road kid helmet is designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. It comes in amazing designs, all of which are protected from UV rays, meaning they get to stay on for longer. Its thermoplastic outer shell has a clear glossy coat of paint that keeps it looking clean and new long after its use. You can also remove the inner padding for easy washing and cleaning.

While the GX3 has DOT safety certifications, it is also certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218, which works just well. It has a rotating and adjustable sun visor with non-slip pads that ensure the helmet stays on while driving.

The Raiders helmet has a great airflow system that keeps you ventilated and makes breathing easier, even as a full-face helmet. It has a universal fit, but it can be adjusted to fit using interior pads.

10. Best Budget Youth ATV Helmet: TCMT youth and kids motocross off-road helmet

TCMT youth and kids motocross off-road helmet

TCMT youth and kids motocross helmets come in six different colors and designs, each with different styles to fit different personalities. The pink butterfly colorway looks very appealing as girl’s youth ATV helmet.

The shell of the helmet is UV protected, which makes the colors last longer. It is a lightweight and durable kid helmet with a heavily padded interior. The padding is easily removed for washing and cleaning.

This ATV helmet set comes with some off-road goggles to use alongside as well as some gloves. The goggles are flexible and comfortable while allowing the wearer to have a wide field of view and adequate peripheral vision.

The straps are adjustable to fit different head sizes and prevent uncomfortable pinching. The accompanying gloves are curved and have rubber pads for better grip, especially when riding. These ATV and dirt bike helmets are DOT certified and are safe for children over five years of age.

Youth ATV Helmets Buyer’s Guide for Parents

youth 4 wheeler helmets

1.    Speed range

Before getting an ATV helmet for your child, you need to make sure it fits their driving style. Older children usually go faster, but younger children may have a lower speed range. Youths with higher speed ranges need helmets with more protection than others because accidents tend to have worse consequences the faster you go.

2.    Visibility

Visibility goes both ways when it comes to a youth ATV helmet. You want your child to be visible to other riders on the road, and you also need the helmet to provide enough visibility for them to see through. Avoid those helmets that are designed to cover any part of their face. They can block their peripheral vision as well.

Without peripheral vision, your child will be unable to see around them when they drive. No doubt you want them to see approaching vehicles and other dangers. You can find a full-face helmet that works well, or you can get the ones that partially cover the face, as well as some safety goggles to protect their eyes.

3.    Safety standards

Since helmets are a protective covering, they require certifications that they are safe to wear. The security standard for ATV helmets is from the department of transportation. So, you should look out first for DOT-certified helmets. The certification means they have gone through tests, and they are perfectly safe to wear. You can also use the Snell certification and ECE certification as they have similar standards as the DOT.

4.    Airflow

Another essential factor to consider is the ventilation the helmet gives to the wearer. The material used, as well as the design, all affect the airflow of the helmet. Many helmets come with slits and air vents to escape air and keep the wearer dry and sweat-free.

A poorly ventilated helmet can lead to overheating and excessive sweating. Some helmets have adjustable vents that allow you to adjust them to your preference.

5.    Durability

Durability is too important to overlook when choosing an ATV helmet for your youth. Helmets especially need to hold up to a lot of abuse and absorb impact because they are supposed to protect the wearer from accidents and blunt force to the head. Durability depends mostly on the material of the ATV helmet, so you need to take the time to pick one that fits your youth’s lifestyle.

The most common material used to produce ATV helmets is an injection-molded polycarbonate material. Then, they have an inner lining made with foam to protect the wearer from shock and make it more comfortable. It is heavier than other helmets made with fiberglass or carbon fiber, but it is also considerably less expensive. Your helmet’s material doesn’t matter, as long as it is constructed well and offers protection.

6.    Price

Pricing is so varied among ATV helmets that you can find one in almost every budget range. Their cost increases depending on their material, style, and durability. Getting an ATV helmet for kids can be expensive, especially if you want one that falls into a decent price range.

