Dubai Travel Guide: Experience the Best of Dubai in 2024

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Dubai is a city stuck in the middle of the ancient and new worlds. A place where ancient traditions coexist with a Middle-Eastern Vegas where anything goes (as long as it’s done behind closed doors).

I was taken aback by how much there was to do in this city, and how even after a week, I was left wanting more.

Dubai is a wonderful, diverse city that needs to be visited for much longer than just a layover. This Dubai travel guide will teach you how to conserve money while getting the most out of your trip.

Things to experience in Dubai

Dubai Frame

dubai frame

The magnificent Dubai Frame is a rectangular construction made up of two massive towers that rise 492 ft (150m) tall and 305 ft (93 m) wide. A 100-square-meter bridge connects the two towers, forming the frame’s top part. 

From a high altitude, the gap between the buildings actually ‘frames’ the city, creating an extraordinarily rich picture that will linger in your memory forever. 

To the north, there are spectacular views of Old Dubai, including Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai, Deira, Karama, and Umm Hurair.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is one of the vastly rich and civilized Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The town is surrounded towards Abu Dhabi in the south, the northeast by Sharjah, and the southeast by the Sultanate of Oman. The city has a peculiar topography due to its location in the Arabian Desert.

The topography of Dubai is largely made up of deserts full of sand and gravel in the southern region of UAE. The sand has mostly smashed shells and is clean, white, and fine. The desert safari Dubai, is a thrilling event which takes place in the sandy desert. 

It’s difficult to pick between a selection of fascinating desert outings. The excursion begins with a pickup point and boarding into a 4×4-wheel drive vehicle.

Theme Parks

Are you planning a trip to Dubai with your family and want to see some of the best theme parks, waterparks, and other attractions? From classic amusement parks to virtual gaming cafes, there are many activities that are ideal for what you’re searching for. Whatever type of theme park entertainment you and your family seek, you will find it in Dubai.

The Go Dubai Card includes admission to a variety of these popular Dubai theme parks, as well as other fantastic Dubai attractions. When compared to buying at the gate, you can save up to 55 percent on combined entry by choosing as you go from dozens of great attractions. 

View all passes, attractions, and prices – Find out more. 

Please keep in mind that some of the attractions listed in this post may require additional tickets and may not be included in the Go Dubai Card at this time.

Dhow Cruise

A captivating boat decked with gleaming lights that will take you around Dubai’s splendor. The ship has two decks, one of which is fully air-conditioned and is dedicated to pure entertainment and live performances that will leave you wanting more. The second deck is partially open, allowing you to take in the cool wind and the gentle waves of the Arabian Gulf.

A dhow cruise is one of the most adaptable and customizable onboard experiences available; whether it’s for a small party or a completely private trip, it can be tailored to your preferences. DJ parties, live shows, and dances are among the entertainment options available on the cruise. Belly dance was formerly a popular form of entertainment.

Hot Air Balloon

The desert in Dubai is a credible wonder that never ceases to astonish visitors. With extraordinary desert safari tours and bashing quad biking are favorable for tourists. With the hot air balloon flight, you will also enjoy the mesmerizing desert sands from a height up to 4,000 feet (1,200 meters). It is an incomparable experience altogether.

Discover Dubai’s boundless sand dunes and native flora and fauna right beneath your feet as you float peacefully through the sky, aided by the early breeze. 

A hot air balloon flight above Dubai’s unspoiled desert environment appears to be one of the few activities that can match the joy, thrill, and beauty of a hot air balloon journey.

Wrapping it up

attractions dubai

The months of November through April are the most popular for visiting Dubai. With daily highs averaging approximately 80°F (27°C), the weather is milder and ideal for desert safaris. However, flights and lodging will be more expensive during this period.

The low season is from May to August when Dubai is simply too hot. The city is unbearably hot, with daily highs averaging 106°F (41°C). It was really hot when I went in August. If you can, avoid the summer!

The shoulder season, which runs from September to October, is when the sea is at its most inviting for swimming and water sports. Because it is less busy at this time, there will be fewer crowds and lower pricing.

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