4 Items That Make Traveling With Twins Easier

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Everyone needs and deserves a vacation. Our post on “How To Take 1 Vacation Every Month (Hint- It’s Easier Than You Think)” explains that rest – like a holiday – increases your general satisfaction and boosts your mood.

However, we recommend that, instead of ‘one big trip’, opt, instead, for monthly trips. This way you get to refresh yourself for work every now and then, preventing burn out in the long run.

This is more so recommended for parents, who have to juggle child-rearing with their day jobs and other domestic responsibilities. And even if you have twins, this shouldn’t stop you from taking those monthly vacations.

If you’re worried about bringing your twins on a trip, we list items that can make looking after them much easier .

Ergonomic baby carriers

Babywearing is a great way to bond with your child. You can stay close to them even with your hands busy on your trips.

At the same time, most baby carriers allow babies to rest in a position that’s good for bone growth and development, especially in the legs and hips.

If you’re traveling with twins or your babies are on the small side, then you can opt for a simple boba wrap. It is a single piece of soft and stretchable knit fabric that’s light and easy to pack. To add to that, it’s very calming for newborns to be babywrapped as it feels similar to being in the womb.

For older infants, Ergo’s baby carriers have an adjustable fit that accommodates a range of sizes and ages. The baby carrier line also uses SoftTouch™ Cotton fabric so that it is comfortable to wear for both you and your child.

A good stroller

For those with twins, a double stroller is a compact travel system that keeps both twins comfortable while in transit.

The undercarriages of these double strollers are also more spacious than single models, fitting both of your twins’ necessities. And though they’re not as mobile as baby carriers, they’re always needed in rainy weather or if you need to take long walks without straining your back.

Ironically, some double strollers are a hassle to use and lug around. They can be a bit too wide to fit through standard doorways.

Some models are so bulky that it becomes exhausting to push them around after a while. That’s why you should look for one that does the job while still letting you move around easily.

The double pushchairs from iCandy are narrower than the standard models, as the seats are positioned in a vertical formation.

With one seat in front of the other, you can easily push a double stroller through a narrow entrance or manoeve it on public transport.

Such models can also be converted to single models and back to double, so they’re durable and ready to grow with your family over time.

Extra formula and snacks

Travel time could take longer than expected, so it’s better to always come prepared with extra formula and food.

Fortunately, the Transportation Security Administration imposes no limit on baby milk, only that you have to inform right away. They also advise parents to store milk products in clear bottles or cans so that they can easily be inspected by bottle liquid scanners.

When it comes to snacks, pack nutritious and baby-friendly nonperishables–snack bars that include lots of protein, healthy fat, and fruits–so they can last you the whole trip.

A compact lap tray

Compact lap trays function like a table where your baby can eat, make art, or tinker around without making too much of a mess.

And when it’s time to leave the car, you can easily fold it into a bag that you can bring with you.

Final Thoughts

twins travel essentials

Traveling with twins can be a challenge.

But with items that keep your kids comfortable and entertained during the trip, you can book your next vacation knowing that looking after them will be much easier this time.

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