Quart Size Bag: Everything You Need To Know

Quart Size Bag

Everything You Need to Know About the Quart Sized Bags

Smart bags are the choice of wise travelers; they are safe and small. We advise you to carry a big heart to your dream destination rather than a hefty bag. When air travel remains a challenge for most travel lovers, so are their guidelines for packing our essentials.

What Makes up for the Most Meaningful Thing in Your Travel Bag?

Yes, you guessed right, your toiletry bag.

It does sound strange, but carrying your favorite and essential toiletries is always a deal.

When packing your stuff is stressful, wrapping it in spill-proof yet firm bags certainly makes us all anxious. So here we spill out a few strikingly valued facts about your travel toiletry bag, commonly referred to as a Quart-size bag.

Let’s discuss some worthy options to dig our money and faith in.

What Is a Quart Size Bag?

Credit: TSA

In general, these are popularly called your toiletry bag (as approved by the TSA). Moving by the TSA rule 3-1-1, carrying all your liquids within 100ml is an obligation in a quart-sized bag. They are permitted through the checkpoints easily. They are transparent and spill-proof.

Ever Wondered Why These Bags Are so Popular?

A simple answer is their capacity to hold our little things right and tight. Quart bags are sized appropriately for such small-sized bottles. They can easily fit ten such bottles in them.

Of course, it is a hitch to pack our make-up and toiletries. These specially designed bags help us hold our items together and compact.

Refer them as Saviors!

They are available easily and loyal travel companions. Moreover, it’s convenient for the authorities to inspect the packed items as they are clear.

What makes them popular by choice?

It is their repeated usability, zipped storage, and affordability.

Perfect dimensions for quart-size bags

TSA has laid down its rules for carrying liquids in a bag, which is commonly found either 6″ X 9″ or 7″ X 8″ in size. These sizes are sufficient to hold 1 liter of liquid in them. Although the authority does not support any particular type or design of bags, it’s all about the perfect size of the bag and their see-through quality. 

What Can I Put in a Quart-Size Bag?

items in tsa quart size bag

You can use this clear bag to hold makeup or toiletry items such as:

  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair spray
  • Perfume
  • Razors
  • Medicine
  • Electronic cables
  • Other small stuff

Best TSA Approved Quart Size Bag

Best Overall

INSFIT TSA Approved Travel Bottles Set

INSFIT TSA Approved Travel Bottles Set

Quart Size Bag: Everything You Need To Know 1

You’re getting ready for your big trip and realize you need to pack your toiletries. But how can you fit everything in your carry-on

Most people try to solve this problem by packing their liquids in travel-sized containers, but those tend to leak and are difficult to fill up.

Not only do you have to worry about packing everything you need, but if your liquids, gels, and creams are not in a TSA-approved container, you could be facing some serious fines.

The INSFIT TSA Approved Travel Bottles Set is the perfect solution.

With this leakproof silicone travel kit, you can take all of your favorite products with you on your trip. The soft silicone material for the bottles and jars is safe for contact with any type of liquid or cream, and the see-through design of the quart-size bag makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re traveling on a cruise or traveling for business, you will love having this all-in-one travel toiletries kit.

Best Value

Teapile TSA Approved Quart Sized Bag with Travel Bottles & Containers

Teapile TSA Approved Quart Sized Bag

This quart-size bag travel kit is ideal for the person who travels frequently. With four slim bottles, three containers, and two toothbrush covers, it has everything you need in one convenient package that won’t break your budget.

The best part?

It’s leakproof AND made of high-quality food grade silicone, so TSA will be happy too. Talk about an awesome deal!

Best Essentials Kit

Convenience Kits International Women’s / Men’s Deluxe Travel Kit

Convenience Kits International

It’s hard to keep your beauty routine consistent when you’re on the go. 

No one has time for that!

Between packing and getting to your gate on time, there are barely enough minutes to eat a full meal, never mind worry about your hair and makeup.

Convenience Kits International Women’s Deluxe 10 Piece Kit is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their beauty routine on track while traveling.

