10 Best Longboard Brands for 2024

Best longboard brands

Looking for a new longboard to add to your collection?

Check out our list of the best longboard brands below! These brands are known for their high-quality boards that offer a great riding experience at an affordable price.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s sure to be a board here that’s perfect for you.

1. Landyachtz


They feature some of the best longboard designs in the market. With smashing and stunning appearances, they have some of the best designs in the market. A perfect length-to-width ratio and a wheelbase that is unmatchable make it a great product. 

Whether you love the Dinghy blunt shape or something like a Pintail, this brand offers all you deserve at its best. Whether you love riding around campus or love skateboarding rings, this longboard manufacturing brand will give you that brilliant feeling of self-confidence. 

Value for money is at the priority when you buy something like a longboard, and you need to get the best thing available in the market for better gripping and performance.

Products have an easy delivery option, and you need them to feel that uniqueness and performance.

Landyachtz is environmentally-conscious and pledges on delivering the best quality. You may find them comparatively heavier and costly but they sure are the most popular choice.

Is this long-board worth a buy? Our answer is very much a YES.

Landyachtz Longboard Best Sellers

 2. Sector 9

sector 9

Sector 9 offers some of the best-valued longboards for multipurpose activities. Whether you love surfing, cruising, freeride, or carving, they have the best products for all of your needs. Selecting the right longboard is a must to accelerate performance, and Sector 9 brings you that luxury at the best rates. 

It is the most recommended and conscious choice of skaters today. They make boards suiting almost every choice, but few models simply stand out from the rest in the market.

These fine wood longboards with high-quality and excellent wheels are impressive and performance-oriented. These products are fitted with the best inline carbon ball bearings for a smooth and interrupted experience. 

Longboards have a perfect size for travel and are efficient for an easy ride to school or college. They promise quality, durability, and versatility. They have a vast and experienced team that has worked over years to expertise the needs of their customers.

Sector 9 Longboard Best Sellers

3. Apollo


They are the manufacturers and sellers of some of the best longboards in the industry. It is an emerging brand which is getting popular for its quality products.

Whether you are hunting for glass or bamboo longboards, Apollo has everything to offer you for all age groups. For beginners, they are stable and easy to go. Beginners can get a pro to longboards with them.

The design and material are designed by professionals from the industry and they exactly know what you are looking for. Breaking the barriers of performance can help you achieve another level of efficiency and a performance that is way beyond imagination. 

They have the best quality products, and the reviews are satisfying as well. The optimal value performance ratio is a must when it is for beginners, and this is what Apollo concentrates on while labeling the best longboard units. 

Apollo Longboard Best Sellers

 4. Arbor


Arbor is a reliable name on the market for longboards. They manufacture high-quality wood finish and other fabric longboards that have been a great choice for many sportspeople. A bigger standing platform is ideal for more stability better performance. 

Longboards designs are numerous and depend on the age group that would suit you the best. Trendy colors and bamboo-made longboard had been an all-time favorite. They make some excellent long-boards with prices suitable to all.

A sustainable platform with a strong top and bottom sheet is essential for longevity. They believe in the maintenance of natural resources. 

A larger shape always increases the rolling speed, which is why longboards have replaced many skateboards. If you love speed, Arbor is your definite go-to brand. These boards slide well through almost all the terrains.

Arbor has sustained through its theme and has constantly been evolving.

Arbor Longboard Best Sellers

5. Loaded


Loaded is the leading manufacturer of longboards and is known for some of the best designs in the market. The new era of longboards is unmatched by what was initially introduced in the market. They have ruled the market for a long time now.

Loaded leaves no gap in satisfying its customers with the best bamboo-based longboards and other products. These longboards are technically adaptive to the need and perform at their best. A wider longboard increases the rolling speed and makes it impressive with great designs and shapes. 

Loaded even gives an option to customize your longboard at a nominal charge which attracts more customers into the business. Their in-house designing team is marvelous in putting high and quality features into one product. They have mastered excellence through their ever-evolving, practical, and stable designs.

This best-seller longboard brand has versatile designs that are high-performance, lightweight, impressive with their trick handling and dancing techniques. It may go expensive for many but is sure a worthy choice.

Loaded Longboard Best Sellers

6. Atom


Atom is a brand established in 2005 and is known to manufacture all-terrain longboards with the best-in-class material. Performance and durability are always prioritized while manufacturing and designing these longboards. 

They install the best wheels to stabilize the longboard for a gripping performance. Stability while downhill is very important, and this is where the Atom manufactured longboards gain the edge. They offer a tempting line of longboards for beginners. A perfect choice for the new skaters!

The boards can usually hold up to 300 pounds and are indeed popular for their wow performances and reliability.

Whenever somebody decides to buy a high-quality grade longboard, Atom is one of the brands that always strike their minds. It is a budget-friendly brand that suits many requirements. They have a fabulous online presence with the best product descriptions and easy purchases. Given these points, they are known for highly durable products suitable to everyone’s pocket.

