Best Entry Level Snorkel Gear: Promate Snorkeling Set Review

Promate Snorkeling Set Review
Promate Snorkeling Set Mask
What is It?
Snorkel gear set which includes mask, snorkel, fins and gear bag

The number of snorkelers has risen to 8.38 million in the US in 2017. Many affordable entry gears on the market also helped to propel the popularity of snorkeling.

However, when buying a beginner snorkeling set, so many options can confuse us. We usually worry about safety and price, and at the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to decide which one to buy.  That’s why we looked into some of them and fortunately found one that we really liked.

Promate Snorkeling Set is our favorite entry lever gear simply because it offers everything that a beginner snorkeler needs. This complete set contains a frameless mask, dry top snorkel, whistle, a pair of open heel fins, a gear bag and even a life jacket. All of that comes at an amazing price and we also easily packed up the set for travel.

Every feature in this set was quite satisfying in our opinion. However, we’ve also experienced some drawbacks that might slightly impact the decision when buying. Nevertheless, the quality of every part of this set is formidable. That’s why we’ve decided to include it on our list.

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Promate Snorkel Set Analysis & Test Results

As we’ve mentioned before, Promate Snorkeling Set includes many features that are useful for every beginner. Aside from a mask, snorkeler, and fins, you will even get a life jacket and a whistle. Let us see how each of them behaved while we used it.


Promate Snorkeling Set Fin

Promate’s set includes open heeled fins. That can really make things much easier when putting them on. We also found that they will stay firmly on your feet no matter how fast you’re moving in water. Another benefit of having open heel fins is that all of us were able to wear the same pair. They are compatible with a wide range of sizes.

The soft rubber foot pocket is both comfortable and easy to fit. We tried them out both with socks and barefoot and were quite satisfied with how the pocket area felt to our skin.

They also feature quick release buttons that helped us to remove them quickly when we needed to adjust the strap. That feature is a real timesaver.

All in all, these fins are a really comfortable piece of equipment with an amazing and almost futuristic design. They can be a helpful asset for every snorkeling beginner as they are easy to use.


Promate Snorkeling Set Mask

This set offers a one-window mask. The lack of separation in the middle gave us a more unified perspective. Thus the design really works in favor of a more detailed vision. We’ve tried it out, and we can say that it might fit medium-sized faces the best. However, even the faces that are somewhat larger will still find it comfortable.

The crystal, silicone injected skirt and strap fit nicely into the overall design, while the double-edge comfort seal really helped during long snorkeling. The buckle itself offers a quick release function which is very rewarding. It ended up tangled in our friend’s hair, and the buckle really helped to fix the problem immediately.

The glass is obviously well-tempered. It really endured a fair amount of punishment during our stress-test. What’s more, it also offers an amazing broad peripheral view. So, all in all, this mask proved to be more than just an entry level one.


Promate Snorkeling Set Snorkel

Promate decided to include a dry snorkel in this set, and we salute that. It is really important, even for beginners, to experience what professional snorkeling equipment may offer. Their patented upper valve really helped during quick dives. Thanks to it and well-designed cover guards, we managed to avoid unpleasant gulps of water that usually ruin all the fun. It felt as if airflow was natural and easy. It required no effort to breathe while wearing it.

We’ve submerged it into the water without wearing it just to see how it works. We saw that the hinged seal reacts promptly by sealing the snorkel and thus prevents the water from entering.

Wearing this snorkel was really comfortable even during longer snorkeling expeditions. We experienced minimum jaw fatigue. Also, we believe that the main reason for such comfort is the mouthpiece that is made out of pre-curved flexible silicone.

We were surprised by the amount of thought that was put into this snorkel. For an entry-level set, it really amazed us how serious of a performance it can offer.

Other Features

Aside from the aforementioned amazing main components, Promate decided to include other fun and important features.

Promate Snorkeling Set Life Vest

A life jacket really comes in handy, especially since they made this set for beginners. We were able to safely float with it no matter the weight. A safety whistle is also a nice addition, especially for younger users that might need immediate help.

Promate Snorkeling Set Gear Bag

And finally, we got a nice, large gear bag that was enough to hold multiple snorkeling sets! We were also able to choose between a single and double strap for the bag.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s sum it all up and look at all the pros and cons of this set.


  • Both the mask and snorkel possess outstanding water-proof characteristics.
  • The addition of a life jacket is perfect for entry-level snorkelers.
  • The open-heel fins work for many feet sizes and won’t come off easily


  • The mask can be too tight for larger faces.
  • The buckle on the mask can get tangled in hair.

Final Thoughts

Promate snorkeling set is our favorite entry-level set for many aforementioned reasons. We were amazed by the overall durability and comfort.

It offers high-quality components that have far greater performance than other beginner ones.

We would also like to mention the important additions of a life jacket and a whistle. Those two can be very useful, especially with child-snorkelers. We can really only salute the amount of thought that Promate has put into the safety aspect of this set. This was definitely a great find.

Promate Snorkeling Set Review
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