This TSA-compliant kit comes with all of the essentials, including Pantene shampoo and conditioner, so you can feel confident that you’ll look great no matter where your travels take you.

You can use this for business trips, weekend getaways, short trips or even emergencies. The company has been selling travel kits for over 25 years, which means they know how to make sure it will pass TSA inspections.

Oh, and there’s a men’s version too, with a black/transparent zippered bag and travel-size toiletries from brands like Gillette and Old Spice.

Best TSA Compliant Bag

CableintheBay TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

CableintheBay TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

CableintheBay’s travel toiletry bag is great if you already have several reusable travel-size containers and are just looking for a bag that is TSA-approved for quart sizes.

As it adheres to all 3-1-1 security rules of all airlines, travelers can travel and pass through domestic and international security checks quickly and smoothly.

This bag measures 7.2 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches and is made of thick, strong, waterproof, and leakproof PVC material.

Most toiletry bags ignore the zips, but as you touch the zipper on this bag, you can immediately tell it is high quality and robust, ensuring its longevity.

Definitely a better alternative than Ziploc bags and will make the TSA agent’s job far easier.

Best for Family

F-Color TSA Approved 5 Pack Clear Toiletry Bags

F-Color TSA Approved 5 Pack Clear Toiletry Bags

Are you tired of your toiletry items spilling out all over your suitcase and taking up too much space?

F-Color is the perfect solution to keep your stuff organized.

With five different colors in one pack, you can quickly identify which color belongs to who without having to open up each individual bag. They come in black, white, orange, blue, and rose red colors.

The bags are made with high-quality materials that will last for years to come. And don’t worry about them breaking because they have reinforced seams and zippers that ensure durability throughout their lifetime use.

Plus they’re TSA approved, so you’ll never have to take out any liquids again when going through security checkpoints at airports!

With these bags, you can finally say goodbye to messy suitcases and lost toiletries. Keep everything neatly packed away in these handy bags, and never worry about having to search through your luggage for shampoo again.

How to Choose a Quality Quart Size Bag

  • Fully compliant with TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule
  • Leakproof
  • Smooth, durable zipper
  • Thick, clear and reusable PVC Plastic material
  • No irritating chemical smell
  • Includes travel bottles, containers, cosmetics skincare kits (optional)

Any Alternative to Quart Bag?

Yes, definitely!

A Sandwich bag is a common and popular alternative to these quart-size bags. Another known name for these bags is ZIPLOC. They are found in every household today.

What Is a Sandwich Bag?

These are commercially famous by the brand name Ziploc. It is a reusable bag made of film. This film in the recycling industry is known as a plastic product that’s either made from low-density or high-density polythene.

What Limits Their Use During Travel?

They are thin built and not as sustainable as the quart bags. These are available in different sizes but what matters most is their ability to hold all your belongings, especially liquids. The manufacturers of these bags themselves warn the consumers from avoiding their use for storing liquids. So please be aware!

How a Zip-Lock Differs From a Quart Size Bag

Quart-size bags are made of durable PVC plastics. Ziplocs are made up of polythene plastic.

The Ziplocs are thin and not susceptible to much wear and tear. Quart size bags are accustomed to harsh use.

Ziplocs cannot store more weight. It is recommended for lightweight items or for storing food articles. On the other hand, Quart bags can easily handle weights up to 1 to 2 kg.

Ziploc is never recommended to store liquids in them, whereas quart bags are designed to handle fluids.

As the name suggests, sandwich bags are primarily suitable for storing food items. Since these are clear and arranged under the category of quartz bag, it is ok to use them as an alternate. Quartz bags have been designed specially to keep the interest of travelers and TSA rules in mind. Of course, they win the race and are more durable.

Counting on usability, quart-size bags are just meant to be our bestie. It’s a one-time investment and forever to use. Ziplocs are easy to clean and reuse but aren’t meant forever.

Ideally, quart bags can easily store at least ten bottles, which seems a pain so far as Ziplocs is concerned.

