Best Electric Skateboard Of 2024 So Far

Best Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards have not only added tremendous power to ordinary skateboards but have also provided us a new way of commuting. By using the latest technology innovation, they have become compelling motorized vehicles that offer the combined benefits of both an automobile and a regular skateboard.

This modern trending way of commuting can reduce traffic congestion and eliminate problems related to parking spaces. Like a motor vehicle, it saves you time and energy and, at the same time, offers you savings on fuel consumption and very high portability of a skateboard.

And for that, we need to know the best electric skateboards in the market that are changing the way we travel. After a ton of research and testing, here are the five such topmost electric skateboards suitable for different travel needs.

Best Overall

Skatebolt Breeze II

Skatebolt Breeze II

Best Electric Skateboard Of 2024 So Far 1

Max. Load: 256 lb. | Max Speed: 28 MPH

  • Insane top speed
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 30-degree climbing capacity
  • A bit on the high price bracket

The Skatebolt Breeze II wins the race for the best electric skateboard for the year. An electric skateboard should offer power, speed, comfort, the ability to climb uphill, and a high portability level. And won’t you be surprised to find all these features in a single e-skateboard that also offers high durability?

Yes, the Skateboard Breeze II possesses all these qualities in a single package. With the top speed of 28mph, it offers one of the fastest moving e-skateboards in the market. In addition, by providing an efficient stopping power, it offers you extreme control of the vehicle even in the most congested traffic conditions.

The high-class Samsung battery allows the four-wheeler to run as long as 15 miles at a stretch. Besides, the hub motor fitted with the skateboard makes it quiet and highly energy efficient. The durable battery and efficient motor together offer great power to the skateboard to climb up to 30 degrees up-hill.

It is often difficult to strike a balance between the strength and the flexibility of the skateboard. The Skatebolt electric skateboard finds the solution by using bamboo for the main board covering it with two layers of fiberglass material. However, this increases the cost of the skateboard but offers the board ultimate durability making it cost-effective in the long run.

Best for Commuters

Boosted Mini X

Boosted Mini X

Max. Load: 250 lb. | Max Speed: 20 MPH

  • Highly durable
  • High maneuverability
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Maybe a little soft for the heavier riders
  • On the upper price bracket

For regular commuting, you want a powered skateboard that is lightweight, stable, easily maneuverable, and flexible. Over and above these features, you would want your skates to be highly reliable. Now, let us look at the Boosted Mini X features and analyze how it fairs in all these parameters.

At 16.8lbs, it is lightweight. You can say that many other boards are lighter than the Mini-X. Yes, that is right. But most of the boards are not able to provide the kind of stability that the Mini X offers at this weight. They also are not as flexible & durable as Mini X.

The high speed of 20mph provides you just the optimum speed for your specific purpose. Besides, the belt drive motor offers tremendous ease in making the steepest of turns while riding to your destination. The battery provides a range of 14 miles. The ergonomically designed remote control is straightforward to use while riding.

With all these features, the Mini X out beats all others and gets the top slot for the Best for Commuters electric skateboard.

Most Versatile

Maxfind – Max4 Pro Series

Maxfind Max5


Max. Load: 220 lb. | Max Speed: 25 MPH

  • Big wheels
  • Lightweight longboard
  • Highly efficient EBS
  • Not as portable

Most of the motorized skateboards that you see running pretty nicely on the smooth-sidewalks start to wobble as soon as they encounter a rough patch on the pavement. These skates are not the perfect fit for all terrains.

The Maxfind 4 Pro is different. It can take you to the smooth pavements as well as the gravel paths. It would run with the same efficacy over the long beaches as it would ride through a forest’s trickiest terrains. The electronic brake system with an effective PU shock absorber offers great control & stability in different types of terrains.

The big 38″ longboard and the 96mm wheels offer tremendous stability and flexibility to ride all terrains with super ease. The IP 65 certification means the board is dust-tight and safe from the low water jets from any angle. That makes the board even more useful in harsh riding conditions.

The e-board has the standard range of 12 miles extendable to 30 miles and 45 miles by replacing the standard 4AH battery with a +1 & +2 energy 4.4AH battery.

The dual hub motor with 750W power, max speed of 26mph, a range of up to 45 miles, and a strong & durable Lithium-Ion battery adds to the high-performance feature of our winner of the most versatile electric skateboard.

