What National Parks to Visit During Free Entry Days 2024

National Parks Free Entry Days

Imagine embarking on an adventure through America’s stunning natural landscapes without spending a dime on admission fees.

In 2024, nature enthusiasts can seize the opportunity to explore the nation’s beauty on six designated National Park Free Entry Days.

These dates, including the start of National Park Week (April 20) and Veterans Day (November 11), open the doors to a world of wonders.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, budget traveler, family, or outdoor adventurer, these days offer the perfect chance to connect with the great outdoors.

What National Parks to Visit During Free Entry Days 2024 1

Free Entry Days this Year

  • January 15 – MLK Day
  • April 20 – Start of National Park Week
  • June 19 – Juneteenth
  • August 4 – Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act
  • September 28 – National Public Lands Day
  • November 11 – Veterans Day

Choosing the Perfect Park for Your Free Day

Selecting the ideal park for your free entry day involves careful consideration. Identify your interests – whether it’s hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, or historical exploration.

Factor in travel time, budget, and weather conditions, ensuring the destination lines up with your expectations. Keep in mind that free entry days tend to attract crowds, so plan accordingly.

There are over 400 national parks to choose from giving adventure goers plenty of options to choose from.

Top Picks for Free Entry Days 2024

Hikers and Backpackers

Yosemite National Park (CA): Marvel at iconic granite cliffs and waterfalls.

Rocky Mountain National Park (CO): Immerse yourself in alpine landscapes and scenic trails.

Grand Canyon National Park (AZ): Stand in awe of the vastness of the Grand Canyon.

Wildlife Enthusiasts

Yellowstone National Park (WY/MT/ID): Encounter geysers, hot springs, and diverse wildlife.

Everglades National Park (FL): Explore the unique ecosystem of swamps and sawgrass prairies.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (NC/TN): Witness the mist-covered mountains and rich biodiversity.

Family Fun

Acadia National Park (ME): Enjoy coastal landscapes, rocky shores, and family-friendly trails.

Badlands National Park (SD): Explore rugged terrain, fascinating rock formations, and fossil beds.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park (TX): Embark on family hikes and stargazing adventures.

History Buffs

Gettysburg National Military Park (PA): Delve into the history of the Civil War battlefield.

Mesa Verde National Park (CO): Discover ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings and archaeological sites.

Independence Hall National Historical Park (PA): Step back in time to the birthplace of American independence.

For each park, visit their official websites for detailed information and reservation details.

Pro Tips for Making the Most of Free Entry Days

Maximize your free entry day experience with these pro tips:

  • Book in Advance: Secure campsites or lodging early, especially for popular parks and peak seasons.
  • Pack Essentials: Bring water, sunscreen, insect repellent, and weather-appropriate clothing for the location and time of year.
  • Respect Park Regulations: Follow park rules, practice leave-no-trace principles, and respect wildlife.
  • Encourage Responsible Tourism: Foster a sense of responsibility for preserving the environment and respecting nature.
  • Prioritize Safety: According to the Fresno personal injury attorney at R&S, accidents can and do happen on government property. Adhere to all posted signage and stay vigilant when exploring the outdoors.


Yosemite National Park Kayaking

Exploring America’s national parks on free entry days is not just a budget-friendly adventure but also an opportunity to connect with nature, history, and wildlife.

As you plan your adventures, remember to check the National Park Service website for additional resources and information.

Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the beauty of America’s natural treasures.

Plan your trips, embrace the outdoors, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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