Pack These 6 Things and Never Get Sick During Holiday Travel Again

Never Get Sick During Holiday Travel

Falling sick during a trip can significantly spoil the experience, which is something I’ve learned as a frequent traveler for both work and leisure.

Over the years, I’ve assembled a collection of must-have items that I always keep in my carry-on bag to help me stay healthy while in transit.

With the busy holiday travel season upon us, I wanted to share my tried-and-true sickness prevention kit to help others avoid coming down with something at 30,000 feet or in a faraway destination.

The first time I learned this lesson was on a flight to Hawaii a few years ago for a long-awaited vacation. About two hours into the 10 hour journey, I suddenly developed a pounding headache, sore throat, and runny nose.

I didn’t have any medicine or supplies with me, so I spent the rest of the flight absolutely miserable.

As you can imagine, it made enjoying the island and all it had to offer pretty difficult.

Definitely not how I wanted to spend my hard-earned time off!

Ever since that ill-fated trip, I make sure my carry-on is stocked with a handful of items to ward off or treat any bug I may catch while in transit:

Disinfecting wipes

As soon as I settle into my seat, I wipe down my tray table, seat belt buckle, arm rests, and anything else I plan on touching. Germs can linger on surfaces for days, so this helps remove ones left behind by previous passengers. I also use the wipes to clean my hands after going through security or touching anything in the airport.

Hand sanitizer

Good old hand sanitizer is a travel staple of mine. I make sure to sanitize after touching common surfaces or shaking hands with fellow travelers. Pro tip: get TSA-friendly sizes to avoid any issues going through security!

Vitamin C supplements

Starting a few days before my trip, I take Vitamin C supplements which can help strengthen the immune system. I continue the regimen while traveling.

Face mask

I always keep a supply of disposable face masks in my bag. I wear them while in crowded airports or planes. Though not guaranteed, masks can help block respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes that transmit germs. I also wear one if I start feeling under the weather.


Having a runny nose while flying is no fun, so I pack decongestants like Sudafed to keep everything clear. This helps prevent sinus pressure and discomfort that can occur with altitude changes onboard flights.

Fever and pain reducers

Just in case I do come down with something, I have meds on hand to manage symptoms. Tylenol for fever and body aches provides relief so I can rest.

While of course nothing is 100% effective, I’ve found these simple precautions really reduce my chances of getting sick while traveling to see family over the holidays or heading off on a winter weekend getaway.

I encourage my loved ones to do the same to stay healthy and enjoy the trips they have planned.

One thing I don’t leave home without are disinfecting wipes – they are my best defense against airplane and airport germs!

Frequently asked questions about avoiding illness during holiday travel

What’s the best way to disinfect an airplane or bus seat?

Use disinfecting wipes to thoroughly clean the hard surfaces including seat belt, tray table, armrests, seat back pocket, and air vent. Allow surfaces to air dry for maximum effectiveness.

Should I wear a mask while traveling?

Wearing a high quality, well-fitting mask in crowded airports and on airplanes provides an extra layer of protection against respiratory illnesses. N95 and KN95 masks offer the most filtration.

How can I boost my immune system before traveling?

Some strategies include getting adequate sleep, managing stress, exercising, and taking immune boosting supplements such as Vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry syrup.

Is it safe to drink airplane tap water?

No, avoid drinking the water onboard. The tanks are seldom cleaned thoroughly. Stick to bottled water you bring with you.

What foods give you energy and help you stay healthy in transit?

Hydrating foods with electrolytes like fruit, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, and granola can help you stay energized and support your immune system.

Should I get a flu shot before traveling for the holidays?

Yes, the flu shot protects against the current seasonal flu strains. Get it at least 2 weeks before traveling to give your immune system time to build antibodies.

The Secret to Staying Well No Matter Where You Roam

Taste the Poncha! It is one of the most famous and traditional fruity alcoholic drinks from Madeira

The holidays are my favorite time to travel, explore new places, and enjoy time with family and friends.

By packing a few simple wellness items in my carry-on and taking other preventive measures, I’m able to stay healthy and make the most of this magical season.

Wishing everyone safe and sickness-free journeys this travel season and always.

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