Best for Beginners

UrbanPro Electric Skateboard

Max. Load: 265 lb. | Max Speed: 20 MPH

  • Highly durable material
  • Affordable price range
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Long charging time

As a beginner, you would want an e-board that offers you better control & stability, and a moderate top-speed. Besides, you would want a battery offering you a reasonable range and has decent charging time. You would also want it to be sturdy and durable, so the skateboard can last you from the learning stage to the advanced stage.

With a high speed of 20mph through a brushless 400W motor, 35″ longboard, and 90mm big wheels, the UrbanPro Electric Skateboard offers an excellent option for the beginners to learn & perfect the skills of riding an eSk8. Moreover, the efficient battery provides a moderate range of 10 miles while taking 3 hours in getting fully charged to get ready for yet another ride.

On one side, the robust 11 composite maple & fiberglass layers deck is more substantial than typical 7 layers decks found in other boards. This build grants extreme durability to the board. On the other side, the highly functional remote control provides super convenience to the rider.

With all the above features added with three riding modes and a weight carrying capacity of massive 265lbs, the UrbanPro electric skateboard is most suitable for a beginner.

Best for Kids

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Max. Load: 150 lb. | Max Speed: 9.3 MPH

  • Speed locking feature
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Rear light for additional safety
  • Too small for adults

Safety would be your primary concern when you select the best electric skateboard for your kids. You would also want it to be in an affordable price range too. The Swagskate NG3 is an extremely affordable and highly functional and safe option for your kids.

To avoid over-speeding, you can use the kick-to-cruise feature and lock the speed. Besides, the intelligent sensors quickly stop the board as soon as they detect a change in weight when you dismount from the board.

The in-built rear lights offer additional safety at night. The beep sound also alerts fellow commuters that a kid is riding a skateboard in the vicinity. The lightweight of 7lbs and a length of 20″ make it extremely easy to handle by a child.

In addition, the range of 6 miles with a small battery is just perfect for your kid to ride within the safe premises. This motorized board can also act as a standard skateboard. So, depletion of the built-in battery would not cause forced halting of your ride.

All these features make the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 our top electric skateboard in the Best for Kids category.

Honorable Mentions

We recommend the below electric skateboards too. Brands like Evolve, Exway, Apsuboard, Meepo, BioBoards are also worth to take a good look at.

Analysis and Test Results

Objective analysis is critical to find out the best electric skateboards in each category. Some special requirements will make a particular skateboard better than the others in a specific category.

For instance, the most versatile electric skateboard should have larger wheels that allow them to ride in different types of terrains. On the other hand, having more safety features would make for a good e-skateboard for the kids.

So, we have tested each of our top-rated electric skateboards against a selected matrix of different features for each category. We will now share with you the objective review of these e-boards against these critical features.

1. Control & Stability

Electric Skateboarding in Park

Ask anyone about the two most vital requirements of any electric skateboard, and the immediate response would be stability & control. And rightly so. Skateboards are hard to maneuver. You can’t move an inch ahead if you don’t have the stability. And if you do not have the control it is better not to move an inch ahead, for the safety of you and your fellow commuters is more important than any other single aspect of any electric skateboard.


Skatebolt Breeze II Unboxing

A decently stable electric skateboard can provide good stability at a lower speed. However, at higher speeds, it may start wobbling. Similarly, a basic model can allow you to have good control in the low traffic but can go out of control in high-traffic situations.

Length, wheelbase, and flexibility determine the stability of an e-board. If we compare the shortlisted boards, we can easily observe that the Skatebolt Breeze II has the maximum length of 39″ followed by Maxfind Max4 Pro Series with 38″ which has a width of 10″ compared to the 9″ width of Skatebolt.

Skatebolt Breeze II Review

Looking at the material used in making both the e-skateboards, we observed that the Skatebolt uses bamboo with two layers of fiberglass. On the other hand, the Max4 Pro uses equally flexible 8 layers’ maple.

So, overall on the stability front, both these skateboards score almost the same.

Now, what about the other three?

Well, the UrbanPro also is an extremely stable board with a length of 35″. Besides, 11 layers’ maple further enhances its flexibility and stability. The Boosted Mini X with 29.5″ length and a decent quality polar core & fiberglass wrapping is also quite stable but not as stable as the other three.