It is easier to get your stuff organized in a quart bag than a Ziploc. 

Moreover, it isn’t just about storing your toiletries in a quart-size bag, but it is good to go for cosmetics, medicines, and many more. With Ziplocs, it’s a struggle indeed.

A quart-size bag may not be waterproof but is surely spill-proof. With Ziplocs, it entirely depends on how strongly these get sealed. Ziplocs are leak-resistant but not leakproof.

My vote is clearly for a quart-size bag!

Ever Wondered What Besides a Quart Size Bag Is TSA Approved?

TSA isn’t that harsh on implementing their rules for a quart-size bag only. They are flexible and gentle with their rules and regulations.

What works best besides a quart size bag or a sandwich bag is-

Anything clear and transparent. It helps avoid any clutter at the checkpoint and makes the job of our security officers easy as well.

The right size is most important. Definitely!

 Because we are taking it inside the air cabin in our carry-along bag, it should be lightweight.

And, of course, waterproof.

How Many Quart-Size Bags Are Allowed?

The thumb rule says 1-quart size bag with bottles that have a maximum of 100ml content.

But yes, we are with some exceptions! Medical exceptions are regarded. There’s no need for you to panic if there’s a separate bag for your medicines. Also, exceptions go for babies as well. Important things such as a diaper or baby food/formula milk are accepted as a peculiar case.

What Makes for a Special Place in the Quart Bag?

Well, we are now thorough with what this bag is all about. Something that always bothers travelers is what specifics can fit in this bag.

We will solve your problem here once for all

Ladies, good news! Your make-up (falling in the category of liquids) is a big yes to these kits.

Deodorants, hair-styling products, face wash, moisturizer, body lotion, toothpaste/mouth freshener, hand sanitizer, shampoo/conditioner, wipes, or aerosol sprays not exceeding a 100ml mark are welcomed.

Gel medication is also allowed.

Do We Need to Worry if the Quart Bag Is Not Used and Items Fall Free Inside the Carry Bag?

Yes! It is something that needs attention.

Although we recommend using either a quart bag or a sandwich bag during your travels, certainly TSA isn’t that unacceptable to other options as well. If you forget to carry your clear bag, it is advised to place everything out in the open for security check. They won’t take it all away!

It sure will double up your efforts to pack them all again once they are through the security check. But rest assured, no one will let you throw them at bay.

What matters the most is that either you have a said prescribed bag or any other bag that is transparent enough for them to inspect.

A Misconception That Follows a Few Fellow Travelers

A gentle reminder!

TSA DOESN’T CARRY THESE BAGS WITH THEM. You have to purchase them. Many people ask this at the security-check lines if authorities can provide them with a similar bag.

Our advice

Please make a proper list of what you need to carry and fix before leaving the house with half-packed bags. This is for your convenience.

Quart size bags are long-lasting and one-time intelligent purchases.

Plan your travel kit with the same enthusiasm as your hotels.

You sure can avoid all the drama!

Tips for Packing Your Quart-Sized Bag

  • Make sure your bag is the right size.
  • Buy refillable/reusable bottles that can dump liquids in them for 100ml.
  • Plan your kit. Keep relevant things handy, and the remaining can get packed in your check-in bag.
  • Keep your minimal make-up essentials.
  • Small-size toothpaste should do well.
  • Hand sanitizer is a necessity; you may need it now and then.
  • Don’t overload your bag.
  • Plan your medicine according to the flight duration and time at the airport. It is better to consider appropriate doses and not more.
  • For babies, plan their essentials like baby food, wipes, diapers, and cream.

The key to planning your quart-sized bag


A Quick Brief

tsa approved toiletry bag

We all love to travel around the world, but what makes it more fun is lighter bags and essentialities in hand.

Prepare your bags as instructed by the airlines and pack things needed. Don’t overload the items which may not interest you later. Invest in bags that are lightweight and guided by TSA.

Quart-size bags will ease your travels as they can easily accommodate that’s important.

The key is to travel happy and not burdened.

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