The helmets made from the regular injection molded polycarbonate material will be cheaper than those made with fiberglass or carbon fiber. Also, helmets with crazy or stylish designs are usually more expensive than simpler or plain designs. It all depends on what you want as a buyer. There is a variety of helmets in the market, and with the right guide, you can find one that perfectly fits your child.

7.    Style

For children, helmets with stylish designs and exteriors are usually more exciting and attractive than plain ones. To get a very good helmet for your child, you need to factor in their likes and dislikes.

If your child likes unique designs and bright colors, you can find many helmets with similar patterns and designs. Many of them come in bright neon colors like yellow, green, and red, while others are all black or come in muted colors. So, it all depends on the color your child wants.

The style of a helmet is more than only the colors. A lot of helmets come with unique designs and fit different personalities. When picking out the style, make sure it provides enough visibility and comfort for the child. This way, you don’t sacrifice their comfort for a unique style.

8.    Proper fit

An ATV helmet with the wrong fit ends up becoming a disaster for the rider. Having your child drive around with an ill-fitting helmet will only lead to accidents.

A helmet with a loose fit can fall off during riding, or it can distract the driver. One with a too tight fit can be very uncomfortable for the wearer to the point of causing pinching or pressure on the pain spots.

How Do You Size a Youth ATV Helmet?

Before buying a helmet for your kid, you need to determine the helmet size. The best way to do that is to measure your child’s head correctly and find a size that best suits your child. You can use a simple tape measure or a non-elastic string to measure the diameter.

kids atv helmets

Start by placing your tape two fingers above the eyebrows and ears. Wrap the tape around the back of your head, preferably at the widest part. Make sure the tape is snug around the head, leaving no room for movement while at the same time not pressing uncomfortably into the head. Using the measurements from this, you can easily find your child’s perfect fit on different websites using their sizing charts.

Another important factor to note when measuring a child’s head is the shape of the head. The difference in shapes can affect the measurements you take. So make sure you use your child’s correct measurements instead of using an approximated one from a site because they might have different head shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

·        How Often Should I Change My Child’s ATV Helmet?

The lifespan of an ATV helmet depends mainly on its quality and durability. A high-quality helmet can last for up to five to eight years, while one of lower quality may need replacing every three years. You can buy a more expensive helmet that will last longer and need less replacing, or you can buy a cheaper one that you can replace often.

If you have a growing child, You may want to stick to one that can be replaced often so it can accommodate your child’s growing head size.

·        How Do You Clean and Maintain an ATV Helmet?

ATV helmets are relatively easy to clean, and if you maintain them well, they can retain their qualities for longer. If your child uses their helmet in dirt, mud, or rain, you can wash the helmet once a week in warm soapy water or more frequently, depending on how dirty it gets. Do not use a sponge or scrub at the helmet. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and wipe gently.

You should also avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean the helmet. They can be too harsh and end up damaging the material of your helmet. Wipe down the exposed parts of a helmet with a clean cloth, and if your child’s helmet has a detachable lining, you can bring it out and wash it as often as possible.

Make sure you don’t put your helmet or its lining into a washing machine or dryer as they can damage the helmet’s components. Hand washing and air drying work just as well.

·        Do I Need Safety Goggles With the ATV Helmets?

Safety goggles are equipment you can add to your ATV helmet. However, some ATV helmets don’t need them. If you have full-face ATV helmets, you probably won’t need safety goggles. Helmets that only partially cover the face might need safety goggles to protect their eyes from dirt and dust.

·      Can I Buy a Used ATV Helmet Instead of a New One?

New kids’ ATV helmets come with protective foam and lining to protect the head in any case of shock. The thing is, each helmet works for one accident only. After an accident, the helmet is practically unusable, and you may not be able to tell when that happens from looking at the helmet.

You can’t always ascertain the status of a used helmet, so it is advisable to buy a new one that is still intact.


childrens atv helmet

Youth ATV helmets come in a variety of colors, styles, qualities, and designs. With a little bit of research, you can find the one that fits your kid’s personality perfectly when riding an ATV. Each helmet comes with its features and advantages, so you can easily find one in your budget range.

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