Finally, the Swagtron Swagskate NG3. This skateboard might not look very stable at 20″ X 9″ size; however, it is still stable enough at a low speed of max 9.3mph.


Boosted Mini X Control

Now, on the control front, the Boosted Mini X has a 1000W belt drive motor with a regenerative brake system. It has a remote control which can be controlled through the smart app on your iOS and Android OS. You would prefer to commute to your nearby places using this e-board.

The UrbanPro eSk8 has a brushless motor with regenerative braking. It has an ergonomically designed highly-functional smart remote to control motor functions. It can control the speed, the direction, and the braking. As a young skater, you would love to ride this to your school or the nearby mall.

Maxfind 4 Pro Remote Control

The Maxfind Max4 Pro offers 750W dual hub motors. In addition to wireless remote control, it has the unique Electronic Brake System (EBS), making it extremely easy to control. Moreover, the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) makes it highly suitable to operate and control multiple terrains making it a highly versatile e-skateboard.

The Swagtron Swagskate NG3 is primarily designed for kids. So, more safety features have been incorporated in this slow speed 100W power e-board, unlike the rest of the competition. It is fitted with highly responsive sensors that stop the motor as soon as you come off the board, making it very safe for the kids.

Finally, the Skatebolt Breeze II offers multiple control features. The swappable dual 350 W hub motor and an efficient regenerative braking system offer the skateboard super control even at high speed of 28mph. Besides, the brake system has four different settings. To add more control, the wireless remote is equipped with a display screen that shows the running speed of the e-skates. Besides, it can also adjust the braking system.

So, you can very easily find that the Skatebolt Breeze II is the winner on the overall control & stability aspect of the e-skateboards.

2. Weight & Portability

Many situations call for portable and lightweight e-boards. If you use your electric skateboard for regular commuting, you would want a highly portable eSk8. The same is true if you might need to carry your board to a distance or up a staircase. You would also want your skateboard to be lightweight if you frequently air travel and want to carry your board along with you.

Boosted Mini X Travel Portable

The three essential factors that would affect your portability would be the size, weight of the board, and battery capacity in watt-hour. The third parameter is particularly important for air travel purposes. Batteries with up to 160Wh capacities are only allowed to carry in the plane. Apart from this, the products need to be UL certified if you carry boards that use Lithium-Ion batteries. Please check with the local airlines for the most accurate battery regulation.

Now, let us analyze our top-rated powered skateboards in this parameter and find out which one is the most lightweight & portable e-board among the lot.

The Skatebolt Breeze II with its size of 39″ X 9″ X 5″ and weight of 18.3lbs is definitely not the most portable of our shortlisted e-skateboards. With more than 160Wh Lithium-Ion battery, you cannot carry them with you during your air travel.

The Maxfind- Max4 Pro series and UrbanPro electric boards are also long size e-boards with 16lbs and 17lbs weight that constrains their portability a great deal. Both the boards with their standard batteries fulfill the eligibility criteria for airplane transportation.

On the size front, the Boosted Mini X offers smaller dimensions of 29.5 “X11″ X5.7”. The weight of the board is slightly heavy at around 16.8lbs. The standard 99WH battery with a UL certificate makes it flight-friendly. But if you get the extended battery with 199WH battery capacity, then it is not allowed to carry on the plane.

The last one on the list is the tiny Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard. With 20″ X 9″ X 9″ and 7.7lbs weight, the NG-3 offers maximum portability. The battery falls within the range of allowable limits to carry and holds the UL certificate necessary to take with you in the airplane.

So, the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard is the lightest and the most portable electric skateboard.

3. Battery Cell Quality

skatebolt battery

The capacity of the battery determines the traveling range of an eSk8. A high-capacity battery would allow you to ride long distances before requiring a recharge while the smaller one would require charging very frequently. Swappability and the quick replaceability of cells are also important factors to consider while shopping for an e-board.

The Skatebolt Breeze II offers a range of 15 miles in one charge. Besides, it has a swappable battery case that offers extreme convenience while changing the battery at the end of its life cycle and also if you are carrying a back-up battery during long trips.

The 6000mAh Samsung battery has a long life of 1000 cycles and can withstand temperatures between -4oF to 140oF. Moreover, the regenerative brakes allow the battery to recharge during the downhill motion.

