How to Get a FREE Hotel Room Upgrade

How to Get Free Hotel Upgrade

You are on vacation, you booked a hotel room, and it is time to get checked in. You walk up to the front desk and ask for your key card… but wait! There are two different keys cards for each room type handed over the counter at the same time.

Which one is yours?

Unless you want to be stuck sleeping on a couch all week or in an uncomfortable chair, we recommend asking for that “upgrade” right away.

In this post, we will give you 10 tips so you can avoid being stuck with less than ideal accommodations during your next trip!

1. Ask for Corner Room

Score Hotel Room Upgrade

You can get an extra spacious room without paying more by asking for a corner suite. When it comes to hotel layouts, you often end up getting the most out of your money if you are in a corner room rather than typical hallway standard rooms as they are bigger.

Plus, politely requesting such accommodations is much better and less troublesome than demanding free luxury upgrades, which may not be available due to overbooking at hotels.

2. Stay in Low Season

Although it may not be ideal to travel during the off-season, there are many advantages.

For one thing, hotels will have more availability and lower prices, meaning you can enjoy a free room upgrade! And with big king-sized beds that come complete with added features like an in-room spa bath or fireplace for those cold winter months (or just because), what’s not to love?

So while traveling at this time might seem problematic due to weather conditions or lack of open businesses nearby – think about all the perks: space for your family, heated bathrooms, so no matter how bad things get outside, you are still comfortable inside.

3. Mention the Occasion

Mention the Occasion

When it’s your birthday, anniversary, or any other special day for that matter, you might be surprised to find out the hotel staff has already been notified.

If they cannot upgrade your room due to an occupancy issue, then there is a high chance of something even better being in store for us like greeting cards, drinks, and flowers delivered right up to our door!

4. Book with Credit Card

Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer hotel room upgrade options.

Visa Signature card membership allows you to access the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection, which includes 800+ luxury hotels worldwide. When you book through visa signature, you will receive a complimentary upgrade to your room whenever you stay in these hotels.

The same applies to the more expensive American Express credit card – they offer the same type of service and convenience. Make sure you research your options before booking the hotel.

5. Choose New Hotels

Cozy Hotel Room Big

Many lesser-known hotels experience a low rate of occupancy in their first year. New hotels often leave more rooms open for upgrades or reservations to prevent this.

Because the hotel industry has become so saturated, many hotels seek out positive reviews online to boost brand awareness and trust.

Not only do newer, less established businesses need people booking their accommodations when they’re just starting out, but once these lesser know places establish themselves as viable options, you will find that the personalized experience will make them much easier on your wallet than other chain accommodation spots which can charge too much based off customer volume rather than costs associated with running an establishment like theirs.

6. Email General Manager

The best way to get a hotel room upgrade is by emailing the general manager. And it works because they have more power than other employees and can make unilateral decisions that are immediately enacted.

It seems that hospitality is important for all, with the general managers who have excelled in their field and won’t hesitate to go above and beyond. Imagine what it must be like to meet someone so passionate about helping others make a great experience!

7. Join Hotel Loyalty Program

Is there a hotel you usually stay at when traveling? If not, then it is time to start. When checking in as one of their loyal customers and staying enough nights in the program, you can get an upgrade for free as long as you have enough points.

You are missing out on many perks if you do not stay at hotels with loyalty programs, and here is why:

Your room will be upgraded to the next level in their program for free when they see your card during check-in – even without any points saved up! You will also get access to special events like cocktail parties or wine tastings that are generally closed off from people who are not part of those rewards groups.

8. Check-in Late Afternoon

Hotel Check In

The best time to arrive at a hotel is not when you’re tired, but after the receptionist has had some downtime and can more accurately find an available room for your stay.

If it is 3 pm or later on in the day, the odds are good that they’ll be able to give you a more premium room than if you show up earlier — especially before noon.

9. Paying for Middle Room

There are several reasons why you might want to pay more for the middle room in your hotel. It is easy to be lured by that cheapest option, but if you’re looking to score free hotel room upgrades, then it just makes sense to get something higher up on the list. Even the second cheapest room has better odds when it comes time for an upgrade than those lowest tier ones.

And front desk staff will not give other options with lower prices because they assume people are not going all out with their booking unless they save money somewhere else (like not asking about amenities!).

10. Just Be Nice

Smiling Be Nice

You know the feeling of an amazing stay. The soft sheets, fluffy towels, and a view that just makes you feel like royalty?

Well, with only one more thing needed to make it perfect: A hotel upgrade! No need for cheesy flirting or asking outright- as all the staff at hotels are trained in how best to handle these requests. Why not try being polite, pleasant, and smiley instead?


So there you have it, ten easy ways to score a free hotel room upgrade. We hope they have been helpful and that the next time you are traveling, your stay is as comfortable as possible!
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