Atom Longboard Best Sellers

7. Rayne


Rayne will satisfy your urge for performance for a better longboard ride. Whether you love a downhill ride or a freestyle ride, these limited-edition versatile longboards can do magic. 

They have the best-customized designs with the best material used for manufacturing. Bamboo and fiberglass materials are popular amongst the customers of this brand. 

These longboards are lightweight and a fantastic waterproof choice. We don’t recommend beginners to start with Rayne’s longboard, but it slays astoundingly well with experienced players.

It is crucial to have a strong top and bottom stability for a safe experience, and the makers in Rayne make sure that they deliver the product which is perfect in all terms. We believe that safety is always a priority, and one should never compromise with the quality of the longboard. Some may find its pricing on a higher side, but it is worth it!

Rayne Longboard Best Sellers

8. Magneto


This is a popular longboard brand that has expertise in manufacturing user-friendly longboards for youth and beginners. They know what youth and beginners expect from their longboards, and that extra platform gives them stability and confidence. 

They have some of the best trendy and colorful designs that catch everybody’s attention. The material is strongly layered for a great support system. The wheels are the backbone or life of any longboard, and they are specially equipped with innovative solid technology. 

These highly durable and super quality products are highly versatile in their use and safe to ride. Be that dancing, cruising, carving, and freestyle; they are found great every time. Its flawless finish makes it a beautiful slide partner.

We always recommend Magneto longboards for beginners because of their reliability and commitment to performance.

Magneto Longboard Best Sellers

9. White Wave

white wave

White Wave is another distinctive brand for longboards as they have an exclusive feature that makes them a unique stand-up in this industry. These longboards are more robust, fit larger guys, and have a great strong platform. 

It is ideal for big riders and also gains a grip for somebody who is as tall as 6ft 4 inches and even if someone weighs around 270 lbs. 

What else would you expect from a great company like White Wave, which has always been setting bigger boundaries for its competitors! They have some of the unique designs in the industry and have a significant online presence. 

They have suited choices, needs, and comfort for both beginners and experienced riders. Their boards are easy to use and available at affordable prices. Their designs are attractive, sturdy, and perfectly smooth to ride.

 White Wave Longboard Best Sellers

10. Santa Cruz

santa cruz skateboards

If you are a fast rider, then Santa Cruz longboards are highly recommended due to their great rolling speed and strong and sturdy platform. This brand has been manufacturing longboards for the last forty years and has deep expertise in this industry. They are a perfect choice for beginners and ideal for softer rides. 

They are also cost-effective and are not as expensive as other brands in the same segment. What makes it more unique is its top-quality drop-throughs, well-engineered tires, and unbeatable striking design. 

Also, the high-quality trucks with better kick turn to make it an obvious choice. You will love this authentic material longboard that seamlessly rides with unbeatable performance.

Santa Cruz Longboard Best Sellers

Longboard vs Skateboard

Longboards are generally longer and have a bigger wheelbase than skateboards. This gives them more stability at high speeds and makes them better for cruising and downhill riding. Skateboards are smaller and more agile, making them better for tricks and street skating.

What kind of longboard should a beginner get?

A longboard for a beginner should be relatively stable and easy to control. It should also be comfortable to stand on and have good wheels that will make it easy to ride.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a longboard for beginners. The first is the rider’s height and weight. Longboards come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose one that is the right size for the rider.

Another consideration is the shape of the board. There are three basic shapes: pintail, drop-through, and hybrid. Pintail boards are good for cruising and carving, while drop-through boards are good for speed and downhill riding. Hybrid boards combine features of both pintail and drop-through boards and are good for all types of riding.

The last consideration is the type of wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between the two wheels on the longboard. A shorter wheelbase is good for maneuverability, while a longer wheelbase is good for stability.

If you’re just starting out longboarding, a drop-through board is a great option. They have multiple flex options and are built with durable bamboo or fiberglass construction, so you can ride them confidently for years to come. Plus, the wide variety of styles available ensures that there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking to cruise around town or carve some tight turns, there’s a drop-through longboard perfect for beginners like you!

What size longboard should I get for my height?

Longboard Size

Recommended Height



Up to 5'10"



Up to 5'10"



Up to 5'10"



Over 5'10"



Over 5'10"



Over 5'10"


How much faster is longboarding than walking?

It really depends on the terrain and how experienced the longboarder is, but generally speaking, longboarding is much faster than walking.

On a flat surface, a skilled longboarder can easily cruise at 10-15 mph, whereas the average person walking briskly is only moving at 3-4 mph.

So, if you’re looking to get somewhere quickly, longboarding is definitely the way to go!

Can you lose weight from longboarding?

Yes, you can burn calories and lose weight from longboarding. A 150-pound person can burn around 400 calories in an hour while longboarding.

Longboarding is a great way to get in some cardio and work up a sweat. It’s also a fun way to explore your city or town. So if you’re looking for a new way to get in shape, consider picking up a longboard and hitting the streets.

Just be sure to combine it with a healthy diet and plenty of water to help maximize your results.

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