The Boosted Mini X, with its standard battery, has a range of 7 miles; you can extend it to 14 miles by using the pre-installed extended range battery of 199WH. It has a quick recharge time of 1 hr and 45 minutes. The battery is easy to change but requires a special tool to open it. The replacement of the battery can take 10-15 minutes.

The board with a standard battery is flight-friendly. The life of the battery is indicated in the remote as well as on the battery itself. Additionally, the regenerative brakes allow you to charge the battery while coming down.

The Maxfind Max4 Pro is equipped with a Li-Ion battery that offers a standard range of 12 miles. You can extend the range to 30 miles and 45 miles by replacing the standard 4AH battery with the 4.4AH batteries in the +1 and +2 energy ranges respectively.

The detachable battery design offers a four-step removal of the battery within 10 seconds. Besides, you can recharge the battery quickly in less than 2 hours.

The UrbanPro is equipped with a 4AH Li-Ion battery offering it a range of 10 miles. It requires 3 hours to recharge the battery. The 144WH battery is UL certified, making it a flight-friendly option.

Finally, the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 has a rather small 33.6 WH Li-Ion battery, which offers a short range of up to 6 miles. The battery gets fully recharged within 90 minutes. The battery has safety features that ensure protection against overcharging and any temperature spikes. Besides, it also provides protection from excessive current in the circuit. The UL-certified battery makes it a flight-friendly e-board.

So, from the above analysis, it is pretty clear that on the performance front, the Skatebolt Breeze II is a high performer. However, the Max4 Pro with its extendable range, tops the list offering massive range extending up to 45 miles. Moreover, with its standard battery having 158.4WH makes it eligible for air travel as well. Thus the Maxfind’s electric skateboard tops the list of having the best battery capabilities among our top-rated boards.

4. Durability

The durability of the equipment is determined by the quality of the material used in building it. An electric skateboard comprises a deck, wheels, single or dual motors, and a battery, etc. So, the durability of an eSk8 would be defined by the quality of these components.

All the e-skateboards that we have shortlisted are manufactured with the best quality components, and that is why they could make it to the top of their respective categories. However, each of these e-boards has some components better than the other. Through our testing, we will find out which specific part is offering maximum durability to the particular e-board.

The Skatebolt Breeze II is made of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass. This offers tremendous flexibility and strength to the deck thus imparting very high durability to the e-board. The Maxfind – Max4 Pro Series is made of 8 ply maple with a load-carrying capacity of 220lbs while the UrbanPro uses 11 ply maples capable of holding 265lbs of weight.

The Boosted Mini X is made in lightweight poplar core and fiberglass, which offers this skateboard high durability with its recommended capability of carrying 250lbs weight. But Shaquille O’Neal who is weighing 325lbs has ridden this board fine. The Swagtron Swagskate NG3 made with Polypropylene offers a load-carrying capacity of 150 lbs, thus making it perfect for the kids.

The wheels of all except the Mini X are made of Polyurethane which makes them highly durable. The Mini X uses Boosted Lunar wheels to impart durability as well as smooth riding for daily commuting.

The hub motor used in Skate Bolt Breeze II, MaxPro4, UrbanPro, and the Swagtron NG3 requires less maintenance but is less durable compared to the belt drive motor used in the Mini X.

Urbanpro Electric Skateboard Review

Overall, the UrbanPro with its 11 layers maple deck and 90 mm polyurethane wheels, and high load-carrying capacity of 265lbs, wins the race on the durability front.

5. Other Features

If your kids look at the design of the Swagtron NG3 it would be difficult for you to keep their eyes off the e-board. The design features of the Mini X offer a stealthy look making it highly suitable for commuters.

Water Resistant Skateboard

The Skatebolt Breeze II with its IP67 certification, makes the most dust and water-resisting e-boards. Maxfind 4 Pro follows it with its IP 65 certificate while making it suitable for riding in extremely dusty, muddy & even rainy conditions.

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Tail Lights

The Swagtron NG3 offers the best safety features in the form of kick-the-cruiser and smart sensors that would automatically stop the motor as soon as you dismount the board. It also has tail light and beep alert features, making it safe to drive in dark conditions and alert pedestrians about its presence.

On the customer support front, the Skatebolt offers six months warranty and has an after-sales service center in Los Angles with their best engineers offering their services at all times. The Mini X and the UrbanPro offer 12 months of warranty for any defective product.

All these brands have excellent features and customer support services that make them world-class e-skateboards and the topmost boards in their respective categories.

Overall Performance Score

The Safety and Risks of Electric Skateboards

  • Wear full safety and protective equipment when in doubt. Ensure your helmet, elbow pads, wrist guard, and knee pads do not hamper the use of the remote control.
  • Learn and understand skateboarding fundamentals before e-skating. These basics include how to stand and where to position your body and feet, as well as how to kick push, turn, and brake. Knowing how to navigate all types of terrains like road or pavement is essential too.
  • Be aware of the limitation of your electric skateboard. For safety, you should only ride at speeds at which you are comfortable and do regular board maintenance.

Skateboarding Protective Gear

Skateboarding is a thrilling and exciting sport, but it can also be dangerous. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize your safety and invest in protective gear.

Consider purchasing a helmet to protect your head from potential injuries in case of falls or accidents. Wrist guards and knee pads can also be beneficial in preventing bruises, sprains, and fractures. Elbow pads are another excellent protective gear to consider, as they can minimize the risk of injury in case of a fall.

Ultimately, investing in protective gear is a small price to pay for your safety and well-being while skateboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an electric skateboard?

best motorized skateboard

A: An electric skateboard would allow you to save a lot of time and energy as compared to the standard skateboard. Compared to your automobile it would save you the fuel cost. Moreover, the e-boards provide a pollution-free ride to your destination and offer a solution to the heavy traffic congestions and problems related to the parking spaces.

Q: Can I take an electric skateboard on an airplane?

A: Yes, if your e-skate is equipped with a battery with less than 160WH you can travel in an airplane along with your board. For a Li-Ion battery, there is an additional requirement of a UL certificate. However, ensure to check with the airlines before boarding the flight with your electric skateboard.

Q: How do I control the skateboard and brakes?

See this video guide for helpful tips.

A: To begin with, you will need to mount on the board and stand over it in a stable posture. Almost all e-skateboards are equipped with a handheld remote control device. Press the power button to make the board run in a straight line. Apply brake through the remote when needed. After enough practice of riding the board in the straight line, try to turn on the left and right side by shifting your weight in the required direction. If you are a beginner in skateboarding, always start slow and gradually build up your stability and confidence. Once you are good, try skateboarding in a skatepark near you.

Q: Can the board be used when the battery runs out?

A: Yes, most of the e-skateboards can be used as the regular board when the battery of your eSk8 runs out. The belt-driven boards are, however, easier to propel than the hub motor type.

Q: Which deck size is right for me?

A: Basically, the board’s deck size must be directly proportional to your shoe size due to obvious reasons. If you have a shoe size ranging between 6 & 9, try going with a deck width not larger than 8″. However if you have a shoe size greater than 9.5 deck sizes with 8 or 8.5″ will suit you best.

Q: How to Maintain My Electric Skateboard?

A: To upkeep the consistency of your electric skateboard with the passage of time you need to look over the two major maintenance activities.

Electric Skateboard Truck

  • Tightening the trucks: Ensure that the bolts of the front, as well as the back truck, do not loosen up in due course of time. Check for the tightness and if found loose, tighten them properly using a wrench or a skate tool. Loose trucks give unwanted speed wobbles and in turn, hinder your control at a faster pace.
    • While tightening the trucks, remember that you do not push them too much. Extra tightening them would restrict your turning and carving abilities.
    • The tighter the trucks, the more would be the wheel tilts. Thus, you need to have high accuracy while tightening the bolts in order to have better control and higher convenience.
  • Cleaning: In order to go in a tidy way with your electric board you won’t require doing any complex task. Cleaning the board is as easy as it sounds; just wipe it off with a damp cloth. Just make sure you that there is no seepage of even a single water drop through charging port or ESC else it would damage the skateboard’s electronic system.


best electric longboard

Electric skateboards are the hottest product to get this year for personal usage or as a gift.

Finding out the best electric skateboard that is most suitable for you may seem like a tall order. It is enticing to get a cheap one to save money, but soon you may find it does not work as good you like and let it collect dust in one corner.

On the other hand, getting a higher cost featured-pack electric skateboard can even replace the need for public transportation. We have narrowed down the best options available on the market so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

Remember to comment below to let us know which one you got after considering all the features listed above!

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